While the networks fawn over stories about Stormy Daniels and David Hogg, the Israeli-Palestine conflict is slowly boiling, getting more dangerous by the minute.

Last week, 30,000 Palestinians, still irked by President Trump’s decision last year to acknowledge Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel, rioted along Gaza’s border with Israel, stopping occasionally to face Mecca in prayer.

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The coordinated six-week sit-in was meant to be a peaceful protest, but within hours, Palestinians were hurling Molotov cocktails and rolling gas-soaked tires into the fence — a fiery riot.

Two Palestinian gunmen fired at Israeli guards. By the end of it, Israeli forces had killed 15 rioters. When they reported on it at all, the mainstream media took the opportunity to portray the events as another part of the Palestinian’s struggle: An underdog group of jilted Muslims, devout to “the religion of peace.”

“Diplomatic venom spits from one side to the next.”

The New York Times, for example, described the riot with a vaguely anti-Israel sentiment: “Palestinians, supported by human rights groups, view the events as a legitimate protest that was met with disproportionate force by trigger-happy Israeli soldiers.”

Diplomatic venom spits from one side to the next. Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, commended the Israeli soldiers: “I think that all of our troops deserve a medal.”