Should Mike Pence Ask for the Resignation of the President If Trump Was Negligent?

What should be done if the president did leak sensitive information to the Russians? We should follow best practices and the law.

"We don't follow the people in the press or on Capitol Hill that have torches that say 'get him.' And we also don't follow the people who have torches that say 'get the press.' We don't follow either of those people. We follow reason. We follow logic. And we follow best practices," Glenn said Tuesday on radio.

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He also outlined exactly what those best practices would be in this situation: a subpoena of both General H.R. McMaster and Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert. If the accusations are true and Trump acted with gross negligence, should Vice President Pence ask for his resignation?

Enjoy this complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: So what do we have to do? We have to follow best practices. We have to follow the way this would usually be done. We don't follow the people in the press or on Capitol Hill that have torches that say, "Get him." And we also don't follow the people who have torches that say, "Get the press." We don't follow either of those people. We follow reason. We follow logic. And we follow best practices.

We should be calling for a subpoena of McMaster and Thomas Bossert and find out the truth, specifically of what was said in that meeting, specifically regarding the charges of, did he release the name of a city?

Then you have to decide. Well, did he intend to do that?

Be careful. Because that was the case with Hillary Clinton. She didn't intend to do that. Does it matter? Does the intent matter?

If you want to be consistent, the intent should not matter. And if -- if these things are true -- and that's a big if -- if these are true, then we, the conservatives and constitutionalists, should be saying, "Pence should ask for the resignation of the president, and it should be President Pence," if this is true.


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