Why Is This Halloween Decoration in Texas ‘Tearing the Neighborhood Apart’?

Yet another protest against the Trump administration has divided neighbor from neighbor.

A yard decorated for Halloween and featuring a tombstone designated for President Donald Trump is causing controversy in a Texas town.

On today’s show, Glenn voiced his frustration over this story, which reflects so much of the unnecessary conflict we see every day in our own communities.

“This little rift in this small town in America … is a micro-chasm of what’s happening in our entire country,” Glenn said.

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GLENN: The tombstone reads burn in hell. Now, that's a rather harsh epitaph. You would have to be a despicable human being to deserve, burn in hell, on your gravestone. Just think, the person was so odious, that someone actually spent money on the gravestone and engraved, burn in hell. Wow, what did you do in life?

Thankfully, it cost Fabian Verrega only ten bucks at Party City. The tombstone is a Halloween decoration on his front lawn. The scene is complete with bright yellow caution tape and a fake corpse rolled up in garbage bags. It's a half-hearted attempt, as far as Halloween decorations go, at least in Texas, which I don't -- I mean, people have been constructing stuff on their homes for like the last two weeks. It's -- Texans do things big here.

Anyway, his yard has -- has caused a controversy in his neighborhood.

In fact, it's tearing the neighborhood apart. Why? Because the burn in hell thing is only part of the tombstone. Up above Burn In Hell, it says President Donald Trump.

Okay. For the love of God. Now, Fabian's neighbor, Teresa, was so disgusted by the scene that she called the town to see if they could force Fabian to remove the headstone. She said, I want to know how far freedom of speech goes. Quote, Fabian needs to be removed from the neighborhood, end quote.

Okay. I think freedom of speech goes a little farther than you think it does. Fabian responded to his neighbor's threats by saying, quote, I'm doing it for fun. It was a joke. I like Halloween. So I don't think anything is wrong with that.

It's a free country. Well, this little rift in this small town in America, over stupid Halloween decorations is a microcosm of what is happening in our entire country.

And, America, you need to hear this. Fabian, Teresa, stop acting like -- no, you're not even acting -- that's an insult to children. Stop it. Knock it off.

It is distasteful to make a display about any president's death. And, quite honestly, if anybody would have done that about Barack Obama, it would have been on the front page of every paper. And I would have said the same thing.

It's wrong. Don't joke about a president's death. Even on Halloween. And burn in hell. That's not cool, man. Come on, what are you doing?

But Fabian is entitled to do what he wants. It's his house. It's his property. It's his life. As he said, it is a free country.

Now, Teresa, you're wrong because you don't have the power to eject someone from your neighborhood because you don't like them or you disagree with them.

How far does the First Amendment go? Much farther than you think.

The only reason we have the First Amendment is to protect the speech that the majority doesn't like. The First Amendment protects Fabian's free speech. And that is the way it is and always should be. But that's on the ropes.

I hate that I even have to tell this story. Now, here's another point: Can we please leave politics out of kids' holiday? Please. It's a stupid holiday for kids.

Let's remember Halloween is for them. And, quite frankly, they don't give a pixie stick about your political agenda. Give them the candy and move on with your life.


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