Retired Super Bowl champ & Army Ranger vet says THESE two skills are needed for our day


The nation is currently facing some of the most challenging times in history. Pandemics, corruption, rising socialism and an implosion of trust on all levels, just to name a few.

While it's true tyranny is creeping over our country, it doesn't have to be an inevitability. But what can anyone do? The odds seem so daunting and the trials so trying, it may be hard to feel like you have anything to offer to the fight. But there are a couple of things you can work on to be able to join the cause and contribute in meaningful ways.

These lessons are often learned on the sporting field in our youth and the skills learned and character traits built, often pop up later in life. For one American hero, the lessons learned on the sporting field were only the beginning.

Jake Bequette was fortunate enough to have his hard work pay off and played football collegiately at the University of Arkansas and even went on to win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Bequette retired at the age of 26 but not to a retirement community in Del Boca Vista. No, Jake felt the call to join the Army Rangers and the 101st Airborne Division and the lessons he learned are lessons everyone should learn for the times we are now facing.

Bequette shared a few things he learned on the field of competition and the field of battle that will benefit anyone greatly as we fight to stave off the reeducation camps and poverty that will surely ensue.


You won't catch Jake passing mask mandates and then having a fancy dinner at French Laundry. He believes accountability for our actions is truly transformational.

"One of the foundations of a strong sports team or a strong platoon in the Army is accountability at all levels," Bequette said. "That's from the leaders of the organization down to the lowest private. You have to take ownership of your actions, you can't make excuses. If something's wrong in your profession, in your life, in your circumstances, you have to take ownership of that. You can't shift the blame to someone else, you can't look for someone else to bail you out... you have to take the reins and ask yourself; 'How am I going to take control and improve my situation, my life — TODAY.'"

One of the foundations of a strong sports team or a strong platoon in the Army is accountability at all levels.

When you feel those promptings to make changes, listen and follow through. Holding yourself accountable is just as important as holding our public officials accountable.

Intellectual Courage

Cancel culture has even the toughest talkers checking their Twitter feeds to make sure they haven't done or said anything to anyone that could ever be considered even slightly hateful or offensive. But silence in the face of this evil really is evil itself.

"So many people today are rightfully afraid to speak their mind. It's a tragedy of our national discourse that in a country like America that has always prided itself on free speech, that people feel like they can't speak their mind for fear of retribution. A true leader is someone who stands up for people who can't always speak for themselves," Bequette said.

"We have too many people today who are too afraid to stand up. We need people to stand up and lead and show people it's ok to speak your mind but we also need people all over to realize your not going to receive laurels for speaking the truth. But that doesn't mean the truth should be hidden or shouldn't be said."

If this seems like a big ask, start small. Share your thoughts and feelings and solutions to a spouse or close friend and don't be afraid to have difficult conversations.

Tough Times Bring Blessings

It's easy to complain and think the world is crashing down when the world actually is crashing down. But even with the monumental challenges we are facing, there have been and will continue to be blessings we could never have received without facing this opposition.

"When I went into the Army, the goal from the beginning was always to graduate from US Army Ranger School. It's a 62-day course if you go straight through and I had a really strong group of young lieutenants who I went through the Infantry Officers course with before Ranger School and we all share that common goal, that common purpose. And we entered Ranger School with 350 people and by the end, there were only 75 that made it straight through," Bequette said.

"To go through it with those young men who I had trained with for months before Ranger School and we all set that goal individually and collectively and we all had the attitude of you either return with your field or on it. To graduate on that rainy October day with all my good friends and comrades, we all cleared that goal together — that was one of the proudest moments of my life. In my company, in my platoon, we're going to set high goals and set them publically and we're going to do everything in our power to achieve them."

Standing up at this time is not easy. There will be throngs of people ready to pronounce you finished with even the slightest misstep. But if we tackle the challenge together, America can achieve the same type of comradery and unity and a sense of a fight well fought.

But it doesn't take becoming an Army Ranger or playing in the NFL to develop the skills needed to meet the task at hand.

But it doesn't take becoming an Army Ranger or playing in the NFL to develop the skills needed to meet the task at hand.

"Not everyone is going to be able to be on a football team or go to US Army Ranger School but that doesn't mean you can't set high goals for your family, for your career, your spiritual life. We can all have that same mentality whatever our circumstances might be," Bequette said.

Super Bowl Prediction

Any guesses on who he's picking to win the Big Game Sunday? If you know anything about the two teams playing, you know exactly who he's going with.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rooting for Tom Brady. He was such a great teammate, obviously an amazingly talented football player, the greatest quarterback of all-time but I think he's a very underrated leader. If that's even possible," Bequette said.

"He leads by example. He's one of the hardest working guys day in and day out and Tom has tremendous courage. Tom Brady is totally unafraid of holding his teammates accountable. It struck me immediately when I first saw him on the practice field. He is an encourager, he's naturally a very friendly teammate but if you're not meeting his expectations or the expectations of the team, he is totally unafraid to let you hear about it publically. To me, that is the hallmark of a good leader."

It's no surprise but Jake puts into practice what he preaches. He just picked the oldest quarterback to ever play in the Super Bowl over the top rising star and league MVP as well as Glenn's neighbor, Patrick Mahomes. Kudos on the courage but will they be celebrating with Metamucil instead of Champagne if the Buccaneers pull of the upset?

POLL: What did YOU think about the 2nd GOP presidential debate?

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

Wednesday was a big night for the Republican presidential candidates during the second GOP debate... OR WAS IT?

Glenn wasn't impressed with the debate. In fact, he went as far as to say it was the worst Presidential debate BY FAR he had ever seen for THIS reason: NO ONE discussed the major issues that Americans are actually facing.

Inflation has doubled Americans' grocery bills. Gas is nearing a historic record of $100/barrel. We have DOUBLED our national deficit. Bidenomics and the globalists' green agenda pose an existential threat to core American industries while we continue to fund the Ukrainian people's pensions and small businesses. It is as if our government has forgotten the American people.

It is as if our government has forgotten the American people.

Do YOU think the candidates hit the mark during the second GOP debate? Do you support Trump's decision to skip two debates in a row? Let us know in the poll below!

Do you think the 2nd GOP debate was overall positive?

Did the candidates debate issues you are concerned about?

Do you think the "real" debate was between Trump and Biden in Michigan?

Do you think any of the other GOP candidates can beat Trump? 

Do you think Trump can beat Biden? 

Do you think any other candidate besides Trump can beat Biden?

Do you think it was a mistake for Trump to miss the first debate?

Do you think it was a mistake for Trump to miss the second debate?

COVID is back! Or that is what we’re being told anyway...

A recent spike in COVID cases has triggered the left's alarm bells, and the following institutions have begun to reinstate COVID-era mandates. You might want to avoid them if you enjoy breathing freely...

Do YOU think institutions should bring back COVID-era mandates if cases increase? Let us know your thoughts HERE.

Morris Brown College

Both of Upstate Medical's hospitals in Syracuse, New York

Corey Henry / Senior Staff Photographer | The Daily Orange

Auburn Community Hospital, New York

Kevin Rivoli / The Citizen | Auburn Pub

Lionsgate Studio

AaronP/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor | GETTY IMAGES

United Health Services in New York

Kaiser Permanente in California

Justin Sullivan / Staff | GETTY IMAGES

There was a time when both the Left and the Right agreed that parents have the final say in raising their children... Not anymore.

In the People's Republic of California, the STATE, not parents, will determine whether children should undergo transgender treatments. The California state legislature just passed a law that will require judges in child custody cases to consider whether parents support a child’s gender transition. According to the law, the state now thinks total affirmation is an integral part of a child’s “health, safety, and welfare.”

We are inching closer to a dystopia where the state, not the parents, have ultimate rights over their children, a history that people from former Soviet nations would feign repeating.

Glenn dove into the law AND MORE in this episode titled, "Parental Advisory: The EXPLICIT plot to control YOUR kids." To get all the research that went into this episode AND information on how YOU can fight back, enter your email address below:

If you didn't catch Wednesday night's Glenn TV special, be sure to check it out HERE!

The Biden admin has let in MORE illegal aliens than the populations of THESE 15 states

GUILLERMO ARIAS / Contributor | Getty Images

There are currently an estimated 16.8 MILLION illegal aliens residing in the United States as of June 2023, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). This number is already 1.3 million higher than FAIR's January 2022 estimate of 15.5 million and a 2.3 million increase from its end-of-2020 estimate. Even Democrats like New York City's Mayor Adams Mayor Adams are waking up to what Conservatives have been warning for years: we are in a border CRISIS.

However, this isn't the same border crisis that Republicans were warning about back in 2010. In the first two years of the Biden administration alone, the illegal alien population increased by 16 PERCENT nationwide, imposing a whopping net cost of $150.6 BILLION PER YEAR on American taxpayers. That is nearly DOUBLE the total amount that the Biden administration has sent to Ukraine.

This isn't the same border crisis that Republicans were warning about back in 2010.

These large numbers often make it difficult to conceptualize the sheer impact of illegal immigration on the United States. To put it in perspective, we have listed ALL 15 states and the District of Colombia that have smaller populations than the 2.3 MILLION illegal immigrants, who have entered the U.S. under the Biden administration. That is more than the entire populations of Wyoming, Vermont, and South Dakota COMBINED—and the American taxpayers have to pay the price.

Here are all 16 states/districts that have FEWER people than the illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. under the Biden administration.

1. New Mexico

Population: 2,110,011

2. Idaho

Population: 1,973,752

3. Nebraska

Population: 1,972,292

4. West Virginia

Population: 1,764,786

5. Hawaii

Population: 1,433,238

6. New Hampshire

Population: 1,402,957

7. Maine

Population: 1,393,442

8. Montana

Population: 1,139,507

9. Rhode Island

Population: 1,090,483

10. Delaware

Population: 1,031,985

11. South Dakota

Population: 923,484

12. North Dakota

Population: 780,588

13. Alaska

Population: 732,984

14. Washington DC

Population: 674,815

15. Vermont

Population: 647,156

16. Wyoming

Population: 583,279