There’s a rumor swirling around the Texas branch of Mercury Radio Arts that Glenn will be back on the air Monday night at 5pm ET! He sent a note out to his staff saying that he was feeling much better and the he planned to broadcast from the Mercury Planning Studio for the first time this week! Fans will remember that Glenn herniated three discs in his back moments before air last Monday.

What can fans expect with Glenn’s return? He promises one of the most important shows on the economy Monday night, a show that will also bring audiences a tour of a new piece of the Texas GBTV studios! Glenn also said that he plans to delve into Ron Paul and really explain the differences between Paul’s libertarianism and the philosophy of government that the Founders followed.

And, of course, Glenn will start to get audiences ready for GBTV’s big Premiere Night on Wednesday night – where Glenn’s network expands to add “Real News from The Blaze” which will bring viewers the news being ignored by the mainstream media on cable networks, as well as Independence USA, a new reality program which will show what it’s like to prepare for life “off the grid.”