Want to Help Stop Sex Trafficking in Thailand? Here's Your Chance

Bangkok remains a lightning rod for sex trafficking with one of the most active networks for selling and buying children. Tim Ballard with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) likened the ease of buying a child for sex with ordering Chinese food from a menu.

"You walk down the street, you're going to see window displays of half nude women and minors dancing. If you go into the places . . . you're going to see a stage with minors and adults mixed," Ballard explained about an upcoming trip he'll be taking to that very spot with Glenn.

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"You're going to see westerners everywhere. You're going to see people, they're going to come up to you with a laminated menu like they're selling Chinese food. Would you like number one, two or four, and you're going to see on the laminated menu sex acts."

Glenn's response was visceral.

"Oh, my god. Why do they not shut this down?" he asked.

Ballard is trying to do just that in partnership with the government of Thailand --- but he needs help.

"We're looking for somebody that we desperately need," Ballard appealed.

OUR is currently looking to hire someone with experience in undercover work, child exploitation and digital forensic, preferably a former undercover operator from the government who is perhaps retired. The cherry on top would be someone who speaks Thai.

"It's kind of a long list, but we need someone over there . . . the Thai government wants it. They want us to provide someone who can provide guidance. They would work as an informant, signed up and certified by the Thai police."

Interested parties may contact OUR online.

GLENN: Welcome to the program. Tim Ballard is with us. Tim is an author, multibooks. One of them is the Covenant, which was the first book that I was introduced to you with, which talks about the covenant that this -- that George Washington made at the time of our founding. Cover this real quick.

TIM: Yeah, he believed that there was a power. He tapped into the power of ancient Israel. I mean, he believed that the ancient Israelites have created something, a society with god, and it brought miracles and created a foundation of liberty. He utilized that, got the office to make those same covenants, got the army to make those same covenants, and the theory goes that that's how we won, earned independence.

GLENN: Right.

So we were in Haiti a couple of months ago, Pat was with us. And it is evil. I mean, there is something very dark in Haiti that you just -- your heartbreaks for the people that are there. I mean, look at Haiti. It's always destroyed over and over and over again. I understand weather patterns and everything else. But they have been from the beginning, they were a slave station, and then they had a revolution. And I found out this time when I was there -- and this is kind of hearsay -- they teach this in Haiti, don't they?

TIM: Oh, they teach it. It's part of their culture. Part of the society.

GLENN: So at the time, we were making the American covenant, Haiti made the Haitian covenant, but it's the exact opposite.

TIM: Yeah.

GLENN: Do you know the story?

TIM: They teach the political leaders got together and made a pact with the dark side. I mean, they teach -- this is not me talking. It's what they're telling me. They believe it. It's taught. It's believed and so many good people there are trying to get out from under this.

GLENN: And this is really where voodoo and everything else comes from; right?

PAT: That's creepy.

TIM: Totally. There's voodooism in there and there's a lot of darkness around that.

GLENN: Right. And the slaves, they killed -- wasn't Haiti French?

TIM: Right the -- it's a great story. I mean, it's the only country that gained its independence through a slave revolution. They rose up. The same year I believe our bill of rights.

GLENN: Yeah, 1791.

TIM: 1791. They rose up and pushed the French up. The French then moved over to New Orleans. That's how we got all of that voodoo in New Orleans from that revolution because that's where they ran away. And then they never fully got all of the slave mentality.

GLENN: Yeah, they just started enslaving each other.

TIM: Until today, it's still going on.

GLENN: It's absolutely crazy. And I don't know. I mean, Tim and I were just talking about this while we were over there, and I would love to find a scholar on Haiti that really knows to find out if there's truth to that. You know, a lot of people will dismiss that, but people dismiss that the American covenant.

TIM: Of course.

GLENN: I absolutely believe in the American covenant. What's the rabbi's name that wrote the book on the covenant the harbinger. Have you ever read that?

TIM: Yeah. I actually introduced it to Jonathan, our books came out at the same time.

PAT: So have you heard of it?

GLENN: Tim, let me tell you something about the harbinger.

STU: Let me tell you about something called operation rescue. It's incredible.

GLENN: Okay. Smart guy. So we're getting ready in just a couple of hours to get onto a plane and spend 20 hours on a plane to get to Bangkok.

TIM: Yes.

GLENN: But you're not taking me to the nice places in Bangkok.

TIM: Oh, no.

PAT: Are there nice places in Bangkok?

GLENN: It's supposedly beautiful.

TIM: The city's beautiful. Yeah.

GLENN: You're taking me to a place in Bangkok -- can you say the name?

TIM: I'm not going to say the name we're taking you.

GLENN: So we're going some place that has been described -- not only by you, but several other people not with the organization who say there is no place on earth or in hell that is quite as bad as this.

TIM: True. This is true.

GLENN: Explain.

TIM: We're going to take you to a place, that I think I described earlier today. It's a small world ride add Disneyland but imagine as all those kids are -- this is horrible. But they're being sold for sex. You walk down the street, you're going to see window displays of half nude women and minors dancing. If you go into the places, and I don't know -- guide me how far you want to go.

GLENN: I want to see it. I want to see it all.

TIM: You're going to see a stage with minors and adults mixed.

GLENN: And they're selling them.

TIM: They're selling them. It's like an auction block. There's a Russian sector, a Japanese sector, an Arab sector.

GLENN: That is for who is being bought or who is buying?

TIM: It's for who is being sold.

GLENN: So the Russian. This is a Russian boy.

TIM: Right.

GLENN: This is an Arab boy.

TIM: What do you want? A Russian boy on Friday? And we'll show you the Arab boy you can take. And it's mostly westerners. You're going to see westerners everywhere. You're going to see people, they're going to come up to you with a laminated menu like they're selling Chinese food. Would you like number one, two, or four, and you're going to see on the laminated menu sex acts, and they're going to try to entice you --

GLENN: Oh, my god. Why do they not shut this down?

PAT: Yeah.

TIM: Thailand thrives -- its economy thrives on this tourist industry. But they are serious about getting into the underbelly of this, which is the child part of it. And we have met -- we worked very hard to vet out who we can work with and the government. We have found some amazing people. We just built a digital forensic lab.

GLENN: We're cutting the ribbon on that, are we not?

TIM: Yes, absolutely.

GLENN: So explain what this is. We have a job for somebody. Everybody says, oh, I wish I could help. I'm going to give you two ways that you can help. And one is really getting into it. But you have to have special qualifications.

TIM: Yes.

GLENN: So explain that.

TIM: So we just built together with some U.S. agencies a state-of-the-art digital forensic lab, which you can't -- see, all of these kids are being sold online. They're being sold on escort sites, sold on places the only way you can preserve and identify and grab the evidence is through forensic tools. And it's this beautiful lab that they can now go in and find these guys. What happens is westerners come over, Americans come over, they get online, they know where to go, and they get introduced into these networks. So if they don't have a lab to be able to intercept these dark deals going on on the dark net and other places.

GLENN: This is on dark net?

TIM: A lot of it is on dark net. Absolutely. But we've given them the tools so that they can intervene in the deals.

GLENN: So to keep it clean to make sure it's good and to oversee it, you're looking for who?

TIM: We're looking for somebody that we desperately need. Somebody who has -- preferably former undercover operator from the government who is perhaps retired, has a lot of experience in -- not only undercover work but child exploitation, digital forensic if possible. And preferably speaks Thai. So it's kind of a long list, but we need someone over there that the Thai government wants it. They want us to provide someone who can provide guidance. They could work as -- they would work as an informant signed up and certified by the Thai police.

GLENN: Now, here's the challenge, audience. When he said this, he said to me we so desperately need it, and I said come on our show. We'll talk about it. You'll have somebody by the end of the week.

He didn't tell me he had to also speak Thai. I mean, I can't --

TIM: That's a cherry on top. That's not a requirement.

GLENN: We are looking for somebody who really has not only the experience but the soul of steel because honestly, you know, I don't know how you do it. I don't know how -- how many times before you had the perspective of anything I'm going through is nothing compared to the kids? How many times a week or a day did you think I can't do this another second?

TIM: All the time. There's -- I was thinking about that as you were talking earlier. I remember times -- especially in the beginning where I would see an image -- I see my kids faces in all the kids that we see. I can't see it. I used to hate it. I now appreciate it because it keeps my heart fully in the game. But there were times when I would literally get in my car, leave work, drive to my kids school, check my kids out, take them home, and just put my arms around them and hug them and not let them leave me. I mean, that's -- that was a lot in the beginning times and the beginning part of my career. But I appreciate that. I appreciate that I see my kids faces. We all should. Because there are kids that they don't have -- if any child that has no parent --

GLENN: What is suicide rate among your colleagues in the world? I mean, what is the drinking rate? There has got to be a number of people who do not have faith like you do that just can't take the daily beating.

TIM: They don't usually allow someone to stay in that work for more than a couple years before they rotate them out. There's a required psychological evaluation that we have to go through and my guys go through -- we have a psychologist who's volunteer but resident psychologist who regularly checks up on us. It's devastating. You're in hell. I mean, you have to go in hell to pull these kids out.

GLENN: So if you really want to make a difference, you would have to relocate to Thailand.

TIM: Yes.

GLENN: But you would be working at this state-of-the-art digital lab. I've heard a lot of people say Glenn, you can't work with the Thai government. And they've said that about the Haiti government and everything else. You are very careful on who you're working with. You know this game because you've seen it from the governmental side.

TIM: Absolutely. We've taken months and months to make sure we're working with the right people in the government and that we are working with the --

GLENN: And, Pat, when we were in Haiti, talk about the guy that we saw at dinner that came in and the -- that guy, I don't know how that guy doesn't get killed at some point in his life. Do you remember him, Pat?

PAT: Which one.

GLENN: The guy who came in, and he had just arrested the president's bodyguard for abuse of children and put him in prison and then the president, the old president said, no, I pardon him. Let him out. And this guy went back and rearrested him.

PAT: Yeah.

TIM: Yeah.

PAT: The courage of that guy.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

PAT: Just really amazing.

GLENN: I mean, there are some of these guys that are really dedicated.

TIM: What happened with that guy, he was the detective on the first rescue we did. You know, how they -- a lot of Haitian traffickers set up these fake orphanages where people bring in the kids, and they sell them. And he helped us liberate 28 children. The very first operation, we got 28 kids out, and you met a lot of them. That -- he was a detective at the time. He just became a chief of the child crimes unit for Haiti and one of his first calls was to us and said, guys, I'm in charge now. Get down here. Let's operate. That's what led to the Super Bowl rescue.

GLENN: We're going to talk about that here in a second. And I want to tell you something really, really -- and I think really exciting and something you want to get involved with. Operation underground railroad. It's You can get involved a million different ways from giving $5 a month to being on a prayer team. Go to Back in just a second.


GLENN: I said to Tim, I don't remember where we were, and I think he thought I was joking or would like it if I was joking, but I wasn't. I think the time will come that you there -- somewhere in the world, there will be a statute built of Tim Ballard.

TIM: You promised with me you would never share that thought.

JEFFY: I believe it.

STU: That is Glenn Beck. He will tell you that off the air and then on the air, it doesn't count.

GLENN: Because I have a bad memory, and I don't remember things like that.

PAT: And because he wants to say it.

STU: He wants to say it. That's a good reason not to make the promise; right? If you can't remember not to say it later.

GLENN: So I want to say this blanket for anybody in my life that doesn't already know this, I mean, there's a reason I have very few friends.

STU: Right.

PAT: Yes.

STU: I'm kind of interested in this trip. Because you've got Glenn Beck going to Bangkok while you're doing slums.

GLENN: The slums of bang cock.

STU: You're doing this amazing work to try to rescue these children, and you're saying that this area is loaded with westerners. I mean, Glenn, people -- wouldn't you think that someone might recognize him. This is not the time to come up for an autograph, by the way.

TIM: Yeah, we were talking to Glenn's security earlier. How do we prevent -- before we get the message out with the headlines and tabloids Glenn Beck caught in brothel. Pictures. And I thought, oh, my gosh what if that happens?

GLENN: Jeez. I never thought of it that way.

TIM: You can use it to your advantage later, though. Because once you come up with the truth --

GLENN: The press would never report the truth. They would never report the truth. Glenn Beck caught buying 6-year-old boys. I never even thought of that.

PAT: Yeah, that could be bad.

GLENN: I just thought of the westerners. I heard Glenn, you need to do some things. And I thought somebody might recognize me, and it could queer what we were trying to do.

JEFFY: Are you taking three or four planes? I don't know if you've ever traveled with Glenn before, but he doesn't necessarily travel light.

GLENN: So here's the thing. So --

STU: You want to go there. Look, he's doing actual work there.

GLENN: I'm doing actual work too.

STU: You want to tell these stories and see -- I mean, because it's one thing to talk about this in the abstract. It's another thing to actually be there and --

JEFFY: No kidding.

GLENN: See your life going to Haiti? Yeah, changes your life to see this. And this something I really want to -- I really want to talk about. Let me ask you this question, and I ask this of everybody of the floor crew.

If we went back in time, and it was, you know, 1860, and we were fighting against slavery, it is 1840, and you find out about slavery, how many of us say we would definitely be an abolitionist, and we would stand against it?

STU: Absolutely.

GLENN: Absolutely. Raise your hand if that's right. Everybody in the room would say I'm an abolitionist. I think that's bull crap.

STU: Yeah, because of the pressures of the time.

GLENN: Pressures of the time. It's easy to overlook it. It's easy to say oh, you know. And people --

JEFFY: They're fine.

GLENN: I met somebody yesterday that was on the television show with me who sat in the front row, didn't know what the show was about, it was about this, and he said I can't thank you enough for doing this show today. I'm here. And every time you guys talk about this, I turned the TV channel because I don't want to see any of the pictures. I don't want to see any of it. And I'm forced now to sit here and watch it. I couldn't walk out from the studio. And couldn't ask you guys to talk about something else, so I've looked at it, and he said life changing. What am I doing? What am I doing?

And I think most of us wouldn't be doing anything because there are more slaves today than all of the slave trade from the beginning of the western slave trade to the end, all of those combined. It's only a fraction of those who are actually enslaved today.

STU: That's one of those stats that you hear and don't believe.

GLENN: Do you have the numbers? Do you have the actual numbers? Or anywhere close to the numbers?

TIM: Yeah, the estimates are around 30 million -- that's conservative.

STU: Yep.

TIM: 30 million people.

GLENN: Today.

TIM: Alive right now. Are in slavery.

STU: And there was something like 15 million in the -- slave trade from the 1500s to the 1880s.

GLENN: Right.

STU: That's incredible.

GLENN: That's spread out over hundreds of years, and we're double the number today.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So what is it we're doing about it?


GLENN: I'm leaving the studio and heading to Bangkok, and I will be back Monday afternoon, so I'll be back on the air Tuesday. 40 hours in the air, less than 30 hours on the ground and hope to bring back some stories, not of the vice but of the virtue. The things that are really happening, that are a bright light, and we are concentrating on this over the world because we're all connected to this. And in Bangkok, we are one of the main sources of the buyers. I mean, we are --

PAT: We as Americans; right?

GLENN: As Americans.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: It is -- I've only seen the stats. I have not experienced it myself. But looking at the stats, America and the west, we ship all of our dirtbags over there. They're all taking dirt bag vacations, and I don't know how you stop that. I mean, other than drying up the source. But we -- I can't even imagine what people in Bangkok think of American men because it's so grotesque what happens over there.

TIM: Well, you arrest enough of them, and you start creating a deterrent.

GLENN: Well, what was it? Columbia?

TIM: Yeah, in Columbia we did about three or four operations, big ones. Got the media, and we went back a month later after that and no one would sell kids. They wouldn't even talk about it, referencing all of these Americans keep getting arrested. And I was an undercover operator in Columbia, and we walked around the corner, and he was crying. He said Tim, this is worked. We shut it down, at least for a time. We have to keep hitting it. Keep hitting it. And empowering law enforcement until a deterrent is laid.

GLENN: I'm telling you, this changes lives, and this is something that all of us can agree on. I'm taking Samantha, she was supposed to come to Bangkok with me, Samantha B. She couldn't because of scheduling at the last minute. But she has said definitely I'm coming to Uganda, where we're going to find these devil worshipers and free these children from being human sacrifices. But this is something that we considering on and come together. This -- being an abolitionist will heal our wounds. It will heal our wounds and heal our country. I'm convinced of it. We just have to get the word out. And every time anybody gets involved at the smallest level, all of a sudden they want -- for instance, the guy who -- and I don't want to say anything about him. I don't want to say what agency he came from or anything else. But he gave up a gigantic gig.

TIM: Huge gig.

GLENN: Huge gig. And walked away from it and said "I think I have a skill to be able to help find the bad guys."

And he is -- he's one of the nicest, most prayerful guys you can imagine, and we were just in Haiti. Your team could not find the big kahuna, if you will. He said let me go, he took a plane, flew over, within what? Two hours?

TIM: Yep within two hours, he found the...

GLENN: Kingpin.

TIM: The kingpin of the whole thing. How he operates, he sent the police of the nightclub, we sent three teams in. We couldn't find it. This guy says let me try. He goes outside, says a prayer with his small team. And he walks in. And he's like it's like Finding Dory. Just keep swimming. And the lord literally guides him to the right person who then introduces him to the other person. He might have to go a mile down the street to the house with the red door and boom.

GLENN: He's most unlikely. You would meet this guy.

PAT: I didn't realize he completely walked away from his business?

TIM: Pretty much the whole thing.

GLENN: Okay. Enough.

PAT: Amazing.

GLENN: Yeah, he's an amazing man. He's going with us.

TIM: He'll be there.

GLENN: Yeah. One thing because we're getting ready to go on a plane, you've got to go as well. But I want to leave with this. I look at my life differently than I have. I believe we're living in a time in history where scholars like Tim who wrote about George Washington and the covenant, those scholars are going to be looking back at these times. And we're going to be studied either because we made it or because we failed. This is the moment of truth for the United States. We're either going to make it, or we're not. This is the pivot point. And scholars will study for generations what did the people do?

We're going to be remembered horribly on things like abortion. Horribly. It's only a matter of time before science just proves all of these lies that it's not really a baby. Completely untrue.

Slavery. To be so entertained with the things that were entertained and to argue about the things we're arguing about now, think of that and then think of 35 million slaves and children as young -- literally. You've pulled them out at 2 years old.

TIM: Absolutely.

GLENN: People having sex with a 2-year-old. What are we doing? People say every time they're involved a little bit, I want to go. I want to help. I want to do.

I don't. I really don't want to see the bad stuff. I don't want to go on a bus. I don't want to be a part of any of that. I want to be part of the good stuff, of the healing afterwards. But I really don't even have the skill to do anything there, but I have my resources that I can apply to this, my talent. There are people who have no talent to help in this regard. They may not have any money to help in this regard. But there are different ways and Tim has just posted them on the website. They're up now?

TIM: Yeah, they are.

GLENN: At our rescue. Different ways for you to get involved. As simple as I want to be on the prayer team. I want to pray when things will going down, I want to be on my knees and just praying for the teams.

So simple things like that all the way to working in Bangkok. We're looking -- is that job going to be posted up on the website? Or how do they find out?

TIM: We're going to start with this.

GLENN: Okay.

TIM: And see what happens.

GLENN: Okay. And, again, you need to be somebody who has worked in this industry for an agency.

TIM: Yes.

GLENN: Have some experience, hopefully computer experience.

TIM: And undercover operations.

GLENN: Undercover operations.

TIM: And then they would go to and send an e-mail and say I heard it on Glenn Beck, here's what I want. Here's my rÈsumÈ. We'll be waiting.

GLENN: They do use retired Special Forces, but that's not -- you can't just call up and say, hey, I want to go on a mission. Here's what they really need. $5. Literally $5. Almost everyone that they have freed and are -- we not only take them and free them, the most important part is they're put into a safe house and sometimes they're kept until they're 18, until they are out of trouble, and they have schooling, they have a family, if you will, and they are deprogrammed from all of this stuff. $5 a month. You can go to and just sign up and say I want to do $5. You can do more. But $5 has Abraham Lincoln's face on it.

It's one thing to say I want to give $500. Okay. Great. But why not give $10 a month for the next year? Give $5. Give 25. Give 100. Almost everyone has been rescued from donations less than $40; is that right.

TIM: Yeah, that's right.

GLENN: Most of everybody in this audience. I would imagine that this audience is the main funder for our rescue?

TIM: Oh, yeah. Yes.

GLENN: And I know this -- he won't say this, but I know this because I've talked to people around him that are trying to get this story out. This is such a hard thing to talk about that, you know, CNN, fox, while they'll cover things, they do not want to cover it because they know it's impossible. I'm not talking about their heart. I'm talking about ratings. They know this is a kiss of death to, hey, let's come on the morning show, and let's talk about sex slavery. Nobody wants to talk about it.

This is the moment of abolition. This is the moment where we can actually change the world and come together. I'm asking if you will go to and donate and become a monthly supporter of rescue -- of our rescue and operation underground railroad. Tim, I will see you in a little while at the airplane.

TIM: Yes, we will.

GLENN: As we go to Bangkok.

TIM: Excellent.

GLENN: Thank you, sir.

TIM: Thank you.


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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.