When will we wake up?

I am at home reading the insane news. Hollywood blacklists for Penelope Cruz I thought was nuts. Then Jonathan Alter and the Daily Beast believe we should have McCarthy-style nationalist “Loyalty Oaths“! And now this: Hamas support and aid from and to Al Jazerra.


Even those who run Comcast and Time Warner can not be this suicidal. We are all good people. Sometimes we lose our way, and it is hard to believe the worst in people – especially when they seem reasonable. I am sure this company out of Qatar assured everyone that they were just like ABC or NBC. They are demonstrating that they are not.

It is time to call your cable operator. They ALL carry al Jazerra yet they will not carry TheBlaze TV – the most requested and successful independent cable and web news agency currently not on their system. We stand against the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah, while holding high the uniting American principles of free speech, freedom of Religion, and the rule of law. We will show what ISIS and Hamas are doing not only to Christians and Jews, but we also show the footage of them beheading Muslims. We believe if you are straight or gay, you have a right to live free and not be beheaded or stoned to death under Shari’ah Law. Does Al Jazeera? Will they proclaim it on air? Will they deny the Protocols of Zion and condemn all who spread that evil lie, as we did this week? Will they denounce the Hamas charter that calls for Allah to help them kill all Jews? We will, have, and do.

Call your cable operator and tell them that YOU pay money directly to Al Jazerra because they carry the network, and you want it to stop. I am for more speech not less, but we are actually funding our own destruction. When will we wake up? TheBlaze will not ever stop reporting the truth, even if we need to go door to door. You cannot silence the truth.

No blacklists, no loyalty oaths, no shelter for terror. America is fair, just, and believes in hearing all sides.

Demand your cable company add TheBlaze.

  • soybomb315

    “When we will we wake up”

    I’m sorry, but isnt this the same guy who fully endorsed CINO Rick Santorum in the republican primary while there were anti-establishment candidates like Ron Paul and Herman Cain? Didnt he go on a warpath against Ron Paul and say he was “dangerous” and then later said Newt Gingrich was basically just white Obama and if you like Gingrich but hate Obama you are racist?

    • Type 53

      Yes. I think he expects his loyalists to willfully not pay attention.

    • ken.

      don’t forget chris christy porn

    • thee88plyr

      I think, perhaps, one must realize that as we grow and learn more truth (which never changes), our understanding and opinions change. We can look back on prior elections and candidates with 20/20 vision, but at the time, they had redeeming qualities and, perhaps, deserved support. Mr. Beck has the right to change his opinion…and his mind…as his understanding of truth changes. Anyone who does NOT…is stagnant. I would be more worried if, having learned the truth, his opinions did NOT change. Willful stubbornness is the cause of much grief.

      • soybomb315

        I have not heard Beck say he made a mistake in getting behind CINO Santorum and waste what may be our last chance to set the ship right.

        • Watch it

          You don’t hear Obama admit to mistakes either.

          • yourpaled

            Can’t have it both ways. By your reasoning you make Beck just as bad as Obama.

          • Watch it

            ” Can’t have it both ways.” What kind of stupid statement is that? My comment was about Obama.

            We are the people who started the 60s movement, and then later realized the problems involved with that socialist sort of thinking. Well, at least some of us did – the ones who grew up.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      Newt Gingrich is a white Obama. Starting fights with liberals does not automatically make you conservative.

  • Shaun Robert Milligan

    It’s already to late, We’ve already gone over the cliff. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the sudden stop at the end.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      I’m afraid you are right Shaun. I mean, about half of the people are awake I believe, in terms of identifying the evil that now rules our nation.

      But half can’t do it, because the other half cheats at the game. They rig elections, manipulate media, steal wealth and put more effort into accumulating power.

      Sadly, the way the world works is that a significant majority of people need to be on the side of right in order to prevail. Half doesn’t cut it.

      So now that righteous and moral people no longer hold the majority in this country, it appears that disaster looms.

      It is with a combination of fear and mourning that I prepare for the dark days ahead. Be ready Shaun. It will make a difference to you and your family.

      • Lynne Holt Miller

        I don’t agree with you CORMAC__NJ I think that most people are good, just stupid, naive, whatever you want to call them. There are some very evil people don’t get me wrong, but once the SHTF the good people will rise up with us, and we will be okay, so don’t give up.

    • John Andrews

      Only because people like yourself have given up & given in to the way things are being run……..

  • Joseph Chatfield

    America is getting darker and darker by the minute now is time to rise

  • landofaahs

    When will we wake up? Probably right before our enemies put us to sleep. A day late and a dollar short. If even that.

    • http://amenglish.weebly.com AshleyandMicah

      I don’t think the enemy has to put us to sleep; it is America’s natural man weakness, we do it to ourselves. We would like to think ourselves an eagle, alert and awake with the capacity to see for miles and strike when the enemy is afar, however we are more like bees/wasps/hornets. We don’t care about the world, just our little hive and the area around it. We don’t like to attack others unless they mess with the hive or attack us, and even then we retreat back to the hive as soon as we possible can. We can build and accomplish great things together, but are seemingly weak individually. We also like to group up in masses in the hive and go to sleep. For years the world has known and/or continues to learn what it means to awaken the sleeping giant and fill him with terrible resolve- this is why the smarter enemies of freedom are now no longer trying to take out the hive by smacking it with sticks, they are now creeping in at night while we are all asleep in the hive and soon all of us will be awake. So when will we wake up? When we are hit with a cold bath of Raid, but by then it will be too late.

  • 7tom7

    What happen to the other 150 posts and my previous post that was here 10 minutes ago with this article ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • ken.

      it’s his leftist brand of free speech, whenever the posts go more against him then for him, the forum gets deleted.

      • 7tom7

        I hope Glenn with his server can restore these posts ???? If not I hope everyone can rewrite their posts and copy it from disqus editor profile and re-post !!!!!!!!!! Maybe the dots of these 150 posts if they were connected would reveal the real obama and his true agenda ?? !!! This was too close in exposing the real truths that would wake up the American people !! That why for cyber attack to silence our freedom of speech not to wake the people up to a different point of view !! ???? By who ??? By what right do they think they have to take away our freedom freedom of speech !!,Plus who in world do they think they are to tell you ( in a way to sit down and shut up and that your nothing with no say ) !!??? Maybe Glenn on his show should have a little block that show the number of cyber attacks to his sites to silence citizens freedom of speech !!!!!!!!!????????

        • ken.

          glenn deletes them when the posts go against his views so it’s up to the commenters to rewrite and repost.

          • Watch it

            Not true. This site is usually not monitored. The problem is in Disqus.

          • ken.

            discus does not monitor any sites, that is left completely up to the individual sites to moderate according to their own rules. try reading discus policy.

          • Watch it

            ken — I didn’t say that Disqus monitors anything. Try reading what I posted before going off all half cocked about anything..

            My comment was : “Not true. This site is usually not monitored. The problem is in Disqus”. How is it that you misinterpret this into something else?

          • yourpaled

            I haven’t had these problems with Disqus on other panels.

          • Watch it

            Lucky you.

      • CORMAC___NJ

        Quit whining. If you comment is so important post it again.

        • ken.

          i was not whining, i was making a statement.

      • Watch it

        Not true. There a loads of negative posts about Beck that were made by Beck haters that are still on his forums. For instance, see the posts below by Reinmakr and a host of others.

        • ken.

          it depends on where the comments are going and how many compared to other comments to his liking. several times he has erased comments and entire pages, to start over and sometimes shutting them down completely.

          • Watch it

            That is total BS.

          • ken.

            it only happens here on glenn beck, i never see it on any other site i go to that uses discus, or something else.

          • Watch it

            If you want to focus on what happens here that is not quite right, then you must also focus on the fact that Disqus does not make a proper link to any Beck site content.

    • yourpaled

      You’re not holding the line. Talk about bias, I think the Blaze is no different than the others now.

  • tp517

    Glenn Beck is all over the map. I don’t recognize him anymore.

    • kid_you_not

      He is a money-loving fraud.

      • yourpaled

        So true. His blabbering in this article is nothing more than a ruse to promote The Blaze. Does that jingle from CNN hit the spot,”the most trusted name in news reporting”?

        • L Jordan

          yourpaled His points in this article are correct so why are you offering all these malicious comments. Just WAKE UP!

  • 7tom7

    The possible reasons for laser of obama on Moscow embassy 1.) to strengthen Putin position with his people 2.) To strengthen obama against impeachment and his progressive movement to keep a very very weak U.S President in position and that will not back our allies or unite them against a common threat !! 3.) To diminish,mock,slight U.S President and his decisions and power to the world !!!!!!!

    • CORMAC___NJ

      I agree with 1 and 3. But 2 seems shaky. I think Putin has a big enough ego to believe that he could persuade the American people to join him in mocking Obama. Everyone knows Obama is now the least popular president in history, in his own country.

    • kid_you_not

      Heard Beck say this. He sounds like some dimwit liberal ‘dats waycist.’ What a clown.

    • ken.

      you forgot just to be a jerk!

  • Linda Fisher

    I called Time Warner Cable and was informed you do not offer Blaze TV to cable because you sell it online.

  • pawley

    no, we are not all good people, we are all evil and our hearts are wicked without God in our lives. the delusion is in thinking we are basically good people.

    • bob

      absolutely, 100% biblical!

  • janiceesposito

    We are not all good. There is none good. In the book of Isaiah it says there is none righteous no, not one.

  • Reinmakr

    YOU are a clown Glenn. This isn’t about saving anyone. It’s about lining your pockets. Be honest, your God despises a liar and despises deception.

    • yourpaled

      Ah, deception. How well it works for evil people.

  • Jamie Wishert

    Remember your interview with Billy Graham when he explained to you what he would do differently, he said he would have prayed more. He wished he would have spent less time spreading the word and more time building his personal relationship with God through prayer. You can lead a horse to water…….Sometimes you get tired of leading the horse to water.

  • Don

    Albert Pike a 33 degree Mason predicted the last war would be a Christian / Muslim war, who’s being manipulated? The chaos all seems to be converging at the same moment in time.

  • JLWright

    The world is still occupied with the war(s) that began recording in the book of Genesis about 2000BC at the time of Abraham between Israel (Isaac, the child of the promise) and Islam (Ishmael, the child of the law). The historic performance of the Jews and Islam in the last 4000 years combined with the fulfillment of the Promise 2000 years ago is the greatest acting and presentation ever showed while applying to every element of our free-choice human sin condition and experience at every age level and in every generation.

    The fulfillment of the Promise is more than I can take in. How our Creator could love us, forgive us and empower us through all our failures and sins (except one) is beyond my pay grade.

    Please help.

    • kid_you_not

      Rev 3:9 warned of the imposter Jews – the Poles pretending to be Jews in Israel.

      They have nothing to do with Biblical Jews.

      Further, Jesus was quite clear about the satanic Pharisees who these imposter Jews model themselves after. Not the Torah. Big difference.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    When we have the brown shirts running down the street. I swear most people are clueless.

  • Bruce Hopkins

    Gimmee a break! There are too few of us who still love our country. All of the major news outlets wants us to become communist, or worse. It’s time for some assassinations, or it’s over for the United States. (Sitting here waiting for the feds to put me away.)

    • ken.

      when the leftists attack us, the militias will stand up in defense of our country and the assassinations will be plenty throughout the new revolution.

  • kid_you_not

    I just tried to listen to your radio show. It is imbecilic nonsense. You are trying to be entertaining rather than be right. Yesterday, for example, you called Andrew Jackson “racist.” This is the rhetoric of cultural marxists. And corporations that have no loyalty to the US are a problem – they are importing 3rd worlders and exporting factories. If you want to wear blinders on to worship some silly religion of “capitalism” that supports all this with the naive “it will all work out” rationalization then I just don’t have time for you. Nationalism is what has built every country. Rejecting nationalism is what is ruining it. You are a useful idiot for bankers.

    And to top it off your flip comment about “nobody uses money any more” was stupid. But it was very telling of the type of person you really are. The type of entertainer DESPERATE for attention and relevance. The type the sees a trend, even a bad one, and then rushes out to pretend to be leading it. Bye bye rodeo clown.

  • kid_you_not

    One of the few people out there worth listening to is Morris:


  • John Andrews

    Glenn, we’ve been screaming at the top of our lungs for over 50 yrs that I know of for better & truthful coverage. I keep hearing ” It will get better!!” WHEN?????????

  • Budhaf

    I believe that Glenn’s heart and head are in the right place for the most part. I don’t buy the line that he’s money hungry or wanting to be a hero. There will always be haters and those who disagree on certain things, but I see Glenn as someone who is trying to make a difference. Can anyone name a single person that everyone agrees with even 75% of the time? No, there’s not a single person in the world. So how about finding a few that you mostly agree with, 51%, and show some support. I happen to agree with Glenn, Rush and a few politicians like Ted Crews. Conservatives need to stand up and do things to get America back on track. Stop with the hate and join together with someone to make a difference!

  • yourpaled

    Beck’s pleads here reminds me so much of the various preachers and televangelists today. Does Beck think that HE is the only one telling us the truth? Maybe it is Beck who is the blind sheep to reality. I just can’t hold the same support for Israel as Beck does, especially in view of what’s happening in Gaza. People can condemn Hamas all they want, but look at the difference in the destruction being caused against Israel compared to the Palestinians! I have yet to see any evidence of the thousands of rockets from Hamas. At least way back Israel showed evidence of the scuds that Saddam was showering on them. So, where’s any evidence of the destruction that Hamas rockets are doing on Israel? People, think a little. If Hamas was such a terrorist group, would they not target towns near the border in Gaza to inflict as much damage as possible? Those would be easy targets and damage would be lethal. Could this whole thing be a concoction of some evil minds in Israel?

  • jemjean

    What is with the food supply lines I see Christians hawking? I thought the end was their beginning in the bright light of their beliefs? Hmmmm. My personal favorite is the anti-radiation water bottle being sold by Jim Baker. LOL And what happens when the food and water run out? Call my anything you like, but I’m going out with the first wave.

  • somefood4thought

    Why call and tell them to add TheBlaze? Why not call and tell them to TAKE AWAY Al Jazerra until they stop partnering with a terrorist organization? If they want to report on events in Gaza and Israel, thats fine. But any funds to/from Hamas, no way. Thank you for reporting the truth, and I understand that you want the truth to be heard as far and as wide as possible, and that is why you are asking us to demand cable companies carry TheBlaze, but if I call my company, I will not demand they carry TheBlaze (though I will strongly request it). Rather I, and everyone else, will demand they lock out/remove Al Jazerra until Hamas no longer benefits from any form of partnership with that news source. This is what you should have requested of your audience.

  • 7tom7

    Wake up people obama recent llimited air strikes is not to defeat this evil of ISIS or throw it army back !! Let face the facts obama say he fighting terrorists who declare war on us is just his BS cover to the low inform citizens !!! Don’t look at obama con artists talk ,but look at his actions,non-actions ,delay action in every incident it to aid and assist our enemies and of the free world 1.) Iran revolt didn’t back the people movement or speak out !! 2.) Syria waitied until moderate rebel were no longer in charge but radicals then send military aid 3.) Egypt when the Musllim Brotherhood took over the government by stealth send military aid , Egypt mililtary and people throw out as radical 4.) Libya the same as Syria 5.) moderate Muslims of Egypt threw out the Muslims Brotherhood as radicals ,but obama place Muslims Brotherhood in top and key positions in ever agencies of our Federal Government . All obama is doing is adding on a twist to his delay action play book in assisting extreme radical Muslims jilhad movement ,this is token military move for his cover in fighting terrorists ,when he is rooting for Big Picture of Radicals Muslims to take over the world !! Our President alway comes TOO LATE and WITH TOO LITTLE this is on purpose to help radicals fractions around the world !! For me I don’t care obama half stripe and half pokla dot and of the Christian religion (a ruse ?) But it seem obama heart is with the radicals Muslims to rule the world and not in the best interest of U.S and the western free world !?

  • 7tom7

    I think our left wing news media is running interference for obama in giving him covers for possible reasons of his actions,non actions, delay actions that favors our enemies !!,That he incompetent,naive, inexperience, was out the loop with his advisors ,didn’t watch Fox news to know what going on etc !!! But one possibility even Foxnews will not entertain the thought that he is a possible Trojan Horse in our White House and his heart is with the radical Muslim world to rule the world !! Ya he make token feign moves he is fighting terrorists for cover, but his main thrust to help the extreme radicals Muslims in their big picture quest to rule the world !!! ,He does this by his actions,non-actions,delays actions that the results favors our enemies of radical Muslims !! Plus don’t listen to his BS speeches just watch the results of his actions !! No one can be this stupid surrounded by top level government advisors !!!! Our President knows exactly what he doing don’t give him an out cover like being naive etc !!! Instead of impeachment tried him and all his cronies for treason !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the problem with obama that his heart is possible with radical Muslims movements this explain his actions better and fit his reasons for his action more perfect than the lame excuse that he is naive etc !!!???

  • 7tom7

    Our President said there is no public will to fight and go to war again ??? If we had a President who is a true leader for freedom & rights !! That obama would to wake up the people to this threat of evil of headhunters coming to U.S !! To knock on your family door looking for heads to put on pike s !! We would have a ground swell let’s go get them before they come to our homes with their evil !! But our President only wants to do token military options for his cover and not to awaken the sleeping giant of American People !!!! This for ISIS to grow and spread it evil so radicals Muslims can rule the world !! His policy of coming too late and with too little late is to help radical fractions !! Our President pinpoint strike actions in Iraq is for his cover and his non action not to fight and go all out to win against this evil is to help,aid,abet ISIS in their big picture with the end results of them to rule the world !!!!!!!

  • yourpaled

    Sorry Glenn, but you are not the only source for truthful reporting. I scan a number of news media and yes, I make my own decisions on who tells the truth. I don’t care to listen to televangelists as I find them the biggest hypocrites around. So, I do my own research and make my own decisions.

  • warren447

    I had this dream about Hillary Clinton winning and I think the Republicans have a leadership, no message no, vote for us and this is why. I don’t think this is going to change you might have Hillary in the white house and a Republican controlled congress and this belief that she would repeal obama care. Oh no not again it is 1992 again and the new Democrats, anything to get elected and then you do a 180. She gets elected and what a repeal I ain’t repealing Obam Care what you talking about. Count on it everyone. Count on it.

  • Susie

    Oh my goodness brothers and sisters….you are feeding the devil well….I have seen so many miracles this week, God is showing himself everywhere…I will pray that your burdens will lighten up and focus you brothers/sisters in Christ and only then will the devil get off your back and out of your souls as only he would make you throw hate around so easily…..I will fast for you and ask others to do so also…have a blessed night, Susie

  • donaldthomas

    I have read many comments on hear about Glenn and I must say that I am discussed with a lot of them. People are so mean and judgmental and do not look at their own self. I have listened to Glenn for a number of years and learned a lot. I am a Christian and saved by Gods grace. I am not a Mormon and believe that the Bible is the true word of God. I think Glenn is a believer in God and in his way he is saved. I pray it is true.

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