Here’s Why Any Politician Who Promises to ‘Bring Back Jobs From China’ Is Lying

What’s going on? 

Foxconn, a major contractor for Apple that has an infamous history of reportedly overworking and abusing employees, is cutting 10,000 jobs to make way for automation.

Glenn’s take: 

A company that thinks little of their employees committing suicide is going the cheaper route by switching to robots. You should never believe politicians who vow to “bring back jobs” that were outsourced to China because those jobs are rapidly being overtaken by automation. They won’t exist anymore.

“When China is automating and getting rid of human laborers, something that is cheap and meaningless to them, you can guarantee that those kinds of jobs are not coming back to America,” Glenn said.

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GLENN: Thank you so much for tuning in today. Did you see this, Stu?

You want to talk about, I'm going to bring these jobs back from China and why that's a lie. And anyone -- any politician, left or right, who says we're losing jobs to China, I want you to listen to this story.

Foxconn. You know what Foxconn is, right?

STU: Yeah, they're the big sort of manufacturer. A lot of I Phones. And, you know, they're famous for having tough conditions in China.

GLENN: Suicides.

STU: Yeah, suicides.

STU: Suicides in their factories.

GLENN: Their factories are like slave camps. Your i Phone, I think, it's being built by a slave.

And what they do is you get -- congratulations, you're out of the rice patty. You can come in and get a job at Foxconn. But you have to live where you work, in these horrible conditions. You eat where you work. You never leave.

People -- they've had to put fencing all around the -- the top of the roof because people keep throwing themselves off of the roof. I mean, it's horrible.

Foxconn is planning to slash more than 10,000 jobs, as a part of the company's aggressive efforts to increase the use of automation.

When China is automating and getting rid of human laborers, something that is cheap and meaningless to them, you can guarantee that those kinds of jobs are not coming back to America.


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