The story of this woman's miracle in Charleston already has over 53,000 Facebook likes

When the shooting in Charleston happened, Glenn said that the evil actions would lead to good. Americans from all over the world came together in support of the community shattered by the shooter, and small miracles started to happen. Kayla Hall witnessed one such miracle as she drove to meet Glenn and others who were gathering in South Carolina. What did she see?

Glenn: I want to share something that I read on Facebook. Actually, I want to bring the woman in that wrote it. Kayla Robinson Hall is with us. She wrote something on Facebook. I reposted it, and now it’s over 53,000 likes and has been passed on I don’t know how many times. She was on her way to march with us on Friday, and an amazing moment happened at a gas station. Kayla joins me now. Hi, Kayla.

Kayla: Hi, Glenn. How are you?

Glenn: Very good. I know that you did make it to the rally.

Kayla: I did.

Glenn: Good. And you brought your three boys.

Kayla: Yes, sir, I did.

Glenn: And how old are they?

Kayla: I have a nine-year-old, a seven, and a six.

Glenn: Okay. Why did you come?

Kayla: I love this community, but I was actually struggling if I should come or not. It just kind of gave me some anxiety thinking about taking my boys. My husband was out of town. The morning after the shooting, my nine-year-old came in my room. He had turned the TV on before I knew what he was doing. He was concerned and said, “Mom, this happened at a church. Why? And could it happen at our church?” I kind of took a minute before I reacted, and I thought I need to take him down there so he’s not scared so that he can feel how good people can be and how united we can be even when things are very scary.

Glenn: So, you’re on your way, and you stop at a gas station. Tell me what happened.

Kayla: Okay, so before I left, I prayed that everything would be okay, we’d be safe, and that I could reach out some small way. While I was pumping gas, I was looking around me. It was almost like the day after 9/11 when you just wanted to hug everybody you saw. I went into the gas station, and I kept trying to make eye contact with people. It just wasn’t happening.

I went out. I was done pumping my gas, and I just hear this gentleman yell, “Young lady.” I turned around, and without even a thought of his age, his race, the hat he was wearing, I just ran to him, and I started to try and push his car. He was pushing it from the highway. I said let me help you. He refused and said no, ma’am, no, ma’am. I said I can push it. I’m strong. I want to help. He just said I might have one eye and one leg, which was evident, but I can push this car. I just need you to move your car.

Glenn: So, hang on, I think you just got a commercial on your laptop. He said I have one arm or I mean I have one leg and one eye. He lost that in Desert Storm, right?

Kayla: Yes, sir. I asked him, I said, “How did you lose your eye and your leg?” And he said, “Serving my country in Desert Storm.”

Glenn: He was on his way to the same thing?

Kayla: Right. I wasn’t clear if he was going down to pass out waters at the church or pray. He said I’m on my way downtown to go to the Mother Emanuel AME Church. I said so am I, and we both just hugged. We just hugged. He said I just need $6.00 to get downtown. I said I really want you to get back home from downtown. I don’t just want you to get downtown. I ran and got my wallet, and as I’m pumping, I get to six, and he says that’s good. I just waved him off, and I said I know how much it costs to get downtown, and I want you to get back.

So, I kept going. Then we hugged again, and I asked him, “Can I take a picture with you? I want to never forget your face.” And he said yes, ma’am, and so we took a picture together. I sat in the car, and I just posted it because there was so much negativity outside and sadness, and I thought if I can post this, maybe people will realize that we love each other and we want to help.

Glenn: So, Kayla, I said on what, Thursday, that a miracle was going to happen there. Do you think you found yours?

Kayla: Absolutely. I’ve had an overwhelming response. But even at the church—I was walking right behind you, by the way—even at the church, I took a step back with my three boys, and we just kind of hugged each other. I said a little prayer in our own circle and asked them to really think about the people that had passed away and what they were doing. They weren’t in the wrong place. They weren’t doing the wrong thing, and evil came. But look what was happening. I had them look everywhere. And then somebody mentioned please meet a stranger next to you, and some men came over to us. He kind of had some African garb on, and my little one said, “Where are you from?” He said, “I’m from here in Charleston.” My little one just went and hugged him. It was just a really special moment for my boys and me.

Glenn : Kayla, I hope that I can meet you, and maybe you’ll join us in Birmingham, Alabama the end of the summer because it’s going to be a special time too. I’d love to meet you in person, and I want to thank you so much for sharing it. I saw it on Father’s Day, and it made my Father’s Day. Thank you.

Kayla: Thank you, Glenn, for inviting the community to come together in one spot. It was a blessing.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean is perhaps even more disgusted with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for his coronavirus response than BlazeTV's Stu Burguiere (read what Stu has to say on the subject here), and for a good reason.

She lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 in New York's nursing homes after Gov. Cuomo's infamous nursing home mandate, which Cuomo has since had scrubbed from the state's website and blamed everyone from the New York Post to nursing care workers to (every leftist's favorite scapegoat) President Donald Trump.

Janice joined Glenn and Stu on the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday to ask why mainstream media is not holding Gov. Cuomo — who recently published a book about his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic — accountable?

"I'm vocal because I have not seen the mainstream media ask these questions or demand accountability of their leaders. [Cuomo] really has been ruling with an iron fist, and every time he does get asked a question, he blames everybody else except the person that signed that order," Janice said.

"In my mind, he's profiting off the over 30 thousand New Yorkers, including my in-laws, that died by publishing a book on 'leadership' of New York," she added. "His order has helped kill thousands of relatives of New York state. And this is not political, Glenn. This is not about Republican or Democrat. My in-laws were registered Democrats. This is not about politics. This is about accountability for something that went wrong, and it's because of your [Cuomo's] leadership that we're put into this situation."

Watch the video excerpt from the show below:

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Megyn defended Fox News, saying she believes Fox News' mission "is a good one," but also didn't hold back on hosts like Neil Cavuto, who cut off a White House briefing to fact check it — something she never would have done, even while covering President Obama.

Megyn also shared this insightful takeaway from her time at NBC: "Jane Fonda was an ass."

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Glenn Beck has had enough of exposing scandal after scandal, just to have everyone look the other way: Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's emails, Joe and Hunter Biden's dealings in Ukraine and China … the list goes on, but no consequences are paid. Now, the media have called the election for Joe Biden and insist no one can question it. But for many of the more than 71 million people who voted for President Trump, our search for the truth isn't over yet.

On his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn called out the left's long list of alleged corruption that has gone unchecked and stressed that Donald Trump's legal team must be allowed to go through the process of investigating the multiple allegations of election fraud to ensure our voting systems are fair.

"I don't know about you, but I'm tired. I am worn out. I am fed up!" Glenn said during his opening monologue. "I've had enough. I am tired of exposing corruption, doing our homework, even going overseas and having documents translated to make sure they're exactly right, [and] presenting the evidence ... except, once we expose it, nothing happens. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody pays for a damn thing any more!"

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While the mainstream media has called the election for Joe Biden, Glenn gives a rallying cry to conservatives. Many of the over 71 million people who voted for President Trump are split between frustration and an urge to do something. The multiple allegations of election fraud are largely out of our hands, and Donald Trump's legal team must be allowed to go through the process to ensure our voting systems are fair.

But that doesn't mean we have to sit on our hands. There is an urgent need to focus on the ongoing Senate races. Glenn has warned us of the Left's radical plans should they sweep this election, and the wolves are already descending on Georgia.

On his Wednesday night special, Glenn reveals the desperate measures they're taking to win two Georgia runoff races in January and claim the Senate. Senator Mike Lee joins to warn what will happen to the country if Chuck Schumer becomes Senate majority leader and why we must have a transparent process so that Americans can trust the final count.

Later, Glenn reveals a new project for Americans who are not ready to roll over and let the Marxists win the battle for our country.

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