This Healthcare Plan Isn't Conservative — It's Progressive

Donald Trump drew a line in the sand Thursday night, saying if the Republican healthcare plan doesn't passed then he's walking away from the healthcare issue altogether. Glenn and his co-hosts kicked around their ideas Friday on radio, coming to a singular conclusion.

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GLENN: Because there's no one -- look, we knew this. We knew this. Well, I have a lot to say that I will not say. We knew this going in that there is a progressive gene that is in the Republican party. And when it came to Medicare or medical care, Donald Trump is a progressive. So you have Paul Ryan, who we used to all agree was a progressive that was not the guy to tell us about ObamaCare. Nobody wanted to hear from Paul Ryan.

When was that? Two years ago? The president comes in, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan. They're the architects of this? Along with Donald Trump? They're the ones that are going to give us the right kind of health care for conservatives?

PAT: No.

GLENN: We were fools to believe it. Now the question is do we send a message because all that's going to happen the freedom caucus is going to stand and the freedom caucus will say "no." Then Donald Trump will say along with the press "It's the freedom caucus' fault. It's these constitutionalists fault. I'm perfect. You know me. I'm perfect willing to be the outcast. Yep that was us.

STU: I'm uncomfortable in the other position.

GLENN: I am too.

Yep that was us. I refuse to do anything that is unconstitutional. Yep. You want to. You want to make it better, we will make it better. You just want to fool around and try to make the sewer -- you're putting air fresheners in the sewer pipes. It's a sewer pipe. I don't care how you try to freshen the smell, it's a sewer pipe. I don't want to be in the sewers. I'm not going to recommend air fresheners. I'm going to say, hey, why don't we open up the lid and climb out of the sewer and walk around in the forest and the clean air. What do you think?

PAT: Yeah.

STU: You want an argument to pass it? Is it worth?

GLENN: Sure. Yeah.

STU: Let's say they pass the perfect bill in the house. Everything went perfectly, and you had the perfect bill in the house that got passed. It would go to the senate and the senate would not pass that same bill. They would amend it however they want it, and they would pass a senate version of it that you have to come together with afterwards.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: So if you want this process to continue, there's an argument to say the house, get it passed because you weren't getting that bill anyway. It's going to go --

GLENN: Do you think Mitch McConnell --

STU: He's not going to approve it. However, the senate's going to come up with something, and then you can come together and try to find a bill -- but you've killed -- the argument is you've killed the process here, and you have no chance of repealing ObamaCare.

GLENN: If I had confidence anyone in the senate would listen to --

STU: They're going to make it worse.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. They're going to make it worse. So if I had any confidence that the senate would listen to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or any of those guys. Rand Paul. I would be for that. But get it in the hands of Rand Paul.

STU: Isn't it a good idea to get Rand Paul in the shot at it? He's certainly been pretty good about health care as they talked about this debate.

GLENN: No. I don't think so.

STU: Why not give him a chance?

GLENN: Because he's not going to be listened to as much as he's listened to right now. Not at all.

STU: I mean you -- the argument is from the Trump administration you don't pass it in the house now, you don't repeal ObamaCare. Now, that's not technically true. However, the way many Republicans in congress seem to work in the White House --

GLENN: I don't want to own this. I don't want to own this.

STU: Yeah, but you don't want to own it but it hurts people. ObamaCare hurts people.

GLENN: And Ryan care or Trump care will hurt people even more.

STU: Well, arguably. I don't know if that's true. But still certainly it will be a saving in spending for the country.

GLENN: Here's how it hurts people even more. It not only hurts people -- you're looking at the tax savings so maybe some people have tax savings. That's not going to help us in the long run because all they'll do is those evil people, they just wanted to have their tax savings. That hurts the conservative movement because this whatever it is will be deemed the conservative health care plan. This is not conservative. This is not free market. This isn't anything we stand for. This is ail progressive health care plan. I don't want anything to do with it.

PAT: They could do better, and we deserve better. This is, like -- we talked about this a few days ago. If ObamaCare was a turd burger, this is a turd burger cut in half.

GLENN: You're still eating turd.

PAT: It's still a turd burger.

STU: And you want the fastest route to single payer is you pass the Republican plan. And if that's a disaster, then they're going to say the only way to fix this is to make it single pair.

GLENN: Right. No.

STU: That's another thing to consider.

GLENN: They will say we tried the Republican light. We tried Obama light. We're going full in because this thing is collapsing. No. No. I refuse to have my name and our credibility on that piece of garbage. Why? You will then -- you will then officially own it. I don't want to own this.

We as conservatives will own this mess because what people will say is ObamaCare would have been better than this. Now the Republicans, they gave us something and look at what they came up with. We need the Democrats to fix it because ObamaCare was better than this and believe me, they will fix it.

No. Call your congressman one way or another because I do believe the president will pull out. I do believe Trump will say fine. We're moving on to something else, and he will target the freedom caucus. He will target all those guys.

STU: And that probably hurts your tax reform plan too.

GLENN: Oh, wait a minute. It sounds like -- wow it sounds like prophecy.

STU: First of all, there's no good outcome, it doesn't seem, from any of this. But the other part of it is, like, doesn't this show how little Donald Trump's administration as a whole cares about ObamaCare actually going away? Like, they -- they're, like, wow you know what? If you don't want this one thing, this week is the end of this issue.

GLENN: You know why, Stu? We were hiring for HR, did an interview with a guy and said -- I said number one priority for HR for me is insurance. And he said I can understand that. And I said "Listen, my view on insurance -- and I told him what I felt. His mouth opened up, and he said"Wow."

And he said "You have a problem with that? And he said no. I've just never heard anyone ever say that."

And I said "Listen, if my family can't use it, doesn't think it's right, has to go and do other things, I can afford that. My employees can't afford that. If I'm not covered on this insurance, they're not covered on this insurance. There's no two standards here. What's right for my family is right for everybody's family."

And he said I have been in boardrooms recently where all of the CEOs and all of the board of directors are there, and we're all talking about insurance because that's happening in boardrooms all across America. And he says this is what they say. Somebody on the board of directors will look and say don't they have -- he says this is a quote. "Don't the people have that Obama thing? Can't we just dump them into that?"

That is I believe Donald Trump as a businessman, that's the way he looks at it. There's a lot of people who are in business that say "Dump them into ObamaCare. I don't care. Get it off my books."

I don't think he does care. You have to have a -- an outlook. Not as a businessman and not as a politician but somebody who actually cares about the people and knows that government system never works. Never.

STU: And, you know, Trump cares about the win here; right?


STU: Trump cares about the win. Saying he kept a promise. And those things are good. I mean, you want that.

GLENN: I tried, and it was their fault.


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