Rep. Steve King: If you grant amnesty, you can never enforce immigration again

On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who is leading the gang of 70 House Republicans planning for a showdown with Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) over the immigration bill congressional leadership is trying to push through by July 4.

“Steve King is another guy under attack, because he is part of… a gang of 70 that understands that any bill on amnesty that is going to be passed, no matter how good it looks in the House will have to go back for reconciliation,” Glenn said. “They will strip all of the good things out of it and add all the bad things from the Senate that John McCain, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the president all want that will be reconciliation, then the Republicans will all vote against it in the House, but it will pass and you will have amnesty.”

While TheBlaze exclusively broke the story of the 70 House members yesterday, so far we only know the identity of three of the Congressmen – Steve King, Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

Glenn is eager to release the names of all the Republicans that have chosen to stand up against the bill, but because of the political threat these representatives will face, Rep. King has not yet decided whether or not the names will be made public.

“At this point, I am of the opinion that I don't want to release them for fear they might be targeted as well,” Rep. King explained. “And yet, if they get released, we're going to defend those folks as much as we can.”

Next Wednesday, June 19, in Washington D.C. there will be an open forum that will feature “border security, anti-amnesty members of Congress.” The debate is slated for 9AM to 12PM and then again from 2PM to 5PM. In between, members of Congress will join with an already-planned Tea Party rally against the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative organizations.

“We need orderly demonstrations here in the capitol. Part of our First Amendment rights are orderly demonstrations,” Rep. King explained. “And we're going to stay within the ethical guidelines and do it as a press conference, but it is going to be the longest press conference likely held in the history of this Congress, and we want to have an open dialogue.”

“So I ask people, yes, come to Washington, be there present at the press conference, be respectful, listen, learn, weigh in when you can,” he continued. “I think that we'll be able to project this message out through all the media, including C-Span, if they will cover it, and let the people in America understand that when – if you grant a legalization process, the ultimate result is amnesty, if you grant amnesty, you can never promise that you can enforce immigration again ever.”

Rep. King made some news yesterday when he tweeted “20 brazen self professed illegal aliens have just invaded my DC office. Obama's lawless order gives them de facto immunity from U.S. law.”

“Who were these people and what happened,” Glenn asked.

“Well, I don't know,” Rep. King responded. “They were a group that are self-professed dreamers as they call themself, brought into the United States by their parents and so it wasn't their willful act, and they came into the office about 20 of them, about, you know, our office is busy. We schedule sometimes three meetings simultaneous and take them in different area, they fill the office, there was no room for people to come and go. They refused to leave, and so that went on for, I think, according to their tweets, 40 minutes, and then the Capitol Hill police arrived, and asked them to leave. And so the Capitol Hill police antenna was pretty good, but they were wearing graduation gowns and mortarboards. I just thought it was very disrespectful and when with you get to the point where people that are by law directed to be placed into deportation proceedings, if they are so brazen that they will fill a member's office and then demand that we legalize their illegal activity, you know, there's something about mercy. If you look through the Bible, mercy is not the province of the civil government. It's the province of God and mercy is always accompanied by repentance. Saw no sign of repentance yesterday. It was a demand. And that's what we are dealing with. If we can't secure the doors to my office, if we can't secure the doors to a Congressional office building, how in the world does John McCain and Chuck Schumer think we'll secure the borders?”

The ramifications of this immigration bill could prove to be dire for both the future of this country and the future of the congressmen who are choosing to stand against the legislation. But Rep. King reiterated that a vigilant and informed public is the best and most effective weapon.

“Effectiveness in Congress will be marginalized and diminished at minimum. It's possible we could use committee positions and gavels an those thing, but the best protection we have for standing up for the Constitution and the American dream is the support of the public and I know that if I'm going to be bold and strong, I have to have a nationwide fundraising network in order to be independent from the dependency of the party and I need to have a national media presence, so that if they come after me, America will know it and Americans need to step up and defend,” Rep. King explained. “It's about the cause. It's about the principle. For me, easy path to follow. You can show up and vote and fold he the directions. The other is follow your conscience, keep your oath of office that requires an active public as vigilant as you ask your members of Congress to be.”

With cops under fire, businesses destroyed, and innocent civilians beaten and killed, where is the justice that well-meaning protesters were seeking for George Floyd?

On Wednesday night's special, Glenn Beck goes one on one with Blexit founder and "Blackout" author Candace Owens about what's really driving the riots, white privilege in America, and why it sickens her that Floyd has become a martyr for Black America.

Watch the full special below:

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Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan told Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday that a network of radical extremist terrorist organizations, which includes Antifa, are coordinating and escalating many of the violent riots in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Lara, who has done extensive reporting on Antifa, said it's "extraordinary" that so many Americans in the media and politics are defending the "very violent terrorist organization."

"[The media is] pretending that they care about journalism. They don't. They care about silencing, intimidating, destroying, annihilating, and getting us all to self-sensor so we don't cover any of the subjects they don't want us talking about," she said.

"For those of us who've followed [Antifa] for a while, and know what they're doing and what their agenda is, what has always been troubling is the way so many people in the media and in the political establishment have given them cover to operate," Laura added. "These are extremists. And you see a lot of parallels between extremists on the left and the right ... they pretty much operate the same way, exactly. And there's no difference between what Antifa is doing and the 'Brown Shirts' of Nazi Germany. Or the 'Black Shirts' of Mussolini."

She read the 10 points of action listed by an extremist group called the "Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement", which culminates with "Liberation begins where America dies."

Glenn recalled a prediction he made approximately 15 years ago, that "socialist, communists, radicals, anarchists, [and] Islamists would all work together ... they would all see the opportunity and work toward the same goal. And that's destruction of capitalism, and destruction of the Western world."

"A few years ago, I probably would not have agreed with you on that," Laura responded. "But I now see that you're absolutely correct."

Watch the video below to hear Lara detail evidence to expose the truth about Antifa:

Media targets Lara Logan for exposing the truth about Antifa

The media pretends to care about good journalism, but what they really care about silencing, intimidating, destroying, annihilating and getting us all to...

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The Trump-deranged media is calling the president a "coward" because he was moved to an underground bunker as riots erupted outside the White House over the weekend.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday to set the record straight. He told Glenn that under Title 18, US Code 3056, the Secret Service has the authority to protect the president however they deem necessary, with or without his consent.

Dan explained that the severity of the White House riots, which resulted in at least 50 Secret Service agents being injured, would very likely have warranted overriding the president's preference on whether or not to take shelter.

"Shame on the media ... for painting this as some kind of situation where Trump ran like a coward," Dan said. "Which is totally false and made-up. [...] They're morons. These are imbeciles with double digit IQs who are only in this to aggravate an already-bad situation. And it's a shame, because they're really incentivizing this kind of stuff to happen."

He also made it clear that the so-called protests over the death of George Floyd were actually "very strategic" riots organized by "Antifa terrorists."

"It was not even a protest. It should have been, and could have been ... but that's not what it was. It was an insurrection. It was a riot," Dan stated.

"I can tell you, from sources of mine that were there, [who are] more than credible and unimpeachable, that the attack at the White House -- and that's what it was over a period of days -- was very organized. It was done using very strategic tactics," he added. "I want to be crystal clear, this was organized by Antifa terrorists. It's not a joke. It's not hyperbole. These were people that were committed to an insurrection that was thankfully put down."

Watch the video below for more details:

Dan Bongino: Trump is NOT a Coward Hiding in a Bunker

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The media has been trying to discredit BlazeTV's Elijah Schaffer after he recorded a disturbing video of a man being brutally beaten and stoned almost to death by rioters Saturday evening in Dallas.

Elijah joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Monday to set the record straight.

"The very dishonest far-left media is working tirelessly at the moment to completely, not only discredit myself, but they always say, 'Elijah Schaffer who works for Glenn Beck's BlazeTV.' As if that's an insult. So I'm going to clear the air right now," he told Glenn.

"There was a group of about, I would say 150 rioters. They were not protesters. They were breaking windows. They broke into a bank. They broke into a bar. They were looting alcohol and partying on the streets while breaking glass. These were not people who were grieving over black lives," he added. "The police had lost control of the city."

Elijah went on to describe the violent scene, detailing the events leading up to the brutal beating of a man who was apparently trying to defend a local bar. Elijah posted a video of the incident on Twitter Saturday night.

*Warning: graphic content*

"Rioters with rocks and bricks and bats and weapons, 150 or more, were accosting him as he stood in front of the bar," Elijah said. "Then they started stoning him, Glenn! Medieval! Throwing rocks and bricks.... We're in America. This is 2020. We do not stone people in the United States of America!"

Watch the video below for more details:

*Warning: graphic content*

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