Real Men Discussing Real Issues: The Beyonce Controversy

Evidently, Beyonce rules everything --- even conservative talk radio.

"I can't believe I'm sitting in a room with three other guys, and the discussion for the last five minutes has been an argument over Beyonce," Glenn said Thursday on radio.

That's right, the boys got into a heated discussion about the so-called Beyonce awards controversy, brewed up in 2009 when Taylor Swift won Video of the Year at the MTV Music Video Awards rather than Queen Bey. (Thank you, Kanye West.) The same issue is plaguing her after this year's Grammy Awards, with Adele coming away as the night's big winner.

"This controversy about her not winning is so bogus," co-host Pat Gray said. "Santana put it best when he said, 'She didn't win because she can't sing.'"

Thank you, Carlos Santana. Finally, somebody said it.

Enjoy the complimentary clip above or read the transcript below for details.

GLENN: I can't believe I'm sitting in a room with three other guys, and the discussion for the last five minutes has been an argument over Beyonce

PAT: Yeah. Because this controversy about her not winning is so bogus.

Santana put it best when he said, "She didn't win because she can't sing."

JEFFY: Thank you. Thank you, Carlos Santana.

PAT: Adele is talented. That's why she won. And it's not like Beyonce has never won a Grammy award. She's won 22. She's the second most awarded woman of all time.

JEFFY: So it's almost like she's forgotten at the Grammys. No one even knows who she is.

PAT: Almost. Almost.

STU: It's also like the name of her album is Lemonade. You don't name your Grammy-winning album after a kid's drink.

PAT: Lemonade. That's true. That they can buy on every corner for 25 cents. Yeah, you don't do that.

GLENN: May I just say, all I said was, "I can't believe I'm sitting in a room with three adult men who are fighting over Beyonce," and look what happened.

PAT: And there it is.


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