Scientist Says His Fat-Burning Drug Is Almost Ready After Years of Research

Is the world ready for a magical drug that not only burns fat but also increases muscle?

Researcher Ronald Evans thinks he’s almost there after a breakthrough a decade ago that came with some deadly side effects. In 2007, Evans was completing a study showing that mice on a certain drug burned more fat and were more athletic – even without much exercise.

Evans warned over and over that the pills were not ready for humans to take, but people didn’t listen to the part about cancerous tumors developing in the mice.

Ten years later, the researcher believes he’s found a drug that can boost metabolism and muscle without disastrous side effects. The first test will be used to fight Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a gene mutation affecting around 1 in 5,000 men.

Bloomberg reported:

“A drug that promotes the benefits of fitness could have widespread applications,” [Evans] says with more than a little understatement. Beyond tackling obesity, a pill that replicates the benefits of exercise could help reduce the risk for chronic inflammation, diabetes, even cancer.

On today’s show, Pat and Jeffy were definitely ready for this miracle drug to be on the market.

“I’m in,” Jeffy said.

“Who isn’t?” Pat asked. “This would be the best-selling pill in the history of the world.”

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

PAT: Some other good news: This is pretty amazing, if it turns out to -- to be what they say it has potential to be. They've developed -- scientists named Ronald Evans has been working on a fat-burning pill. Now I got your attention, right? It supposedly -- the one he developed in like 2007, so it's been ten years since he initially developed it.

It worked on mice to the extent that they lost weight and -- and they were in such good shape, it was like they had been working out. It's almost like a workout pill.

And so he said at the time, it's not ready for humans yet. We have to test this for a while.

JEFFY: Right. Which they were doing.

PAT: Well, China reverse engineers these things. And they come up with some sort of powder and start selling it. Athletes are buying it, because they hear how great it works.

JEFFY: Right.

PAT: Ronald Evans is saying, wait. Hold it. There is a reason why I said this isn't for human scampings yet. This could cause Casper. And it has for certain people. Now (?) to the point to where it's not harmful to humans, and it burns fat. And it -- it changes your body's metabolism, to where your body thinks it's been working out and responds accordingly.

JEFFY: I'm in. I'm in.

PAT: Who isn't? This would be the best-selling pill in the history of the world, I'm guessing.

JEFFY: Ever.

PAT: Can you imagine if you could burn fat with a pill? Oh, count us all in on that.

JEFFY: Can I imagine? Yes. Yes, I can.