TheBlaze and Mercury Radio Arts celebrate the purchase of Dallas studios!

News broke yesterday that Glenn’s production company Mercury Radio Arts had purchased the Studios at Las Colinas. Today, the celebration kicked off as staff gathered for a toast and Glenn unveiled a stunning new piece of artwork that would hang in the studios stairwell as a reminder never to take yourself too seriously.

  • Debby Fawver

    My husband and I listen to you on your show and want to thank you and your staff for all the information you are sending America.  We pray to God that the American citizens will open their ears and listen to what is happening to them. Wake Up America!!  I wish the schools could listen to you when you are teaching students about their history so that they can be better Americans.
    I talked to a friend yesterday and heard that her 10 year old was told she could not drink the pop that her mom and grandmother had packed in her lunch.  WRONG!! We should be able to ‘get fat and loose our teeth’ if we choose to without intervention from the Govenment!! It is our choice. Back off BIG GOVERNMENT and clean up your own messes….  thanks again Glenn.

  • Sam Fisher

    I love it Glenn it mocks the liberals sad attacks on you. 

  • sharinite

    What I would like to know is what Glenn is embarking on?  He needs specificity…and, how can we get a copy of the speech as written and how to listen to the speech so we can see if there is a difference.  

  • Joe Tetz

    Glenn, I have an interest in the history museum you want to build. I am planning our opening of our history museum in 2014. I would like to join forces with you and have your museum with ours. You can reach me at 484 221 0172.

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