It’s no surprise that free speech is under fire on college campuses. We’ve, of course, heard what the professors have to say, and we’ve seen and heard plenty from the anger-rictus-faced teenagers who’ve followed their orders.

But what do the top brass have to say? A recent study, which surveyed 471 college and university presidents from both private and public school of various sizes, had some interesting findings.

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Most of them value free speech. I know, stunning, right?

As the study notes: 82 percent of the presidents believe it is important to promote “an inclusive society that is welcoming to diverse groups,” although 85 percent said “shouting down speakers or trying to prevent them from talking” is never acceptable, and 74 percent said that ‘protecting citizens’ free speech rights’ is “extremely important.”

“Blink twice if you’re in danger.”

A whopping 96 percent answered that they believe it is “more important” to “allow students to be exposed to all types of speech, even if they may find it offensive or biased” than to “protect students by prohibiting speech they may find offensive or biased.”

For all the university presidents listening: How are things really going? Blink twice if you’re in danger.

Darren McCollester/Newsmakers