Upton Sinclair

As a devout socialist, author Upton Sinclair intended to vindicate Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, whose murder conviction was celebrated by American leftists. When Sinclair learned the facts of the case, he decided the cause was more important than telling the truth. Glenn uncovers this part of Sinclair’s story that is seldom included in American history books.



It’s not news that TikTok — owned by Chinese firm ByteDane — tracks data on U.S. users. But how dangerous is it REALLY for China to have your information if you’re doing nothing wrong? It’s extraordinary dangerous. In fact, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins Glenn to explain exactly why the social media app poses a ‘national security threat’ against America...


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GLENN: So this guy is the guy they -- they call him the FCC's 5G crusader. He's the guy who cut all of the red tape. And really pushed for the high speed networks to be built by private businesses.

He is -- he's also the guy who is rough the big forces behind telehealth. Mainly -- mainly for veterans and low income Americans, to be able to get to doctors on their smartphones or tablets or any other connected device, driving down the price, and driving up the access to medicine all around the country. And he also, like micro and I, believe in apprenticeships and everything else. This is -- I think this guy is a real warrior for what we believe are American truths. His name is Brendan Carr. He is a commissioner with the FCC. Brendan, how are you, sir?

BRENDAN: Glenn, so good to join you. Really appreciate the chance to be with you.

Big fan of everything you're doing. And listen, if you ever get in trouble at the FCC, if anybody files for profanity, or indecency complaint against you, just don't mention you know me. It will go a lot better for you.

GLENN: Yeah. I know.

BRENDAN: You and I never talked. That's your story going forward.

GLENN: I know. I know. I know how this works. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about two things. Let's start with TikTok. Everybody in the tech industry seems to be against Twitter. I mean, it's crazy by letting people talk, how they are being accused of destroying free speech.

It's an upside down world.

But TikTok, nobody seems to want to do anything about this. I've read your letter. I've read your report on this. TikTok is extraordinarily dangerous to Americans. Can you fill in, why it's a danger and why everybody in America seems to be focused on Twitter, including the White House, and not TikTok?

BRENDAN: Well, it's quite amazing. And you know TikTok is an example of this. And as we may get into Apple as well. When your product is, for better or worse, immensely popular with consumers. It's amazing what you can get away with, and I think TikTok is the prime example of this. It has millions and millions of Americans. They look at it like, well, it's just a fun platform for sharing videos and dance memes. And the reality is, that's just the clothing.

Underneath, it operates as a very sophisticated surveillance technology. Right in the terms of service, they reserve the right to get your biometrics, including face prints or voiceprints, searching browsing history, key stroke patterns. The list goes on from there. And for years, they said, don't worry, this is stored outside of Beijing. Not a big deal.

Even though our parent company is based in Beijing. And, well, that's been revealed as nothing more than gaslighting. It turns out that according to internal communications, quote, everything is seen inside of China. And that's a massive, massive problem.

In fact, their CEO was testifying in Congress, a couple weeks ago, and was asked point-blank. Do you transfer US user data to employees in Beijing, who themselves are members of the CCP. And the COO said she declined to answer that question. So that's troubling. There's also this question that came out, that they had this Beijing-based operation, that was attempting to surveil the location of specific Americans based on their usage of the TikTok application. And that's not to mention obviously, the concerns that come from the content side, where Americans, including children as young as ten years old, are being fed things like the blackout challenge.

That literally can convince them to kill themselves, and some have done that, and died as a result. So it's a national security threat, and it's something that parents should be worried about as well.

GLENN: So explain this to -- because I tried to explain this to my family. My kids were like, yeah. Right. Dad. Got it. What is China going to do with my face print or my fingerprint. Can you explain why that's dangerous?

BRENDAN: Yeah. It really is. And if you want to think about it, there's a version of TikTok itself is not available in Beijing.

But a version of it called Doiann (phonetic), a sister app run by the parent company, and that application shows his science experiments, museum exhibits, educational material. And then again, here in the US, it's showing kids, the blackout challenge. So that's where the real danger comes. Also, if you step back, what really happens when you're using TikTok. Every time you swipe or search, what you're doing is you're feeding, training, and improving China's artificial intelligence, their AI.

And China has said, we want to dominate the world in AI by 2030. And they will use it for authoritarian purposes. For surveillance. For exploiting their control. Even if you step back from your own self and your own kids. And you can TikTok itself. The idea that we're sending this data, these clips back to Beijing, it's improving their AI. And that will around and bite us in ways that are, again, unrelated to TikTok itself.

GLENN: So we have Google doing the same thing. That's why Google is free. Is they wanted all that information, to work on AI.

So you're saying, this is just another version of Google, if you will. That's here in America. To be able to mine for all of that information.

BRENDAN: Yeah. You're right. China has a fundamental flaw, both in their system of government, obviously. But it carries through to AI. Which is they don't have feedback loops. They don't understand sort of Western-free thinking.

And so they need Americans to be on TikTok, to be observing their usage of data, in order to create their AI and make it a healthy system. So the sooner we cut off, data flows back to Beijing, the sooner their version of AI starts to atrophy, and go down a separate path. And it becomes less successful.

So I think we do need to think broadly, how do we stop training China's artificial intelligence. Again, that's a piece of it. It's used for blackmail. It's use for foreign influence campaign.

And where things are right now. Is this is in the court of the Biden information.

The Treasury Department has a group called Cepheus (phonetic), Committee on Foreign Investment. And they've been reviewing TikTok for over a year, at this point. And the New York Times reports that they've got a preliminary deal in place to allow TikTok to continue to operate. Frankly, I think this is a big IQ test for the administration. And it's sort of a pass/fail at this point.

And, in fact, you just had FBI director Chris Ray testify last week in Congress, that said, that the FBI had serious national security concerns.

So I don't see how the Biden administration can go forward and bless TikTok, continue to operate.

When you have the FBI, when you have Democrats, Senator Mark Warner, chair of the Senate Intel Committee saying that it is TikTok, that scares the dickens out of him. But we may very well be heading in that direction there.

GLENN: Google Play store. Apple app store. I know you wrote a letter to both of them. And said, drop. Drop this. This is really bad for the country.

BRENDAN: Yeah. I mean, putting aside the content of what's inside this application, Google and Apple have very clear terms of service to stay in the app store. And if data is being used for purposes that aren't being disclosed. Or if data is traveling the country, and being accessed from countries without that being properly disclosed.

There's precedent for Google and Apple to boot us off the app store for that reason.

So I wrote them a letter, and said, look, in light of the national security concerns, in light of these clearly surreptitious data flows that we're now learning about, just apply the terms of your app store policies, and boot them from the app store. Of course they didn't do that. And that's why you know it's obviously highly ironic. That there was at least the concern this week. That Apple might take action against TikTok. Because, look, if you're pulling advertising dollars, pulling support in Apple's case potentially from Twitter. While keeping your support or expanding your advertising on TikTok, you're sending quite the signal about your brand value. It's very different than the one you think.

GLENN: Oh, I know. Yeah. One last thing. Because I have something else, I want to talk to you about. One last thing. You just kind of brushed up on this. I think it was critical. There's a new survey out that showed, I can't remember. Six or eight out of ten children in China, want to be astronauts. And want to be scientists.

Here, eight in ten, want to be social media movers. Influencers. Yeah.

BRENDAN: Influencers.

GLENN: That's crazy. And part of that is because of TikTok. As you said, they're -- this same thing, under a different name over in China, is encouraging people to do crazy, great things.

And science. And knowledge. And education.

And this same platform, is programmed here, to really make you as dumb as a box of rocks. I don't think that's -- I don't think that's just -- oh, really. I didn't even notice that. That's intentional.

BRENDAN: Yeah. You're right. And this is why I talked about TikTok as China's digital fentanyl, because it is effectively a pipe directly from Beijing, from the CCP, into the ears and eyes and minds of millions and millions of America's youth. And what they're being served is divisive content. It's content that is increasing ADHD problem. Suicide ideations. Body image issues. This is what is being fed to us.

And that's -- that's deeply -- deeply concerning. And that's why I think, it's incumbent upon the Biden administration to step in and take some action here.

GLENN: Brendan Carr, FCC commissioner. If you don't mind, I need to take a one-minute break. Because I'm actually being funded by you know the private industry and market. But take one minute, we'll be back. With Brendan Carr. FCC commissioner.

When you hear the term free market, what image appears in your mind? Now, let me give you a follow-up question.

What image do you think your kids or kids -- your kids' age think of when they hear free market?

Now, more than ever, it is really important that all of us do everything we can to make sure that our kids understand what the free market is. And we haven't been under a real free market in a very long time.

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So, Brendan, I have a philosophical question. And I would like you, if you would, noodle this out.

I tried to contact you a few weeks ago. Because I was presented with a story, of a book that was in a school library. And being read to kids in school. And it was one of the most vile things, I have ever read.

And look, I've done this for 40-plus years. I know exactly what I can and can't say with the FCC. Okay?

And I've always understood those to be community standards. Et cetera, et cetera.

Here's my -- here's my problem. There are times, when things need to be heard by the general public. And I know we can go online and do it, et cetera, et cetera.

But why, when we are a community standards-based system, if -- if you can teach it to my children, and have it in the classroom, why can't I -- a program that is aimed at adults and during the day, when kids should be in school. Why can't I read that book on the air?

BRENDAN: Well, you're right. We still have in place at the FCC rules that apply to broadcast radio and broadcast television that regulate profanity and decency. Similar content, like that. It obviously hasn't been enforced very much, in the last few years. But they're still in the books. There is a point at which, potentially, you reading things from across the broadcast airwaves. That may be found in a library, somewhere.

Could have issues, under the FCC's you know profanity. And decency regulations. Now, of course, there tends to be a newsworthy exception to a lot of that stuff. You can cover issues and stuff like that.

It's a challenge. And some people say, how you generally square this pro speech. Free speech view, with that type of stuff.

And I would say, look, what we can speak of, as adults. Is really different than the content that can be stocking the shelves for school libraries for kindergarteners.

GLENN: Yeah. My problem is, this is a show that is based on information and opinion. You may not like it. But we -- we take it seriously. We take our job seriously.

We try to be responsible. I've always been responsible with the FCC. And it's not a -- you know a 1990s Howard Stern kind of thing. Which we're way past that.

This is -- this is being read to our students, in many schools, all across the country.

And it is absolutely indecent.

And I know it's indecent. But why do I get in trouble, for exposing this indecency? And the way to expose it, is to make people understand, by hearing it, how unbelievably indecent it is.

BRENDAN: Yeah. Look, I think we've gone a long way recently in trying to address this issue by doing what you're doing. We've had instances where parents have tried to read books from their -- again, kindergarten Anna library. At school board meetings and city council meetings. And they have been shut down and said, we can't allow that content to be spoken at these city council meetings. Yet, there it is in the kid's classroom. And so I do think there's some progress in that.

You know, from my perspective, I remember growing up in high school. The famous Eminem song. "The FCC won't let me be." It's quite ironic after humming that song in high school, that I've ended up at the FCC. And, look, we try to be very pro-free speech about this stuff, but this is an issue that we're dealing with as a cultural matter right now.

GLENN: And I would not have a problem if it were me, possibly losing my license. But I -- I lose the license -- anything I do, could possibly jeopardize the license of every license in my chain. So there's no way. There's no way, I'm going to put people out of work to prove this.

BRENDAN: Right. Right.

GLENN: What do you recommend?

BRENDAN: Well, look, again, there's a newsworthy exception to discussing some of this stuff.

You know look, if you think it's -- it could be good or bad. I don't know. But if it's close to the line. There still are background indecency. Profanity rules to the FCC.

We do get complaints from time to time. We usually dismiss them or don't address them. And anything you do, potentially subject yourself, FCC scrutiny in those cases.

GLENN: My problem is, I had some of the best attorneys in Washington. On free speech and FCC. I always had -- for about 25 years. About three years ago, they called, they also represent Google and Apple. And Facebook.

And they dropped me, in the middle of a case. As a client. Because it made their other clients uncomfortable. And they had to make a choice.

So I'm not sure if you will see me and my attorney at some point.

Because I -- you know hard to get one. If you have to have my opinion today.

Brendan thank you so much.

I appreciate all you do at the FCC. God bless.

BRENDAN: Appreciate it, thank you.

GLENN: You bet. Brendan Carr, FCC commissioner.


How EVIL Marxists are using CHILDREN to DESTROY our society

The recent Balanciaga scandal is shocking and disgusting, but it’s not new. In fact, in this clip, Glenn explains how Marxists have been targeting our children in order to destroy the family structure, and eventually capitalism, for years now. Their tactics — especially ones that use children — are EVIL, Glenn says, but thankfully we have an advantage: We are resilient thanks to our faith, our history, and our traditions. But if we start to lose those, Glenn warns, ‘we become vulnerable.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Balenciaga. Is still in the news. Thank goodness, quite honestly. Thank goodness. The View could not bring themselves to say that what happened in those ads with the S&M teddy bears and the children was a bad thing. In fact, the -- I guess the conservative one, Alyssa Griffin, who I've never heard of. Anyway, she said, I found this ad campaign particularly distasteful in this moment.

Wait. Wait. So it would be okay, if it's not in this moment? Another moment, you would be fine?

There's this growing anti-LGBTQ sentiment right now. And how it's being framed as portraying trans people as groomers.

I -- I -- I don't think people are putting trans people as groomers. I think it's anyone who is pushing pedophilia.

Don't you think that's what it is? Anybody who is trying to sexualize our children.

Those are groomers. I think there are people that you know are claiming to be totally straight, that are sexually attracted to children. I don't think that that's straight. Because I think straight, gay people, and everybody else.

I think there's a vast majority that think, sex with kids, not a good idea.

STU: Wow. Great stance. Mr. Hot take over there. Jeez.

GLENN: I know. I know.

So this is just -- this is sick.

So, anyway, a lot of trans people are being framed as groomers. This is a term you'll hear on the far right. They're groomers.

STU: So the Balenciaga campaign is disturbing, because it supports what the far right says. That's why it's disturbing?

GLENN: Yeah, yeah. And they played right into their hands, by having kids in a sexualized manner carrying something that represents, you know, sex acts. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

So it's distasteful, at this moment, because it's being -- it's being portrayed by the right as something sick.

Can we just all agree, that sexualizing our children, is bad?

Can we agree? Apparently, not. Apparently not.

The New York Times weighed in, lumping the ad campaign with Fox news and QAnon.

So the only people -- and, you know what, if that's true, then color me there. If those are the only people standing up and saying, I think the sexualization of children, then I guess that's who my peeps are.

STU: Shockingly, that's not the only --

GLENN: Oh, it's not. No, it's not.

STU: No.

GLENN: This is brought on by Marxism. Marxism is evil. It is evil.

How do I know? I don't know. Let's look at the fruit of the tree. 120 million dead in 100 years? I don't know. Seems pretty evil to me.

A poet once said, if you will not have God, and he's a jealous God, you should pay your respects to Hitler or Stalin. The intellectuals and the activists that dominate our culture today are doing this.

They're sworn to accomplish it in a fashionable new way, with the destruction of God and the family. This is the left's biggest mission. I'm not talking about your neighbor. I wish your neighbor would wake up, and start standing with people, when they see our children are under attack.

They hate capitalism. And for some reason, they see the family as capitalistic. No. That's -- that's actually not true. What is true, is that they hate family.

And capitalism comes after that. But to sell it to people, you have to start with capitalism. But this is an evil, evil idea. And so they know, in the end, they have to destroy the family.

Klaus Schwab, encourages redefining family identity. Quote, increasingly the traditional family unit is being replaced by the trans national family network.

What the hell is that, Klaus? Why is this guy in everybody's cabinet? It's no coincidence that the left has become Marxist, at the same time, it's worshiping men in dresses. Encouraging children to climb on to stripper poles. Marxism and pedophilia are a match made in hell. Wherever Marxism appears, it will sprout pedophiles. But pedophiles exist even in capitalist -- you know pedophiles can be anything. But you have to understand that Marxism is evil.

For -- for starters, Marx didn't consider the long-term effects of destroying the family. He just wanted to destroy the family. Any time it has been tried in the Soviet Union, it resulted in a massive spike of orphans, which leads to massive spikes in pedophilia.

Look at our border policy. What's happening to all those kids? You're starting to see reports, I know, only from the right.

Because the left can't admit it. Pedophilia is going through the roof because it supplies orphans.

In the wake of World War II, orphans became easy prey. And there was a German psychologist who turned post-World War II Germany into his experiment in pedophilia. His goal was to spread Marxist values to fight fascism.

Did you know that Stalin in the mid-1930s had an affair with a 13-year-old girl?

Stalin did. Thirteen years old. Sources called her, his child bride.

Even though, after she got pregnant, he dumped her.

Marxism has a long lineage of this. Why?

Not because it's Marxism. Because it's -- it was birthed in evil.

In the Communist Manifesto, on what foundation is the present family? The bourgeoisie family? What's it based on? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie.

Best of all, abolishing the family would be relatively easy once the bourgeois family. The bourgeois family will vanish. As a matter of course, when the complement vanishes. Both will vanish with the vanishing of capital. He said the bourgeois claptrap about family and education, about the hollowed co-relation of parents and child, become all the more disgusting, the more by the action of modern industry. All the family ties, among the pro let Arizona are torn asunder, and their children transformed into simple articles of commerce and instruments of labor.

Now, when you think of Karl Marx and Marxism, think of a specific image. And that image is, an animal devouring its offspring.

And that is exactly what's happening. And it's happening more often, because the left has run out of enemies.

They're cannibals. And they have to eat something.

They always end eating themselves.

Marx envisioned a complete purge. I'm quoting, of society.

So that communists could have their revolutionary dictatorship. He advocated for an overthrow of the entire legal system. Gee. Let's reimagine it.

The proletariat cannot conquer power within the legal framework established by the bourgeoisie, that this revolution had to be violent. The forceable overthrow of all existing social conditions. These are his words. He wanted to change everything.

He wanted to reverse all traditions. All values. All beliefs, that weren't his.

What was that Michelle Obama quote?

I think she stated it very, very well.

VOICE: And Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices. We're going to have to change our condition.

We're going to have to change our traditions, our history. We're going to have to move into a different place. He wanted to get rid of everything that was sacred, even if it had been sacred since before recorded history. Even if it was an invaluable part of being human.


He hated religion. He spited God. He said that labor and not God, created man. Christ preached love, so Marx incited violence and encouraged death. He got kicked out of Belgium for buying guns for terrorists.

Society valued marriage. So he degraded the family unit. He replaced faith with doubt. Compassion with prejudice. Truth with feeling. Art with propaganda. And work with laziness.

The left has internalized all his attitudes about life. Without God. Without family. Without marriage. Without faith. Without art. Without truth, without compassion, all you are left with is an urge to destroy. And when nothing is sacred, human life is expendable.

Marx believed that the individual human life was much more important than the well-being of the community. He believed that human beings should sacrifice themselves for the sake of the community or for future generations. If you just scroll through Twitter, you will see the left has perfected this attitude.

They've improved on it. They've industrialized it.

Their utopia resembles a Brave New World. Where monogamy is taboo. Sex is fused with violence and degradation. Orgies are routine.

Children are sexualized many times forcefully. The family structure, destroyed.

Any mention of family, mother, father, is described as smut.

Yet, anything degrading is encouraged. Especially among young children.

Even the origin of life holds no beauty.
There's literally something called the embryo store, where meaningless babies are cultivated by the dozen-like grapes on a vine.

Have you seen the little lamb that is grown in a plastic bag? We're not far from this, gang.

Here's the -- here's the advantage we have. We are very resilient. Because of our faith. We are very resilient, because of our history and our traditions. If we start getting rid of those, we become vulnerable.

There is truth. Now, you can call yourself whatever you want to call yourself. And I'm fine. Whatever. Whatever.

But do not me to go down the road with your truth. Because there is universal truth. And there are hard wired biological difference between family and non-family.

That's why our teachers, they might like our kids. They might say they love our kids. But they will never fight for our kids like a traditional mother will.

I don't even know. I mean...

Parents guard their children from vipers. And as long as there's at least one family and one believer left alive, then God and family are full of light, stronger and brighter than anything or anyone who claims victory over their supposed demise.

Just remember what is true.


Will China's Communist Party begin KILLING its protesters?

Will the Chinese Communist Party begin killing citizens protesting against the government? Chris Chappell, host of ‘China Uncensored,’ tells Glenn it’s important to remember that China has never STOPPED targeting its dissidents — whether it’s Christians, Uyghurs, or human rights activists. But these protests are a bit different, he says, because they’re more widespread. Plus, protesters today aren’t calling for small reforms. They’re calling for the actual removal of the CCP and Xi Jinping. Chappell discusses with Glenn the huge risks today’s protesters are taking and what could come next for the Chinese government…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Chris Chappell is with us. He's the host of China Uncensored.

Hi, Chris, how are you?

CHRIS: Hi, great. How are you?

GLENN: Very good. I watched your coverage over the last few days, of what's happening in China. And I thought I did a great job of not boring people to death. And giving all of -- giving all of the pertinent facts.

CHRIS: Well, I appreciate that.

GLENN: And putting some humor in it. So I wanted to talk to you, first of all, about your qualifications to talk about this.

Explain how you know so much about China.

CHRIS: Well, I've been China censored for ten years. I've been on the front lines, in the protests in Hong Kong.

I have actually lucked into disputed territory in the China seas. Concentrate contested territory between China and the Philippines. And, yeah. I've talked to many experts on my podcast. So I've been following it closely for many years now.

GLENN: And I'm wondering -- as I'm watching you, I'm like, you're screwing around with China. You ever have any heat from that?

CHRIS: You know honestly, I would say at this point, I get more heat from American social media companies, than I do from (inaudible).

GLENN: Unbelievable. Okay. So let's -- go through this. Yesterday, I explained a little bit about how this all started. But it's changing into something else, and it's not Tiananmen Square.

Explain what's actually happening now.

CHRIS: Well, I think a big difference people should understand, between the Tiananmen protests and what is happening right now, is that the Tiananmen protests, were not calling for the end of the Chinese Communist Party. They were calling for really modest political reforms. And we saw how those protesters were met.

These protests are different, in that there are actually people coming out and saying, that Xi Jinping needs to step down. The Chinese Communist Party itself needs to step down. And that is very unusual.

That kind of direct attack on the Chinese Communist Party itself. Not some policy or some local official. That's a huge escalation.

GLENN: And this isn't like you know any other country.

They know who these people are. And some of them, they're not wearing masks or anything. I mean, that doesn't seem like it's going to end well for those people.

CHRIS: Well, sadly, you know people are asking like, will the -- will there be a bloody crackdown.

And I am seeing that there are some reports of tanks swirling through a city called Suzhou in Jiangsu province. But the thing people need to understand, is that the Chinese Communist Party has never stopped killing people. That's how it maintains its rule.

GLENN: Right.

CHRIS: So these people are -- you know they really are taking their lives into their own hands.

GLENN: And they know it.

CHRIS: I believe so.

It's hard to know for certain.

Because, for instance, with the Tiananmen mask, the Communist Party has spent decades erasing that from people's memory. So many people today in China just never have even heard of it. I remember a few months ago, there was like this Chinese influencer. He promotes makeup.

And on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square mask. He had like an ice cream tank cake on his show. He had no idea what he was referencing. Because he's never heard of it. But you know he disappeared for a while.

GLENN: Jeez. Okay. So -- so tell me how significant it is, that they are waving the Chinese flag, and singing what now, I think in the early 2000s, they made this into their national anthem. But it's been around for a long time.

But they just codified it, as the national anthem. And they're singing the words, which talk about rise up, people who don't want to be slaves.

CHRIS: Yeah. So, again, I should clarify, that not everyone in these projects is calling for an end of CCP. It definitely has been years of pent-up frustration over China's zero COVID policy, which has reached just absurd levels of totalitarian control.

At a minimum, people have to be constantly tested just to function in the city. Just to function in their daily lives. Then you have cases of you know entire cities being put under lockdown. And people starving in lockdown, because they can't get food. Or what was a big factor in these recent protests was a fire that broke out, in Rushi (phonetic), the capital of Xinjiang where China is persecuting the weaker Muslims. People were basically trapped in their apartments, and fire trucks weren't able to get there. Because they were being blocked.

GLENN: Jeez.

CHRIS: So the thing about how the Chinese Communist Party represses people.

Because typically, they choose specific groups to target.

So, you know, the Tiananmen protesters, or Uighurs, or Falun Gong practitioners.

The thing with zero COVID though, is that this is essentially made the repression nationwide, including in the middle and upper classes of China society in Shanghai and Beijing. So these are people, who typically have only benefited from the Communist rule. Now they've become victims.

GLENN: Hmm. And how -- how -- how much is actually COVID, and how much is just sheer control of the population? In -- of the government's you know COVID restrictions. How much of it is actually because they think this is the right thing, and how much of it is just control?

CHRIS: Well, the thing about these one-party states is that they can never admit, what they're wrong.

You know for years, since the beginning of COVID, Chinese propaganda has -- has pushed the idea, that the rest of the world handled COVID so badly. You know people are dying in droves there.

But China, China has it figured out. They actually reported zero deaths for -- from April 2020, until a year later. And just transparently, that's not true.

But they've created this -- this narrative of you know the party has it under control. And this is what's necessary to protect China.

And now, that's falling apart. People see the economic damage. The damage to people's livelihood. There was a case last year, where a woman had a miscarriage, because she went to the hospital. But her -- her COVID app, had expired. So she -- she was basically left outside, while she had a miscarriage. And that went viral. That got a lot of people upset.

GLENN: Jeez. So we're talking to Chris chapel from China Uncensored. You can find it on YouTube.

This is the biggest protest since when?

Can you give us any kind of scope on how unusual this is?

CHRIS: So I actually spoke to somebody from an organization called freedom house recently.

And they're doing some interesting things, researching how often there are you know protests, or mass movements, in China expect and they are far more common, than I think a lot of people realize.


CHRIS: Just you know the party is kind of clamping down and censoring a lot of these stories. But these protests are definitely on a scale of beyond what we've seen in a long time. I should say, that a weekend of protests does not make a revolution. It will not topple the Chinese Communist Party.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. The -- the companies that are -- many of them American, like Apple, that have stopped the airdrop from working, which was a way to not be tracked. This is reprehensible. Just reprehensible. How many Americans -- I just read that Joe Biden will not make a statement about it. How many Americans --

CHRIS: That's always --

GLENN: Pardon me?

CHRIS: Silence is always best.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

CHRIS: You don't want to stand up for liberty.

GLENN: People. Yeah.

How many of these companies are actually assisting kind of like IBM did in World War II.

CHRIS: Well, China has a very powerful surveillance censorship apparatus. And that was largely built up, thanks to American --

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

CHRIS: Like the firewall. Just the West has been horribly complicit, in so much.

And, yeah. There's just been such a weak response to the fact, the Chinese Communist Party. It's a regime that you ranked as a form of torture.

And the response has just been inadequate, to put it lightly.

GLENN: So what does the world do, if they start slaughtering people?


CHRIS: Well, as I said, they have never stopped slaughtering people.

You know a couple years ago, there was something called the China Tribunal, who was overseen by a guy named Jeffrey Nice, and they looked at the accusation, that China, the Chinese Communist Party is harvesting organs from prisoners of --

GLENN: Right.

CHRIS: Uighurs, Christians.

GLENN: Right.

CHRIS: And, yeah. They've always been killing people.

GLENN: But it seems like when the world is -- it seems like when the world is watching, for instance, the Hong Kong protests, they didn't do anything, until everybody was focused on COVID. And then all those people just disappeared.

So, I mean, we are watching now, but I guess our politicians are sending the wrong message, that we -- we're not going to do anything anyway.

CHRIS: It's not just politicians. It's Wall Street. All these social media. Kind of like Apple. What Apple was doing.

And so this is the sad thing. Like even after the Tiananmen mask, like weeks after it happened. George Bush senior celebrity a secret envoy to tell them. It wouldn't get into the way of US-China relationships. So the Communist Party knows there might be some talk. But you know the West is saddling up and doing anything.

I think what needs to happen. Is I think we need to clearly see and understand that the Chinese Communist Party is our happy. In their own internal speeches, they talk about spreading international communism. Being at war with America. Trying to destroy America.

But we get lost with all these narratives. But if you just understood they're our enemy, then you would handle things like TikTok, which is owned a Chinese company. You would just ban TikTok.

GLENN: Can you do that though, with -- with this president? How deeply in bed with China, he and others -- I mean, on the other side, you've got Mitch McConnell, just as deeply in bed. Well, maybe not as deeply.

But on the same boat. Hang on just a second, Chris. Because I want to ask you what it means for America. In 60 seconds.
Back in just a minute.

Been telling you for years now, please, please, spread out the risk. Everybody that I know. My grandfather taught me. If we just knew what rich people were doing, before the Depression hit. Maybe more of us would have had money, when the Depression hit.

Everybody lost their money. But the rich got richer. Why?

I talked to rich people and I asked them all the time. So what -- what are you doing? And everybody, for the first time in my life, are answering it the same way.

I don't really know. I'm just spreading it as thin and as wide as I possibly can. Take your investments. Your 401(k).

Please, spread these out. So one thing goes. Maybe something else doesn't go. And you don't lose everything.

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GLENN: We're talking to Chris Chappell. He's the host of China Uncensored.

Chris, one last question. We're looking at a possible railroad strike. We're looking at diesel shortages. We already have shortages going on.

We depend way too much on China. What does this mean, if this continues just as it is?

What is the -- the destruction going to be like, of the global economy?

GLENN: Well, ultimately, the chinese Communist Party's goal is to destroy America as a superpower.

You know we saw how devastating during COVID. When China spent the initial weeks of the outbreak covering it up, to hoard medical supplies. Most of our medical equipment is made in China. We were screwed because we have pushed all of this vital manufacturing to China.

What ultimately happens is, you know China will invade Taiwan. They have -- they have said this repeatedly, that they will do a military invasion of Taiwan. That would completely destroy the semi conductor supply chains. Those are the micro chips that would basically run everything. We are so dependent on Taiwan. If that breaks down, we might go back to the Stone Age.

GLENN: Jeez.

Okay. Well, you didn't improve my mood much. But I am appreciative.

CHRIS: Yeah. That's why I try to use humor on this show.

GLENN: I know. I know. I really appreciate it. I watched your work on this. And I thought you were spot-on. So thank you so much for keeping your eye on it.

CHRIS: Appreciate it.

GLENN: Yeah. You bet. The name of the podcast is China Uncensored.


Was Glenn’s dream actually a VISION for our future?

In this clip, Glenn shares something he says he never thought he’d share on-air. He recalls an unusual, extremely vivid dream he had for the first time ten years ago. But what happened AFTER this dream — during a discussion with a prominent religious leader — hints that this ‘dream’ may actually have been a VISION for our future…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: There has been something known to just a handful of us for years.

Stu is one of them. And I never, ever thought I would talk about this on the air. But I feel compelled to tell you that seasons have changed again. And it is becoming more and more apparent. And you need to know what you're dealing with.

We keep thinking that this is a political thing. It is not a political thing. I never thought I would share this. And take -- take from it, what you will. I mean, you can dismiss it. I never have.

If you are a long-time listener of this program, you know, that one of the reasons why I left New York, besides the whole thing was going to turn itself down, was I had a medical condition, part of it was brought on by no REM sleep for about ten years. I actually found this to be very advantageous, because I could get so much done, because I just couldn't sheep.

And for ten years, I never had a dream. That's not good for your body. And so I was really kind of broken down, when I moved here. I feel much, much better. And having dreams again, et cetera, et cetera.

However, during this period, I had what could be described as a dream. I do not believe it was.

But you might just say, well, that's ridiculous. Whatever.

In this dream, I wake -- I come to, in this dream. And I am in a hallway of the White House. And I'm -- I'm walking into a big room, where there's a bunch of cubicles.

And people look up, like who is walking in?

And there are people behind me. I just don't know who they are yet. I just know I'm being pushed by them. The people are at the cubicles. And they look over at the cubicle. First at me, and then their eyes dart to the people behind me. And dart right back down. And I recalls, everyone who is in the White House, is terrified of whoever is behind me.

I kind of glance back, and I see these people that are in uniforms, that I've never seen before.

And I have seen them since.

But that will be for some other time.

But I had never seen these before. And we're being pushed through this place. And then we go into a room like the situation room. Okay?

Big conference room. Presidential.

And it's me and about three other people. And we're sitting down at that conference room table. We're told just to wait there. So we do. And we start talking about, oh, I don't think this is going to be good. That's when two other people walk in. And they were clearly identified in the dream, however, I'm not sure anymore, that that image was anything, other than helping me relate, to what I'm about to tell you.

So the one guy, when they opened the door. These guys in uniforms are in the hallway. And the one guy says, him, him, and him.

Take him out.

And they get up. And look at me. And I'm the only one sitting at the table still.

And they employ out. The guards close the doors. And I'm now alone with these two people, that are clearly in charge of something. They're not political. They're not in a political position. It didn't feel like. You know it wasn't the president or anything like that. And they are standing there, and then I hear three gunshots.

And they said, yeah. Yeah. That happened pretty quickly for them. However, you, we're going to get to know. And I -- I said, okay. And they said, because you really have no idea who you're dealing with. And that's when one of them, reached under, like a Mission Impossible mask, and ripped off his face. And he was Satan. He was a demon. Okay?

Horrifying. I wake up. This was so vivid, that I didn't tell anyone for months. And not even my wife. And it bothered me, deeply.

And I didn't know exactly what to do with that information. And about a year, year and a half went by, and it still was with me, almost every day. Something you just don't forget. And I get a call from a guy who is -- you would know his name. Big spiritual leader.

And he calls me, he says, can you come to my -- can you come to my house. I need to talk to you? And I said, okay. Sure. When? He said, as soon as possible.

This weekend okay?

Yeah. So I fly out. My wife and I stay overnight. We're going to see him the next morning. And that night, I have the exact same dream. And I wake up, and I'm just in a panic. And we get in the car. And I don't tell my wife. We get in the car. And she says, this is going to be nice. And I said, yeah. Except, I have a hard time breathing right now.

She said why?

And I said, because I had that dream again last night. Remember, ten years, no dreams. Two dreams, the same one. And the same one about a year and a half together.

And she said, you know you should talk to him about that. And I said, no. No. Uh-uh. If the Lord wants me to delve into it, he'll bring it up. No. I don't want to talk about it.

And so we go into the guy's house. We sit town. He's sitting on a couch.

And he sits down, he sits right on the edge of the couch. And he leans into me. And he says, you know sometimes the Lord talks to people.

I said, uh-huh.

And sometimes people like you, he'll speak in many different ways.


Including dreams or visions.

And I said, right.

And he said, and this is when he leaned in, and you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I said, uh-huh.

He said, do not dismiss that dream. Do not ever dismiss that.

And I said, okay.

He sat back and he said, that's it. That's all I wanted to say. That was it. I have made choices on this show, based on that. You might find that ridiculous. Maybe you don't. I will never dismiss that.

I'm sharing that with you today, what? Ten years later. Because you must not dismiss what you're dealing with.

We are not in a battle of politics. We're not.

Politics and our whole culture has become evil. I started this hour, talking about what this pedophilia stuff that is going around. And how this -- nobody -- nobody will even say anything, the designer of this uses the #Moloch.

That is the God of child sacrifice. This is what we're dealing with. Well, I wrote the book, the eye of Moloch.

I never thought the average person, who is involved in all of this stuff, even believed in any of that. But they are being put into situations, where some leaders, and I'm not talking politically, in this particular case, I'm talking about that designer.

I do believe they know what they're doing. And we are worshiping Moloch.

We are worship these Baal. And they're demanding our children as a sacrifice.

You have to get to a point, to where you are going to choose a side. There is -- there will be no one left on the benches. And if you think you can sit it out, you will end up on the wrong side.

I -- I urge you to know who you serve. This is a different time in human experience.

This is not normal. None of this is normal. And it has been coming slowly in dribs and drabs. But those who are -- really paying attention, it's methodical. And it's taken an extremely disturbing turn. We are -- we're no longer talking about issues of you know tax policies. And how big the government should be. We're not talking about those things anymore.

We are talking about the erasing of the fundamental right for you to choose between good and evil. You're being coerced right now, to accept one side.

That is taking away your freedom of choice. That is God-given. Satan's plan was the other one. I'll go down. I'll return them all. Just give me the glory. I'll make the decisions for them. You have to start reading the news, with spiritual eyes. I also urge you to start getting yourself back into the fold. Whatever fold it is, of God. Get back to a place, to where your eyes and ears are attuned to the spirit, because you will not make it through this storm without it. As I used to say, there will come a time, where you have to be so in tune, if the spirit says, stop. Turn around. Go the other direction. You don't question it. You do it.

And unless you start listening to it now and developing that muscle, you will not stop in time.

Please, we are in different times.