Cause of Accident That Killed 13 People Revealed

Glenn discussed the horrific church bus accident that claimed the lives of 13 people last week.

The 'National Emergencies' Coming to Give Dems Even MORE Power | Friday Exclusive | Ep 304

The 'National Emergencies' Coming to Give Dems Even MORE Power | Friday Exclusive | Ep 304

The government overreach happening in America is getting more blatant. Does the Left think we won't fight back, or are the elites just getting arrogant? On today's Friday Exclusive, Glenn goes through the various ways the government is infringing on your rights, including your right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and a two-tiered justice system. Also, BlazeTV host Matt Kibbe joins in-studio to go over the Biden administration's assault on the American people and the "emergencies" coming down the pipeline to give the Democrats more power, including a possible economic emergency and another COVID-19 power grab. Also, Glenn and Matt debate whether America has officially fallen into fascism and banana republic territory. Lastly, will Dr. Fauci be held accountable for his actions during the COVID-19 pandemic? Matt Kibbe explains why he believes the Deep State might finally be done with the controversial doctor and who he would be interested in for president.

Glenn Beck reads Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's 'Bongos' and regrets EVERYTHING

Glenn Beck reads Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's 'Bongos' and regrets EVERYTHING

What's more cringeworthy: Listening to Sen. John Kennedy read the explicit "children's" books that the Left wants to put in school libraries or listening to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's just-as-explicit new single, "Bongos"? Glenn decided to put these two head-to-head and gives Cardi B's new song a dramatic reading remix that nobody asked for.


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STU: Cardi B. She built her career on incredible lyrics and songwriting.

GLENN: No. I'm not going to.

STU: Along with Megan Thee Stallion.

GLENN: No. I'm not going to be roped into this. No.

STU: No, I believe you said I could pull the Cardi B ripcord at any point during this programming.

GLENN: Okay. Would you rather here -- stop, no, I'm not. You're cheapening this art.

Would you rather hear Senator Kennedy reading from a pornographic children's book?

STU: No. I've seen this video. Only in video form. Where they describe what happened. And I don't want to hear it.

GLENN: I think we should play a little bit of it. And go in with an open.

VOICE: Let's take two books. That have been much discussed. The first one is called All Boys Aren't Blue.

And I will quote from them.

STU: I don't know that we need to hear his --

VOICE: I put some lube on. And got him on his knees.

STU: I've had --

GLENN: You've had enough?

Then why do you want the Cardi B thing?

STU: That's a great question.

I really don't have an answer to that.

I really don't.

I don't know why.

Partially because I just that, I can't listen to Senator Kennedy doing that. Look, I respect what he's doing here.

It's important that he's doing this.

However, it makes me cringe for him.

And I will then -- when you're doing the Cardi B thing. I will cringe for you. I want bad things to happen.

GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen.

Cardi B. Megan Thee Stallion.

The lyrics from Bongos.

Bong, bong, bong, bong, we good? Bong, bong, bong, like a drum. Bong, bong, bong, bong, this is fire. Bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong. N-word. Eat this A like a plum. Plum. This P-word, tight like a nun. Nun. Better chew it up like it's Yum gum.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: You don't think that this is --

STU: Do you still have that Senator Kennedy video? Pull it up?

GLENN: We were talking about this earlier. Stop the music.

Because I -- we were talking about lyrics. There is nothing in any song today, that doesn't revolve things that go inside of you.

STU: That's really the only option of song writing.

GLENN: It is. Love songs. Nothing.

Nothing. And how does anyone listen to this and think this is good?

STU: Well, we don't even know what happened in the song. How would we question that?

GLENN: Well, that ain't your N-word?

He is both ours.

STU: Why are you saying N-word so much still?

GLENN: P-word? Tight like a nun.

Counting hundreds up with my thumb. Thumb.

I don't care where you're from. From.

Better beat this S like a drum.

Oh, girl.

Don't be talking S like you know me.

Woo. I ride D like a pony.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: Girl that N-word look like a brokey.

Real hot girl S.

Go and F with his homey. He's a -- a -- that's all I have.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lyrical stylings of Cardi B.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: And Megan Thee Stallion.

STU: Go, Megan.

GLENN: Megan. Megan. Megan Thee -- she is. Wow.

STU: That's -- that's...

GLENN: I don't think our culture has gone downhill. Not at all. Not at all.

STU: It's well written. You may not like the music, but you can tell -- that is a lyrical masterpiece.

GLENN: At this point, I am rooting for AI to take over.

Rebecca writes in about --

STU: AI legitimately would not allow you to come up with those lyrics. Because they would say, there's all sorts of racial slurs.

At the very least, they would stop you at that.

GLENN: Oh, now you've challenged me.

STU: You think you can get --

GLENN: I think I could get --

STU: No way.

GLENN: I just I'm -- hmm.

STU: No way.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: You cannot get AI to -- up to produce.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

STU: Something like that. With those words in it.

Those are naughty words.

GLENN: I believe I've been challenged.

Congress must STOP THE SPENDING before it's too late

Congress must STOP THE SPENDING before it's too late

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warned at the Barclays Global Financial Services Conference that the U.S. is "spending money like drunken sailors around the world and that an economic "soft landing" is probably not coming. Glenn reviews the real state of the economy and insists that Congress must stop the spending before it's too late. He also argues that every presidential candidate needs to be asked what they would do to curb inflation. Is any candidate willing to dramatically downsize the government? Glenn and Stu discuss.


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GLENN: Jamie Dimon.

He has -- he has been warning about the risks to the economy.

He just was speaking at the Barclays global financial services contract. Conference in New York.

All of the best people are there. It's -- it's unbelievable. We went to New York. And there's these places called delis. And they have all kinds of sandwiches.that regular people eat. Oh, I felt like I was a regular person. Anyway, at the global financial services conference, Jamie Dimon said, you know, I've been saying that there's some headwinds coming. Kind of like a tornado is coming. Including, geopolitical tensions. Government spending. Monetary policy tightening by the central banks. And our government has been spending money like drunken sailors around the world. And that -- drunken sailors. You need to -- you know, I -- I -- I just want to say. This government, people claiming that they spend like I spend.

I don't spend like that. That's an insult.

To say the consumer is strong today means you will have a booming environment in the days ahead, a huge mistake.

He said, all this talk of a soft landing, is probably not coming.

You think?

And, you know, so there you have it, from an expert. In you let a boob tell you.

We're in a good part.

Okay. All right.

If we are -- speaking of Corn Pop. If we were popcorn, not the same as one bad dude, corn pop. Same letters. Just -- just -- okay?

If we were popcorn, the economy was popcorn.

It is still in the cupboard, waiting for you to go get it, and put it in the microwave.

That's how far along the line we are in this tough financial system we're in. Maybe it's been taken out. And you're like, I have to open up this plastic bag. It may be there.

STU: Yeah. And they're telling you, hey. Don't you want to eat some popcorn?

And you say yes. Because you like popcorn. Then they give you the colonels, and expect you to chew them.

You know, without them ever popping. This is a -- you're ruining your teeth with this particular.

GLENN: He said, everything that is being done right now, we will not see the full effects of for 12 to 18 months from now. So all of the spending that's going on, and, by the way, next hour. I am going to go into what we're doing in Ukraine. It is, to me, it is the clearest case of corruption. Of why the impeachment matters. What was that really all about? The lies of, we've got to fight Russia now. Otherwise, we will fight them later.

I'm reading this book on the -- on Kennedy.

And his problems with the generals, and all the neocons.

And one of the main generals, that was in charge of, I think it was a strategic air command. SAC.

You know, he's revered in the military. He actually wrote and said, in the 1960s, like 1961, it's inevitable, that we will have a nuclear war with Russia.

We should do it now.

And he actually -- they found out later, he was actually doing things, without the president's knowledge or anybody else, to provoke the Soviet Union, so they would start to gear up. And we would have the excuse of a first strike.

But his words were, it's inevitable, we will have to fight a war with them. We should fight it now, otherwise we'll be fighting a worse one later.

The same thing!

And as I'm reading that, I'm thinking, this is insanity. Whoops. We're doing the same thing right now.

STU: Similar thing happened in Spies Like Us, with Dan Aykroyd and Tim Chase. Almost the same. Same risk. And I think we need to take it seriously.

We've been warned for decades. And no one is taking this seriously.

GLENN: DeSantis said, yesterday.

If this is what -- he was asked on the CBS Evening News.

Which apparently is still on.

He said, he was asked, what would you do for inflation?

He said, I love this. Stop spending so much money!

Yeah. That's his first -- stop spending so much money.

And then open up domestic energy production. Those two things alone. But I honestly.

STU: Just those two.

GLENN: Not enough. But a lot.

Every candidate needs to be asked this. I have not heard Donald Trump give a real answer to the question of, tell me about inflation. What causes it?

And how would you stop it? What would you do it turn the economy around?

And, you know. We know.

Well, we will do what we did before. No, no, no. You can't now.

Because we have $8 trillion, is what you added to the debt.

We're there in spades now, just in -- you know, by the end of this one, it will probably be 10 trillion.

STU: He didn't discuss this with Megyn Kelly yesterday?

GLENN: I didn't see the Megyn Kelly interview either.

STU: I know Megyn does a great job with this stuff.

She's very good at doing this. I'm very interested to watch it. But I wonder if it was addressed at all there.

GLENN: I wonder. Because I want a real answer from him that. Want a I real answer.

The next president is coming in, if we don't -- you know, hopefully, we have least corn pop.

But the -- if there is a change, and there will be one way or another. Because he ain't making it longer.

What is the plan for inflation?

Because this is not good. And the only plan, that should be considered right now, is one, stop the spending.

Stop it. You -- you are being robbed.

They're now saying, their target is 3 percent inflation.

Why would we put up with that. The fed targeted 3 percent inflation.

I lived with that my whole life. Why? Why should there be inflation.

Why are you inflating the money 2 percent every year?

If you do three percent, in 10 years, I've lost almost 40 cents of every dollar. No. No.

Well, wages are -- are rising. At the same pace of inflation?

I don't think so. That's why everybody is short. And this is going -- you're going to learn about hyperinflation, the worst possible way. One of these days soon. Vivek -- Vivek said, I don't know why I say Vivek. Like cake. I know.

Vivek has said that he is going to cut 75 percent of the federal workforce. Fifty percent of those cuts will be made in his first year.

STU: I mean, he knows what to say.

GLENN: You had me at hello.

STU: Yeah. It's very Coolidge-esque.

GLENN: But Coolidge did it.

STU: I know. He cut 50 percent of the federal budget. What was it? One year?

GLENN: One year. Then the next year, he did another 50 percent. I mean, that's crazy.

STU: Again, very similar to what Vivek is talking about. Would he actually be able to do that?

GLENN: I don't know.

STU: That's the thing with Vivek's campaign. A lot of people are saying, he's promising too much. He's throwing this stuff out here. But he is being bold.

GLENN: This is what has to be done. We're at the time where we all knew this was coming. JFK talked about it.

FDR talked about it when he first passed Social Security, and said, these things must be paid for along the way. Otherwise, it will get out of control, and we'll never be able to pay it. It could be the ruin of our country. JFK said that. Ronald Reagan said it. We're there now. All of these entitlements, because we didn't actually have the money, we put it on to a debt sheet. And just our interest is going to kill us. It's going to kill us.

You've got to make massive cuts, right now.

And, by the way, you want to stop the Deep State? Cut 75 percent out.

Now, here's the one thing that I have said for a long time. And I will leave it at this. My free gift for Vivek and anybody who wants to use it. I really care about the real estate market. I really care. We will make some moves, that put the free market back in place.

And so your real estate. I -- I am going to make sure, that everything I can, to make sure it's a free market. So everybody can afford it.

Except in the Washington, DC, area. Your real estate is going to plummet, the day I'm elected. You might want to consider selling it now. Because there's going to be plenty of housing available, in the Washington, DC, area. Because I am going to fire 75 percent. Everybody else, don't worry about it. You live in the area. Around the Capitol, prepare for a -- a hemorrhaging on the price of your home.

How is it 'EXTREME' to STOP reckless government spending of YOUR money?!

How is it 'EXTREME' to STOP reckless government spending of YOUR money?!

Real median household income just had its worst decline since 2010 — and the true numbers are much worse than the government is suggesting. But instead of curbing spending to fix inflation, the Biden administration wants Congress to continue spending at its current levels to avoid a government shutdown. And some in the media are branding the House Freedom Caucus and other conservative groups as "extremists" and "terrorists" for demanding LESS spending. Glenn defines "extremist" and "terrorist" and explains why continuing this reckless government spending (which added $2 TRILLION to our national debt) will only hurt American families MORE.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Stu, define the word extreme. What does it say?

STU: Extreme. Reaching a high or the highest degree, furthest from the center or a given point.

There you go.

GLENN: All right. Give me extremist.

STU: Extremist.

A person who holds extreme or fanatical, political, or religious views. Especially one who resorts to or advocates an extreme reaction.

GLENN: Okay. Hang on. Extreme, political, or religious views.

STU: Uh-huh. Especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action.

GLENN: They have any examples of that?

I would like to know what an extreme action is. Is that terrorist?

Look up the word 'terrorist.'

STU: Terrorist: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims.

GLENN: Unlawful violence.

Or --

STU: Or? And intimidation, is the way they phrase it. especially against civilians.

In the pursuit of political aims.

GLENN: Okay.

Here's why I want to bring these up.

And I just -- I want you to remember, if you believe this, I do. Words matter.

If you can change people's words and their language, you can change everything.

That's why they have replaced so much of our language, and we all are just saying. First, let me give you the lay of the land.

What you're facing.

The last time America saw a drop in household income. As large as we did in this last year, Barack Obama was president.

The change, according to the Census Bureau, the change in real median household income, it fell 2.3 percent.

That's the worst decline since 2010.

That means, what you actually are bringing home.

You know, they say, oh, jobs. We're creating all new great union jobs.

And pay is going up. But what you're actually taking home, is down by 2.3.

And that's before taxes.

If you calculate the taxes. And the subsidies, hand it out.

So not only what they take, but what they give.

Household income fell 8.8 percent.


Real median earnings, of all workers, which includes part-time and full-time workers. Declined 2.2.

Median workers of those who worked full-time fell 1.3.

Now, they're wondering why Biden's numbers are so low.

Like, it's -- like it's, I don't know.

Like, it's a Cheshire cat, whose stripes are only appearing in a tree once in a while.

It's really easy.

People are getting poorer. Because inflation is eating away at your income.

Family household income fell even more than the median. Dropping 2.9 percent.

Older Americans saw an income decline of 2.1, worse than the 1.4 decline for people under 65. So families and the elder have suffered the most.
Native born incomes. You're born here in the United States. You fell 2.5 percent.

But if you weren't born here in the United States, you edged up .2 percent.

Region that was hit hardest. What a surprise. The Midwest.

Incomes fell by a stunning 4.7 percent.

In the northeast, median households fell 3.8.

In the West 3.2. And in the south, income trickled down to buy -- I'm sorry. By .1 percent.

Why is that?

Why is that?

Why is the South doing so well?

Weather? Maybe taxes.

Governments kind of doing what's right for the people. Maybe.

Not so crazy. All the time.


Now I want to talk you to about extremists.

I want to talk you to about extreme extremists.

And terrorists.

The House Freedom Caucus and conservative groups held a press conference Tuesday, appointing opposing any deal to continue government spending, at its current levels, hurries before the House reconvened after a week long reassess. To tackle the task of keeping the government open. Past September 30th.

The White House, eager to stave off a shutdown.

Has proposed a clean extension of the current spending levels.

So you know, the spending levels, that we're spending right now, this year, we were supposed to be a trillion dollars over what we had.

So we were going to add a trillion dollars to the debt.

But somehow or another, we spent an additional trillion dollars.

So we are $2 trillion, adding to the debt. That's the current spending.

Do you find that reasonable?

Let me take you back. Why is your income going down?

Why are these things happening?

Why is it that you're looking at the grocery store. And you're saying. You're looking at the price of eggs. And milk.

And you're saying, what the -- now, gas, you can kind of understand. Because that goes up and down.

But all of the stuff in the grocery store.

How come the paper towels and the toilet paper are smaller? I mean, they're even cutting them now so they're not as wide.

So it's not as big. But it's also not as wide. How come that's going down. And yet, the price is going up.

How come I'm getting less for my dollars packaging. I'm not giving the same product I had.

And I'm paying more money.

Because your that are isn't worth as much.

That's why. When people talk about. You're going to understand hyperinflation.

At some point, you're going to understand hyperinflation. And we don't want to learn that lesson.

That's what Venezuela went through. And nobody wants to talk about this.

Nobody wants to think about it. Oh, I know there's somebody in their car right now. Going, I don't want to think about that.

You must think about this.

You must!

Because if you don't, it's guaranteed to happen.

What causes that?

Out of control spending.

So the White House doesn't want a shutdown. But they'll just continue, with a clean -- a clean bill. Exact same spending levels.

Well, with the addition of $40,000 in Ukrainian aid. Some disaster relief. Some border funding.

You know, but other than that, it will be clean.


So you're $2 trillion in debt more this year.

And we're another 2 trillion next year.


All in four years.

I'm sorry. All in two years.

The more money they spend, the higher the inflation. The less your dollar is worth.

Now, in story after story, the Republicans who are standing up and saying, no more. We cannot continue this.

We're not going to have a gun held to our head.

We have time right now, to work out a budget.

But that's not what's happening.

The budget is being made behind closed doors.

And then what do those leaders, McConnell, Schumer, McCarthy. Jeffries. What do those leaders do?

Those leaders, who think they know better than everyone else, that you elected, you sent them to Congress.

They get the blame.

But are they to blame on this?

Because they don't have a choice.

Now, they're called terrorists. They're called extremists.

And an extremist, is the furthest from the center.

How many people do you know, that are actually fighting for in budget, to actually -- you know, pencil put to paper. And work this out?

How many people do you know, that are saying, pass it in the middle of the night, and no one read it?

Do you know anybody. Left or right. Do you know anyone?

Because I don't.

Do you know anybody who says, we can continue -- besides the current administration.

We can spend like it's -- it's raining money.

Just keep spending the bomb trillion dollars a year. It should be $3 trillion a year.

Do you know anyone that thinks our current level of spending is good?

I don't. Do you?

If you do feel that way, I want to hear how you got there. I really do.

I'm not going to make you feel stupid or anything else.

I just want to know, how you got to that thinking.

And it would be refreshing to hear. Because I don't meet those people.

I don't know who those people are. I think those people are the ones furthest from the center.

And then, what do they do?

Well, they try to intimidate people.

They are currently telling our congresspeople, you elected to do this job.

Those four people are telling the 431 exactly what they have to do. You have to pass this right now.

This is coming, in two weeks.

You have to pass this right now. We've already worked it out. No amendments. No reading it.

Just pass it right now.

Or you're going to get the blame for the government shutting down.

Now, you're on the road, you're going some place important.

You love your car. You got to get to the place.

But your car starts to overheat.

And your car blows a tire. Two tires.

Now, you could keep going. But you could blow the engine.

And you'll destroy the rims. So you won't have a lot left, when you get there.

Nobody wants to stop the car. Nobody wants to wait for the tow truck.

Nobody -- everybody wants to go to wherever it was, you were going.

Everybody. But who is the unreasonable one?

The one that says, I don't see any -- I don't see any problem. Keep going. Keep going.

Or the rest of the family, who is like, no. We're not going to have anything left, Dad.

I mean -- I mean, as much as I would like a new car, can we afford a new car?

No. Then maybe we should stop. Even the kids know. Stop.

Stop the car. This is dangerous. And it's going to put us in a very bad situation. And if we do it, we may never be able to make another trip.

Who is the extremist here?

I don't want to shut down the government. But, quite honestly, if you want to save America, it is better for them to do absolutely nothing. Than put us another $2 trillion, in debt!

Remember, if I pay you, what was it? A dollar a second. That's $31 million, by the end of the year.

And it only takes you to get to a trillion dollars. If I pay you for every second of every day, of every year, it only takes you 32 billion years. No, million years. 32 million years.

32 million years.

Okay. Don't -- I'm thinking, that maybe we shouldn't spend that money. Because I don't know how we'll ever earn that money.

And I would like something left for my children.