Professional Clowns: 'It' Ain't Good for Business

Professional clowns are not happy about the new clown thriller It. Guilford Adams, a 42-year-old clown, who has performed under the name of Gillie for 20 years recently told Mel magazine, "It's gonna be bad for clowns."

No one's feeling the impact more than a clown known as Humpy Pumpy, whose Yelp page has seen a dramatic decline in visitor's since the film' trailer release.

Everybody needs to go to Humpy Pumpy's Yelp page," Glenn laughingly encouraged.

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"C'mon, get there today. Make it your home page," Co-host Stu Burguiere added.

It opens in theaters September 8, 2017.

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GLENN: Professional clowns now are saying -- are saying they are dreaded for another wave of anti-clown paranoia, saying the upcoming blockbuster will only cause further harm in the already dwindling industry of clowns.

PAT: That's probably true. That not gonna help the clown industry at all. Yeah, I worry about that. I do.

JEFFY: There are a lot of good clowns out there.

PAT: I know, Jeffy. I know.

STU: Where's Donald Trump protecting those jobs?

GLENN: Guilford Adams, the 42-year-old clown, who has performed under the name of Gillie for 20 years says, "It's gonna be bad for clowns."


JEFFY: That's not funny.

PAT: Powerful quote. Powerful quote.

GLENN: Hang on. He goes on. According to Mel magazine.

STU: What's --

GLENN: Mel magazine.

STU: Mel magazine, okay.

GLENN: It's ruining our business.

PAT: Oh no.

GLENN: Another clown who performs his various personas, including Ring Master Roger and --

STU: Ringmaster Roger and --

PAT: And.

GLENN: Humpty Pumpty.


STU: I just like that we're in a serious news story, we're going to Humpty Pumpty for quotes.

GLENN: Humpty Pumpy told his worries that kids will stop booking clowns for birthday parties following the film's release.

JEFFY: Right?

GLENN: He added how traffic to his Yelp page has plummeted following the trailer's release. Everybody needs to go to Humpy Pumpy's Yelp page.

STU: Humpty Pumpty's Yelp page. C'mon, get there today, make it your home page.

GLENN: I got that wrong. It's Humpy Pumpy.

STU: Humpy Pumpy?

GLENN: Humpy Pumpy, the children's clown.

STU: That's the name of Jeffy's website.



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