New Orleans Is ‘Ill-Prepared’ for Hurricane – Who Is at Fault?

People living on the southern coast are bracing themselves for the impact of Hurricane Harvey, but one key city is reportedly “ill-prepared.”

Despite enduring the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans is not equipped to deal with this new storm, with “many of the city’s pumps and turbines out of service,” according to an NBC News report. City officials are turning to emergency evacuation plans as the Category 2 hurricane strengthens and threatens to rise to a Category 3-level storm.

On radio Friday, Glenn encouraged Americans to prepare for the storm and come together as communities.

“As long as we remember we’re Americans; we make it,” he said. “When the chips are down, that’s when we’re at our best.”

Glenn blamed the lack of preparation in New Orleans on state corruption, saying that it’s not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure that states spend their resources wisely. He and the guys also talked about another state in financial trouble: Connecticut.

“We may have spent money on things we shouldn’t have spent money on,” Glenn paraphrased Connecticut officials’ explanation of the problem.

GLENN: So here's what's going to happen to the great state of Texas: Texas is going to be possibly pummeled with this storm. And Texans will gather together, and we will take care of each other. And we will heal each other. And we will rebuild. And then we'll move on with our life.

Because that's what Texans do. It's an interesting thing to watch Texas prepare for a hurricane. They know what to do. And they know that they can trust their neighbors and their friends. And nobody here is looking for the federal government to do anything.

Did you guys see -- who was it that said -- oh, it was Matt Drudge. May I ask what the hell happened with Matt Drudge and Donald Trump? What happened? Does anybody know?

PAT: No.


PAT: No.

GLENN: Okay. Did you see -- the headline was, "First major test of Donald Trump."

JEFFY: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: And this was -- he was making a big deal out of, "Is Donald Trump even ready?"

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: You know what, New Orleans should have been ready. It was New Orleans' fault. It wasn't the president's fault. And I would have said that under -- under Barack Obama. It was foreseeable that Katrina was going to happen. In fact, a year before -- correct me if I'm wrong, Stu. Almost to death, wasn't it? I did an episode on radio of the ten most dangerous cities in America. And most of them were from all kinds of different things. But mainly, at the time, it was due to terror. And everybody was expecting New York was going to be number one.

I think we did it over a two or three-day period. Didn't we?

STU: Yeah. And the other one -- the other big one everyone was talking about was LA for the big earthquakes. That was another one.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

And it -- I remember, it took the audience by surprise because it took me by surprise when we did our homework. The number one most dangerous city in America was New Orleans. And I said, "It is way overdue for a major hurricane. The levies have never been repaired. They keep asking for, you know, more tax dollars to fix the levies. But they never fix the levies. It's a giant bowl."

We should post that, that episode. And it was a year later that Katrina happened. I only bring that up because I'm not a genius. All I did was, I got together with my research team and said, "Hey, guys, what's the most vulnerable? You know, with the power grid, with terrorism, with everything else, where are our vulnerable?"

Surprisingly, we found New Orleans. So whose fault was it? Was that George Bush's fault? No, that was the corrupt system in the city of New Orleans that constantly asked for more bond money, more money to fix the levies, then never fixing them right, and then waiting until the last minute.

What is Texas doing today? I can guarantee you that Texans are battening down the hatches, and they are ready. And if Galveston or Corpus Christi or anyplace else, God forbid, is damaged, we in Texas, all of us will be on the front lines to help them. And, federal government, we don't need your help. I don't need to see a FEMA truck. We don't need to see a FEMA truck.

STU: Though you will. Absolutely. I will assume if it does get as bad as they're saying it's going to be --

GLENN: Though you will. Correct. Correct.

But do you have any doubt that if the FEMA tracks didn't make it, Texans wouldn't survive?

STU: Oh, no. Of course.

GLENN: Yeah, Texans are going to survive. And I want to -- I just want to spread this message to you: So will we. We could be hit by the biggest hurricane. We could be hit by the biggest financial hurricane, we could even be hit with civil war and global war -- I told you yesterday, in 30 -- in the next three months, in the next 90 days, I do not believe it is probable, but it is possible that the United States is hit by a massive 2008 or worse-style economic crash. Say that happens in October.

By Christmas, we could be in a global conflict because our enemies would see our weakness and our distractions. We could be in a global conflict.

And because our enemies are with -- inside the gates, between the neo-Nazis -- the white supremacists and the black supremacists, we could be in civil war. By Christmas, it is not probable, but it is possible for a reasonable person to think, major economic downturn, civil war, and global war -- that could happen.

Are we going to make it? Yeah. Should we choose. Yes.

As long as we remember who we are, as long as we remember, "We're Americans, we make it. We pull through it. We come together. In the end, when the chips are down, that's when we're at our best."

That hasn't been lost in Texas. You know what the other story on the hurricane is? That if it turns, it could -- it could actually hit corpse, then go back into the gulf, get some more strength and then come back and hit Galveston. But it also could hit New Orleans.

And what are the -- and what's the story on New Orleans? New Orleans sorely prepared. What?

PAT: How is that possible? How is it even possible?

GLENN: Corruption. Horrible government. That's why.

PAT: Gee.

GLENN: And it has nothing to do with the federal government. It has nothing to do with the last eight years of Barack Obama. It has everything to do with a horrible, corrupt state and local government. Period. That's what it is. The local government of New Orleans wants to spend their money elsewhere.

Did you see in Connecticut they're having problems making payments on all the loans?


GLENN: And now Connecticut bonds are starting to look bad. Really? I would have thought Connecticut would always be able to pay their bills. I mean, they weren't wasting money.

STU: Yeah. I remember they had a big controversy a couple decades ago, because they didn't have an income tax. And they said, if they just passed this income tax, then we would solve all of the problems financially of Connecticut. And then they passed it. And it went into effect.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So how could they possibly be in trouble?

So here's what the state government said this week -- I love this -- we may have spent money on things we shouldn't have spent money on. No!

STU: No! I won't hear it.

GLENN: Shut up. Shut up. Yeah. They say we're just -- we're just finishing paying for prisons that we're closing down.

PAT: Huh. That's great.

GLENN: I mean, just crazy. Just crazy.

So all you have to do is just recognize who we are. And also, I want to -- I want to throw something else in there. Going to take a quick break and then going to come back. The other part of that is, know who you're standing with. Know who you're standing with.

Because there is an amazing thing going on, that people sound pretty reasonable. I'm going to play -- I'm going to play some incredible audio, where the guy sounds pretty reasonable in this little clip that I heard. And then all of a sudden, something comes out, and you're like, he said, what?

I hate to say the word "most incredible" anymore because, I mean, every day something is the most incredible whatever. But holy cow, this -- if this doesn't, you know, in a very scary, slash, hysterical way show you, you better open your eyes because it's -- it's not what you think it is, it's just not what you think it is, nothing will.


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