Here’s What the Media Cheering for Kim Jong Un’s Sister Have Forgotten

The media played right into the hermit regime’s hands when North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong, sister to leader Kim Jong Un, appeared at the Olympic Games.

Kim Yo Jong was praised for showing up Vice President Mike Pence, North Korea was adulated for its diplomacy, and the country’s army of red-clad cheerleaders “stole the show.”

Glenn talked about the media’s blind spot for North Korean atrocities on today’s show and reminded people of what oppression looks like with a painting preserved from Auschwitz, a notorious Nazi concentration camp. Why do we think it’s OK to fawn over North Korea when we know their people are being tortured and imprisoned in similar ways?

“How does the press miss that Kim Jong [Un’s] sister is not some innocent bystander? She is the minister of propaganda and agitation,” Glenn said on today’s show.

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GLENN: The Dachau concentration camp in Germany is a place overrun with misery and despair. It was established by the Nazi government in 1933. One of the first concentration camps. At Dachau, some of the horrific medical experiments were tested on prisoners. This is where the Nazis figured out what -- what's this deal with hypothermia? How cold do you have to be to get it? Is there a way to come back from it?

They use the prisoners to test their attempts at making seawater safe to drink. They intentionally inflicted contagious diseases like malaria and typhoid fever on people to test how they could treat them. At least 28,000 prisoners died horrific deaths at Dachau.

Vice president Mike Pence and his family visited the concentration camp last year. Photos surfaced of that. And the Pence family, they're all overcome with sadness.

The press has a problem with that. I don't know how you're supposed to feel any different, leaving Dachau.

When the photo turned into an internet meme of sorts with people mocking the Pence's for looking grim, people are now trying to make this -- this photo into a game.

On a level of one to the Pence family, how sad are you? Oh, my gosh. Where is the -- where is the Anti-Defamation League?

What can somebody possibly gain from tastelessly commenting on the Pence family's photos from Dachau? A few chuckles from a stranger in their basement? A few hundred retweets by like-minded idiots or Nazis?

The internet could make us smarter, but it's made us dumber. There's a big lesson here. Just because you can post it, doesn't mean you should.


VOICE: It's Monday. February 12. You're listening to the Glenn Beck Program.

GLENN: I went to Auschwitz with my family. And I'll never forget it. My -- my daughter Hannah couldn't go past the first couple of buildings.

She was just overwhelmed. I stood at a window in Auschwitz. Looking out the window, trying to get some air, in a room that was filled with prosthetic legs and arms. And my daughter, my oldest daughter Mary who has cerebral palsy came up to me, and she said, Dad, they would have killed me.

And I walked over to this window, and as I'm trying to get some air, I look. And just outside the fence is what appeared to be a swimming pool.

And I said to somebody, that can't be a swimming pool.

Oh, yes -- yes, it is. That's -- that was for all of the camp guards and their families.

And it was literally no more than 50 feet from the wall. And on the other side of the wall is where they were executing people. On the other side of the wall, directly -- directly 50 feet on the other side, from the pool, was a -- was a building where they used to experiment on women without any anesthesia, especially pregnant women. Before the time of ultrasound, Germans had a non-stop supply of women that they could impregnate. And then see how the body worked.

I was doing a documentary. And we went through the camp. And there's a picture of us going in. And then, strangely, one of my favorite pictures of my wife and I, and it's not one for display. It's one that's just in an archive. Because it -- it -- it's my favorite because my wife and I, it was taken right towards the end.

And we were out of the camp. And I'm standing behind my wife. And the look on our faces -- I don't even recognize us anymore. We're not even the same people.

And I -- I like it because it explains us. I was standing behind her. I didn't even think of it at the time. But as soon as I saw that picture, I thought, she is always shielding me.

I don't know -- I don't know what is wrong with people anymore. How can we possibly be laughing and taking pictures of somebody from their time in a concentration camp, and then making that into a joke?

I'm going to take an early break. Because I want to tell you a story on the other side that I don't think people -- I don't think people have any concept of what they're doing anymore.

And, you know what, we are better than this. We just don't think anymore. We just do.

More in a minute.

GLENN: So before we go back to Mike Pence, let's review what the press did this weekend with Kim Jong-il's sister.

STU: Yeah. She stole the show, Glenn. Big propaganda minister from the -- from the north. North Korea. She is stealing the show at the winter Olympics, read USA Today. Headline. She is the Ivanka Trump of North Korea said the Washington Post. She is the winner of the diplomatic gold at the Olympics. The cheerleaders were praised. She was praised.

It's as if they didn't know who they were or this was a complete mystery to them, unless, of course, you believe that it doesn't offend them as much as they say it does.

They didn't even really point out that they were offended. Again, this is a concentration camp spread over a nation.

GLENN: So let's just talk about concentration camps here for a second and show you -- show you how happy they can be.

This is a painting. And we'll post this on and on my Facebook. But this is a painting that was painted in Auschwitz. Paintings by artists in Auschwitz happened from time to time if you could paint. You could maybe do a portrait of somebody. And you could send it back. However, that's not this painting.

Usually, you would have to do landscapes. Something extolling Germany, et cetera, et cetera. And then the guard would give you some extra whatever.

This is believed to be one of the few remaining secret paintings. This was -- this was painted -- let me get his name here, by John -- John HEP Saursnick.

Saursnick painted this, and what they would do is if they could get their hand on canvas or paints, they would paint them and they would roll them up and they would keep them.

A lot of those were about the camp themselves and the prisoners. This one is the old city of Jerusalem. And you could see in this -- in this painting, you see the women and children walking down. And you see these skeleton-like figures standing off the corner. They look like three rabbis or three Orthodox Jews. They're standing here. And there's this one man kind of in a dystopian field, looking at those men and watching everyone.

This was believed to be a happy painting. If you see it, you see that it is all in grays and blacks. And it is really depressing. And very dystopian looking. The reason why is because right down at the corner, the bottom, it is signed, 90639.

This was painted by a prisoner in Auschwitz. He died in January of 1944 in Auschwitz.

How it got out, we don't know. Where it was kept, we don't know.

We just know his serial number, and we know who he is. We know that he was born in 1909. And he died in 1944.

In Auschwitz. That's a happy painting. How to -- how does the press miss the fact that Mike Pence was at a concentration camp?

How does the press miss that Kim Jong-il's sister is not some innocent bystander. She is the minister of propaganda and agitation.

Meaning, she's the one that tries to make everybody say, oh, look how happy they are. And that's exactly what the press reported.

She is Goebbels. You know, our problem is, is that there's no personal responsibility anymore. You're only in trouble when the government or the press tells you you're in trouble. And so we've stopped looking at people as humans. We're not even seeing each other anymore.


Let’s thank the Pilgrims for defeating Socialism this Thanksgiving

This year marks the four hundredth anniversary of the first Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims and their Wampanoag allies in 1621. Tragically, nearly half of the Pilgrims had died by famine and disease during their first year. However, they had been met by native Americans such as Samoset and Squanto who miraculously spoke English and taught the Pilgrims how to survive in the New World. That fall the Pilgrims, despite all the hardships, found much to praise God for and they were joined by Chief Massasoit and his ninety braves came who feasted and celebrated for three days with the fifty or so surviving Pilgrims.

It is often forgotten, however, that after the first Thanksgiving everything was not smooth sailing for the Pilgrims. Indeed, shortly thereafter they endured a time of crop failure and extreme difficulties including starvation and general lack. But why did this happen? Well, at that time the Pilgrims operated under what is called the "common storehouse" system. In its essence it was basically socialism. People were assigned jobs and the fruits of their labor would be redistributed throughout the people not based on how much work you did but how much you supposedly needed.

The problem with this mode of economics is that it only fails every time. Even the Pilgrims, who were a small group with relatively homogeneous beliefs were unable to successfully operate under a socialistic system without starvation and death being only moments away. Governor William Bradford explained that under the common storehouse the people began to "allege weakness and inability" because no matter how much or how little work someone did they still were given the same amount of food. Unsurprisingly this, "was found to breed much confusion and discontent."[1]

The Pilgrims, however, were not the type of people to keep doing what does not work. And so, "they began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop than they had done, that they might not still thus languish in misery."[2] And, "after much debate of things" the Pilgrims under the direction of William Bradford, decided that each family ought to "trust to themselves" and keep what they produced instead of putting it into a common storehouse.[3] In essence, the Pilgrims decided to abandon the socialism which had led them to starvation and instead adopt the tenants of the free market.

And what was the result of this change? Well, according to Bradford, this change of course, "had very good success; for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been."[4] Eventually, the Pilgrims became a fiscally successful colony, paid off their enormous debt, and founded some of the earliest trading posts with the surrounding Indian tribes including the Aptucxet, Metteneque, and Cushnoc locations. In short, it represented one of the most significant economic revolutions which determined the early characteristics of the American nation.

The Pilgrims, of course, did not simply invent these ideas out of thin air but they instead grew out of the intimate familiarity the Pilgrims had with the Bible. The Scriptures provide clear principles for establishing a successful economic system which the Pilgrims looked to. For example, Proverbs 12:11 says, "He that tills his land shall be satisfied with bread." So the Pilgrims purchased land from the Indians and designated lots for every family to individually grow food for themselves. After all, 1 Timothy 5:8 declares, "If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

We often think that the battle against Socialism is a new fight sprouting out of the writings of Karl Marx which are so blindly and foolishly followed today by those deceived by leftist irrationality. However, America's fight against the evil of socialism goes back even to our very founding during the colonial period. Thankfully, our forefathers decided to reject the tenants of socialism and instead build their new colony upon the ideology of freedom, liberty, hard work, and individual responsibility.

So, this Thanksgiving, let's thank the Pilgrims for defeating socialism and let us look to their example today in our ongoing struggle for freedom.

[1] William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1856), 135.

[2] William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1856), 134.

[3] William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1856), 134.

[4] William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1856), 135.


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