Tom Hanks Sends Caffeine Boost to White House Press Corps

In pursuit of truth, justice and the American Way, one rather famous citizen has taken on the task of keeping the White House press corps alert and wired.

"Tom Hanks has sent a new expresso machine to the White House press corp," Glenn said Friday on radio.

The extravagant coffee maker also came with a typewritten note.

“Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” the note reads. “Especially for the Truth part.”

Hanks' interest in fueling truth is apparently nonpartisan. He's single-handedly kept the White House press corps buzzing for years, giving espresso machines during the Bush, Obama and Trump presidencies.

Glenn pondered his own gift idea during the program on Friday.

"How much are those spines that you see in the chiropractor's office?" Glenn wondered. "I would like to send them a box of spines."

Enjoy the complimentary clip above or read the transcript below for details.

GLENN: We were talking about Tom Hanks and the possibility of Tom Hanks running for president, and we get off the air yesterday, and we find that Tom Hanks has sent a new expresso machine to the White House press corps, and he wrote --

JEFFY: That's really nice of him.

GLENN: Yeah, really nice of him. And he wrote a note saying keep up the good fight for the truth, justice, and the American way. Especially the truth part. Tom Hanks. To me, that's not a move of an actor.


Maybe it's just me.

STU: I mean, one of the theories about Trump and his success throughout campaign was that here's a guy who's been in everybody's living room once a week being in control of every business situation and making every correct decision. And people watch the apprentice, and they, you know, believe he was that guy. If that's true, and that is part of the reason Trump won, imagine what it would be for Tom Hanks. The guy's just been rescue people, surviving amazing things, being the good guy in every situation. We were talking yesterday I think on Pat and Stu about the idea of what roles has he been in where he was the bad guy? And you're, like -- you run through them, and it's, like, someone brought a road to predation.

GLENN: But nobody saw it.

STU: Yeah. But that's it. He's a good guy.

GLENN: He's gone to space. He saved everybody on Apollo 13.

STU: Sully. He was sully.

GLENN: Yeah, this guy, if he decided to run, he could make a big dent. But he's got to weigh, as we talked about yesterday, he's got to weigh you go, you run, you lose, you're no longer that guy.

STU: No, it's over.

GLENN: It's over. You are now the political guy and nobody will ever see you as anything else. So it's the end of his career or the beginning of a new career for him, should he decide to do that. But I thought the expresso machine, I thought we should bring that up. I thought that was really interesting.

STU: Interesting move. You're an actor and sending it to the White House press corps?

JEFFY: Just being nice.

STU: Just being nice. They like expresso?

GLENN: I agree with him. They should keep up the fight for the truth. I wish they would have sent the expresso machine eight years ago. It would have been nice eight years ago. But apparently not. Apparently now is the time the truth matters.


GLENN: How much are those spines that you see in, like, chiropractor's office? Tom Hanks sent a expresso machine to the White House press corps. I would like to send them a box of spines.

STU: Yeah, and people are noting that he has sent them in the past. First in the Bush administration, and then Obama.

GLENN: He did do it in Obama?

STU: Yeah, in 2010. I guess when the last one break's he sends a new one. So it's cool. Not a partisan situation, apparently.

GLENN: How does he even know that the coffee machine breaks?

STU: He's Tom Hanks. He knows everything.

JEFFY: Yeah.

GLENN: Well, he did know how to fix Apollo 13.

STU: That's true. He's an actor. He's not even an actor in real life. But he still was able to fix Apollo 13.

GLENN: He still was able to fix Apollo 13.

STU: People don't know that.

JEFFY: He went on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

GLENN: I felt so bad when he lost Wilson, but he apparently has recovered and buying expresso machines.


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