Bill O’Reilly: ‘Profound Change’ Is Disrupting the Way We Watch News — for the Better

News is shifting to a model where people have more control over their own content. On radio Friday, Bill O’Reilly shared an update on his latest project and explained why it’s important for him to bring news to people without “intrusion.”

Glenn remembered starting his own TV network and how people told him to stay locked into the old school model of cable news instead of making TV available on mobile devices.

“Those days are over,” he said of the shift. “We’ve laid the groundwork and the rails.”

O’Reilly talked about a new show prototype where he was in a studio and talked with guests over Skype, giving him far more independence than he would have with a network.

“We don’t want any intrusion: corporate intrusion or Media Matters intrusion or threats,” O’Reilly said to Glenn. “We want to control the product, as you do.”

GLENN: BillO' Probably one of the more brilliant businesspeople. Definitely one of the more brilliant people when it comes to how to do a show and what people are thinking. Bill O'Reilly. Now at BillO' He has his own show. It's a half-hour news show every day, and you can find it at BillO' He started it earlier this week. It's really good. Not a lot has changed with Bill O'Reilly. Just the background has changed. And we'll talk to him about that.

I want to start here, Bill, with something that really bothers me, and that is the firing of -- what's his name? Jeremy Lions? No, what's his name?

STU: Jeffrey Lord.

GLENN: Jeffrey Lord, that's what it is. That's how much I care about this guy.

I actually care about his firing. I think he is horrible. I think he is one of the worst commentators on CNN. I think he's just a total sellout.

However, they fired him because he got into a Twitter spat with Media Matters. And Media Matters is starting to campaign again to get people fired, get them thrown off.

And he said, "What you're doing is fascistic in nature. This is fascism." And they tweeted something back. And he wrote, "Sieg Heil."

CNN fires him almost immediately because they say, "Nazi salutes are absolutely -- we will not tolerate this --

STU: Indefensible.

GLENN: Are you kidding me? So now he's out. Bill.

BILL: Yeah, I mean, look, anybody -- and I mean anybody knows that this firing was political. It wasn't for cause. It wasn't because he did anything outrageous. I mean, you can debate all day long whether Nazi analogies should be used in any kind of discourse. But this clearly falls under freedom of speech. And he was making a contextual point, which is accurate, by the way, that Media Matters is a fascist organization. It is.

And then when the president of Media Matters struck back at him, he, in a wise guy fashion, went, "Sieg Heil." Who does that offend? Media Matters. So, what? So they were looking to dump him. And this gave them the opportunity to do it. That's the only thing I can figure out.

GLENN: Okay. So, Bill, that's maybe a little bit better than what I thought, but not by much.

Are you saying that they only use Media Matters as a cover? Because, I mean, why not cover him because we don't want him around. We don't like him.

BILL: Yeah, if he were a valued employee, they certainly wouldn't have done that. Look, if Jeffrey Lord -- I don't know what his contractual situation is. But he is an actionable violation of contract, sued against CNN.

You can't do that. He didn't do anything out of the ordinary, in the sense of exercising his freedom of speech to slap back at an organization that he feels is fascistic. So it's got to be something else. I don't know whether -- if he even had a contract.

But it looks to me -- and I've been in this business almost since as long as you have, since the War of 1812, Beck, as you mentioned last week on your program. All right? It looks to me like they just want to get rid of the guy, and this was a convenient way to do it.

GLENN: So, Bill, doesn't this not empower Media Matters like crazy?

BILL: Of course, it does. But Media Matters is in bed with all these people. I mean, Media Matters doesn't attack CNN, ever. Media Matters -- well, let me amend that. If CNN put on a conservative like you or me, maybe Media Matters would attack. But they don't attack their editorial posture. They don't attack NBC. They don't very rarely attack the networks. They only attack people with whom they disagree with politically, which is anybody. Moderate or right.

You've got to be a far-left lune to be in there cogering (phonetic).

GLENN: So we found a Media Matters plan of attack. And we're going to be going over it in the next couple of weeks, with our audience. It is their plan.

BILL: Good.

GLENN: We found it on the dark web.

BILL: The dark web.

GLENN: Yeah. I mean, who -- who even puts their stuff on the dark web? Seriously, who does that criminals. Evil people. Why are you putting stuff on the dark web?

So in it, it talks about how they're now consulting with Google. They're now consulting with Facebook. They're trying to tell YouTube and Google and Facebook exactly what is offensive, what isn't. They're coming in as these moderate arbiters of --

BILL: Oh, they -- this organization, these are the people that orchestrated the sponsored attacks against me and you.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: They organized the demonstrations in front of Fox. They've got money. They pay people. They're awful. They're anti-democracy. And I hope you guys -- you know, I listen when I can. But when you get stuff, send it to me. Because certainly looking at these people hard, these Media Matters people.

GLENN: I'll send you the stuff that we just pulled up.

BILL: And you know what the worst part about this is? The worst part about it is these people were so closely allied with Hillary Clinton. David Brock, who was the founder of this, was Clinton's consigliere. If Clinton had ever been elected president, these people would be in the White House, these Media Matters. And I can't tell your audience how strongly enough how vicious and vile and anti-democratic they are.

GLENN: Actually I want to correct you on one thing.

BILL: Win after win after win because the media will never take them on because the media sympathizes with their far-left posture.

GLENN: Okay. I want to correct you on one thing: They're absolutely pro-democratic, which in the meaning of, all we want is a popular vote and majority wins. I mean, that is -- you know -- remember, Chavez was also very democratic.

BILL: They don't believe in freedom of speech.

GLENN: Yes, you're right. Correct.

BILL: They don't believe in freedom of speech. They operate in shadows on the dark web. They try to hurt people. They try to destroy people.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

BILL: This is not what our democracy is supposed to be about.

GLENN: It's a republic.

BILL: This is the most vicious, vile political organization in existence.


BILL: And they have power. And money.

GLENN: So tell me how you feel about what happened with Google this week, with that firing.

BILL: You know, I didn't follow it that much because I'm not really into that world of -- and I know they're super powerful and all of that. But I'm more interested in the political component of this, rather than -- once you get into Google and Facebook and all of these organizations, you get into corporations. They're corporations. I mean, they may not wear ties. And they may give you kale for lunch. But it's a corporation. Okay?

GLENN: That's kind of what I want to talk to you about. As I said earlier this week, look, if Firestone or Goodyear was doing this, I wouldn't care. But this is the gateway to information.

We had this week a report was released that Apple has $58 billion in US Treasury bonds. That's more than most foreign countries will hold.

That gives that corporation real leverage on Capitol Hill. You know what, maybe we should just liquidate our government bonds because that's why we don't -- that's why we worry about foreign countries holding our bonds.

Does -- are these corporations that the left loves, are they becoming worrisome at all to you, Bill?

BILL: That's an interesting question. They are -- they are very, very powerful agents, and they control now most of the information flow. And with the destruction of cable news, and that's coming very, very fast.

GLENN: Very fast.

BILL: Talk radio is pretty much the only counter to the internet information flow, which is not an honest situation.

So, yes, it's dangerous. I'm not so concerned about them holding bonds. Although, yeah, I mean, I guess down the line, they could do a blackmail thing. You better do what we want. Or we'll liquidate or something. I see what you're saying.

GLENN: It's not like it's the top of my concerns. But it is -- it is a part of it.

It's like, wait a minute. These -- these guys are getting really powerful.

BILL: They are very powerful. But there's nothing you can do about that in a capitalistic society. The more successful corporations become, the more powerful they become.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: You can expose it. You can tell folks what's going on. And the information flow they're getting is not honest. That's certainly noble. But you can't stop them from accumulating assets.

GLENN: No. But you can start to say to our representatives, "I don't want you in bed with these people. There are no special favors for these people."

BILL: No, absolutely. Right. Right.

GLENN: So, Bill, I want to take a break. We have a ton to talk about, the news of the week. But I would like to pick your brain, honestly, because I have tremendous respect for you, as you know, on multiple fronts. But one of them is you are a very shrewd businessman. You are very smart.

You took every show. You know, I run on passion and gut and feelings. And you are much more of a scientific kind of guy. And you've made a brilliant move this week in not going -- running to somebody else and saying, "Okay. I'll fall under your umbrella." You're doing it yourself.

I want to talk to you about the future of cable news. I want to talk to you about the future of information.

BILL: Sure. It's fascinating what's happening.

GLENN: It really is. It really is.

BILL: And nobody is talking about it. So your audience is going to get a lot of information fast. After these announcements of interest.

STU: Wow.

GLENN: Wow, thank you.

STU: Wow.

GLENN: Back in just a second with Bill O'Reilly from BillO'

GLENN: So let me go to Bill O'Reilly from BillO', who just started his news program, the No Spin News. Every day you can see it and you can watch it at BillO'

Bill, let's switch gears. I'd kind of like some advice from you and to pick your brain. What we did six years ago, when I left Fox and I built TheBlaze and the first OTT model around this, everyone said, "Glenn, no one will watch this on the Internet. They're not going to watch it on the phone. They want it on this."

It's why, honestly, we spent as much money as we did to make my network look -- quite honestly, the model was MSNBC. If it -- if it can't look as good as NBC in visuals, then people won't accept it.

Those days are over. We've laid the groundwork and the rails. And now you are the first one to come out as a really big guy and say, "Okay. I'm going to go and do this model, and I'm going to do it by myself. I don't need to join a network or whatever. I'm going to do it by myself." How long before, Bill, this becomes the absolute norm?

BILL: You know, it's hard to say. Our blueprint is that we want to deliver on a daily basis 30 to 40 minutes of honest news analysis, honest in the sense that it's fact-based.

And we're going to do that. And so we did a prototype this week on BillO', where I was in a studio in a spiffy jacket and tie. And we had guests via Skype. And it went very well. I mean, it looked good. People liked it.

We have it up now, BillO' Anybody can see the prototype. And it -- and it was tough. It was tough analysis. Talk about North Korea and stuff like that.

Now, we haven't decided exactly when we're going to launch this on a daily basis because we're doing our podcasts from my home office now. And it's working very, very well. But it's going to happen. And even if I decide to come back to cable TV, we'll still do this 30 to 40 minutes per day, because we don't want any -- I'm sorry about that. That's enthusiasm.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

BILL: Enthusiasm from the --

GLENN: That's Bill's head writer.

BILL: From the community.

Anyway, we don't want any intrusion.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

BILL: Corporate intrusion or Media Matters intrusion or threats or any of that. We want to control the product, as you do.

GLENN: Right. So you can control --

BILL: And I think this prototype that we put out is going to take root. And I think it's going to be very successful.

GLENN: Right.

BILL: The reason this is necessary, this is the key to it all, is there's been a profound change in cable news. And as we discussed in previous episodes of the Beck program, network news is largely irrelevant now. Remember Scott Pelley, the anchor of CBS News?

GLENN: No. Neither does anybody else.

BILL: Well, Scott packed it in, and nobody even knew.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: I mean, nobody even said a word. It was like, poor Scott. He was there six years on every night. He was taking Walter Cronkite's seat, and he's out of there, and nobody even cares. That's how irrelevant the Nightly News is.

The morning is entertainment. So when cable news starts then to change -- fundamentally change, not into a news service anymore. They're not a news service. They're basically a party apparatus. So MSNBC, CNN, they're a Democrat Party apparatus. And Fox News, to some extent, not to the extent of the others, it reflects a Republican point of view. Well, where do Americans go for the truth? People seeking the truth and not having a vested interest in one political party or one political philosophy. There's nowhere to go.

So that this, in a capitalistic society, this Blaze, the Beck Blaze, O'Reilly, BillO', this now presents a very, very attractive alternative to millions of Americans who love their country and want to know about it in a truthful way.

GLENN: Bill.

BILL: You're stunned at that analysis?

GLENN: No, no, no. I was actually --

BILL: You're absolutely stunned. It's so right on. Nobody has ever talked that way to you.

GLENN: I was actually hoping for a deeper insight. Why don't you put the dog on the phone?


All right. When we come back --

BILL: Corgi.

GLENN: When we come back, we're going to have to go over the strategy of North Korea, how Bill thinks that is going, where that ends up, and all the rest of the news of the week with Bill O'Reilly. You can hear him every day at BillO' That's BillO' BillO'

GLENN: So let's bring Bill O'Reilly from Bill O'Reilly back. BillO' And talk to him a little bit about North Korea.

First of all, Bill, are we going to war with North Korea?


GLENN: Okay. If -- if it is just between us, we're having a private council, you're the president of the United States, and you've got your council split in half. And half says, "Mr. President, we've got to go. They've crossed too many red lines. It's only going to be a problem down the road. We got to go, and I'd like to recommend a first strike." The other half says, "No first strike and, no, don't go to war because millions will die." Which do you lean towards?

BILL: Okay. You can't do a preemptive strike with nukes on anybody. That's not acceptable in the world we live in. You could do, you know, some bombing like -- like you did in Syria, take out a strategic military target. I mean, that's certainly possible. But I don't see that happening.

What I see happening is this is -- Trump is basically telling the world, "Look, I'm capable of this," which is true. I'm capable of it.

Which Obama was and everybody knew, no matter what you did, Obama wasn't going to do anything drastic. And it was like Merkel today, the German chancellor comes in and says, "Well, there really isn't any military solution to North Korea."

Now, just step back and analyze how stupid that statement is from Angela Merkel. What if North Korea launches a missile at Guam or Japan or South Korea? What if they do that? I mean, that's what this idiot is threatening to do.

And Merkel says there's no military solution to that. So, what, you let them do that? That's exactly the wrong message.

And Trump's message is basically symbolic. It's a symbolic message. I'm capable of this. But will he do it? No. Only if they attack, they being North Korea, one of our allies or any interest that the United States has. Then he will. But I don't see any new component in this. Because that's Armageddon. Once you start with the nukes, then, you know, the stuff kills south Koreans. It kills Chinese. You really can't do that.

GLENN: So here's where I've come down on this, on my understanding of what Donald Trump is doing. And it may be more wishful thinking. But I don't think it is.

As I've watched this game play out and I know, you know, how horrible war with North Korea would be and now especially with China saying, "You do a first strike, we're on their side. You fight back, we're going to leave them to their own business. And you guys can have at them." There's no way we're going for a first strike.

If we do, we turn the whole world against us, I think.

BILL: Yeah. And the generals -- look, Kelly is the guy calling the shots, a lot of the shots now. He's never going to do it.

GLENN: Yep, I agree.

BILL: People got to calm down. And the reason that this has taken on hysteria is because it's August. There's no other news. Cable news is all -- I mean, they're just going crazy. And they're whipping everybody up. And the left wants everybody to think that Trump is Dr. Strangelove. And so that's why it's whipping up.

But if you look at it, it's probably not going to lead to anything. It's going to fizzle out like most of the North Korean missile tests do.

GLENN: So here is the second part of that: If this indeed is strategy and Donald Trump is playing the strong hand because nobody has the United States for a long time and wants to put everybody on notice and does have a little bit of a twitchy eye, he may in the end, if this works, be remembered as Ronald Reagan, when it came to the Cold War. This is exactly the argument we had from the left on Ronald Reagan.

BILL: Yeah. But it's a different situation because you have irrationality in North Korea. I mean, this guy is pretty irrational.

But, you know, I want to personalize it a little. And I can do that by a plug. You know, Killing the Rising Sun is about -- primarily about the atom bomb drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And the power of those bombs was so horrific -- now, they're 10,000 times as powerful. And if you really want to know what happened -- and kids should know it too. We have a kid's book: The Day the World Went Nuclear, off Killing the Rising Sun. We take you right down, we put you right down at Hiroshima when that bomb dropped, and you can feel what happened. And so that's why the horror of nuclear war, it gets people crazy. I mean, it really does. It gets people crazy.

And all Americans should know what the actual horror is. That you're going to have people vaporized on the spot, that you're going to have fallout that states for 50 to 60 years. Makes Chernobyl look like Disneyland. So I think that when you take that into consideration and then you're President Trump or whatever, you're not going to do that unless you absolutely have to do it. But I can see a surgical, you know, conventional strike on North Korea, if they keep it up.

GLENN: Bill, you were probably, oh, around retirement age back in '82 and '83, when -- when The Day After came out. And that was -- '82 was the year I graduated from high school. So I had a very different look at it then. I just looked it up this week. I was just kind of zipping through it on YouTube. And I remember how scary that was. But because of my age back then, I really didn't see it as really what it was. Nothing's changed. That is Hollywood and the press and the networks trying to make you more afraid of Ronald Reagan's rhetoric than really the Soviet Union. And trying to thwart Ronald Reagan. Would you agree with that?

Did you see that that way?

BILL: Yeah, the left historically never wants to fight for anything. And anybody who counters that is a war-mongering fascist. So even before World War II, there was a big strain of Americans that didn't want to confront Hitler or Tokyo. They didn't want to get involved.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: And some of those were conservative people.

GLENN: Yeah. The America First -- the America First campaign.

BILL: Yeah, just stay away. We got two oceans protecting us. Well, now we don't have any oceans. Okay? So it is an emotional issue, but people should know, this isn't like Iraq or Afghanistan. You know, sending in the Special Forces to track down ISIS. It's nothing like that.

This guy is playing with something that could obliterate millions of people. And so I -- I have, you know, confidence in the American system that we're not going to do anything irresponsible. That's the key word. The rhetoric is the rhetoric, all right? Trump is definitely sending a message to the world that he's capable, like Reagan. Okay? But I don't think anything more will come of this, at this point.

GLENN: Okay. Let me give you just some quick hits here and just get your comments on. Chelsea Manning being described as an American beauty in a woman's swimsuit on the beach in Vanity Fair. Comments?

BILL: What do you want me to say about it?

GLENN: Just any comment on --

BILL: I mean, look, if she wants to be in a bathing suit and on a beach, she has the perfect right to do that. If Vanity Fair wants to make a deal about it, I don't care.

GLENN: It's not that. It's that she's an American traitor. How many people lost their lives because of her?

BILL: Oh, I see. Okay. Yeah.

GLENN: And now we're being spoon-fed, that, no, she's just a beautiful woman.

BILL: And if I could just remind everybody, President Obama commuted her sentence. Okay. So that's why she's in the bikini. Now, maybe that was part of the deal. I'll let you out, if you go into a bikini in Vanity Fair. That's the deal.

PAT: That's a weird deal.

GLENN: That's a weird deal.

PAT: But okay.

BILL: It could have happened.

PAT: It could have.

GLENN: Paul Manafort, the raid of his residence by the FBI.

BILL: You know, not since Eliot Ness and the Untouchables has there been a crime drama at this level.

You know, Manafort, I've always said this from the very beginning: If there's one Trump person that's got a deficit in this whole thing, it's him. Because he made some big money representing pro-Russian interests in the Ukraine situation. He had the contacts. He knew the guys.

GLENN: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

BILL: He knew Boris and Natasha. And so, you know, they went in. They try to find out what he has, and I'm glad I'm not Paul Manafort.

GLENN: Mitch McConnell said the reason why the G.O.P. is getting a bad brand or bad name is because Donald Trump and others had excessive expectations.

BILL: I just think this guy is such a dweeb. I hate to be -- you know, I just think McConnell is such a dweeb. D-W-E-E-B. Word of the day.

GLENN: Yeah. Word of the day.

BILL: I mean, this guy, when I was very close to getting Kate's Law on the floor of the Senate, it was him who sabotaged it. Because he wanted to attach all kinds of stuff that he knew wasn't going to pass it.

I just think this guy is just -- I don't know him. I don't -- he never came on my program. He was always afraid to do that.

I just don't have any use for him at all. So I wish -- I wish there was more dynamic leadership on both sides. On the Democratic side, you have Chucky Schumer threatening all of his people.

If you don't do what I say, we're going to run somebody against you in the primary and cut off your money. That's why he's got all these Democrats, you know, voting against their country's best interests.

And on the other side, you've got Mitch McConnell playing whatever game he's playing. So it's just really -- and I think Americans have got it. It's disgusting. It really is.

GLENN: Bill O'Reilly, writing some great history books and books now for your kids as well. You can hear his commentary every day at BillO'

You can get his podcast and his members also are chiming in now on, how do we make this internet newscast work for you? And he's taking your comments on it. And you can watch it now at BillO' Thanks, Bill, appreciate it.

BILL: Now, Beck, one more thing before you dump me here, if I send you an advanced copy of Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence, will you read it, Beck? Will you read the book if I send it to you in advance? It's out September 19th.

GLENN: Are there some things in the pages that maybe might fall out?

BILL: You're going to find out what Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson were really like.

GLENN: I only care about Benjamin. If Benjamin happens to be in those papers and it slips out of the book, I might read it.

BILL: All right!

GLENN: But I'm interested in the Benjamins. Thank you very much, Bill. Appreciate it. God bless. BillO' BillO'

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THESE are the parts of the government Glenn would LOVE to SHUT DOWN

THESE are the parts of the government Glenn would LOVE to SHUT DOWN

The United States is once again on the verge of a government shutdown, but should Congress cave and pass a continuing resolution to spend a lot more money and save us all ... or do we not need saving? Glenn reviews what would actually happen under a government shutdown and which agencies we should probably shut down anyways. Maybe we need "15 Days to Slow the Spending."


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: All right. So here's what we have to do this weekend, beginning tonight at midnight, if we don't sign the CR, and continuing resolution, which will give just a buttload of money. Just keep spending, exactly like you were spending last year, and no real accountability for any of it.

And we have to add some more for a war.

If we don't sign that by tonight, we have to shut the government down. Pat Gray is joining us.

What will you do as of 12:01, tonight.

PAT: Well, Stu gave me a suggestion. Because I was confused what I would do when I came in. What am I going to do? What was your suggestion that I should do? Now, this is in the eventuality, of a government shutdown.

GLENN: Okay. Are you well read enough, to give a recommendation?

STU: I mean, I would be concerned if I was going to be held to some legal standard.

GLENN: Right. Because you're not not an expert.

STU: I'm not an expert. But I was thinking you could continue living your life exactly the same way.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: Oh. Well, that's weird. What about the catastrophe that is -- what about that?

STU: Yeah. You would -- in this particular scenario. It's a fictional scenario, at some level.

GLENN: Okay. You're not a doctor. I think this is dangerous.

STU: What were the things you were going to do?

PAT: Do those things.

STU: The things you weren't going to do, don't do those.

PAT: It's crazy talk.

GLENN: All right. Hang on a second. Here's what's going to happen. Here's what's going to happen, okay? This is from the O and B. The Office of Management & Budget.

And they have now released the contingency plan.

So here's what's going to happen.

Now, please don't panic.

But economic indicators like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs report could -- could be delayed. This month.

PAT: Don't say that.


The federal mediation and conciliation service, which is charged with promoting labor management cooperation.

PAT: They'll still have that, right?

GLENN: Well, yes. Yes.

PAT: Good.

GLENN: However, they would have to cut back in its -- they won't close. But they'll have to cut back in some of the things they do.

And this all amid the strike with the auto workers.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: What are the unions and the -- and the -- you know, the plants going to do? Without federal officials. They'll never be able to do anything.

PAT: No, they won't.

STU: And the thing is, we're so a used to high efficiency from the government. That when you lose that -- society --

PAT: It all goes sideways.

GLENN: Time to throw everyone a bone here, so you don't panic. The Federal Reserve activity will be unaffected. So they can still raise the interest rates on November 1st, no matter what happens.

PAT: Good.

STU: Great.

GLENN: The Federal Trade Commission, however, would stop the vast bulk of its competition and consumer protection investigation.

PAT: You can't be serious.

GLENN: I am serious.

They have -- the vast bulk of them, would just stop.

STU: So some of them would continue?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: But the vast bulk of them -- what percentage does that translate to?

GLENN: Don't know. Vast bulk.

This is from the O&B.

The Security and Exchange Commission, will not review or improve registrations from investment advisers, broker dealers, transfer agents, rating organizations. Investment companies. And municipal advisers.

They're not going to be able to -- if you try to register --

PAT: At the SECC.

GLENN: You won't -- you won't be able to do it.

STU: What is that? For a new fund? Or something? New rating. A two-week process probably?

PAT: What about the FDIC? Do you have information on the FDIC?

GLENN: No, they still do not have all of the -- they're scrambling for this information.

STU: They didn't see this coming.

GLENN: Now, again, to give you some good news.

The IRS has not released this plan for the potential shutdown. However, previous plans have said that the IRS would use funds from Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act.

STU: Oh, good.

GLENN: To keep employees paid and working.

PAT: Thank heaven.

GLENN: And the union representing the IRS workers are saying, new plans are being discussed, that would involve some furloughs. However, businesses and individuals, who requested that six-month extension for your tax return in April. You will still be required to file by April 16.

PAT: Well, of course, you would.

STU: Yeah. By what date? October 16th. I was going to say, I thought I had more time.

GLENN: Yeah. Emergency relief is going to be a problem. A shutdown would create increased risk, that FEMA, their relief funds, could be depleted.

So there's a risk, that their funds could be depleted. If large additional catastrophic disasters occur. During the shutdown.

STU: Now, of course, they would very easily pass funding for that almost immediately. But still, we should deny that that would happen.

We will deny that any of these people will get their money afterward.

We all know they will retroactively pay off all of this stuff anyway. It will be a vacation for many people.

PAT: They've already done that. For many people. So, yeah. Sure.

GLENN: For those of you concerned about, hey. What about my energy?

What about the environment?

This is what this Draconian shutdown is going to do.

PAT: Thank you, Republicans.

GLENN: The interior department, which does all of the designing for the Capitol building, and the interiors, and pick out the drapes.

Oh, no. Apparently, it doesn't do that. The department of interior, will retain limited discretion to use permits for energy projects on federal lands and waters, when user fees are attached.

So they'll -- they'll retain just limited discretion, to issue those permits. You know, for drilling, and things like that.

PAT: They don't have full discretion.

GLENN: No. Not during a shutdown.

PAT: During a shutdown. Oh, no.

GLENN: A funding lapse would paralyze -- to develop would require environmental analysis for all energy projects. Highways. And other infrastructure.

The EPA, may be able to continue some IRA-funded activities.

As well as other attempted works such as settlement-funded cleanup at some Superfund sites.

PAT: Let's hope that is the case.

GLENN: Now. The White House is warning, most EPA led inspections at hazardous waste sites, as well as drinking water at chemical facilities, it's got to stop.

PAT: Oh, wow.

GLENN: So your drinking water. Could go completely -- it will stop.

PAT: It will turn to mud this weekend.

GLENN: Well, by Sunday. Maybe Monday.

The Energy Information Administration, which publishes snapshots of the US oil inventory.

It will continue to collect and publish data on schedule. But they say, at least initially.

At least initially. Our nuke sites are going to be maintained. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, however, will stop all licensing of new nuclear facilities.

PAT: Oh, there's so many of those going up too.

Because, I mean, we did the last one in 1978. And bang.

GLENN: This is going to stop.

PAT: Well, there's no new ones.

GLENN: But it will stop.

STU: This was the week. This was the week it would happen.

PAT: And now, thanks to you, MAGA Republicans.

GLENN: Right. Now transportation and travel.

Travelers could face delays as air traffic controllers and transportation security administration officers.

PAT: That will continue.

GLENN: Will be working without pay.

PAT: But without pay.

GLENN: Yeah. So people will --

PAT: I mean, they really are not. They will be paid. Just maybe not time.

GLENN: Right. Which is a hassle.

PAT: It is a hassle. I won't deny that.

GLENN: It is a hassle. However, Amtrak, they will keep transporting those 12 passengers. They will just keep going.

PAT: Is Ange going to continue to tell stories, about how many miles Joe Biden has traveled on the train.

Will he be there? Even in death, as he was when he told the story to Joe Biden?

GLENN: I don't know.

Now, passport and Visas will still be issued.

PAT: I thought those would be delayed. But they're not going to?

GLENN: Efforts to defend the nation and conduct ongoing military operations, will continue.

PAT: Right.

STU: That's good.

GLENN: Burials and tours, at Arlington National Cemetery would continue.

STU: Did anybody doubt, they would stop burying the bodies.

They'll just pile up, until we open up the government.

GLENN: COVID-19, response research including vaccine and therapeutic development by the US government will continue.

PAT: Will continue.

GLENN: The National Institute of Health, might have to postpone clinical trials for diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's, according to the White House. So this may throw him from solving cancer.

We were so close to him coming through with his promise of curing cancer, but it's the damn Republicans.

STU: We can actually check that at any point. If you go to,

GLENN: Can you check that real quick? We're really close.

STU: Has Joe Biden cured cancer?

No. Cancer still exists as of today.

GLENN: Food stamps for low income people. The disabled, and others could be delayed.

There's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for that.

That is just to trot out the downtrodden.

The people that just say, look at what's happening. If the IRS can stay open, food stamps can stay open. Social Security checks will be delivered. Applications for benefits processed. However, people will not be able to verify benefits or replace cards.

Most national parks will be closed. The Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art may close.

PAT: Don't say that.

GLENN: Cemeteries. Monuments. Visitor centers. Worldwide housed under the American Battle Monuments submission, will close.

STU: So are they -- and you said the national parks will close.

That means that many of these open field areas, will -- will not be opened?

GLENN: Yeah. They will -- they will build some fences around those things.

STU: Are they -- we don't seem capable of building fences.

GLENN: They're closed.

But I will tell you, you know they're big on the blue.

They will just be -- I make sure you're out there.

And you enforce that law.

You have somebody coming into the national park.

We don't have bathrooms that are open.

No. What are they going to do, poop in the woods, what kind of animals do you think we are?

PAT: Well, we're animals that poop.

STU: Sometimes -- sometimes that works. At least for many, many centuries.

The Capitol Police will not get paid under this.

PAT: What!

STU: They will -- they will --

PAT: They're under assault again. Just as they were during the insurrection.

STU: By the same people. The extreme MAGA Republicans.

PAT: You're exactly right.

By the same people.

STU: Now they'll get their number later. But for now, they won't get paid.

Except, for them. Unlike thousands and thousands of other federal workers, they actually will still have to do a job.

Most of the federal workers that will get all their money and then not have to do their job for however long this takes.

Which is a terrible, terrible --

GLENN: Just -- I -- I am in. I am in.

I mean, I think we should take a vote, who wants to open it back up?

I think 15 days, to slow the curve of spending. Fifteen days. Let's just do that.

Let's meet again in 15 days. And see if we can open the government up.

STU: We probably --

GLENN: Well, we might. We might.

Fifteen days, to slow the curve of spending.

PAT: And then after that, 30 days are up. After 15, then the 30. We might need another 18 bucks after that.

GLENN: Well, I don't know -- I don't know if the government will survive that.

You know, it may not survive that. Of course, the American people did it for a year.

STU: Yeah, and they don't care about them surviving.

GLENN: No. Nobody really cared about them surviving.

STU: Can I also say too, we talk about these big government cuts that we should do. We think there are things to do, to make the government smaller, and more like it was supposed to be. You know, a limited government.

GLENN: Yeah. We're not talking about any of those, I want you to know.

STU: But maybe we are. You know, haven't they unintentionally identified all the cuts here. Haven't they just said, hey, whatever we're going to just stop doing, the unnecessary parts of the government that can just shut down.

GLENN: You mean those nonessential?

STU: Yeah. The nonessential stuff, we stop doing. And the essential stuff, we stop doing. And we'll go from there. We'll talk about, maybe we need to add this back in. Maybe we can get rid of this other thing.

But isn't that a good starting point? Whatever you say is nonessential, I promise you we should not be doing it.

GLENN: I'm not sure of that. I mean, you know, we're talking about --

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yeah.

We're talking about things like the interior department.

Just having limited discretion to issue permits.

STU: So there will be still issuing permits. But they will have limited vegetation.

Maybe we shouldn't be doing so much permitting. Maybe people should be able to do a lot of the things they want to do.

But if there are certain needs for certain permits. Then the limited permitting might just cover that.

GLENN: Well, you go ahead. While we're all drinking poison by next Wednesday.

Just from our tap, from our homes. While sludge, nuclear waste.

Syringes are pouring out from our kitchen sink.

PAT: So syringes might pour out of our taps?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: How do they get around the curves?

GLENN: Are you an expert?

STU: No.

GLENN: Are you a doctor?

STU: I'm not a doctor.

GLENN: I am. Let's move on. Very dangerous.

Keep going, Republicans. Keep going.

Do not buckle.

'Why won't ANYONE say THIS in a debate?!' The REAL problem with auto workers strike

'Why won't ANYONE say THIS in a debate?!' The REAL problem with auto workers strike

The presidential candidates at the 2nd GOP debate were asked to comment on the United Auto Workers strike. But Glenn believes no one got it right. "I have no sympathy for the auto makers," Glenn says, after they got in bed with the federal government in 2008. Ever since then, they've all been pushing for electric vehicles. He also has no sympathy for the UAW, who was all for President Biden. The auto workers themselves, however, are getting hammered. Glenn breaks down the real reason the auto workers strike is concerning: it's a perfect example of how the economy is "in a death cycle." So, why won't anyone say this in a debate?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So here's the thing. I want to talk about one other thing they talked about last night. It really pissed me off.

Because nobody got it right. About the striking workers in Detroit.

And I know we have a new station in Detroit. Just hang on for a second.

I don't know if I will make friends or enemies. But just hear me out.

I have no sympathy, for the auto makers. The manufacturers.

Why? Because they got into bed with the federal government, in '08 with the bailout.

And they knew that they were never going to be able to extract themselves from it.

And they had to dump things, like the hydrogen car, which was way down the road.

It was much well-defined. There were already service stations. Shell was about to transform all of their service stations, and carry hydrogen.

But because all the green lovers. And Barack Obama. And he wanted an electric. Why would you want an electric. When you can make the energy here in America, hydrogen, 100 percent clean. Why would you want to go to a battery, that has all kinds of problems, environmentally speaking?

And you don't have the stuff to make them here in America. Why would you do that?

Well, they got into bed.

Congratulations, Chevy. You can start more fires than all the Boy Scouts in America can ever start.

So I have no sympathy for them.

I have no sympathy for the united auto worker's union.

Those guys went in deep.

For Joe Biden.

Now, they held out for a while. Because they didn't like his policies on green. But they eventually gave all their money. And all their support to Joe Biden.

And what did they get? What did they get?

Well, they got a hammer to the head for all of the workers.

But believe I me, there is a reason why these auto worker unions are doing this.

Because we're going into a global economy. Where we will unionize all countries, all across the world.

And guess who will get that extra income? The United Auto Workers.

And all the other -- why do you think Randi Weingarten was over in -- in Ukraine?

Because they're going to have united teachers foundations over in Ukraine.

That's how these unions are going to win.

How could they possibly win, when they are screwing their endorsement is screwing the auto workers. The auto workers. You know why they want so much money?

And they want now a four-day workweek, and everything else?

Because they know their jobs are gone. They know, it doesn't take that many people, that can be done here in America, to make an automobile, if it's all electric.

It takes fewer workers to do it. And a lot of it, the batteries and everything else, not going to be made here.

They'll be made here, like, you know.

Like American giant makes clothes here.

Okay. Well, there's one company, that you can -- but that's not 98 percent of the product, coming from America.

That's 1 percent of the product coming from America.

And they know it. And they know it.

But what does Joe Biden do?

Now, remember, we bailed out the auto industry, in '08. That's what got them into bed.

Now to get them, ford has lost $2 billion, this year alone.

All because of the EV.

So what does Joe Biden say? Joe Biden goes and says, they need this pay raise.

Well, I'm all for pay raises.

I'm for pay raises. Because everybody is losing money. Because of inflation.

But what causes inflation?

Inflation is caused by the government just printing more money.

Is what are they doing? They are printing money, so they can give the money to the big, you know, Ford and Chrysler and everybody else.

They can give these big bailouts to them. And they're subsidizing every car, if it's the car they want.

They're subsidizing every car. So that's what's causing your inflation.

Just that alone, is enough damage. But they're doing that on everything. Everything.

So I'm for them getting raises.

I'm good for them having a good life. Just like I'm for everybody having good health care and everything else.

But Joe Biden comes and says, yeah. You deserve that particular raise you're asking for. Which has what? It works out to like $135 an hour.

Or something like that.

The most expensive auto build is 60 or $65 an hour.

China is practically slave labor. Now, I'm not suggesting that, you know, we do slave labor.

And I'm not suggesting that we don't do $70 an hour.

It's expensive to live here in America. I get it. But you want to put the big three auto workers out of business? You start paying your auto workers, $135 an hour.

Which Joe Biden is for. They'll have money. But the money that it will pass the average person to buy the car, how much more will that add to the price tag?

So you do buy American cars, because they will be too expensive in America! And so what the government do? The government will make new incentives. And print more money. And try to offset that cost, so you will buy American.

You're in the death cycle.

You're in the death cycle, right now.

Why will no one say this, in a debate?

Why will no one actually talk about inflation?

And what is causing inflation? The price of your food is not going up. Okay?

You have to understand this.

The price of your food is not going up.

The value of your dollar is going down.

That's what's happening. Well, these people are getting rich off the backs of the American people.

No! It takes more dollars to buy the same thing. It's inflation. Everything the government is doing right now, is destroying our economy. Destroying our dollar. Destroying your ability to keep your head above water. And that is all Biden and this worthless bunch of economic geniuses. Who are doing things under different names, that have always failed.

Always failed.

We don't like to hear that last night.

We don't like to hear that. Instead of the placating of the unions. And then just blaming.

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it.

Dad WARNS parents: 'Government TRANSITIONED my daughter'

Dad WARNS parents: 'Government TRANSITIONED my daughter'

Glenn recently exposed just how dire the battle for parental rights against tyrannical governments in America has become. You can watch this full episode of Glenn TV here: Parental Advisory: The EXPLICIT Plot ... But the situation is even worse in Canada. Glenn speaks with a father, who wished to remain anonymous, who has spent years battling his government over simple parental rights. Ultimately, he was "hauled in" for refusing to "affirm" his daughter's gender, something the government called "family violence." Then, he was thrown in prison for refusing to obey the government's attempt to silence him. But that didn't deter him. He joins Glenn to tell his story and warn American parents that this Leftist tyranny is coming for them as well: "The world needs to know what’s happening to their kids in darkness."


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Just going to call you dad, on the program. Dad, how you are?

DAD: I'm good, how you are today?

GLENN: I'm good. Didn't expect you to sound this great. You have gone through hell for the last three or four years.

DAD: Yes.

GLENN: How did it start?

DAD: It started with my daughter in the public schools. They're -- they passed a program here called SOGI123. Stands for sexual orientation, gender identity.

And what that is, is it -- supposedly, they called it an anti-bullying program. But it's actually a policy. And what happens in the schools, they're essentially telling kids, you can be -- you know, you can be homosexual. You can be lesbian. You can be bisexual. All the letters of the alphabet of LGBT. And when my daughter went to school, it was when the pilot program was initiated.

And so she was indoctrinated among the first in his program. So that's kind of where it all started. So she had mental health issues. I knew that. But the school decided, we're going to direct her, towards being transgender. Because at that time, that's how they -- how they dealt with all mental health problems with children. Was just to transgender them.

GLENN: Jeez.

DAD: And the idea behind that. It sort of, to me, reminds me of a video game. Where you have avatars.

And these kids will sit there for hours, creating their perfect character. So now you have these adults, these perverted adults coming at your child and telling them, hey, if you're not happy being a girl, create your own -- whoever you want to be. Be an avatar. Forget about that sad girl. Become a boy.

Of course, this is a very -- alluring to them, right?

This will solve all their problems. That's where it all started in the schools.

Where I caught on, was fairly early on.

I didn't realize the extent of it all.

But at one point, you know, my daughter went to see a psychologist, who goes by the name Dr. IJ. These are publication names of all of these doctors. Because they're clearly so proud of what they do, that they're hiding behind confidential badges at this point. But I thought, you know, this is great. This person is going to fix this.

Clearly, my daughter is not a boy trapped in a girl's body. That's impossible.

But instead, he -- he went affirm. Affirm. Affirm.

And the next thing you know, my daughter is headed to the BC children's hospital here. In August of 2018.

And on her first visit. They will pump her full of testosterone.

I'm like, this is crazy.

My ex-wife gives me a call. I said, okay. I'll put a stop to it.

So they sent me what was called an Informed Consent Form. Which I find out later, it doesn't mean much.

Of course, my daughter was talking to -- my ex-wife signed it. I read it, and I refuse. It's talking about all the irreversible changes. You know, lowered voice. Increase growth of hair.

GLENN: Sterilization.

DAD: And sterilization.

And what this thing goes on to say, at the end, which is probably the whole thing, is that it says, the mental effects and safety of testosterone are actually not fully understood.

And there may be some risks that are not yet known.

It's in their consent form.

They're asking my daughter to consent to this stuff. Of course I said no.

So they have been asking for four or five months. So I finally get a letter in the mail, in December of 2018, and it's from the children's hospital. And they say, we don't need your consent. We're going to give her testosterone anyway, under something in British Columbia called the Infant Act. And you have two weeks to file in court.

GLENN: The Infant Act?

DAD: They call it the Infant Act in British Columbia.

GLENN: And wait. Wait. How old is your daughter at this time?

DAD: At this time, she's fourteen.

GLENN: Okay. This started when she was 11.

DAD: I would say around 11. Grade four and five.

GLENN: And she's not an infant now. I just want to make sure, she's not an infant.

DAD: No. Currently, she will turn 19 in October.

So that tells you how long I've been battling this. She's -- she's finally not going to be an infant and a minor soon.

But -- so, anyway, so I take it to court. Because I'm thinking. They will forget about the LGBTQ component of this.

You don't medically do something like this to a child, to a minor.

You know, I don't have feeling in my arm, so I will just have it cut off. Well, you don't let kids do this stuff. But, boy, did I have a wake-up call.

To find out what I was in the middle of.

And so, yeah. I filed, what they called a notice of motion. In BC provincial court in December of 2018, and it led to five years in the courts.

GLENN: And you went to prison, why?

DAD: Went to prison, as you mentioned. Yeah, that's sort of phase two of the story. The first part has to do with my actual battle to save my daughter from being a victim of all of this stuff. Of -- of the cross-sex hormones and the puberty blockers. And so what happened, in court, in January, the -- the judge said that, you know, for me to misgender my daughter, for example, was going to be considered family violence. All of these crazy things came out. I was not allowed to dissuade her from -- I can only affirm, affirm, affirm. Or that was family violence. So all of these rules were suddenly put on. Which pretty much eliminated my ability to parent her on this issue at all.

And so what I did, is -- I spoke with the Federalist after that ruling. And I said to the Federalist. I said, well, it's a delusion.

I'm going to keep calling my daughter a daughter if that's the reality. I don't care if the court is telling me to lie.

And so I was called in for family violence, under another judge. And then this is where they added all of the stuff, where I could be arrested again. There's a protection order on me, that says I could be arrested without warrant. Came up to the police.

And --

GLENN: For what? What do you mean? Arrested for warrant? For what?

DAD: Arrested if someone thought I was misgendering my daughter, or not affirming her.

So it was really kind of vague. It was really vague. And it showed you the power that the transgendered activists really had on this province. Probably in some sense, they still do. Although, things are changing, just like they are in the United States. That they could get away with something like this.

GLENN: Slowly.

DAD: Now, where the change kind of came in, and I should hit on this quickly.

The National Post, the big newspaper out here in January for this, when the court case was starting.

They put out a front page article on it.
You know, Who decides?

The parent, the doctor.

Now, the problem is, they tried to put my daughter on a pedestal. Because that had worked well for the transgender activist, to shame the father, but you do it publicly.

But the problem was, all the comments, at the end of the story, were supporting my position, and they were really going after the trends. And so this is when they thought, okay. New tactic.

We won't do it this more anymore. We will -- we will shut the story down.

They're not allowed to know what's going on. Because they will not end well for us. This will end -- and that's essentially, what they've tried to do.

GLENN: And so there was a gag order against you.

You would be sent to prison, if you violated the gag order. And spoke to any press member, or was it anybody, about what you were going through?

DAD: The honest truth, and this may sound super crazy. But my gag order actually said in it, that I could only speak to my two lawyers. Not even my parents or my family about this matter. Only my two lawyers. Said it's considered a privileged conversation over my daughter.

GLENN: This is insane. This is insane.

DAD: That's how bad it got. We appalled all of this. In the Court of Appeals. And we did go into the Court of Appeals, back in -- September of 2019. And we got a bit of a whiff. Five months later, and in that ruling, the BC Court of Appeals said, well, we're going to take away the protection order. We're going to make it a civil order. Instead of a criminal one.

And they also said, I do have the right to dissuade my daughter from being transgender. They said, we're taking away the affirmation model.

And they also said, yeah. Under the infant act, the parents don't get to decide, what their child wants to do. But neither does the child. Essentially what they said, it's on the shoulders of the doctors alone.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

DAD: So the doctors here in BC decide, whether your child transitions or not. The good news, when this contagion possibly comes to an end, which it will, there will be a lot of law cases, you know, a lot of girls being turned into boys that now have a right to sue that doctor, and say, hey, you know, why did you transition me? I didn't really know what I was talking about. And yet, you thought I was doing the right thing.

And this is the reason why I fight this so hard. Is because, you know, my daughter will never be able to come to me, personally. And say, hey, Dad. Why did you rush me down to the gender clinic?

And I'll say, I did. The opposite. I tried to save you from going to the gender clinically.

But you were rushed there from the government.

GLENN: Go ahead.

DAD: Keep in mind. In this case. It's not about parental rights at all. It's the government that transitioned my daughter. It has nothing to do with me or my ex-wife. What our positions were.

It was the government itself, which is different than what's happening in the US where they were handing off kids to the parent that will transition.

GLENN: All right.

DAD: That doesn't need to matter.

GLENN: Do you have any relationship with her now?

DAD: I don't right now. And I can tell you a bit what happened. This is a part of what they do over there on the far left. Is my daughter would sneak over to my place. And she would have to tell the -- the -- my ex-wife, her mom. That she was visiting friends at school.

And, of course, the lesbian activist lawyer Robert Finley attached as the lawyer for my daughter. And so what happened is my daughter at one point came and said to me, and said, Dad, I can't come over to see you anymore. And I asked her, why is that?

She said, well, they're giving me a choice. He said, if I keep seeing you, they won't fight for me to get microphones at his house.

So they said -- so essentially they bribed her. They said, pick your Dad, or pick -- becoming a boy.

And I haven't heard from her since. I guess she chose to become a boy. This is what they do with these kids. These vulnerable kids. Is they really gang up and bully on these kids.

And to get them to transition. And it's -- yeah. My daughter was a complete victim. But, again, this also destroys families. And I think that's also part of -- the intention. Is to destroy families as well. So to answer the question, I haven't seen her. Not since Christmas of 2019. The last time I saw her.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

Let me if I can just tell you, that amazing things happen over time.

My daughter went to Fordham University. And I was working in New York at the time. And they totally flipped her against me. I mean, totally flipped her against me.

I was a bigot, because I wouldn't agree with gay marriage. I had never been against gay marriage. I'm more of a Libertarian on this. I just don't think the government has any right to be in anybody's marriage, period.

And she was convinced because they held rallies against me and everything else, at her school.

DAD: Oh, wow.

GLENN: And I thought I had lost her forever. And after a while of getting out of school, and being, you know -- just being, you know, out from underneath thumb, she began to see things differently, and we're very close today.

So hopefully, it won't last forever. It will just be an agonizing time you lose with your daughter. And I'm sorry for that. Go ahead.

DAD: Yeah. And that's encouraging. Because, you know, that's -- I go through this with my conscience clean. And I hope that, you know, my arms are wide open, waiting for her to come back. After, you know, she's done whatever she's doing. Which is terrible. Which is terrible for herself.

But, you know, I'm waiting here for her. And I would like to think that at the end of the day, it will be those that affirmed her, she will resent. And she will appreciate what I tried to do for her. Even though I didn't succeed for her.

Obviously, I'm so thrilled, as what I'm seeing, as we are succeeding in countries around the world.

You know, in Europe, obviously the United States. How many states. And even in Canada. Our federal government. Or sorry, not government.

But, you know, they passed a resolution. One of them being that they will never allow anyone of the age of 18, to medically transition.

And so, so hopefully they do. They're up in the polls right now, people want this stuff.

But -- but anyways, I guess this goes to the second part of -- of my story in some ways.

I went through the first half pretty quickly.

But so -- so we had this ruling on the BC court of appeal.

And we're debating whether to appeal that to the Supreme Court of Canada.

In fact, we kind of worked on it.

And any time decided, well, we sort of got this, to see the doctors down the road.

Let's just leave it, because the -- the -- the -- the federal court, in Canada, is pretty loaded up with left-leaning judges. And so we thought, well, we probably would do better for a repeal going forward. So at that point, I fired my two lawyers. Not because of this. But because to protect them.

So I fired my two lawyers. Got them off the record. And I said, okay. Well, that's the end of the line, legally for the moment.

I'm going to protect them. And I'm going to break all these gag orders. You know, the world needs to know, what's happening to their kids in darkness in these schools.

You know, as an example, that came out in affidavits, when my daughter changed her name, from her female name to a male name, I was under the impression, that this was by her design. No. It was the school counselor, that changed her name.