Sirens blared and men, women and children stood with their heads bowed as the entire nation of Israel came to a standstill this morning. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the Knesset marked the day with their annual ceremony titled “Unto Every Person There Is A Name.” For two hours, Israeli lawmakers somberly recited the names of some of the SIX MILLION Jews murdered by the Nazis.

Just a few short hours before Jews all over the world began this time of sorrowful remembrance, the Israeli Prime Minister received a frantic telephone call from Russia. Vladimir Putin, desperate to save his buddy… “Chemical Assad,” pleaded with Netanyahu to not get involved in this growing coalition of Western allies to strike Syria. As of now, that list of allies is rumored to include the United States, France, the UK and even Germany.

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Netanyahu’s response was simple. On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Israeli Prime Minister responded defiantly that he would never allow the Iranian military to remain in Syria. It’s been over 70 years since the Nazis fell in Europe, but their antisemitic ideology lives on in a different and possibly even more frightening form within the Iranian regime.

The clerical regime in Iran wants Israel wiped off the face of the map and they want the Jews dead. That’s what they’re after… PERIOD. Ever since the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iran has been carving up the Middle East, getting closer and closer to THEIR “final solution.” What’s even more despicable is that the Obama administration practically rolled out the red carpet for them to do it.

“They want the Jews dead.”

The Iranian clerical regime is moving methodically to Israel’s border because they believe that when Israel is gone and the Jews are dead, their messiah will come. The world will end and their prophet will tell them “well done good and faithful servants.”

But you don’t have to take Netanyahu’s word for it or even mine. Just a few days ago, the Deputy Secretary General from an Iranian Republican Guard Corps militia operating in both Iraq and Syria said this:

Pay attention to this line in particular:

Regional developments are “creating the groundwork for the arrival of the Imam of Time … We’re currently busy completing encirclement of Israel and will soon pray in [Dome of the Rock].”

The “Imam of Time” is the Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam. Twelvers believe that his arrival will happen after the world is painted in blood. Destroying Israel is the tip of the spear in that plan. Have you ever heard about Iranian involvement in both Lebanon and Syria and wondered what that was all about? This is what Israel is now facing. It kind of puts the current conflict in Syria in a completely different context.

So, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we join with Jews all over the world and somberly remember. But we also stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and declare with them… “NEVER AGAIN.”