Three questions…

For those who read my thoughts on being the UNITED States of America, and then shared theirs, I have 3 questions:

1st question: Can you give me an example of Christ “caving”, “shying away from the truth” or not standing boldly for what he believed in? Seems to me he was stronger than ALL others, including Barabbas who was indeed calling for Revolution, who was actually killing those who sided with Rome. The people wanted blood. They wanted revolution. They wanted Rome, justifiably I might add here, to pay for what they had done to the Jews and their religion. They even put the Roman eagle on the front of the temple. Do you think they had a right to scream for revolution! More or less than we have?

One reason Judas sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver because he “betrayed the revolution.” They expected the Messiah to be a warrior king. Jesus wasn’t going to give it to them. In fact AFTER the resurrection just before the gift of the spirit, the apostles ask him again! “Now, now is it time?” Did Jesus cave or did Jesus have a better way?

How about Gandhi? Or Martin Luther King? Do you have more injustice today than blacks in the 1950’s? Was not our Constitution made to protect them too? Did it? Was America their country as well? Did they feel like their country was taken from them? Imagine the promise of America being offered with Lincoln only to have it ripped away during Reconstruction! So when the hoses were knocking blacks down to the ground and dogs were unleashed and the Governor of a state says “segregation now and forever”, when the freedom riders were physically pulled out of their busses and beaten on the way to a peaceful march – was Martin Luther King a coward? A sell out? Were Malcolm X AND the Weather Underground right?

Which side was on the side of Christ? Ayers or King?

I contend that this job is so hard and such a no win that there is a reason the men who do it are flawed. MLK was not the best man for the job. He was not good to his wife. He was not a total man of honor, yet, he was used by God. Why? HOW MANY PEOPLE TURNED GOD DOWN OUT OF FEAR OR RAGE?

2nd question: Why do you assume that because you love, care for, comfort and refuse to call for vengeance, blood, or violence, that you are also not standing for the truth? Why is it either or?

3rd question: Who does Christ DEMAND, not ask, but demand us to love? When he was dying, what was the thing The Lord asked of his Father? Forgive them. Yeah okay but that is Christ. “I’m not Jesus”. Great. How about Stephan? The rage of the crowd was so intense, BECAUSE HE SPOKE THE TRUTH, that they grabbed him and began to literally bite him and tear at his flesh with their teeth. They took him out of the city walls, and Saul at the zenith of evil held the men’s cloaks so they wouldn’t get blood on them while they stoned him to death. What was his request? “Please Lord, do not add this to their sins. Forgive them”

Was Stephan a wuss? Did he cave? No. In the end I can think of no better way to die. Praising God, seeing Him literally come to you and asking for forgiveness of your killers.

Do you or me or anyone in America have it worse than Stephan? Or any of the apostles? Do we have a more righteous cause?

I know many in my audience and beyond will not agree or want to walk with me. I am okay with that. I am okay with losing everything. But I am not okay with losing who The Lord has asked me to be. I will never stop speaking out or standing up. I will always speak my mind and demand a return to the Constitution. But it is a wholly inadequate system for an unrighteousness and immoral people. Let us turn to Him. Beg him to heal our nation and our land and prove to him that we are indeed worthy because we will obey the commandments. The greatest being love thy neighbor.

Many things can be said about Jesus, but Jesus being a coward is not one of them. I will do my best to follow His example. I will stumble and fall as I am not Him, but I will die trying.

I love you. I really do. I have the greatest audience I really believe in all of Global media. I know who you are. You are much better than the few that are crying for revolution. Be careful what you hope for. When our founders declared independence none of them did it with rage, it was sober and prayerful. Washington knew divine providence was the only way to beat the all powerful British. Do you believe we even understand divine providence?

We will win in the end. Beyond what you even imagine now. This is for a global win. Man has never been as free as he will be if we do ONLY as The Lord commands. LOVE is the answer, softer hearts not harder, and kindness not vengeance.

I will be the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan did not love the Jew who was lying beaten and half dead on the road. The Samaritans hated Jews. But this particular Samaritan rose above the valid reasons to walk on by and became a part of the solution.

I invite you to walk with me. I will stand with anyone else that refuses to hate, and I will hold up everyone who stands in The Truth and chooses love. I do not worship the Constitution, I worship The Author of the Rights.

  • janet goree

    Love is always the answer even when we feel the need for revenge. I pray every day that God puts love and peace in the heart of the man who killed my granddaughter,

    • Its me, Bruce

      So sorry for your loss. God bless and keep you.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      same here and same prayer. I do have the knowledge that he is very remorseful. not an accident but very negligent.

    • Lance

      God was taking a break? He’s not so good at watching over us.

      • Addisoneconman

        No Lance He was not taking a break, there is a penalty for sin, we live in a sinful world that has had murder in it from the time man was thrown out of the garden. God never promised anyone a long life in this world, all he promised was that if you follow Him and lose your life, you will spend eternity with Him.

  • Goodshallovercome

    Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

    • Jared Barney

      Loving your neighbor is not doing nothing. Evil begets evil, and good will bring forth good. We will impale ourselves on our own swords if we allow violence, and hate lead our path. If you allow love to lead you it is not inaction it is the path of Jesus Christ and the path of good men.

  • Michael DeVita

    I’ll walk (run if I have to) with you.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Mr. Beck, for standing up for peace, love, and Christ, even when that means going against those who have claimed to be on your side.
    I apologize in advance for quoting Harry Potter, but hey, everything goes back to Harry Potter in my mind.
    “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”
    -Albus Dumbledore

  • Pricilla Kaye Green

    I’m always with you..sometimes I think you’re wrong but I pray about it and sometimes you admit you were wrong. I respect that

  • Geary Woods

    I agree and understand your 3 questions. His first coming was not the time, nor is it now. The fight we face in the United States and the world is not one that is easy. The Holocaust was not met totally passive but the majority walked passively to their deaths. We say “Never Again”. I am a Jew, but also a believer in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, the one you call Jesus, when He comes back this second time, He will be the warrior King. It is not time now, but someday! This does not mean we are to be foolish and naive to passively sit and not defend, but it also means that we need to exercise compassion and love as you describe.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      The Bible says: “No man knows the day or the hour, only the Father in Heaven knows”.

  • Anonymous

    Amen. I’m with you. It’s the only solution that I see. With God everything is possible. I have prayed for BO and those who would crush us. I think only God can save us now.

  • Suzan Rosas

    I will walk with you!

  • Anonymous

    Was with you the first article. Still beside you with this one. :)

  • Anonymous

    You are asking us to be a true follower (disciple) of Jesus. Hard calling but can’t envision being anything else. Not for the faint hearted.

  • Adrienne Campbell

    I’m with ya, my brother. Walkin’ in love, and trying to do my best everyday. Not perfect, but God doesn’t expect perfection. Keep the faith.

    • Debra Oneil

      be ye perfect as I am perfect…. hmm, i guess I have a defective bible!

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        perfect is when you are perfected in him- a melding of thoughts and desires and actions that are done HIS way. We become perfect when we are operating with the same will and motive and in harmony of what is GodLike

        • Debra Oneil

          you are the first to even understand this is possible! and that is only possible through the holy ghost… and the word will back the action. yes, 1 john 3. correct.

          • SickOf BeingCoddled

            I never understood this until I joined the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. I was then taught the restored true doctrine and was able to grasp that yes we will never replace God or jesus or for that matter anyone, but God loves us and indeed wants us all to become like him. It is humbling and inspiring because the more you become like him the more humble you must be and the more humble you are the more you want to become like him.God’s plan is one eternal round without beginning or end. BTW Glenn is LDS 2

      • Adrienne Campbell

        I think you may have missed the whole point of the scripture, as well as Christ’s crucifixion – we are made perfect through Him, and only Him.

        • Debra Oneil

          we are made perfect by the indwelling of the spirit… not by trying. thus, not of works…. the desires of your heart change, thus do you. and 1 john 3 needs to come to bear here… if the seed of holiness IS within you, you cannot sin. ergo, perfect.

  • Nick Hall

    im good. i dont start school till august 28th glenn. tell me and my dad what we need to do.

  • Anonymous

    NO. NEITHER. THE CIRCLE. This Libertarian Witch will stand with you Glenn.

  • Andrea Anderson

    Matthew 5:43-44 “You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’ “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

  • ARighteousHeart

    Mr. Beck, I commend your boldness, but when stepping out in truth, we have to make sure we are on God’s side. To walk in the Spirit, means that our hearts have to be in the right place, AND knowing we can not force a movement of God against His will. The latter here seems to be the issue with your efforts lately. Trust me, I have gone through this myself, the transformation you are going through. It is so easy to know what is right, and push through, only to come back defeated and confused. Many times, though the Israelites were God’s chosen people, they would run ahead of His will, and be defeated. Let the Peace of Christ, which transcends all understanding, be with you. Act not in what you know to be right, but according to God’s will. “5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own
    understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your
    paths straight.” [Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB] For every battle is not ours to fight.

    Be careful in repeated seeking of apology, as this usually leads to tearing ourselves down. However, ‘humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking about ourselves less.’ There is danger in focusing on your past mistakes, as it takes your attention away from God and puts it on yourself, even if you are doing it for God. Remember, there is no condemnation for those who know Christ. Learn from the past, and grow from it. Your future actions will speak louder than your past mistakes. Walk in boldness with God, in His timing, and he will continue to bless you, and be continuously in prayer that God will reunite this country. That it is not by your efforts or mistakes, but by God’s immeasurable love. For the Lord gives and takes away. I pray we never see a day where the Lord takes away America from this earth. We know though that God works out all things for His glory, and the good of those who love Him.

    • The American Patriot

      ” …. every battle is not ours to fight”. True but God expects us to stand up for him and his laws. He never asked us to sit by and allow the Satan and his minions to take over the land that he blessed us with. We are not seeking the fight. The fight is against the Constitution and for the control of the people. If and when the fight is brought to us, THEN we will stand and defend what is right. War is never clean or convenient. It is always messy and inconvenient. I would much prefer that our politicians learn their place as “representatives” of the people. Instead , they place themselves as rulers and lords over us completely against the principles laid out in our Constitution. Therefore, they themselves make themselves targets when the people eventually say..

      • Lisa Miller Polkinghorne

        Glenn, how do you balance all of that, which I do agree with you on, but how do we balance all of it with what the Bible says says will come? The Bible says there will be a new world order with one government that Jesus will return to fight and be the Warrior that was expected the first time
        He came to earth. Not that we should roll over and do nothing, but when do we let go because God’s plan according to the Bible will happen? Always been hard to figure when that point is, for me anyways.

        • Gwen Morrison

          First there will be a great revival with a great pouring out of God’s power. During that time millions if not trillions of people will see and experience miracles and healing . They will be saved and know God. Then they will fall away and turn their backs on Him as wars and natural calamities continue to happen. We need to stand for love untill the great revival begins, then contine to hold on till the end. The World will not let this happen without a fight. They wil crush if they can, but we must carry on just the same, saving as many as will be saved. In short, there is no balance, just carry on.

          • peggjam

            ” During that time millions if not trillions of people will see and experience miracles and healing . They will be saved and know God. Then they will fall away and turn their backs on Him as wars and natural calamities continue to happen.”

            This is not what the Bible is saying will happen. Reread Revelations, it will not be GOD who is doing these miracles and healing, it will be Satan..all those millions will be deceived, make sure your not one of them.

        • JediWombat

          We keep fighting for others. Just because we know what’s coming doesn’t mean others do. We need to fight for them and for each other and for what we know is right, rather than roll over just because we have the luxury of knowing how it ends.

        • Something Is Wrong

          Lisa, I have the answer for you. The answer is that you don’t worry about what the Bible says will come. If the Bible says that there will be a new world order with one global government, then you leave that to God. What you do not leave to God is loving your neighbor, helping others, keeping the commandments, being compassionate in your personal dealings, being a good example and a good mother (I’m assuming you have children from your avatar), and a good wife if you’re married. Do all that, seek God’s guidance, and He will reveal the next step to you. Don’t get too caught up however, in making sure you’re keeping tabs on how close we are to the return of the Messiah or whatever other things of that nature because the fact is that all that stuff really is not your main concern. You just keep yourself on the right path and help anyone you can to also be on the right path. At no point do you “let go” of any of that. Be more worried about what impact you’re having and what you are doing than what God has said He will do and what impact it will have.

      • Chris Layton

        If and when the fight is brought to us? We’ve got people down there in California turning buses full of illegal aliens around. We’ve got government threatening those folks with retaliation with riot gear and batons and such. How close do we need the battle to be before considering that the fight is brought to us? Now honestly I think that what you are saying is really good and I appreciate your comments but the situation is a bit more dire. Even as much as probably most of us who don’t live in California would just assume disowning that state because of their liberal politics, they are still part of America and a threat to them represents a threat to each and every one of us.

    • Anonymous

      Fine thoughts but you haven’t defined what God’s will is in this matter? Glen
      is trying to identify His will through the questions asked. The conundrum of
      understanding this will is rooted in God’s problems and the plan He is using to achieve His objectives. Until Glen can identify those objectives he is lost in an introspection of doubt. The answer to this may be in understanding the “Seventy Sevens” it is found in the Books of Genesis, Leviticus, Jeramiah, Daniel and Jesus spoke of it in terms of time and forgiveness?

    • Rachel

      I know it’s easier to hand everything over to God, but the fact is that He has put this country in our hands. We may or may not have His blessing on this country (I believe we still do but it is diminishing), but we cannot sit around and do nothing, waiting for God to do everything for us. That’s what we’re for! Did the apostles wait around and just pray that God would change hearts? No! They went out there and spoke the truth, even though in most cases, it led to a premature death. You can sit on your hands if you want to, but don’t believe for a second that God wants you to just sit there while all of His creation goes to hell. We need to stop waiting for God to move and get off our lazy bums and move ourselves, like Glenn is trying to do (thank you, Glenn). I know, putting it all on God is more comfortable, and I highly doubt Glenn feels comfortable doing what he’s doing, what with all the backlash he gets. But we are called to be uncomfortable to spread the Word.

    • Richard Grihalva

      We seem to get our asperations and God’s directions confused and in the wrong order. To walk in the Spirit means that we must walk: do, take action. Only while prayerfully considering that action. If we step out, but not according to God’s will, we will find out. We will find out not by the roar of God’s voice, but the whisper of his approval. Most often all of the loud noise is from the other side. Often, we only know that we are doing God’s will from our hearts. When I hear Glenn, I hear a voice calling out in our winderness.

      I do not see him actually apologizing, but asking forgiveness for being human. Prophets seem to be quite astounded that, as sinful as they are, they are requested to carry a message.

    • Jennifer Anderson Breon

      Words of wisdom. Glenn you are on your way! Let The Lord continue to work in and through you. Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and he will make your paths straight. I listen to your show everyday and you are such a blessing to what is going on in the world. Keep speaking the Truth and watch The Lord bless your life and your family. I pray The Lord guides you and gives you strength and wisdom for the coming years during these difficult times. God Bless!

  • Christina LaNett Davis

    I will.

  • Se Hanley

    There is no greater love than to lay your life down for a friend. Who said that Mr. Beck and why???

    • John InHim

      And the dearest friend is Jesus.

  • Nancy Darling

    I’ll walk with you Glenn, until Jesus comes again. Then and only then will we be truly free from all the evil in this world. Satan will be removed and sent to his fiery inferno, God has reserved for him. The new heaven and new earth is the final destination for all who follow our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  • If You Love Me (38)

    I am convicted Christ gave us 38 specific “commandments.” In them we find the fullness of ultimate truth & the completeness of the New Covenant that is Christ. By considering and responding to each 1 from a perspective of loving obedience (John 14:15) we will realize the true fullness of spiritual fruit, reaping the ultimate harvest we are called to as the Kingdom of heaven. I love and served this great nation, BUT my heart, allegiance & obedience is first and foremost the Kingdom of heaven – not any Earthly nation. Thanks for being a bright light Glenn!

  • Sandy Pfaff

    I was listening to a preacher today, David Jeremiah, talk about when Jesus came and how the devil tried in every way to get him to sin…to cave in…to be like him…and isnt that what is happening today??? Aren’t the people on the left doing everything in their power to change the people in the USA to fit their ideas and their usefulness….to fulfill their desires???? So I see this paradox that God is allowing us to be invaded by Satan today like Jesus was tempted by Satan when he walked upon the earth…not to destroy us….but to make us a stronger, more viable nation and to bring us back to HIM!!!! he loves us so much that he is beckoning us…and this is gentle…imagine what forces He could produce…but He loves us so much…I predict USA will grow more united, more strong, and more Christlike in the years to come…I see Gods hand in this today. Be Blessed!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, there are those who agree with you on most but who want a physical revolution. Nothing has changed as you stated above from the days of Jesus. I admit a few years ago I thought about violence, but I started listening to Alveda King and reading some of your writings and changed my mind. I do see the bigger picture, but people have to step outside of their self to reach this revelation. It is now all about education and they way you put forth the message and I am diligently working on this everyday. Prayers are my guide. Thanks for standing for something and sticking to it.

  • Chris Layton

    Can you give me an example where Christ told us to join hands with the world?
    A woman comes from the coasts of Tyre asking for the Lord to bless her daughter, and what was his response? “But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
    Then came she and worshiped him, saying, Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.
    Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it
    unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that
    very hour.” (Matt 15:22-28)
    What you are doing Glenn, is called subterfuge, also known as spin.
    You are telling us that the controversy in Christ’s time was over peace versus war with Rome.
    It wasn’t.
    It was over the power of the Pharisees and the Sadducees of the church. It was Christ calling them hypocrites, vipers, blind, deaf, and dumb which was offensive to them. Most of all it was Christ declaring himself as the Son of God. That is why Christ was killed, not because the people were angry with Rome. The Jews appealed to the Romans to enforce the law and Pilate would have let Jesus go if Pilate could have had his way.
    I’m sure many of them would have rather have stayed with Rome and their social programs rather than cut themselves off. How many of the children of Israel said the same thing on the shores of the Red Sea? “Let us return to Egypt for it is better to work in the brick pits than to die in the wilderness!”
    Christ said “think not that I have come to bring peace, but a sword, for I have come to set a man against his father….”
    It has nothing to do with rising up against political powers but it has everything to do with dividing ourselves from spiritual wickedness, something you Glenn cannot see.

    “Which side was on the side of Christ? Ayers or King?” Neither.

    Ayers was a murderer and King was an adulterer. One stole people’s lives, and the other stole women’s virtue. Both were thieves. Neither were fit to lead and Ghandi was an idolater. Let’s call a spade a spade shall we?
    Give me a real choice of someone who actually stood for truth and virtue and I’ll choose Joseph Smith but you didn’t give a real choice. Instead you give us the choice between two thieves of which is better? Better rephrase the question.

    • Horsecrazy

      Joseph Smith was a con man and a charlatan.

      • Guest

        That’s your opinion crazyhorse.

      • Andrea Soucy

        “In my father’s house there are many dwelling places….” I think Ben Franklin was right about the religion of America and remind you that in a place of many dwelling places, there are certainly many doors and windows, and I don’t think God cares how you get into His house as long you work with all your heart and might to get there. God knows better than we how hard it is to understand Him in this life but how deep is our desire to be one with him. With all people from all times trying to attain that oneness is the only real explanation for all the world’s religions–our imperfections have limited our view of Him and the variety of faiths is but a manifestation of the myriad longing and desires to be in oneness with Him. We are all so very different but He is the universe’s ultimate creator of diversity and He loves us in all of our imperfections.

    • John InHim

      Thanks Jesus, Chris, I agree with your points.
      “if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloth and buy one” that is the last order before Jesus left.

    • Corey Gwaltney

      Though in one sense I agree with Beck it is not time for revolution and to go around shooting, neighbor versus neighbor. (Abraham Lincoln didn’t even want the Civil war.) In another I do not fully agree with his point either, in each word he speaks, he not only condemns the founding fathers, but the soldiers who bled and died to give us the freedoms we enjoy today.

      It is no time for war, and in all honestly it rarely ever is, as Lincoln and the Founding Fathers we should desire peace, for neither wanted war, but knew their actions would inevitably lead to war, yet knew they ought to take them anyway. We shouldn’t search out war, we shouldn’t desire war, nor should we start a war and in this I agree with Glenn’s argument. (I would add scriptural evidence towards the disagreement, but i don’t think I need to, even though the sword between son and father was a spiritual sword not a physical sword, rather you ought to point towards God giving Israel and Judah to the Children of Abraham, which God obviously did condone and understand that, 1. we shouldn’t search after war, and 2. that sometimes it is unavoidable.)

      Sorry if I get confusing.

  • Jamin Schmitt

    We are here to establish and grow His Kingdom earth for we are in this world. However, we are not of this world.

  • catfish

    Jesus hated evil, lawlessness, and wickedness (Hebrews 1:9) … and me and you have no idea how to love righteousness without first hating evil … according to Acts 20:27 we must teach the WHOLE COUNSEL of God … not just the part that fits our personal agenda

  • Janet Banner Wolfe

    Yes, Glenn, you are right we are not Jesus. BUT, if we are born again into Christ’s family we have Jesus living in us. We have His perfect Holy Spirit living in us!!! Is that awesome or what??? So we can forgive our enemy and we can love as He loved because “greater is He that is in me, then he who is in the world.” All is possible to those who have the living God in us.

  • Avril Brown


  • Rodney Frey

    I would like a 5 minute audience with you Glenn and I will begin with this attempt to do so. I am standing with you. Your message has reached me…touched me and is changing my heart. Wish so much I could speak with you personally…not on the show as this is personal.

  • Stephanie Brown Bowen

    I’m with you.

  • Debra Oneil

    1st) Christ was never angry at Rome. nor even at the tax collectors, as evidenced by matthew and zacheias (sp. sorry) his anger was directed at the pharisees, who professed holiness and justice for the people, while doing dirty underhanded deals like the one that put Christ to death. there was no law by which to put a man to death in the jewish religious community, that was allowed to control the population, under roman rule… so they snaked their way around it. his anger was directed at the turncoats for profit… the long robes. but, he even submitted unto Rome, rendering unto Ceasar that which was Cesars.

    (no the constitution could not protect Ghandi, he was not American, nor bonhoffer before you go there) as to king.. do we have it as bad? down here, yes, we do. the crash that occurred wiped out most peoples opportunity to advance… it takes money to make money… and regulatiuon, that has been in place under both D’s and R’s have made it impossible for the common man to invent, because we need to patent in ALL countries, else get under cut… notice the x hose. also you need 10,00 fee to list a new IPO, and for intra state exemption under SEC regulation, your investors must earn 200K individual 250K couple to get in on the ground floor! yes, they have sent us to the back of the bus, and blocked us from the lunch counter. it insures that only the rich can get in on the ground floor.

    2) I never advocate violence… bloodshed begets bloodshed… and we are not there yet… but the day approaches quickly. that will come when the militant, slide around the back door of posse comitatus police force, brutalize a flash point person. There are those who are calling for revolution, but those are plants, set forth by special ops to create a crisis, and we know it… and we have no control over it…. they are government funded trolls, moving from the web to the world. We don’t have to lift a finger! it will happen because THEY NEED IT TO HAPPEN! bottom up, top down. just like the middle east, just like ukraine… just like iraq. so, perhaps you should stop trying to quell that which we the people cannot control! perhaps you should instead turn your pleas to the ones who can stop it… the ones doing it! (or at the very least, organise a plan to protect the people who will be targeted when the top comes down… and here’s a clue, it won’t be the ones who started it! they are not the target, just the tool!)

    3) he did not forgive judas… who was sooo remorseful he hanged himself… but never set right that which he caused! he spoke forgiveness over the pawns in rome’s power structure… it was the power structure of the jews he condemned. and we condemn the republicans, for not being the leaders they should be! they are our elected voices, and they silence us when we attempt to vote in a more representative voice! they vote in a way we would not, and make filthy deals as did the jewish heirarchy. they no longer represent us… no tears, they never did; and anyone who believes they did, was blind. and yet you advocate for staying with “Our abusive spouse????” no, time for a divorce!

    3rd) steven is not unique… ask hobby lobby, as they tear at their flesh (figuratively) do you really need to see blood to believe. then place your hand in the nail wounds and believe! go to the targeted members of TEA, place your hand in their side.
    read the declaration of independence once more. Find the exceptionalism you seek, for there is where it lies. That is the “spirit of 76″ that makes us great. do I advocate violence? at lexington-concord… we seen the British coming . they were after our homes, our families and our lives. we are standing on the bridge , at the ready… but we hold our fire til we see the whites of their eyes! now, you are , in effect, our liason, between the british and the colonists… if you truly believe in our cause, you need to help the troops prepare, for valley forge is coming, eventually, and we would like to survive it thanks. but you are in a unique position, you can turn the british back… by exposing them, and their battle plans, so they cannot use them! (or convince king george to set us

    4) we love you back! but hey, when you need a slap, we love you enough to give you one! (oh, and the good samaritan… people in groups generalize about others, but when they look into the eyes of the individual, those stereotypes dissipate. so like… i don’t know, organize a speed debating (akin to speed dating) event! where conservatives and liberals can sit across from each other, and debate face to face their reasons for their positions!) this very concept is what turned you to the plight on the border… you seen the kids first hand… they are no longer criminals, they became children. you just forgot to take america with you. if its illegal to film at the texas center, what about the centers they have set up across the country? can you film there? jus sayin’. Good luck trying to stop civil war. but any great change, unfortunately, is usually written in blood.

    • John InHim

      + Good luck trying to stop civil war. but any great change, unfortunately, is usually written in blood.

      You are telling the bloody truth !

      • Debra Oneil

        weeping. yes, I know.

  • Jet Wynn

    It’s against the best interests of We, The People, to take up arms and overthrow this corrupt government. To do so invites two very real possibilities: one that we win and trade a Wannabe King for an Evil King and lose that which makes us the United States of America, or we lose and that Wannabe King BECOMES King; giving us the same end.

    The only way we win this – TRULY win this, is to take that bold spirit of ours and refuse to compromise further – to stand firmly with both mind and heart against those who scream and curse us; unified and solid.

    We must become smarter than them, and through the legal process we must defeat them at their own game by electing those who represent our ideals or by becoming that representative and daring to wade through the pit of despair and BS that is Politics.
    We can no longer accept our own excuses – for We, The People, have become too apathetic. We don’t watch, we don’t listen, we don’t research, and we don’t reason. Everything has become an emotional power drive filled with false facts and attacks of character rather than attacks of policy… and that’s exactly what they want.
    Be brave my friends. If what you see happening right before your eyes truly stirs such anger in you that you would rise up in arms, then I urge you to instead rise up in knowledge and compassion for your neighbor. Take back America in a way that preserves America. Become a Senator, become a Congressman/woman, become a Supreme Court Judge, become the Secretary of Defense, or even become the President. At the very least, learn about who you’re voting for. Voting by party proxy just doesn’t cut it.
    I’m with you all when you say We need a Revolution… but it shouldn’t be a bloody one.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, while I agree with you in principle. the three questions you ask somewhat conflict each other in today’s world. Your first question of Jesus being guided by truth and righteousness from God is where we as citizens need to be. As a nation we manipulate the truth to justify our actions and this in my opinion is exactly how the US drove off the rails of being a just nation. There are no principled leaders today that can be trusted. Washington has become the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden and all who take from DC seem to lose their souls. I have heard few ask your second question. I think many care for and comfort those within their communities but the fear of this downward spiral of evil is putting fear in my heart. I will gladly stand with anyone across the aisle who stands for truth but I will not stand with them just to get along and avoid conflict. We as a nation have gone too far off the cliff to stand by and let things continue as they are. A fundamental shift has to occur back to what us the truth and just. God does demand us to love one another but loving one another does not mean appeasement. God wants us to live in principled Christ like lives and while you can show empathy for Obama lovers and their misguided ways you don’t have to give into and accept their views and let their views control us. I know the fear of civil unrest and war is scary but at what point is enough enough? I think we’ve reached the tipping point and if congress won’t do something to stop it and right the ship then its up to us to do that to save this nation.

  • Kevin Johnson

    As the U.S.GOVT arms/trains/funds religious extremist groups and then cons Americans to go fight the enemies it has enabled. ….

    Pro-war Neoconservativism is supporting the evil that started the extremism to begin with……no win situation….

    The answer lies in confronting the beasts that fund terror…..Saudi Arabia #1 on that list…….and yet every President and most in govt cover the Saudis as if they’re our allies….We fight wars for the Saudis who enabled terror as we have from day 1

  • Anonymous

    Glen, as you ponder your 3 questions you might want to first define what is
    God’s objective? The answer to that question can be found in answering why did
    God a spiritual being create a physical world? In the physical world we live in
    one dimension driven by time. We can only move forward in time never back nor
    can we see the future in time. Understand God’s objective is to solve a problem
    He has and we tend to be too preoccupied with are problems to see God’s
    problem. Any one working to solve God’s problem is on God’s side. God lay’s
    this out in the Bible and understanding how the “Seventy Sevens” work is the
    answer to your questions.

  • Janet Willis

    So well said Glenn. I’m having the same convictions daily. I’m so tired of everything I read or hear causing more hate. God is love and we are to love others; even the unlovable. I don’t have to agree with the ideals but above all else, Jesus called us to love like He did. Love is not just talking. It requires sacrifice when we do it like Christ. Lord help me to be more like you.

    • ksrgl444

      Janet, you are not incorrect, but you have forgotten that our God is ALSO a God of Justice and a God of Vengeance, meaning that He has, does and will avenge the righteous against the evil.

      • Anonymous

        “We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels
        of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”

        Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • Pattybee

    Glenn, your last line says it all to me. “I do not worship the Constitution, I worship The Author of the Rights.” You are an inspiration to many, Thank You.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    In my life I have noticed that the truth isn’t something that is loud. It doesn’t need to be. Lies need to be yelled and screamed to gain effect. I thank you for simply speaking the truth and for doing it out of love.

    I stand with you, sir.

  • Donald Whitman

    Question Glenn, you quote Jesus. Who is this man? Is he God or just a god?

    • Debra Oneil

      below the belt. rahab was a harlot when she helped the apostles. Know thine enemy.

  • Janet Prentice

    Glenn I love our country & fear my children will live in a very different country. God & country based on a Constitution based on God’s freedoms that evil is now stripping away.

  • David Hotrum

    I stand with Glenn Beck on the side of Christ. Which unfortunately is opposite of our current nations stand.

  • Anonymous

    Christ hated(s) sin but NEVER ONCE did he hate the sinner. Ever.
    That’s a good thing, seeing that I am a sinner too. I don’t hate people but will never back down from God’s truth. I don’t have much and cant make a huge difference but I can work to change my little corner of the world. If we would all do that the world would be a different place.

    • John Hayes

      There was only one man who walked on this earth without sin and that was Jesus. The whole Bible can be condensed into the two priorities that Jesus had for us which i call the Love Commandments. To love the Lord with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength and to love your fellow man as yourself for all the other commandments go through these two. The only way this country has a chance is from the grass roots following Jesus priorities for us.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn; Christ never gave in or let the Pharisees trick him into saying something that was against his Father’s wishes. That being said one of the last public acts of Christ on Earth was to drive the money changers out of the temple because they were cheating the people and defiling His Father’s House.

    Christ loved all people. He even dined with the taxes collectors and the prostitutes because they were the ones that needed His Ministry the most. I agree we must love those who are against us but with love comes discipline. No parent would allow their child to do whatever they pleased and not correct them. What we have in government today is a group of power hungry Godless children who are making the world into what their puppet masters tell them to and they do so by using our compassion against us. I PRAY that we do not have another armed revolution but we need to stand firm against this government and stand for what is right.

    I think the citizens standing in the way of the bus loads of illegals in California was a brave step and a right one. Why is no one asking the question why their home countries are so horrible that they leave them? This is all by design and we need to stand up and oppose it. I don’t want an armed Revolution, but I do think it is past time to overturn the tables of the money changers.

    • John InHim

      very well said.
      We can not avoid violence and bloody, to stand up as man .
      They are using the same tricks of all the ancient dictator’s tricks to change America into a slavery states: lies and violence.

    • Johhny “the rat”

      The “chief puppeteer” is Satan the Devil. He is, according to scripture, “ruler of this world”.

    • Lydia Jones

      Nicely put Dmeche. Christ loved all despite their past mistakes, He asked them to repent (change their direction) and love one another. But He became solidly strong when it came to speaking the truth of God the Father, doing His will and persuading others to do the same by EXAMPLE and words. He only wanted what was best for us–salvation of our souls. That is what we as a people who are to be salt (a preserving quality) in our nation, following God’s will by reading and following His word and helping others live a happier live by telling them about God’s word and will.
      Thanks for standing up for God’s word and challenging others to do the same. This is the way to bring about good for this nation as we will influence others for good, creating more good will in our nation.

  • Bob Anderson

    Mr. Beck, I stand with you, in 1985, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Just because I retired 9 years ago does not release me from my oath. I see this country in trouble because of liberal ideas, socialism, and political correctness. I see our government spending $252 a day on illegal aliens when our veterans go without needed care and housing. The people of the United States need to speak with one voice to their representatives and remind them that they are supposed to represent us and tell them to get their priorities straight. I read on op-ed in the Huffington Post that this girl said that July 4th was not for her or black people, only for white men. If that were the case, Lincoln and MLK would not have stood up for what they believed to be right. I suggest that if anyone thinks it is better elsewhere, join the Navy, see the world and realize that in Jamaica for example, all those nice resorts you see sit right next to corrugated tin shacks and most of the people live in poverty. We need to bring morality back to this country, that does not always mean Christianity, but it helps, it is not politically correct to be Christian anymore, if you are, you are anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-human. I guess I am. But just the plain morals that we had when we were kids.

  • Matthew Stranz

    Mr. Beck, I really love this post. Jesus conquered this world of INFLUENCE. Meaning, no one has lived according to the integrity of love and Truth Jesus did. After all, it IS impossible without God’s help.
    Loving our enemies just doesn’t make sense so most people ask, “Why would I want to do this?” The reason is after being born beyond our will knowing NOTHING, it is inevitable that we are going to grow up filled with a mixture of truth and lies. This is why we need to be born again, born with the spirit of the Truth. The Truth about Jesus Christ.
    Then, we have a choice. We can either choose to continue living defined by our past, creating our own truth as we go along. Or, we can allow the truth to change our thinking, ultimately leading us down the path to our true selves. Jesus and how he lived is the way we need to live to find our true selves. Period. Rage, violence, and war are just not the way. Don’t you see that you can be provoked to anger? Don’t you see that someone can use your own anger to manipulate you? Don’t you see that anger leads to us destroying ourselves and each other? Now, try loving your enemies. Witness that anger come up from within you, and know that ugliness is within all of us. That’s the true enemy and Jesus conquered it.

  • Lisa VanVuren

    Glenn do you have any ides how many are being called for this time in history? Religion has had its way and God is waking up those who have been entrapped by it. The largest group “who do not know what they do” are inside a building they believe to be a church. THE CHURCH is made up of living stones called disciples. We MUST adhere to Galatians 2:20 and live as the example Christ left for up to walk in HIS footsteps. We will someday be forced underground as the 1st church and THE WORD will be an illegal book. Like Elijah when he thought he was the only one left God told him that HE had preserved for HIMSELF 7k that had not bowed down to the Baal. God still has preserved for HIMSELF a remnant that is and will be used through the times ahead. I do not believe Jesus needs revelers but disciples that will forsake all for HIS NAME and even to death be obedient. The day is growing short and our redemption is drawing nigh.

  • Rosa Brand

    Christians, fighting semantics over theory. I can’t help but shake my head. You’re all so much like the Biblical Pharoses and Sadducees, arguing scripture ad nauseam, while missing the whole point.

    Love your neighbor. I don’t love those who wish me harm. They don’t matter. However, for those who love life, who are still connected to their humanity, I feel a kinship to them.

    I am an Atheist. Reason is my highest moral, with the knowledge that I need positive, objective interaction with my fellow man. My humanity requires it.

    You don’t need God or a religious title to see how immoral the world has become. Christians (or any other religious group) do not hold the affinity to morality. I would argue that the ideology of collectivism, be it in the name of God(s) or in the name of mankind, is the culprit for our decline. This is fueled by the edicts of altruism, which leads to self immolation in the name of God, country and/or mankind. The day you realize that your life is YOURS to live, that your efforts are for YOUR happiness and for those who are vested in your happiness, and that only those who acknowledge and understand your gifts deserve them, will be the day you understand what freedom really means. Until then, you will remain shackled to your fellow man, vexed by a guilt that could never be satisfied, and steadily move towards resentment and, eventually, apathy.

    The rational thing to do now is to stand on principle. Cause and effect is inescapable. Either the wicked or the innocent will pay the price for our descend into darkness where the mind is enslaved to whim once more. Many innocent will continue to suffer until you stop arguing among yourselves and consider that maybe, just maybe, the answers you seek are right there in front of you and they don’t start with “Our Father…” They start with YOU.

  • Joshua E Wilson

    Dear Mr. Beck, I have never written to anyone like this, but I hope you get a chance to read it. I wish you all the best!

    Christianity is like a flame. The more it spreads out the weaker it becomes, until it is thin sheet of luke warm embers. Nevertheless during times of persecution the fakers fall away, the church is preasured and cast aside. The more it is marginalized the greater that flame is focused and the fuel is pressurized, until those weak embers have become a torch capable of cutting through the iron hearts of man. History has shown how Christianity has flowed in waves. We are not trying to free ourselves from a distant oppressive ruler, we have an internal conflict. You are right, internal revolution didn’t work for the French and it won’t work for us. If we really want to see change in this country it will take a fundamental change of heart in the American people. As long as people continue to blindly believe in this ridiculous theory of evolution their fundamental presuppositions will always lead them to a flawed conclusion. Love your enemy, speak truth, take the persecution, and speak truth, that is what Christ did. Sure Christ tossed some temple tables, and showed some righteous indignation, but he never picked up a sword. He didn’t have to-because He knew that changing the hearts of men would be infinitely more effective. Change their presuppositions, change their conclusions, change their deeds, change their vote, change their country. Christ will come back one day and every knee will bow. He will come back and established his promised kingdom one day, so don’t get discouraged. Just remember to love and follow Christ and His Word. Ultimately our fight is not against the conclusions or action men, but their presuppositions.

  • Anonymous

    No one wants to hate, and we don’t want evil people ruling us. What are you saying Glen? We need to stand up and stop what is happening or we will be ruled by evil. People can stand up and stop it without hatred. Now I want to point out, that you need to follow what you preach. When you put people down, use sarcastic remakrs, it is a verbal voice of hatred. You are not a gentlemen Glen Beck. Christ was a gentlemen. Martin Luther King was a gentleman, Ronald Reagan was a gentleman, but you are not. I see you as a hypocrite, why would I want to stand next to someone who can’t see or will admit his radio entertainment type remarks come from a place of playful hatred. I don’t want to hate, Americans have been infected with hatred that has been projected at them by the injustices thrown in their face, radio entertainment, etc. Yes, I agree, give up the hatred and stand your ground and stop what is happening in our country without using the energy of hatred.

  • The American Patriot

    Glenn – I have always been s supporter and will always appreciate the Patriot in you that clearly exists. We met once at a book signing in Beaumont Tx. I told you we prayed for you and your family frequently and will always continue to do so. I do have some concerns over your approach here. I too am a Christian and try my best to follow what God teaches. My fear is that your passive nature ( which I regard you highly for and understand your Mormon teachings ) will not allow you ( just as it wouldn’t allow Mitt Romney ) to fight when the time comes. Jews during WWII laid down and became passive. Their religion also taught passivism to a large extent. I became a police officer years ago I had to ask God what his position was on the possibility of me having to take a life if it ever became necessary. What was revealed to me was this. God knows my heart and knows I mean no other person harm. The difference is that when that other person or persons CHOOSES to place my life or another’s life in jeopardy for their own misguided purposes, then the “Bad Guy” so to speak is the one making the choice to put their own life in jeopardy. The God I serve placed a burden on my heart through scripture to protect others such as:

    Romans 13:4 ESV / 15 helpful votes
    For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.

    Proverbs 25:26English Standard Version (ESV)

    26 Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain
    is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.

    Psalm Of David

    My Rock and My Fortress
    144 Blessed be the Lord, my rock,
    who trains my hands for war,
    and my fingers for battle;

    Exodus 22:2-3English Standard Version (ESV)
    2 [a] If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him, 3 but if the sun has risen on him, there shall be bloodguilt for him. He shall surely pay. If he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.

    My point is this: There is a Huge difference between Murdering a man in cold blood for your own selfish reasons, and taking a man’s life because that person chose to show no care for other human life and leaves you no choice but to stop him if you can. As far as I am concerned, I firmly believe our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc. were Divinely Inspired by God himself. Therefore, all who stand against the Constitution of the United States and the People who choose to stand For it, are subject to God’s wrath. While it is not my place to start a fight on God’s behalf. I firmly believe, when others attack my God or his people I am called by God to defend them on his behalf. My prayers are always constant that God will never allow me to make the wrong decision when it comes to the taking of a life. I pray that God will always GUIDE my thoughts and actions. I Specifically ask that he never allow me to do something that will go against what he wants. I believe he hears my prayers and have seen too much proof in my lifetime from him to believe I am wandering too far off the path. I am confident that he will show me my errors if and when he believes it is necessary. Six million Jews died at the hands of Hitler and many in this country said as they still say today that we should not be the worlds policemen. The Bible I read and the God I serve tell me I have a duty to protect the weak and those who cannot take care of themselves. I believe this also includes those who are too weak or to immature or uninformed as they too are vulnerable. I love you like a brother Glenn and when the time comes, if it is to come in my lifetime I will make it my mission in life to protect everyone I possibly can including you and yours. Keep the faith and follow God , however he leads you and I will do the same. Together, Gods complete plan will be revealed. God Bless

  • Daniel Halverson

    I think we need to uplift humanity in whatever way we can.
    In any way, secular and non-secular.

  • Stephen Montgomery-Smith

    Glenn – when the Hobby Lobby decision came down, I was rather shocked at the outpouring of hate and distortion that came from my liberal friends on facebook. Then I remembered the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:11, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me,” and Matthew 5:44, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

    How do I identify those for whom I am supposed to pray and love? It is easy – it is those who distort my message, and post hateful messages about my viewpoint! According to this, it is the liberals who distort the message in the Supreme Court decision who are prime candidates for my love and prayers.

    I believe we constantly underestimate the power of seeking and speaking with God. We feel that we must be doing something other than rely on God. And there are times when we need to act, but how can we know when that time is if we don’t have a relationship with God?

    First and foremost, we must pray. We must trust less in ourselves and what we can do. And we must trust that with God all things are possible.

  • Maren J. Scott

    I will walk with Glenn. It won’t be a fast walk since my back is so bad, more of a trudge, but it will be steady and loyal.

  • JJHDestiny

    There is an old black and white movie about a guy who went through a lot of what we are facing as a nation except that some of the enemy is within instead of in a different country. I don’t have a lot of exact answers as to what I would do in certain situations were they to present themselves. However, I do have those limited to within a few choices based on the boundaries and stories in the Bible and will follow what I believe the Lord showing me what to do in that instance and/or how it relates to the totality of what is going on as a whole.

    The name of the movie is Sergeant York with Gary Cooper. This movie etched itself into my memory from the first time I saw it. When faced with challenges beyond us that tear at our very being we need to find that solitary pinnacle as he did and find peace within to hear the answers for that moment. Some answers come as we walk, some quicker, some over time. As the angel of the Lord stood before Joshua and Joshua asked him what side He was on, the angel simply said, “Neither, but as Captain of the Lord’s Hosts…”. God is only on His own side. The Lord has placed choices before each of us, blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. Man has the right to choose his own destiny and those choices either allows him to walk into blessings and favor or curses and eventually judgment and death. His words not mine. Personally, I stand for love and life. If there is a bully in the middle of the street harming little children, what do we do. Do we stop and pray about it and walk on, or if it is in our power to act within the law, (the Constitution), do we do something about it? The Constitution is very clear as to the power it enables/wields to “We The People” against those who would seek to destroy it. I think the founders wanted to make it that clear in spite of those who have tried to water it down over the years for their own greed and power. Just my thoughts and opinion for what it’s worth. Blessings…

  • marecanine

    I have a question about Judas! Was Judas the traitor he is portrayed to be or was he simply God’s tool to carry out God’s plan? Is Judas in heaven or hell?

    • Carol Chang

      Most likely walking the earth in another incarnation and trying to make things right.

    • Guest

      God created and organized us and this word. He endowed us with liberty of thought and action, however results are fixed by him- in this way : water makes things wet, fire burns, gravity pulls down, nature inspires, thoughts evoke feelings and actions, wrong actions cause bad consequences, defying the laws of nature(GOD) cause consequences set in place by God before we were placed here.God cannot change his laws as they are perfect to start with. , he does not cause things to happen he is not responsible for what actions we take but he does know where those actions will take us. therefore he can predict the future because he created the rules he knows what the consequences will be.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      God created and organized us and this world. He endowed us with liberty of thought and action, however results are fixed by him- in this way : water makes things wet, fire burns, gravity pulls down, nature inspires, thoughts evoke feelings and actions, wrong actions cause bad consequences, defying the laws of nature(GOD) cause consequences set in place by God before we were placed here.God cannot change his laws as they are perfect to start with. , he does not cause things to happen he is not responsible for what actions we take but he does know where those actions will take us. therefore he can predict the future because he created the rules he knows what the consequences will be.



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  • Daphne McGehee

    I agree with almost everything Glenn says. However, that being said, I believe that we have tried love, soft hearts and kindness. It hasn’t worked! Now is the time for tough love! I am all about doing things the way Jesus would have, but the opponents do not fight clean. We need to fight the fight that will win against those opponents. I am not saying we need to fight dirty, we just need to learn to know our opponents and how THEY fight, then fight our best fight against them.

    • Guest

      tough love is not bloody love , it is standing strong in the face of adversity you defend your self but you do not cast the first stone and you stop as soon as they stop- no revenge. we fight in defense of self /family/ property/ and to preserve the rights that God has given us. And to avoid those incidents we disagree without being disagreeable (love) I know what it should be can’t say I will meet the challenge every time but I hope to stay connected to the spirit close enough that I will hear the guidance and that I will have the courage and faith to follow the spirit.

      • Daphne McGehee

        I agree that tough love is not necessarily bloody love. However, I believe that we are beyond the point of pleasantly disagreeing. The other side does not recognize that tactic. They CHOOSE not to recognize that tactic. If things continue in the same direction as we are going now, do you know what I foresee? I see my precious grandchildren growing up in a country I no longer recognize or call a free America. Our freedom of speech is being infringed upon. Our right to bear arms is being infringed upon. Our right to choose what medications we wish to participate in is being infringed upon. Our borders are being overrun . We are being overrun by illegal immigrants who are being accepted with open arms by many. It is only a matter of time before we will be overrun by disease that was once under control and will no longer be under control because of what is being allowed over the border. We are being overrun by those who choose to shut down any criticism of their way. We are being called cold and hardhearted by those who wish to portray themselves as bleeding hearts. Our very way of life as we have known it is being infringed upon. My fear is that by 2016 we will have been so destroyed as a free country that there is no telling how long it would take to rebuild this once GREATEST of countries. I fear we never will be able to. And my precious grandchildren will never know the same freedoms and joys of life that we knew as children. We are being led by someone who has been called a narcissist. I prefer to say he is a psychopath. At least a narcissist feels regret or remorse . A psychopath does not feel regret or remorse. I certainly do not feel that he or some of those who serve with (or Under) him fell regret or remorse. Obama had a plan when he took control. His plan was to destroy everything that we, as Americans, hold dear. His plan is going exactly as he wants. By the end of his term this country will be unrecognizable as the America we knew and loved as younger people. He will have been the most devisive, not decisive, President we have ever had. He has divided families, friends, neighbors and co-workers alike. I personally, have two adult children who merely tolerate me because of my political views. It is heartbreaking and has caused a lot of tears and heartache. I know that mine is not the only family with these same occurances. Never in our history has a President sought to divide a family for their own power, until now. I can no longer agree that not being disagreeable will work. Glenn Beck asked us a while back to choose which side we were on. I chose my side at that time. Now it is like he wants us to back down and “all get along”. It is too late for that. Those of us who chose our side have been mocked, ridiculed and worse. I will not be the first to cast a stone, but I will definitely cast many when the time arises. I will fight for my freedom and the freedom of my children, grandchildren and more. May God bless us all. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Three questions…

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      SickOf BeingCoddled Daphne McGehee • 8 hours ago
      tough love is not bloody love , it is standing strong in the face of adversity you defend your self but you do not cast the first stone and you stop as soon as they stop- no revenge. we fight in defense of self /family/ property/ and to preserve the rights that God has given us. And to avoid those incidents we disagree without being disagreeable (love) I know what it should be can’t say I will meet the challenge every time but I hope to stay connected to the spirit close enough that I will hear the guidance and that I will have the courage and faith to follow the spirit.

  • Lance

    The terrible lie of religion, just have faith, just believe, and ‘He’ will save you, guide you, and you will win…. and generation after generation pray, and follow, and believe, and die, and are subjected to injustice and evil, and God.. he is what he always has been, a silly invention of men, who cannot embrace the reality of evil men and good men here together on a little blue planet in the vastness of a universe with nothing to protect you but yourself, and nothing to believe in but the wonder of existence and the hope of some evolutionary enlightenment to learn to
    better coexist.

    • Anonymous

      Lance you are so wrong. If you were only more observant you could see His
      interaction with man. Read Daniel 8 then subtract 333 from 2300.

      • Lance

        There’s the regular wacky religious, and then there’s the REALLY wacky… yeah, the ram’s horns, and of course 1967, and of course the ram really isn’t a ram and his two horns aren’t really talking about horns and……. yeah, you’ve got that book all figured out… God had to speak in code because only the truly wacky could figure out what the horns and ram and the higher horn and …. oh my God, you are a perfect example of the fact we are so unevolved…

        • Anonymous

          Lance, the 333 that I asked you to subtract was the Battle of Issus. The single point in history were the king of Greece shattered Persia. 1967 is the year Israel regained Jerusalem a single point in History. The 2,300 is a
          measuring rode to be measured in years because of iniquity. To understand that you would have to read the Book of Numbers or Ezekiel.

          What you have witnessed is a 2,500 year promise kept by God. Consider the magnitude of what you have seen the God of the Bible has reached across 3 millennia and 3 methods of measuring time [Lunar, Julian and Gregorian] in a straight line point to point. Only God can do that. So lance you have seen the God of the Bible in action He is and will always be. Do not mock Him or his people for
          He knows each of use the faithful and the mockers. He talks about you in His Book you should read it less you stumble over what He has hidden in plain site!

    • BigHorn

      Lance, man alive do you have pain. Religion is not Faith. Religion is an invention of man, as you say, to create God in man’s image. Religion sucks, but God doesn’t have anything to do with Religion. I had to laugh out loud at your “evolutionary enlightenment” bit. Now that is funny, damn funny. It takes a whole lot more faith to believe in the Darwin fairy tale than the existence of God. And, you are no atheist Lance, because there is no such thing as an atheist. We all know that God exist, deep within us. Some, like you, choose to bury and deny the truth, but it is there, and it bugs you, and you try and deal with it, and it comes out as pain, as your comments display. You are looking at life on Earth as the whole, when it is but a vapor in eternity.
      if you want to try and convince folks that you believe that life was Goo, to the Zoo, then you, well go ahead, but you are not convincing. I wish the best for you brother. God Bless

      • Lance

        Don’t quit your day job, you won’t make it as a mind-reader. Religion/God, all the fairy tales of people who want an explanation for everything, no matter how wacky. And yes, maybe one day humans will ‘evolve’ out of the primitive state we are in, and realize how wonderful the world could be if ‘we’ allowed it to be. P.S. We all DON’T know that God exists, don’t put your beliefs onto others… if you knew just a ‘little’ about biology and natural selection Darwin would make perfect sense, you probably think modern humans ‘evolved’ from chimpanzees. NOTHING in evolution or natural selection approaches the craziness of some God ‘making’ everything.. you are a silly boy.

        • BigHorn

          I understand what your are going through Lance, the self hatred, the denial of truth. It can be traumatic, and turn men into fools, as you have clearly demonstrated. It is tough to continually lie to yourself, but you are doing your best aren’t you? I do find it interesting to watch people lie to their own hearts. You bully your own conscience and then resent those who speak the truth. I never said God made everything, I just had supper, and my lovely wife made it. I have a beautiful guitar, and any intelligent person can look at that marvelous instrument and know that it was created by someone. It did not just occur because of billions and billions of years of atoms randomly moving around and one day deciding, hey, let’s make a guitar. Once you stop lying to yourself Lance, the hatred will go away, and you can learn to accept truth, and learn to love. I am curious, and if you are capable of honesty for a brief moment, what is it that you do that you know God would not approve of? What is your rebellion? If you want to go on and kid yourself, go ahead, but the only one you are fooling is you. Those of us with Love in our hearts can see your pain. Good luck Lance, and God Bless.

  • James Maverick

    Nice. I’m with you in prayer Glenn. May God Bless the United States of America. Keep fighting the good fight for the cause of His kingdom. ”
    No on has greater love than to lay down his life.”

  • Dava c. Serbantes

    I have not been much of an audience to you, Mr. Beck. I’ve only seen you a few times on YouTube. After reading this and another post you made, you have my total support. I definitely will stand with you.

    I am appalled at what has happened to America. I am ashamed to say that I am as much at fault for it happening as anyone. I spent most of my lifetime hating politics. Oh, I voted, but I was not involved any other time. Living my life, worried about my own personal issues, not concerned with the nation as a whole.

    I woke up, Oct. 2012. I kept having a terrible, unidentifyable malaise, and fear. Couldn’t figure out why. I stumbled upon a podcast by Jack Spirko and slowly, was educated by how bad things were in our country. The last two years has been one of great personal growth in learning about the travesty our government has become.

    I have listened to many voices that join in my awakening. I have struggled with the topic of revolution. I have prayed a great deal about my involvement. Quite frankly, I fear a violent revolution. I do not want to see that. I could not imagine fighting another American. I believe that we can turn this country around peacefully. I believe that God is asking us to. I believe in America as a Constitutional Government, as it was designed. It is going to take us all, standing arm in arm to do it. I stand with you, Mr. Beck.

  • Anonymous

    I do understand your stuggles, and questions and your correct. the thing you must be aware of are those who surround you or who maybe in your companies you know not of that would conspire against you. Note one example is’s failure to report accurate truth and instead chose part or inacurrate or band wagon created things about the Bundy Ranch issue. I would expect better reporting from a group who has been in like manor slandered with inacurrate ways. I was able to discover the real truths and dangers of the matter, and found it interesting your employee’s were not able to do so. I just find this interesting, and be warned you may have progressives in your business’s who are there to pass on disinformation and cause chaos. as you should already know. The Bundy Family acted more like MLK than you realize. That is why I am more cautious with the reporting coming from theblaze, since your company is now on record of poor reporting. Meanwhile, you have much on your shoulders, and I support much of what you do as best I can, as you know we are only human, adn we do make mistakes, for non are perfect but God. Just be aware.. it seems you have wolves in sheepskins amongst your many new employees. but then that is the way, for progressives they did it to Campaign for Liberty did they not? and others. I understand the darkness about to befall America and the World, and also know that in the end those of Christs thinking / behavior will Win and be the lights to re unite and restore what has been lost. Light wins in the end. Long ago my ancestors were destroyed and lost their promised lands of N. America, because people do not listen. today we are a remnant of the house of Lehi & Joseph, we will do what we can for this Nation for it is our land of promise from our Creator, We shall stand and warn others, assist others in good ways, and if needed and a time will occur in the future to assist others and guide them to places of refuge from the storms that are coming. do what you must, and know there be more that will stand with the good people of America than they even now realize. We fight for Peace, we teach peace, love, and Christs ways, and do all we can to prevent war. but yet in the end we shall stand with God and American’s to as Capt. Moroni’s Flag stated in my lost nation of old. Sometimes evil must be met with the sword and delt with. This is sad, but true. Until then stand tall and do not doubt your self, hind sight is truely 20-20. And Lucifer tries to get us to tear our ownselfs apart in focusing on it or dwelling on the ifa’s shouldof’s couldof’s.. do what you can, if you make error and you have and will, ask forgiveness in private and move on. God Bless little brother. Remember we are All his Children

  • Eddie K

    #1. NO
    #2. In our times, people can’t seem to think in terms of of truth. If the truth doesnt appear to win, then it doesnt seem to be sufficient. The win has become the most important. It corrupts our reality.
    3. Yes, we need to love all of humanity. But to act on that is soooo scary. When loving someone makes us feel vulnerable or out of control, our words and actions change. It’s fear of being hurt or damaged. my husband and I discuss this constantly regarding illegal immigration. Its hard to let caring about the care of these kids matter. Your heart says, yes, Christ insists. But experience tells us we’re being used. I believe that this is our delimma. Keep preaching to us…we need to feel we are not alone.


    Question 1’s answer. Christ caved to the will of His Father.
    He knew it from the beginning. Why? What’s the plan?

    The same Christ of Ezekiel Ch 40, of whom showed the prophet the last
    Temple/Kingdom, is the same Christ of Matthew Ch 4, who refused the kingdoms of
    this world. Taken to a high mountain Jesus was made an offer for His Integrity.
    He refusal was hardwired. He knows what we as humans can’t grasp That last Kingdom is final, sure and cannot be eradicated. Ironically, It exist this very moment, for those that can receive it.

    Question 2’s answer. Like Peter who swore allegiance to the death, some are
    willing to fight with the same. Problem is, this Kingdom was not earthly in
    that day as Peter thought.

    This final Kingdom has a literal ushering in. It will be tangible, it will be undeniable, but no human endeavor will have a hand in it. Until then, this new Kingdom needs no tangible weaponary, except the example of true Martyrdom. True Martyrdom takes no innocent lives in death. True Martyrdom loves purely.

    Do I literally fight or not? No wonder the man Peter was confused when He
    denied Christ. In the “denying” I’m positive he was midstream thought
    processing through the noise of confusion. How do you go from fighting for a
    literal earthly kingdom to accepting the call to an intangible Kingdom? His denial was not a denial more than a “wait a minute, let me process the last 3 years of my life.” Even so, I wonder how many of us would have drawn our swords that day.

    Geez most of us can only muster the courage to “repost this if you love Jesus”. BUT, if I love my fellow man, the standard or what Love is, evolves more from me, eventually.

    Back to the final Kingdom, then the defender of Israel will be obvious, for He Himself will fight for Israel. Any allies of Israel must be disabled beforehand, for Christ will share no accolades with anyone. They will know Jesus The Christ, is the Messiah.

    This is why common sense has no resting place in the halls of government. This
    is why cowardice has taken the seat of courage. This is the blinding hand of God. It’s not ironic that no one ever answer the palestinian (jordanians)/ Israel issue
    with one settling statement. “God gave that Land to Israel.” No one dare say it. Why? It’s a defense that has no rebuttal.

    Like Christ never defending Himself in an illegal trial. One word of defense
    would have discovered us without a Savior. The fact that Israel was God given, is never uttered by media elites. For the world to accept that fact would find Israel
    never in need of a Messiah. However, “when Messiah comes” the world will forfeit to that fact, Yes, God did indeed gave that land to Israel.

    Question 3. Oh that I could look into the portals if Heaven in martyrdom and
    say the same. I tend to think, I’d be picking up rocks and throwing them back.
    Somebody would be missing some eyeballs, ears and possibly hair by the roots. I
    probably be more like Peter and be willing to fight to the death. At the same
    time, fight to the death promotes human courage.

    Without fear, courage has no reason to exist. If courage has no foe of fear,
    does it really exist at all?

    Like Stephan, I want to be fearless, fearing nothing. Threatened by nothing.
    Nothing at all. To be Fearless, that is the goal. And that my friend can only
    be obtained by LOVE, for “True Love Casts out ALL, ALL, ALL fear!” How else did that Human Body of Christ endure all the way to the cross? He was fueled by LOVE.

    A man of men loves humanity. A man of men sacrifices pride, ego and greed
    presented as temptation in Matthew ch: 4. Only then can we fathom what Love is.

    So, free Salvation for me, must be available to those who can’t yet see, but will. I examine who I was and am now. Those that offend are who I was. Don’t they get a chance, evil as we all are, for the same? The answer is as simple as the worlds most quoted scripture verse. It’s for “whosoever will”. Free Salvation is because I’m loved much. Salvation Is Love. So, I love much in return.

    In my sins, He still LOVED ME. ME? WOW!!!

    That is so freaking AWESOME. In a place when NO ONE was reaching out to me, No one. I was drawn to Christ by His enduring Love. Who am I to not love back?

    In the end. “Love has no foe, rival or conqueror, for Love conquers all.”

  • Laurence Thomas

    I’m sorry, but we can love the muslim hordes with all our hearts, yet in the end, they will gleefully kill us all. Likewise, the lib / socialist / communist hordes among us will see us dead. We can go like lambs to the slaughter, much as the majority of Jews did under the Nazis, or we can resist, like those who hid in the forests and fought back. To fight against evil is not un-Christian (in my non theologically trained mind). To willingly allow ourselves to be slaughtered would be a much greater sin. Our founding fathers were God fearing Christian men, yet when they felt it necessary, they fought for what was right, and gave birth to the greatest nation this world has ever seen. In the early 1900’s we let Satan in, calling him “progressive” and his minions have prospered ever since, because no one stood up to them. Now we have little choice, and little time to decide how to die: fighting for what is right, or passively waiting on our knees, for a bullet or a sword on the neck

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    I want no fight, I pray every day that it will not come, but I fear that it will. I want only to live in peace, but if they bring the fight to me, and are trying to harm, my family, I will not run from it either.

  • joan haynes

    Glenn what all you wrote is exactly the way I feel too. God is bringing his children together and we must hold onto the truth and not allow the enemy to pull us under with falsehood of making our country better with lies. Only truth holds up a strong solid rock not lies, deceit and betrayal only sifting sand…..we must stick to Gods words and know them well for we are indeed in trouble times. Glenn you can do it, you already have done so much just slow down listen to Gods voice. Even Jesus took time to rest refocus and pray. It takes much courage , strength and Faith to stand for what God expects his children to do. We all will suffer just as Stephen and Paul for better to lose our life than our soul. Thank you Glenn. May God Lead you on brother to your next task and just be as Daniel was in the Lions den…pray for help and know God is with you always. Love your sister in Christ Joan

    • Debra Oneil

      right, because he who lies is of his father the devil… and that is not the way, and anyone passing lies off as truth, is a false prophet. right Glenn?

  • Timothy Eberly

    I personally get so involved with doing what is right sometimes that I find myself acting more like a pharisee. When I try to do His will in my name I end up making a lot of mistakes, so I step back read His Word and then act on His Word.

  • joan haynes

    Simple….Do you trust God? Daniel fine example and Moses. We too will come down to the very end of our rope. The waters deep can you swim? Do you trust Jesus to save you like he did Peter. All about trusting God is the final answer.

  • joan haynes

    We are never to love the enemy Satan or any of his ways.

  • joan haynes

    I am being tormented with pain for I love my Lord and will not give into the enemy. I know just as job was tormented, we too will be who hold onto truth and what Gods commandments are. The war is between God and Satan, we are in the middle, and we must take a stand which side we want to be on. We can’t physically see it but it is all around us, and Gods angels protect us, his children. JESUS HAS WON THE BATTLE! WE HAVE TO DECIDE. I am a sinner saved by Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen

  • virgie morgan

    I think this administration is trying to get a violent war in our country like you said so that the people will cry out for them to stop the violence and then the top can come down on us all. obama could never quite get it done before, but after all the scandals and other things, it seems this border push is the last straw for many people. I don’t want violence but I think it is going to come and what should we do? Do we sit by or fight back?

    • Debra Oneil

      bring your lawn chairs and signs, sing hymns… and brace for the dogs and water cannons…. and para military officers beating our skulls in.
      While Glenn and his ilk, sit on their off the grid ranches, riding their horses, and philosophizing about what it means to be an american and a christian.
      meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        are we to expect that he will have room on his ranch for all of us? he has been warning us for years and showing us ways to prepare and things to do as the worldmarches on . he is not outr president and we don’ t owe him and he doesn’t owe us. we all need to do our part every day.

  • Ralph Boggs

    Glenn Im going to call it like I see it. You are working for the people that are trying to destroy us! I know it and you know it. Thats all Ineed to say!

    • Debra Oneil

      kinda like FEMA teaching pastors the submit verse in romans 13… only with a bit of spin added…hmmm… tasty. pallet-able even, to those whom still suckle milk…

    • Debbie

      Wow I really hope not.

  • Cassandra Reeves

    First: of course Christ never caved or shyed away from the truth. He is the Truth. And everything He did, showed us that Love (charity) is the most powerful force in the universe, through His Atoning sacrifice.

    Second: Standing for truth by being compassionate and loving is more powerful than violence. Violence begats more violence and Love begats more love. Turning the other cheek may seeem like we are cowards, but it really takes more courage to forgive and love than it does to shout and shoot.

    Third: Christ does command us to love our enemies, and to pray for them. I wonder how many of us pray for (I may choke on this) President Obama. Surely Obama, Reed and Pelosi, need our prayers as much or more than our family. Often we feel like we are powerless do do anything. Perhaps if we pray for those leaders we feel contempt for by name, and ask the Lord to enable them to feel the influence of the Spirit, He will not only chane our hearts, but theirs as well. They are also His children, and He loves them. Why do we assume that they are unreachable? Aren’t we supposed to have faith that with God ALL things are possible?

    Let’s have faith that since we can truly only control what we do, if we do what God has already asked us to do, and we ask Him what else He desires us to do, that whatever happens, we can be at peace with ourselves. Which is the only peace that truly matters.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      beautiful, thanks. I am trying to do the kind thing when replying to something on internet infuriates me

  • Sandra Hutzel

    Mr Beck have you read Corrie ten Booms book the hiding place? If not you should. Her family lived (and paid the price) for the love of neighbor and enemy alike! Her book Each New Day is such a help,another must read. Bod Bless all of us.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      not only has he read it , he has inspired many others to buy it read it live it and to the foundation. Glenn is not a fair weather patriot or a fair weather believer. He is an imperfect man trying to be perfected by serving God and God’s children. If you don’t subscribe to his channel you are robing yourself of some great information and inspiration. I get the channel on ROKU device (look it up) because then I have an archive of over 300 shows and specials to absorb at my leisure, God Bless( he prefers to be called Glenn, but he would never tell you that himself unless you asked ;-))

  • Marie Gray

    Glenn, God uses flawed man, but he does not use cowards or double minded man. All men that chose to for His purposes were flawed human beings. But they were not cowards, they were men of convictions, men of courage. You Glenn are among them. So don’t be afraid or dismayed, God will be with you. Carry on, don’t listen to the voices of ignorance. I’m not sure that all you do will save America from falling into darkness, because we are already there. But you’ll be instrumental in the rebuilding phase. I believe that God is preparing you for that phase. But you are precocious and inpatient and can cloud one’s vision and misinterpret the seasons for which is he is called. I loveven you Glenn, you a fantastic human being.

  • Horacio Gosparini

    Thank you for being who God has called you to be. God bless you and everyone arround you.

  • Michael Shayes

    …..let me boil this down for all of you that want don’t want to read a bunch of glenn’s pacifist dreck …

    tomorrows radio show will go something like this

    those people in California standing up against the importation of illegals to their city should not be doing that ….children, revolution, feds, guns, violence…tears…

    a little…MLK GHANDI JESUS …

    now send some money to Mercury to take care of the children at the border



    • Anonymous

      Brevity– the soul of wit.

  • Lance

    More and more I find myself having to ‘put up’ with the God talk on your shows… often having to switch it off… generally you are the best information available, but if God is the answer then leave it up to God, take a vacation, buy some more cows, enjoy… but, it isn’t up to God, it’s WE who must take action, history has shown us many lessons of evil run rampant without US taking action… God won’t do it, WE have to do it…. because… wait for it, there’s no God, if there were he’d get an “F” in every category of performance. Oh wait, another child is being murdered somewhere… good work God.

    • Anonymous

      Lance is infinite in knowledge. So there is a God after all!

  • Addisoneconman

    Glenn I am commanded in scripture to love all men and women because God loves them and wishes they would all turn to Him. However, we have a convoluted idea of what love and what God’s love is in the United States. God loved the children of Israel but when they strayed from Him, He allowed other nations to be tools in judging their rebellion. Ezekiel constantly was in trouble with the rulers of Israel, because his message from God was always negative, it was not about God’s love, it was about His judgement of His people. The United States today would be very similar to Israel of that time. We too have turned our back on God, what is happening to us today is all about what we have done with God and His laws. The Bible says in Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. God cannot let us continue to mock His laws without divine retribution, He has been very consistent with this in history, not always when we think it should be, but it has always happened. So what should my love look like. I need to tell the truth, All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God(yeah even me), there is none righteous not even one, The wages of sin is death (separation from God)God commended His love toward us that in while we were yet sinners Christ died for us, All who believe with their heart and confess with their mouth that the Lord Jesus paid their penalty for sin, shall be saved. (not my words all found in the book of Romans) So in the process of loving my enemy I do not condone what they do when it is wrong. When our politicians use falsity to win elections, I need to stand up and say you did not tell the truth. When we persecute those who follow Christ, I do not have to sit back and say nothing, I need to stand up and say very strongly that is wrong. When our politicians lift up those who do wrong as heroes, I do not need to turn the other cheek. I do not hate, but I do speak out in truth. If you are being despicable, I need to say as Christ did with the money changers in the temple when they were profaning God’s house, throw the bums out.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, You’re ranting again and none of this long-winded jibberish makes sense…again. So please, follow your doctor’s orders and take your medication.

  • Gloria Thornton

    Wow Glenn, once again i am speechless…you are a man, a mortal, we are not supposed to be perfect, just trying with everything we do to be better as Christ gave us a perfect example. You are an example setter and I am proud to be able to connect with your cause and learn through your efforts and knowledge <3

  • Anonymous

    Stand up for your belief no matter what. Doesn’t have to get ugly, it’s your belief and that’s that. If others don’t believe then shake the dust off your feet and know that you tried. Then pray for eyes to open and ears to hear and truths to be shown. I admire men like you that will not back down from what our country was founded in. If I could I would certainly join you in your cause!! I”m sick of all of the lies and deceit!

  • Eleanor

    Your approach here has no bearing on the recent events of the US of A. You are acting more and more like a liberal. Diversionary tactics are beneath you. At least I thought they were.

    • PeterMoss

      Have you wondered about what may be motivating the new Glenn Beck persona? Do you think the defamation case could be a factor? It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was. Wait for some news after 4 PM July 29th.

      • Debbie

        I did not hear about that what is that about?

  • Eleanor

    You don’t unite with the snake to make one, big, happy family.

    • Debbie

      I agree with that

  • Tom Glock

    Glenn, there seems to be confusion with your explanations! Are you inadvertently JUSTIFYING SIN, all in the name of peace???? If so, that is not a good place to be in, for JUSTIFICATION OF SIN is a stealth maneuver by satan himself!

  • Antonio Brent

    Doesn’t it also say God helps those that help themselves? I’m slightly confused why you bring religion into the issue of what is being done with, of, and by our government. Religion has to do with God’s laws, while I am more concerned with preserving our rights TO worship whatever god we choose (by the way, the Constitution originally did not protect blacks, women, etc.) So, maybe God, Jesus, Allah, or whatever divine being people choose to worship, is not calling for a revolution, or even to oppose what is happening, but who are we to say if a revolution actually starts that it is not God’s will? If He is all knowing and all powerful, He already knows what will happen. Granted, people will use free will as an out, but free will would then eliminate His omnipotence.

  • William Mavis

    sorry glen,been a fan,since you were on cnn.but,your wrong.VIOLENCE IS COMING,we cant stop it.You re right,we shouldnt start it. dont pretend its not comming.(by way went to ind.saw first hand,NOT A TRAIN STATIION)

  • Susan Berndt

    Beautiful! God is love

  • Tammy Perricone Mohr

    I am standing with you. Thanks for being the voice of so many.

  • Anonymous

    We are living in a difficult time, and I can appreciate Glenn’s inner struggle because I have internalized my own struggle and question if I am getting it right or getting it wrong. I claim to be a conservative, but when all of this started, I was swept up in an idealistic neo-con’s world. That did not really work for me. The big social issues kept bogging me down, and I kinda backed off from politics because the internal struggle was defeating my purpose of getting involved in the first place.

    The big hot button issue that drive conservatives are not ones that I think should define us. For instance, I do not agree that those people who happen to be Gay are any less of a person than I am. They are people too, who live and love, and work right next to all of us. They are our family members, our friends, teachers, nurses, doctors, shop owners, veterinarians, soldiers, etc etc…. , and some are even conservative. They are PEOPLE first. We should see them as people first, and stop the hate.

    I don’t agree with abortion, but so many women who’ve had one are suffering when we throw out hate and judgement with nasty words labeling those moms as murders. Those moms are PEOPLE first, and they are silently suffering with a hurt you cannot imagine.

    Immigration is one of the hardest topics I deal with right now. If you are seeing it from a far, it is easy to judge harshly. But then you see an individual working hard trying to make it in America, and they are not all lazy bums any more than I am racist just because I am white. Those immigrants are PEOPLE first, and we should see the person first before we judge the label.

    Division is killing this country. Division is ripe pickings for a more socialist/ communist state. Division will tip the scales toward liberal fascism, and we are falling right into that side of the fence the further we make it, ‘we’ the only people that matter against ‘them’ that we do not see as people.

    We are all people first.

    The people-first language is something that my daughter taught me. It is a strong theme in the community of those with disabilities. My daughter was born with Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis. But she is not a Downs kid, or a Cf sufferer. She is a PERSON first who happens to have an extra chromosome and a chronic disease. So she has taught me to see people first before the label.

    I don’t have the answer, but I appreciate Glenn’s attempts at trying unity over division. I think that may be the key we need to get this car started again.

    These are the things that I know for sure….

    I know that I am an American first before party.

    I know that we should reject the radically hard right wing agenda, as well as the progressive democrat socialist agenda.

    I pray for the day when solid core conservatives and old school liberals get their respective parties back.

    I believe we should welcome a healthy gridlock of ideas, and I believe our Nation will run best when there is a solid mix of left and right sides.

    I teach my children that the love of God comes first, then family, friends, and community.

    I don’t always get it right, but each new day brings me another chance to do it differently than I did before.

  • StraightTalk

    Beck is saying, for the sake of “unity”, ignore evil. That is the worst evil of all. Of course shining the light of truth on evil is “divisive”. John 3:20: “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.” We must continue to divide by naming, confronting, and opposing evil. If that culminates in violence caused by those who are evil, so be it. If Beck hadn’t lied to you about Cliven Bundy, it’d be clearer. The cop killers who showed up at his ranch were kicked off his ranch. The people at Cliven Bundy’s ranch don’t want to cause a revolution. They’re simply willing to let the government trampling over them spark one. They’re forcing evil to be bold and reveal itself rather than submitting to evil and allowing it to hide. Beck’s preaching lately is pure evil. He can call it love, just as The Enemy calls everything they do love, but we know the evil of his rhetoric by its evil fruits.

    • PeterMoss

      “If Beck hadn’t lied to you about Cliven Bundy, it’d be clearer. The cop killers who showed up at his ranch were kicked off his ranch. The people at Cliven Bundy’s ranch don’t want to cause a revolution.”

      That’s the truth. Glenn’s claim otherwise was very dishonest.

  • Stephen Sheridan

    as our Lord said. love GOD thy father with all thy heart, love thy neighbor as thyself. hang all of the law on these 2 things…..if we all could do just these 2 simple things.

  • Adele

    I will stand with you in Jesus and for righteousness sake.

  • PeterMoss

    It looks like Glenn is trying to change his image from a fear mongering divider by using religion and his claim that he’s on a special mission from GOD, but so far it’s not working. Meanwhile his high-priced legal team is playing with the facts in their effort to free Mr. Beck from responsibility for causing a mountain of misery to fall on an innocent young college student from the Middle East. Would Jesus do THAT??? That’s the real question Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      Winston, dear: “…his image [as] a fear mongering divider…” is a patent fiction invented for the mindless consumption of drones who feed constantly on “news” sources like MSLSD, while NEVER bothering to even listen to GlennBeck for themselves. Do YOU know anyone like that???

      • PeterMoss

        Wrong. Beck was selling end times calamity and Armageddon for years, along with survival food, old French gold coins, safes, seeds you name it. He said we’ll all see the “arm of GOD!” in our lifetimes and video of Glenn conversing with John Hagee on the return date of Jesus is all over the web as well. Yes, Glenn’s reputation as a fear monger has merit. Glenn also predicted riots, violence and mayhem in city streets nation wide during the summer of 2012, which never happened, which is just another example of his fear mongering he is famous for. Any honest, reasonable person can look at Beck’s record and conclude he’s been a fear monger.

        This video, which has been posted here before, wraps it up fairly well. And then there’s his paranoid fear mongering about a conspiracy between Obama and the highest levels of law enforcement Glenn cooked up in April of 2013. We all know how that turned out: it was dead wrong, Beck has admitted it in court documents according to reliable sources and he’s being sued for the damage he caused. Where the heck have YOU been gregormann dear?

  • Smart Dude

    This is TRULY what all Christian’s and Conservatives should be preaching to each other on a daily basis.

    FORGET those silly politicians (LEFT AND RIGHT).
    FORGET their nonsense.
    FORGET what they say JUST to get elected (LEFT AND RIGHT).

    Dont live SOMEONE else’s definition of truth, justice or LOVE!!


    • PeterMoss

      Ignoring reality never works out well in the end.

  • Mike

    As a Baptist preacher…I’ve thought much about war and where Christian fit in it. I just watched Srt. York last night and saw a wonderful struggle with what God would have us do. There is a difference between killing because of hate for someone and killing to save someone else. York had this struggle. He concluded he killed to save life. We as Christians do not want violence, anger, death but we realize that we may have to fight for right, fight injustice of the those who can’t fight for themselves. There is a thing called righteous anger. Jesus beat the money changers for trading in the Temple. To Your point that Jesus didn’t fight the revolution: 1. He ( Jesus ) was at war with the Devil in a spiritual battle not a physical one…his purpose was for our soul. That’s what the local Church battle is today …for the heart mind and soul of men. 2. This battle of good and evil is fought spiritually and physically. We fight good and evil everyday prayerfully and if need be with physicality. We fight to stay a live to protect our families. We’ll fight for our neighbors if someone is attacking him. We have guns to protect our homes. Do I want to kill ? ( No, of course not )but I may be forced to, to save my or someone else’s life. So America is covered in blood, scared from the battle of being free and fighting for others freedom and injustice. If we hadn’t there would not be an America. So where does that leave us today…what battles do we have in front of us ? How do we engage them ? With much prayer, making sure our hearts and our minds are in the right place. For we are in a battle for the hearts and minds and souls of men , women and children across America…and will soon be in a physical battle for our very lives. Do not give up your guns or your dead man and if dead, you will not be able to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Fight the good fight.

  • Anonymous

    Well put! Amen!!!

  • disqusit

    I get it Glenn… but why are you saying one thing and acting another? Why the evasive and underhanded dealings with the staff i.e. Wilkow. I can’t shake how mainstream media / government yuck it feels. How do we *trust* you when we don’t have any accountability or transparency (which you constantly talk about) at The Blaze itself?
    Deep philosophical discussions and intelligent arguments, along with great life lessons in American and global histories are all reasons I really looked up to you. So why are you starting to turn your shoulder – sort of hide certain things behind your coat as it were all of a sudden? As you always say – just let the chips fall where they may and restore our faith in your proclamation that you really do seek the truth… not just your own certain truth like so many others.

  • Anonymous

    I love Glenn Beck and have for years.

    But I must say, when he speaks of “Christ”, as an ex-Romanist-turned-Mormon, I cringe a little every time. All faith-groups attempt to distinguish themselves by developing some doctrinal distinction(s) which they claim lends authenticity to their unique claim on divine authority. Remarkable how utterly predictable this human behavior is. Always looking for some new principle of exclusion. Well, in the case of Joseph Smith, the set of exclusionary principles and doctrinal distinctions virtually remove Mormonism from the realm of biblical Christianity. That is not meant as a slander or libel. ALL MORMON AUTHORITIES say that “Christianity” is a perversion of the “gospel.” Everything Glenn says and DOES comes, I think, from a good heart. Good as we fallen humans go. I genuinely appreciate what he stands for and is trying to do in the realm of politics. I even appreciate the earnest attempt to adopt the teachings of my Lord Jesus Christ. But I cannot conceive of Him apart from the exclusive testimony of Scripture, and that alone. This is the primary exclusionary principle that ought to distinguish us as genuine “believers”. And almost nothing else. But appropriating “spiritual” tinctures and additives and “prophetic” innovations which find no existence in all of church history only poisons the stream of BIBLICAL revelation and threatens the sanctity of the Gospel as found throughout that history, despite all the conflicts and such.

    I wish him all success in his efforts to save America and proclaim her historical exceptionalism. Glenn is a good-hearted, well-meaning, smart and capable achiever who inspires many of us not to feel like giving up, which we certainly often do. I don’t harbor any animosity for those whose religion I consider alien to my own understanding of the biblical gospel. But I just can’t walk with them on that particular ground.

    Btw—Gandhi, MLK, Buddha and anyone else of notoriety should not be mentioned in the same breath with Jesus of Nazareth, whom the Father sent to be the Savior of the world. Two very distinctly different categories!

    Btw, 2—I voted for Mitt, having decided on that choice LONG before Glenn! Lol. His Mormonism didn’t interest me. His leadership and flare for problem-solving DID.

  • Philip Pennington

    It is difficult to have these conversations because we use the same vocabulary, but many of us hold different definitions for the words in our hearts and minds.

    To me, I must always keep Ecclesiastes in mind. There is a time for everything. I believe it is time for revolution, but it is not time for blood. We need revolutionary change in our government, and most of all, in the hearts and minds of many of our countrymen, but it is time I think to emulate Jesus, Ghandi, and King. Wars can be righteous too, but it is not yet, if it ever will be, time to emulate Washington and the Colonial Army. I hope enough of us agree. The ones on the wrong side here can draw a lot of blood no matter how we move forward. What they cannot do is move their agenda forward without a compliant public, a willing work force and tax base.

    Consider if the action your passion is pushing you towards is also a winning strategy. Visceral responses usually are not.

  • William K. Schneider


  • Brendan Smith

    When asking, “What would Jesus do?” Remember that flipping over tables and chasing people with whips is not out of the question. :)

  • Shadowphaze

    Well said Glenn. I will walk with you.

  • Laurie Bluth

    Agree, on many points, ARight! We can pray til we drop, but God cannot take away the free agency of man! As we know by the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah, Jerusalem, just to mention obvious ones, he cannot save the depraved who choose not to respond to his calls. We have seen many, many, many societies refuse the call and be destroyed due to their wickedness.

    We must stay strong in faith and in following the teachings – yes, loving our enemy is certainly one of them, but giving in to their demands is not. We know he will bless us within his reasoning of time and need, not ours. He gives all the chance to truly prove whom they will follow, many times, before the “consequences” are levied. But, the consequences will come, unless hearts and spirits are compliant. I’m not seeing that happening in the current climate of anti religion, atheism, lack of any social mores among many, and extremely low understanding of God’s law, as so recently proven by the acceptance of gay marriage by two high profile religious denominations.

    Do I think we should pray for all of their souls – absolutely! I don’t, however, believe He will “rescue” us from the current situation – there is too much evil out there.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s where I have a big problem with preachers. I see many quotes from the bible, yet I see so many different understandings by commenters. Who is right and who is wrong? Isn’t there only one true bible? Is the bible open to each others’ interpretations? Why are the various religions, supposedly based on the same bible, claiming to be the true word and faith in God? And who is this Joseph Smith to preach that what HE says is the truth? Isn’t that what all preachers do?

  • Debbie

    Glenn not sure where you are going here….

    1st question: Can you give me an example
    of Christ “caving”, “shying away from the truth” or not standing boldly for what
    he believed in? Seems to me he was stronger than ALL others, including Barabbas
    who was indeed calling for Revolution, who was actually killing those who sided
    with Rome. The people wanted blood. They wanted revolution. They wanted Rome,
    justifiably I might add here, to pay for what they had done to the Jews and
    their religion. They even put the Roman eagle on the front of the temple. Do you
    think they had a right to scream for revolution! More or less than we

    ***Jesus never did “cave in”. Much of
    what He did was to expose the false teachings of the pharisees, and their
    religious traditions. A segment wanted revolution, which grew later into a
    revolt in 66 AD, ending with the Temple being destroyed in 68 AD.

    One reason Judas sold Jesus for thirty
    pieces of silver because he “betrayed the revolution.” They expected the Messiah
    to be a warrior king. Jesus wasn’t going to give it to them. In fact AFTER the
    resurrection just before the gift of the spirit, the apostles ask him again!
    “Now, now is it time?” Did Jesus cave or did Jesus have a better

    ***Jesus came the first time to provide all mankind salvation from sin and eternal death. He’ll come a second time to gather His saints, and a third time to establish Israel as the ruling nation.

    How about Gandhi? Or Martin Luther King?
    Do you have more injustice today than blacks in the 1950′s?
    *** No

    Was not
    our Constitution made to protect them too? Did it? Was America their country as
    well? Did they feel like their country was taken from them? Imagine the promise
    of America being offered with Lincoln only to have it ripped away during
    Reconstruction! So when the hoses were knocking blacks down to the ground and
    dogs were unleashed and the Governor of a state says “segregation now and
    forever”, when the freedom riders were physically pulled out of their buses and
    beaten on the way to a peaceful march – was Martin Luther King a coward? A sell
    out? Were Malcolm X AND the Weather Underground right? *** No.

    Which side was on the side of Christ? Ayers or King?

    ***King. Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. Jesus would not destroy property.

    2nd question: Why do you assume that
    because you love, care for, comfort and refuse to call for vengeance, blood, or
    violence, that you are also not standing for the truth? Why is it either or?
    ***Question is ambiguous

    3rd question: Who does Christ DEMAND, not
    ask, but demand us to love? When he was dying, what was the thing The Lord asked of his Father? Forgive them. Yeah okay but that is Christ. “I’m not Jesus”.
    Great. How about Stephan? The rage of the crowd was so intense, BECAUSE HE SPOKE THE TRUTH, that they grabbed him and began to literally bite him and tear at his flesh with their teeth. They took him out of the city walls, and Saul at the
    zenith of evil held the men’s cloaks so they wouldn’t get blood on them while
    they stoned him to death. What was his request? “Please Lord, do not add this to
    their sins. Forgive them” ***All of His followers.

  • Supertx

    You love the “global” media and this is for the “global” win. Interesting. Maybe you should tell us a little more about this global thing.

  • Debbie

    You need to explain this one: I really believe in all of Global media. It’s the Globalist that is trying to destroy America!!!

  • NMx

    If the American Founders had listened to Glenn… we would never have been Free… We’d still be slaves to England… and anybody else that wanted to come and have their way with us…. The Founders said sometimes you have to fight to keep freedom because there evil men that will destroy you and steal your freedom….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read your articles and I appreciate the fact that you are trying to lead us down a better path – not one of revolution with guns as some would like but a revolution of love and peace which as Christians should be way.

    In the past I have been so angry with what’s happening to our country I want to take up arms at least in my mind – I’m 68 years old but in excellent health – but I don’t want to be fighting against my fellow Americans with guns.

    You are a bright light in a dark world. I depend on your program to keep me sane. You taught us what was actually happening in our government and you continue to do so, You helped awake the sleeping American public.

    Martin Luther King did walk the streets in protest against the system. I was raised in Atlanta so I saw the fight for equal rights first hand. I was in school when the first black student came to our school. So I know things can be changed. King pressured the establishment to change it’s ways.

    I hope somehow we can do the same. I just don’t know what can be done peacefully.

    God Bless You
    Norma Jean

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Benjamin I

    I recommend sending a peaceful but powerful message to those atonable for guiding America’s ship. Vote, not just your run of the mill message, vote with power, vote every incumbent out of office. Its your right and with such a dirty scene as we have now its our duty to show our disapproval of all that once meant something great. The second answer is of course term limits its hard to buy a politician if they are always just serving there civic duty for a short time then returning home to the ones they went to represent.

  • Anonymous

    Which side was on the side of Christ? Ayers or King?
    Easy answer, NEITHER ONE! Micheal King was just as much a socialist as Ayers is today. King used GOD just as lincoln did. and Hitler and others.

  • Angela

    “The only way evil can win is for good men to do nothing to stop it.” IMO, Glenn Beck is spinning tales when he should be fighting evil. What world do we want to leave our children and grandchildren?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, this is the first thing I can remember EVER agreeing with you 100%.

    It is high time that we stop imposing correctness on everyone but ourselves.

    I believe in political correctness; that is to say I believe in being correct and true to my own principles in politics. I don’t force myself on others; but I will force myself.

    Glenn, welcome to the Liberty camp; and I WOULD RIDE AND SERVE HELP bring those items and compassion on those children that are now our responsibility while in our land and on our watch.

    Anyone who suggests that morals are relative and subjective are operating on unsound reason; passion without rationale; giving reasons without reason.

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