This Popular Band Eerily Predicted Today’s Politics and World Events in a Song From 2009

Between Brexit in England and Donald Trump’s victory in America, the world seems to be falling for populism. Did a song from 2009 predict it?

The band Muse released an album in 2009 called “Resistance,” which featured the song “United States of Eurasia.” On radio Tuesday, Glenn used the song to illustrate the frustration of the American people after being promised “massive change” by leaders.

“We don’t know or care who’s to blame/But we know that whoever holds the reins/Nothing will change,” the band wrote.

Media figures and politicians alike worldwide would benefit from reading these lyrics, Glenn asserted.

Especially in the context of President Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan Monday night, the lyrics on war are poignant: “And these wars they can’t be won/Does anyone know or care how they begun?/They just promise to go on and on and on.”

“I believe if the media and the politicians all across the world listened to the lyrics of Muse they would see their future,” Glenn said.

In his address, Trump said the U.S. military won’t be leaving Afghanistan in the near future, while still more troops will be deployed to America’s longest conflict. Trump didn’t specify how many more soldiers will be sent to Afghanistan. While he promised that “we will win,” he didn’t detail what a U.S. victory would look like.

GLENN: Last night, the president said that he wants to send another 4,000 troops into Afghanistan.

STU: Did he say that? I don't think he did say that, did he?

GLENN: Well, no. He didn't actually give the number, you're right. They're speculating that it will be another 4,000 troops that they're going to send into Afghanistan. It could be more.

I -- I mean, we had 100,000 troops in there. But what -- we didn't win. I don't know what winning even looks like.

PAT: How many did the Soviets have in there all through the 80s?

GLENN: It's the place where empires die. And, you know, the idea was, let's go in and get Osama bin Laden. We did.

And now we're still there. Children -- children that were born during this war, in 20-, what? -- -19, will be eligible to go fight in the same war.

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: We are entering a time to where war is becoming meaningless for those in wealthy countries. Because we're not fighting them ourselves. And they're becoming more and more robotic. And our -- our drones are fighting, which are being flown here in the United States. It's a video game.

Is there some responsibility that we have as people to actually feel the pain of war? Is there some responsibility that we -- we actually know that human lives are being -- are being taken in our name?

I'm a huge fan of Muse. They're not a fan of mine. But I'm a huge fan of Muse and met Bellamy, who is just a brilliant, brilliant writer.

There was a -- a CD that came out called the resistance back in 2009. And I think it's my favorite muse collection. And it is -- the lyrics in 2009 I thought were spot-on.

But if you want to know why Brexit happened -- this is a -- this is a band that really is huge over in Europe. And you want to know what people are feeling, why Brexit is happening, all you have to do is read the lyrics of Muse. You see it.

If you want to know what people are feeling and why if Donald Trump begins to fall into line with all of the other presidents, that will make two presidents in a row that promised massive change.

Barack Obama delivered his massive change. He -- he went with health care. He got that done. He got a lot done.

This president does not have the support of the G.O.P. He's fighting the G.O.P. What a surprise.

So he's not going to be able to deliver on anything big. And when that happens, there's only two consequences: They turn on him, or he turns along with the people on Congress.

Both the G.O.P. and the Democrats. And a lot of people think that's good. It's not. We're not a country of revolution. We're not a country of Civil War.

The last time that happened, it almost killed us. We escaped by the skin of our teeth. And it was horrible -- scenes of death everywhere.

I want you to listen to the lyrics of -- of a song from Muse. It came out in 2009. And ever since I saw the president speak last night, I -- I kept hearing these lyrics over and over in my head: You and me, we are the same. We don't know or care who is to blame. But we know that whoever holds the reins, nothing will change. Our cause has gone insane. And these wars, they can't be won. And you want them to go on and on and on?

Why split these states when there can be only one. And must we do as we're told? You and me, fall in line, to be punished for unproven crimes. And we know that there's no one we can trust. Our ancient heroes, they're turning into dust. And these wars, they can't be won. Does anyone even know how they begun? They just promise to go on and on and on.

I believe that if the media and the politicians all across the world listen to the lyrics of Muse, they would see their future. People feel as though they're not being listened to. People feel as though they're being lied to. People feel like everybody's in on it, except them.

It doesn't make sense, to us. So what is it that they know that they're not telling us? Because there's no way you win these wars.

Who's profiting on these? Because it's our kids that we're sending off. It's our kids that are paying the price. And we don't even know why they're being fought.

And we are entering a place to where -- where Muse goes. And that is an uprising. And you don't want an uprising.

I don't think the average person wants an uprising. I don't think the average person has really thought it through, when they say, "Destroy the whole system." This system is -- is divine. It's just been so badly abused.

This system was designed to put you in power. For the first time in human history, to put you in power. And what happened?

It gave us so many riches. It gave us so many diversions. It gave us so many things that made us fat and happy and, honestly, blind and lazy, that we didn't keep our eye on the ball.

Go back today and listen to Eisenhower. I -- I truly believe it's the last time a president gave a really self-sacrificing speech.

Dwight Eisenhower was the allied commander of all of the forces. He was a general. He -- if there's anybody that knew what the military could do, it was him.

If there's anybody who had respect, the respect of the armed forces and the respect of all those who fought with him, it was Dwight Eisenhower.

He becomes president. And he talks about the military-industrial complex. Now, this is something that has become a conspiracy theorist's dream. It's a utopia for conspiracy theorists.

Oh, the military-industrial complex!

But he warned us, if you don't -- he said, for the very first time, we're going to have to have a standing army. We're going to have to have new technology. We're going to have to do things that we never thought possible because we could all be dead in 18 minutes.

But that's going to require you to stay vigilant, or the military-industrial complex, the people who are just making money on the growth of machines of death are going to control things.

And I don't want to say that the people that are making war machines are evil. It's just -- this is just the system we're living in. And they're making money, and nobody wants to see their money cut off. So they just keep going.

And I honestly don't think it's because of money or anything else. But I don't know what the reason is, we're still fighting these wars. Because if you wanted to fight to win, the United States has that capacity. It can fight to win. It can change the world, just with its military might.

And then come home.

I want to talk to you next hour about an answer to all of this, something I started talking about yesterday, that we all kind of have to do. It's time to take an inventory. It's time to find out what we really believe, what we really -- who we really are, and begin again with a blank sheet of paper.

What is the story we're going to write for our country? What is the story we're going to write for ourselves? We'll do that, next hour.


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