13 examples of the left telling the same lie

The lie:  Mitt Romney pays a far lower income tax rate than the average person.


Why it’s a lie:  Where do I begin?  Depending on which data you look at:

---the IRS shows that about 97% of Americans pay less than Romney’s rate.

--even when you include payroll taxes, the CBO estimates the rate to be under 15%.

--households making over $1 million will pay an average of 29.1%. That is higher than 15%.


Examples of the lie:  This list is far from exhaustive, if you see any others, feel free to leave them in the comments and maybe I’ll update.

Jon Stewart, Comedy Central   

"How in the world do you, Mitt Romney, justify making more in one day than the median American  family makes in a year -- while paying the same tax rate as the guy who scans shoes at the airport?"


This is a pretty good question.  How in the world would he justify something he is not doing?  I don’t know how that works.  What I do know, is that he is most certainly not paying the same tax rate as someone scanning shoes, leaving this question pretty much unanswerable.  Between 87-97% of Americans pay below 15% (depending on which income measure you use).   You could say this is another blatant lie from Jon Stewart, but don’t worry!  He’s just doing comedy and therefore should be universally praised because he is so incredibly adorable.


Al Sharpton, MSNBC  

"The average middle class American — Warren Buffett’s secretary pays 30 percent about. Is that fair?”


The average middle class American pays nothing close to 30%.  Neither does Warren Buffett’s secretary, if she earns $60,000 as he claims.  In fact, half of the country pays no income tax at all, which would make it hard for the “average middle class American” to pay 30%.  That would mean the top half would have to pay an average of 60%, which isn’t happening…yet.


Terri Sewell, D-AL 

“I think that something is fundamentally wrong if a person of his great wealth is only paying 13.9 percent effective tax rate and most of Americans are paying 28- 30 percent and they make far less.”


No, “most of Americans” are not paying 28-30 percent in taxes.  Even if you use income numbers to get the most beneficial results possible, only about one half of one percent pay those rates.


Soledad O'Brien, CNN  

“What do you think they're going to say when they say, God, I pay 28 percent effective tax rate and here's a guy who is worth $250 million and he's paying significantly less percentage-wise.”


Well, considering “they” don’t pay a 28 percent effective tax rate, it’s hard to know what “they” would say.


Joe Trippi, Democratic Strategist

“Romney makes more than 99.9% of us and pays less tax than 99% of us.”


This might be the worst of the entire bunch.  Does Romney make more than 99.9% of us?  Approximately, yes.  Does he pay less tax than 99% of us?  Sorry, you’re only off by 96%.


Robert Reich, Economist, Sec of Labor, Clinton Admin   

“Romney says he pays a tax rate of “about 15 percent.” That’s lower than the tax rate most of America’s middle class face and far lower than the 35 percent top rate after the Bush tax cut.”


Nope.  Most of America’s middle class pays less than that.  Aren’t you an economist?


Chris Matthews, MSNBC    

Romney pays “14 to 15 percent in taxes compared to what most people who work hard, do well in this country pay about 35, and above if you count state and local almost 50.”


Chris is a little careful and includes “do well” in his statement.  Nice slight of hand, Tingles.  What is “do well” mean in this sentence?  Certainly well into the seven figures.  Strange that MSNBC is finally starting to believe that millionaires work hard.  When did that start?


WTSP, Tampa 

“Romney told reporters in South Carolina he pays tax at a rate of around 15 percent. Compared to the 2012 IRS Tax Brackets, that's 20 percentage points lower than what most wealthy Americans pay. In fact, an individual making as little as $8,700 per year could pay the same tax rate as Romney.”


Eeesh.  This is a little sad.  Whoever wrote this just doesn’t understand how to read tax tables.  No, you can’t pay 15% on $8700.  It’s impossible.  Even without deductions.  That’s just where the 15% BRACKET starts.  You pay 10% on the first $8700.  You’d have to earn around $40,000 to get to a 15% effective rate without any deductions, a position that literally no one is in.


Huma Khan, ABC News

“The tax rate that Romney paid both in 2010 and 2011 is less than what most middle-income Americans were required to pay, mainly because a majority of Romney's earnings were derived from investments rather than wages.”


No, Huma.  No. Most middle-income Americans pay less than that.  Why didn’t you fact check this stat like I spell checked your name?


Adam Serwer, Mother Jones 

“That means Romney—estimated to be worth between 190 million to 250 million dollars according to the New York Times—pays a lower effective tax rate than millions of Americans who aren't close to being millionaires.”


Unlike a lot of these people who just don’t know the facts, Mother Jones does a solid job with good old- fashioned spin.  Look at the wording: “millions of Americans who aren’t close to being millionaires.”  That’s true if you don’t think people who make between $200k and $500k aren’t close to being millionaires.  Since that’s subjective, I guess he’s safe.


Cenk Uygur, Current TV

"He (Romney) doesn't go and put on a hard hat and go to work anywhere, presses a couple buttons I'll invest in this, I'll invest in that and for that he pays less taxes than the average guy does."


You’re probably going to be stunned by this, but some guy on Current TV isn’t telling you the truth about the rate that the “average guy” pays.  Shocker.


Diane Sawyer, ABC News  

"The multi-millionaire Romney confirmed today that a lot of middle class Americans have to pay a lot more of their income in taxes than he pays of his."


I actually like Diane Sawyer.  COME ON Diane.  Unless you are using bizarre definitions of both “middle class” AND “a lot” –this just isn’t true.


Jessica Phelan, AM 950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota 

“They reveal he (Romney) paid about 15 percent of his multimillion-dollar fortune in federal income tax, well below the national average.”


Nope.  The average tax rate is about 11%.  15% is not “well below” 11%.


Lewis Diuguid, Editor, The Kansas City Star 

“His (Romney's) tax rate is close to 15 percent. That compares well to most Americans paying up to 35 percent on income from wages and salaries.”


This is a great one.  Look at the wording: most Americans pay “up to 35%.”  They don’t pay 35%.  But they do pay “up to 35%.”  He manages to attack Romney by just pointing out that most Americans could, in theory, pay as high as 35%.  They don’t…but they COULD.


Daily Kos  

“It's not fair that Mitt Romney pays less taxes than actual humans.”


That’s true.  We should totally jack up the cyborg tax rates.

We did our homework over the weekend; we did the research so we can tell you what is likely coming from Senate Democrats regarding President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Based on our research and the anonymous people who have already come forward to talk about Coney Barrett's youth, these are the main shocking things you can expect Senate Democrats to seize on during the confirmation process…

A man has come forward under the banner of "#MenToo," to say that in second grade, Amy Coney Barrett and her best friend at the time, cornered him at a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese and "injected him with a full dose of cooties." Which, if true, would obviously be disqualifying for serving on the highest court in the land.

Then there's a woman who says when she was nine-years-old, she lived on the same street as Amy Coney Barrett. She alleges that Coney-Barrett borrowed her VHS tape of Herbie Goes Bananas and did not return it for at least six months. And then when she did finally get the tape back, the woman says Coney Barrett did not even bother to rewind it. The FBI has interviewed at least two witnesses so far who say the tape was indeed not rewound and that it was very upsetting to the owner of the tape. Again, if true, this is troubling – clearly not the kind of integrity you want to see in a Supreme Court justice.

Apparently, in their elementary school days, they liked to drink milk – and lots of it.

The same neighbor also dropped a bombshell allegation about the drinking problem of Amy Coney Barrett and her closest friends. Apparently, in their elementary school days, they liked to drink milk – and lots of it. The neighbor says she "frequently" witnessed Coney-Barrett and her friends chugging entire cartons of milk – often Whole Milk, sometimes Chocolate Milk, occasionally both at the same time through a funnel.

Unfortunately, shooting-up cooties, injurious rewinding, and potential calcium-abuse are not even the worst of it.

A third person has now come forward, another man, and this is just reprehensible, it's hard to even fathom. But he alleges that in fourth grade, when they were around ten-years-old, Amy Coney Barrett and a group of "four or five of her friends" gang-GRAPED him on the playground during recess. He alleges the group of friends snuck uneaten grapes out of the cafeteria and gang-GRAPED him repeatedly in broad daylight. In other words, and I hate to have to spell this out because it's kind of graphic, but the group led by ten-year-old Amy Coney Barrett pelted this poor defenseless boy with whole grapes. He recalls them "laughing the whole time" as they were gang-GRAPING him.

He recalls them "laughing the whole time" as they were gang-GRAPING him.

Obviously, even if just one of these allegations is half-true, no Senator with a conscience could possibly vote to confirm Coney Barrett. When there is a clear pattern of destructive childhood behavior, it always continues into adulthood. Because people do not change. Ever.

Fortunately, for the sake of the Republic, Democrats plan to subpoena Coney Barrett's childhood diary, to see what, if any, insights it may provide into her calcium habits, as well as her abuse of illicit cooties and the gang-GRAPING incident.

We will keep you posted on the latest, but for now, it looks like Democrats will find plenty in the reckless pre-teen life of Amy Coney Barrett to cast doubt on her nomination. And if not, they can always fall back on her deranged preference for letting babies be born.

[NOTE: The preceding was a parody written by MRA writer Nathan Nipper.]

On the radio program Friday, Glenn Beck discussed the recent news that a primary source for the Steele Dossier — the document on which much of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation was based — had been investigated by the FBI for contacts with suspected Russian spies. Glenn also shared several previously unpublished texts and emails from FBI agents have recently been released.

According to a letter sent by Attorney General William Barr to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Thursday, the FBI knew early on that the research compiled by ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele relied on a "Primary Sub-source" that had been "the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation from 2009 to 2011 that assessed his or her contacts with suspected Russian intelligence officers" — but still used it to obtain warrants to spy on former Trump campaign-aide Carter Page.

But, it gets even worse. Now, new leaked texts and communications from FBI agents within the department at the time of the entire Russian collusion effort were disclosed in federal court filings on Thursday. According to the court documents, FBI agents purchased "professional liability insurance" to protect themselves in January 2017, just weeks before Donald Trump was inaugurated president, because they were concerned about the agency's potentially illegal activity during the Russia collusion investigation.

"Trump was right," one FBI employee wrote in response to then-President-elect Trump's Jan 3, 2017 tweet which read: "The 'Intelligence' briefing on so-called 'Russian hacking' was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!"

Watch the video below for more details:

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Chief researcher Jason Buttrill joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to discuss an "explosive" new report released Wednesday by Senate Republicans on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Among other serious allegations, the 87-page report claims that "Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow," and the richest woman in Russia.

"The transactions discussed [in the report] are designed to illustrate the depth and extent of some questionable financial transactions. Moreover, the financial transactions illustrate serious counterintelligence and extortion concerns relating to Hunter Biden and his family," the report stated.

Jason suggested the Senate's findings provide additional evidence to back allegations of a money-laundering scheme, which Glenn detailed in a four-part series about Biden's shady connections to Ukraine. Learn more on this here.

"Laundered money is very hard to track to its finality," Jason explained. "I'm sure the Biden camp is really hoping that it just looks suspicious, but [investigators] don't ever find the eventual end point. But, if they do – and it's possible they already have – this is going to be explosive, very explosive."

Watch the video below for more details:

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Revolutions rarely happen overnight. The Left started laying the groundwork for November 3, 2020, the moment Hillary Clinton had to concede the 2016 election to Donald Trump. It was always solely about getting rid of President Trump — and there's a playbook for that.

Last week, Glenn Beck showed you the "Seven Pillars of Color Revolution" written by a former U.S. diplomat, which are the conditions that must be in place for a successful Eastern European-style "Color Revolution." The left seems to be pushing for a Color Revolution this election because they are using the exact same playbook.

In part two of this series, Glenn peels back the layers on the first four of these Color Revolution pillars to show you how they work and what the end goal is. And he reveals one of the architects of the playbook – a Color Revolution specialist, former ambassador, and former Obama administration official who is one of the key masterminds of this revolution.

Joining Glenn is political campaign veteran and BlazeTV host Steve Deace who says the polls that claim Biden is leading the race "are trash." We're being set up to believe that if Trump wins in spite of the polls, it must be an invalid election.

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