Sick of the Lies: 40 Percent of Voters in France Want an Extremist to Lead

French voters are sick of the lies being fed to them by elites and politicians. In the first round of the French presidential election, 40 percent of voters rejected the status quo, casting their votes for the radical left (Mélenchon) or right (Le Pen). Just over 20 percent voted to maintain the status quo with Macron.

"People are beginning to cry out because they're sick of being lied to by the politicians. They want someone to make it stop. They want a strongman who will put everything out and start again," Glenn said Monday on radio.

Le Pen and Macron will face off in the final round of voting.

"The world is hurling towards a massive reset, both economically and politically. The world is crying out for strongmen and dictators. The question is, where will we stand?" Glenn asked.

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GLENN: Hello, America. welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. It is Monday. A lot to discuss. I'm going to start with France.

The French went to the polls yesterday. And their candidates -- the list of candidates were much more like, you know, one of those -- a socialist and a fascist walk into a bar. I mean, it was a joke. That's what France had to choose from. The results were exactly as expected. The top three candidates were Macron, he's a socialist, Le Pen, a fascist, and Melenchon, the communist.

For the first time in modern history, none of the top three finalists represented one of the major political parties. Macron and Le Pen now moved to the second round of elections in two weeks. We have 14 days. The winner of that vote will be the next president.

The French and the European political elite have shifted now into full-on crisis mode. Nearly every candidate has urged their supporters to now cast their votes for Macron.

Who is Macron? Macron is -- he's a socialist. He's not on the Socialist Party, but he was working for Hollande and doesn't really have any real experience and is seen as a guy who really doesn't have real connections. But he does. He is the elite of the elite. He is a big-time socialist and big-time globalist.

I don't know if you heard, but President Obama and Angela Merkel got involved. Weird uncomfortable phone call with Macron and Obama, where he was like, "Hey, keep fighting on. As you know, it could be that last day of campaigning, that turns things around."

Everybody is frightened of Le Pen. And they should be. Everybody -- almost everybody is frightened. This is really important for you to understand.

The Trotskyist communist Melenchon is the only one that is not rallying against Le Pen. Now, here's the communist, who is the only political candidate who is not rallying the forces. Why?

What's a communist doing supporting the far right borderline fascist? Well, if you're a long-time listener of the program, I remember getting mocked for saying it, but I believe the far left and the far right would work together with a common goal, and they would be joined by the Islamists. Do you remember that?

Just days before, speaking of which, ISIS struck France with another terror attack.

Now, what usually happens? ISIS usually strikes, and then they write several days before they claim responsibility. But in this case, the moment it happened, ISIS was there saying, "It's us. It's us."


This attack may very well end up being the Comey letter for Marine Le Pen. Will this be the final straw or one of the final straw that forces the undecideds to vote for Le Pen?

Why would ISIS -- why would ISIS care who wins the French presidency?

The ISIS -- the ISIS imams over in France have been preaching that a major goal of their operations in the West is to provoke such a severe crackdown on Muslims, that many would become sympathetic to the caliphate. And that is exactly what Le Pen is offering.

So the first thing you need to watch is how many -- how many times will ISIS strike France in the next 14 days, to get people to go, screw it. Enough of this playing footsy. I want to round them up.

Communists, fascists, and Islamists, they will work together to overthrow the status quo in Europe and then they will come here. They all want the same thing: They want an end to the status quo, to bring the entire system of the West to its knees.

Now, here's the reason why this election carries a -- a list of why you should care, longer than we have time to talk about. You will likely hear about the French election as you channel surf, but it will be a blip.

I want you to understand: France is the number six economy in the world. The number two economy in the Eurozone. If Le Pen wins, the markets will become unstable and the threat of a Frexit will be a matter of not if, but when.

She also says she's going to pull out of NATO and her alliance will not go to the United States, but to Russia.

All of that is important. But that's not what I want you to focus on.

What you should watch for is what's happening in France, and take notes. Because it is a warning. Over 40 percent of the French voters in this election voted for a candidate at the extreme end of the political spectrum.

Think of that. Forty percent said, I want -- not a socialist. I want a die-hard communist, or I want a die-hard fascist.

A national socialist, Le Pen, Nazi, or a Trotskyite communist. Forty percent of France said, "I've had it."

The radical left and the radical right. People are beginning to cry out because they're sick of being lied to by the politicians. They want someone to make it stop. They want a strongman who will put everything out and start again.

Now, here are the lies that the French people take notes. Here are the lies the French people are tired of: One, borders mean nothing. Two, sovereignty means nothing. Three, the union over your country. Four, the collective over the individual. Five, gender and race are whatever you want them to be. Six, religion and faith, lie. Seven, jihadist terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. Eight, massive debt is a good thing. Carry on with your spending.

This is what the communist Melenchon said to his millions of supporters at his concession speech over the weekend. Listen to this: Quote, the future lies with those French people who understand that the country is not doing well. The future is about listening to those French people who understand that we must stand up and we must resist. The world, at least the western world, has had enough. And people in the West are waking from their coma.

The problem is, this is seldom a peaceful process, especially in Europe and the Middle East. With terror and slaughter return.

Macron, just like Hillary Clinton, was sure to win, and Brexit was sure to fail. He is predicted now to roll on to victory. We certainly don't want Le Pen, but I'm struggling to go find a happy ending here.

If Le Pen wins, then an anti-Semitic nationalist becomes president of one of the most powerful nations on earth. Le Pen represents the old world dark version of European nationalism and -- and fascism. Her countryman Charles de Gaulle famously said, "Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first. Nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first." We should remember that.

Le Pen believes more in just -- more than just sovereignty and patriotism. She's a true nationalist. It's an ideology that birthed two global wars in Europe. I don't believe our world can survive a rebirth of European nationalism, and that's what is at stake.

If Macron wins, things are going to stay exactly the same. Think about if Donald Trump doesn't make an impact on the things that he promised during the election and things stay exactly the same.

Where are we going to be in four years? With Macron, nothing will change. But that could prove even more catastrophic than any other option. Immigration will continue to spiral out of control in France. The economy will continue to tank. Millions will lose their jobs. Terrorism will continue to grow.

Since the attack on Charlie Hebdo in 2015, France has been hit 11 times, 230 Frenchmen killed, 800 wounded. All of these issues are just going to exacerbate and -- and a worse Le Pen and a more dogmatic Melenchon will be waiting in the wings for their time to come out at an even more weakened Europe.

Again, what happens with Trump if he doesn't deliver on his rhetoric in four years? Will a socialist or communist have a legitimate shot at becoming president? I believe the answer is yes. This election almost had a senile old fart who was a socialist upend the entire thing. I think there was a chance he could have beaten Donald Trump.

What happens -- step four -- who steps forward in three and a half years? This is a global phenomenon. France is just leading the pack.

When the European Union was conceived by its founders, it was famously guaranteed peace and prosperity. Prosperity has been proven now in Europe to be a lie. How long before peace shares the same fate?

Strongman and dictators are on the rise. And we're seeing it all over the globe. What's happening in Venezuela is happening in the Philippines. The scariest thing of all: It's not the dictators, it's the people. The people are crying out for a dictator.

Look what just happened in Turkey: A coup attempt gave an already autocratic leader all the excuses he needed to become a full-on despot. He didn't have the force to make it all happen. He didn't have to hold a gun to the Turkish people's head. He just asked them. And they gladly handed their sovereignty and their freedom over to him. What country and what leader will be next.

You know, I used to be able to draw comparisons to the 1930s, but I can't anymore. Because of the 1930s, we had Churchill. I don't see a Churchill. Where are the noblemen and women who are willing to stand up to despotism and evil? Where are they today? Where are they even on our own streets?

The world is hurling towards a massive reset, both economically and politically. The world is crying out for strongmen and dictators. The question is, where will we stand?

Our history has shown that we have never been about the -- the single personality promising to save us all. They used to have to cloak themselves like Churchill did and Wilson did. They don't need to cloak themselves now.

Our Churchill has always been our founding principles and Constitution. We need them now more than ever, and you need to be aware. The world can change in the blink of an eye. Can change dramatically in the next 14 days.


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