Hillary Is up to Her Elbows in Russian Uranium

How did Russia come to control 20 percent of the U.S. uranium supply? What’s Uranium One, and why is the FBI investigating it? And what do the Clintons have to do with all of this?

Glenn answers those questions and more in this 3-minute clip with what you need to know about the bombshell report this week that may connect a Russian scheme with the Clinton Foundation. The FBI started investigating Russian efforts to control the uranium supply in 2009, and details have slowly surfaced since then.

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“Why would Congress never look into the link between Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One, even after the New York Times reported it in 2015?” Glenn asked.

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GLENN: Okay. Hillary Clinton might want to stop talking about so much Russian collusion. And here's why: In 2010, the Obama administration and the US committee on foreign investment approved a deal that allowed Russian atomic energy agency called Rosatom, to buy a majority stake in Uranium One. What is Uranium One? Uranium One was a Canadian company with significant uranium mining rights in the US.

Now, the committee on foreign investment reviews all the deals that could result in foreign control of American business, that has anything to do with national security.

This deal gave Moscow control of 20 percent of the US uranium supply. Uranium is kind of important. I can't remember, Stu. What does -- I can't remember. It's toasters or something.

STU: Alfredo sauce.

GLENN: That's what it is.

In 2013, Rosatom bought the rest of Uranium One. Meaning, Vladimir Putin now controls one of the largest uranium-producing operations in the entire world.

Now, most of these facts were known before. We talked about it when it happened. The press didn't seem to care about it. Some did report. But for some reason, this story never gained any traction.

Maybe it's because everybody thought, oh, Vladimir Putin, he's our friend. The new bombshell twist to the story was reported by the Hill this week, that starting in 2009, the FBI investigated Russia's efforts to infiltrate the US nuclear materials industry.

And with the help of a secret US informant working with the Russians, the FBI compiled evidence of bribery, kickbacks, extortion, money laundering, and such.

In the US, by Rosatom officials, FBI also had evidence that Rosatom and Uranium One officials donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Let me say that one again. I want to make sure that I have this. The FBI also has evidence that Rosatom and Uranium One officials donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, even while Clinton was Secretary of State and while she was on the committee of foreign investment, which approved the purchase of Uranium One. Hillary did not disclose those donors to the Obama administration, even when she agreed to do so.

What a shock there. So why would the Obama administration sign off on those deals when the FBI had several years of corruption evidence against Rosatom? Why would Congress never -- why was the -- why were they never briefed about this FBI poll and its findings?

And why would Congress never look into the link between Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the sale of Uranium One, even after the New York Times reported it in 2015?

Hillary, what happened? I think you need a follow-up book just to address this shady chapter of your political career. Because the American people deserve answers.


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