‘A Country Founded on Equality’: Bono Encourages Americans with This Stirring Speech

During a U2 show in San Diego, the singer Bono reached out to Americans who feel discouraged and reminded them of the greatness of their country.

America “has become our second home,” Bono said. “It’s not just a country, is it? … It’s a great idea; it’s one of the best ideas ever.”

“A country built on hope cannot be driven by fear,” Bono went on to say in the brief address in between songs. “A country founded on equality cannot allow hate to pull it apart.”

On radio Tuesday, Glenn and Stu listened to Bono’s words of encouragement in a time when Americans could especially use some perspective.

“What a great message,” Glenn said.

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GLENN: So what matters most today? What matters most? There's a lot of stuff that matters. Matters a lot. But to me, what matters most is trying to find ways to feel good about ourselves. But not on, I feel better because I just had a bowl of M&M's. Yeah, you're going to feel crappy after that. Once you finish it, you're going to feel crappy.

Something that's real. And we have lost perspective. Sometimes you get so close to something, you're like, "It's a blue dot. It's just a blue dot and a green dot and a red dot." Back up. Back up. Gain some perspective. You're too close. It's a Seurat painting. It's a painting of a park in Paris. "Oh."

And right now, Americans are too close and all we're seeing are blue dots, red dots, green dots. We cannot see -- we don't have perspective at all on who we are.

And everything is -- everything -- you know, we didn't talk about this yesterday. I mentioned it. And let me mention it again. But we should talk about it.

Did you see what Facebook said about how they missed the -- some of the influence advertising from Russia? Did you see this?

STU: No.

GLENN: So -- what's his name running for president.

STU: He's not running for president at least. Mark Zuckerberg.

GLENN: Zuckerberg. So Zuckerberg said, "You know, one of the things we missed is they were setting up a lot of advertising for Black Lives Matter." Now, isn't that interesting?

STU: They were setting it up for Black Lives Matter.

GLENN: Russia was paying for ads for Black Lives Matter. Isn't that interesting?

STU: That is interesting.

GLENN: That doesn't seem to really go along with the Hillary Clinton, we want her out. We want Donald Trump in, does it?

STU: No. What was the explanation?

GLENN: There was no explanation, other than, that's one of the reasons they missed it.

STU: So you think it was they were covering themselves? Like, trying to send them off the trail? Or --

GLENN: No, no. They only want chaos. They only want us to rip each other apart. Do I think that Vladimir Putin would have liked to see Hillary Clinton win? No. Does that make him for Donald Trump? No.

I think what Vladimir Putin really wants is chaos in the West and chaos in America. He knows that Abraham Lincoln was right. If there's ever going to be a revolution, if we're ever going to kill -- if America is ever going to die, it's going to by her own hand. It's going to be suicide. Because we'll just tear each other apart. And so that's what they're doing. They are doing everything they can to push every single button to tear us apart. And we're gladly going right along with it.

As we're watching -- do you think Vladimir Putin and our enemies -- any enemy of America, do you think they're not licking their chops when they see what we're doing this week, just with the NFL? They're laughing. This is great for them. Kim Jong-un, this is great for him. Because we're destroying ourself, because the thing that we always had was unity. We always -- America -- look, America is -- I guess I'm the quintessential American because this is really the way I feel about me.

I'll get it right. But only after I've exhausted every other possible opportunity. Eventually, I'll get it right. That's America.

We'll get it right, but only after we've -- only after we've tried everything else. But we do get it right. And we come together. When push comes to shove, we come together. When we do, we change the world. That's why we have to remain divided.

And there are people on all sides that want us to be divided. Because once we say, you guys, both of you, knock it off -- see, the children -- if you have children, you know this. The children know if they can divide mom and dad, they win. They win.

And that's why it's critical, as parents -- if you're a new parent, you need to have a talk with your spouse and say, "We're never going to be divided." I don't care -- I don't care if you've just told the children we're going to go out on a killing spree tonight. When they come to me and say, "Mom said we're going on a killing spree," I'm going to respond to them, "Your damn right we are." Then I'm going to come to you away from the kids, and I'm going to go, "What the hell are you talking about with the killing spree? We're not doing the killing spree." But as far as the kids know, I am all in on the killing spree.

Kids understand, divide mom and dad, and you're -- and we win. They're toast.

Breaks up the family. The kids in our society, they know this too. And that is why -- that's why you feel like looking at people on both sides and just say things like grow up. Because they're behaving like kids. And they are trying to appeal to either mom or dad.

It's why the adults, even though we disagree, I'm not going on a killing spree with you. Yes, we are, kids. I mean, yes, we are, kids.

The adults will have a reasonable conversation. But we have to be united. And because we are letting our emotions, we are letting our fear and our anger drive us, we are becoming part of the problem.

And it's because we feel as though we're under attack in every aspect of our life. We feel as though my kids are under attack. The culture is under attack. My job is under attack. My finances are under attack.

My church is under attack. My faith is under attack. Everything. Everything that I am.

I'm constantly under attack.

And as long as people can make you feel that way, they can control you.

But once in a while, somebody can come from overseas, somebody who has perspective because it's not their family. And they can remind the family exactly who they are.

Bono just did this in San Diego. I just got an email from the editor of And he said, happened to be in a concert with my wife in San Diego.

You need -- you need to hear this. This is Bono on stage in San Diego just a couple days ago. Listen.

BONO: This is a country that we love, a country that has become our second home. And you've been so generous to our band. And we don't take that for granted. We really love this country, and we love you. And it's not just a country, is it? It's an idea. It's a great idea. It's one of the best ideas ever. Is it not?


America. But if we're honest, that idea right now is in need of some encouragement. Some protection. A country built on hope cannot be driven by fear!


A country founded on equality cannot allow hate to pull it apart. Is that not true?

GLENN: Founded on equality.

BONO: We all have a stake in your success. We want the city on the hill to shine. We all have a responsibility to work for that promise. Because there's nothing -- there is nothing this country cannot do when you work together as one. One!


The United States of America.


GLENN: What a great message.

STU: He believes it too.

GLENN: What a great message. That's what makes it good.

STU: Yeah, I mean, it really is. It's from the U2 tour, which is fantastic, by the way. I saw it in Dallas. And he did a similar thing there. I think that was after the time, after the shooting.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: And he was talking about how we really need to honor, you know, Steve Scalise and the service he's put in -- like, you would never hear a band do this, right? That's not what happens. But he was praying for Steve Scalise's recovery. I mean, it's fantastic. And he legitimately believes America is a great place and believes in the founding ideas of this country, even though you don't agree with him politically on everything.

GLENN: When was the last time you heard somebody say a country that was founded on equality cannot be ruled by hate?

STU: That's amazing because you don't hear that it's founded on equality very often.

GLENN: No. Never.

STU: And, obviously, there were major flaws in that. But it's just like we had heard earlier with Brad Meltzer, it's like, there's flaws in everybody. You know, this country is never --

GLENN: It's like looking at a Model T and saying, "Henry Ford was an imbecile. He was an imbecile because look at the Model T.

The Model T was an idea. It was an idea: Man doesn't have to use a horse.

What it turns into is up to the future generations. Yes, it didn't have air bags. I can't believe he wanted people to die. It didn't have air bags. They didn't think of it that way, at that time.

STU: They did the best they could. And, honestly, like, if you wanted something that could actually rejuvenate -- you forget sometimes that we live in a great place. And you watch the news with all the kneeling and everyone fighting about it and all the division, stuff like that really does bring you -- like a cool place. You can see the video. I guess we're going to have it up on Or is where it was submitted from.

But it's -- Bono does this a lot. And I think because he's a celebrity. And because he occasionally says things that are liberal or things you might not agree with, people brush him off and throw him into that same sort of pile of annoying celebrities.

In reality, the guy freaking loves this country. And he's been consistent about that for a very long time.

GLENN: Somebody asked me the other day, if you could interview one person, who would it be? And I said, Elon Musk.

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yeah, but I think it might be Bono. If I could interview one person, it might be Bono. Elon Musk, for sure. But just ahead of him, maybe Bono. Because he has experience on both sides. And he sees it -- he has grown and seen it. And seen it work and fail from both sides.

STU: He has incredible perspective. And he's a great interview. The guy, he's got a way with words. Elon would be interesting too because he's so connected to what's coming in the future.

GLENN: Yeah, I heard a quote from him. I watched an interview with him over the weekend. And I heard a quote from Elon Musk. And he said -- they said, "Why are you -- why are you doing this? Why are you doing all these things, and why are you going to Mars and everything else?"

And he said, "Because I want to be able to think of the future and be happy."

Isn't that amazing?

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: I want to be able to think --

STU: He's a pretty pessimistic dude.

GLENN: No, he is a pessimistic dude. But I thought that was interesting. I want to be able to look at the future and be happy.


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