Common Core is going to court...

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is suing the United States Department of Education and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. In the lawsuit filed Wednesday, Jindal argues the federal government coerced states into adopting the Common Core standards.

TheBlaze reports:

The Department of Education made about $4 billion available to states through “Race to the Top” grants and provided waivers from the No Child Left Behind law as an incentive to adopt Common Core standards. Such incentives were tantamount to coercion through funding, Jindal is arguing.


The suit also says the Department of Education changed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to push states into adopting the federal government’s preferred test or risk losing federal money.

“The federal government has hijacked and destroyed the Common Core initiative,” Jindal said in a statement. “Common Core is the latest effort by big government disciples to strip away state rights and put Washington, D.C. in control of everything. What started out as an innovative idea to create a set of base-line standards that could be ‘voluntarily’ used by the states has turned into a scheme by the federal government to nationalize curriculum.”

You can read Jindal’s filing HERE.

The National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers developed Common Core. The standards were initially adopted by 44 states and the District of Columbia – though several states have either repealed or begun the process of repealing Common Core.

On radio this morning, Buck Sexton filled in for Glenn and compared the “coercion” tactics used by the federal government to get Common Core enacted to those employed during the Obamacare debate.

“What's interesting to me about this latest pushback – which is coming from Louisiana – is that it is a symptom of a larger problem as well,” Buck said. “I don't just mean a larger problem with Common Core or education, but the federal government essentially making states offers that they can't refuse.”

Though the Affordable Care Act as a whole was upheld in the Supreme Court, one area in which the federal government ‘lost’ was when it came to dictating what states can and cannot be forced to do.

Buck explained:

“When they went up to the Supreme Court for that terrible 4-5 decision… there was one minor area… where Obamacare lost. And that was on exactly this same idea of the federal government coercing states to do federal bidding on state matters by attaching federal dollars to it – not just attaching federal dollars, threatening to pull federal dollars. That's a critical distinction.

What they wanted to do under the original language of Obamacare was tell states, ‘Expand Medicaid, and we'll pay a percentage of your state Medicaid costs. If you don't do that though… we're going to pull all of your federal Medicaid funding.’

Now, is that fair?

Well the Supreme Court ruled correctly – at least on this issue – because, very clearly, one, that seems to infringe upon the rights of the states. But on top of that as well, there was a very unseemly precedent and that was: The federal government could push states, over a period of time, to adopt certain programs with the understanding, whether it was through successive administrations or as a matter of pure legislation, that the feds are going to kick some dollars in too.

Well, of course, that changes the political reality on the ground. All of a sudden, you've got one guy saying, ‘You're not even going to pay for this free stuff I'm giving you. Vote for me because I'm taking money from D.C.’ You've got another guy who says, ‘Oh, no. I, sir, stand on principle and will not take federal dollars for a state program.’”

“Back to Common Core here, Governor Jindal is challenging on similar grounds,” Buck concluded. “What he's saying is, ‘It shouldn't be the case that if states… don't want to adopt the Common Core curriculum, they should not be penalized by having their federal education dollars taken away.’”

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Megyn Kelly pulled her sons out of the private elementary school they attended after she learned that the boys were asked "weekly" if they were still sure they were boys. But that's not all that this "experimental transgender education program" taught.

Megyn joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to tell the story, which she thought had ended when the school apologized, and to talk about what's next for America as our leaders refuse to promote actual psychological support for our kids and instead "parade" transgenderism as the solution to their problems.

"When [my son] was in third grade, I found out they unleashed a three-week experimental transgender education program on these boys, with really inappropriate videos. The kids were confused. These are 8- and 9-year-olds, Glenn. They have no idea what the school is even talking about with the trans thing. They got really in-depth, with really in-your-face videos — and then parents complained. And the school did something it hasn't done in its 400-year history, which was they apologized. Even they realized they had done wrong," Megyn explained.

"But, then I said to my son a year later, so did they ever round back to the trans thing? Like, whatever happened with it? And he said ... they bring it up every week. ... [They ask] how many people here still feel confident that they're a boy? Do you still feel sure you're a boy?" she continued. "This is not support. This is not nonbullying. This is indoctrination. And it's deeply confusing to the children, and wrong."

Megyn went on to give examples of how she's seen trans ideology turn "support, nonbullying, kindness, friendship, allyship, on its head."

"The absolute surrender of the medical community to this insanity is a scourge on this nation. It's disgusting what is happening with our doctors," she added. "There are people who are legitimately transgender, or who have gender dysphoria. And for those people, we should be supportive and they should get the care that they need. But what we've done instead, is taken everyone who expresses any kind of gender confusion and said, you're trans. You're trans. And we have our psychiatrists doing this."

"It's crazy," Megyn asserted. "The fact that we're doing this so willy-nilly in the name of allyship and support, it's abusive. It's criminal."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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