Glenn examines the fast and furious life of automobile engineer Preston Tucker. Tucker’s audacity in creating a futuristic automobile for post-World War II America ran afoul of the car industry establishment, which conspired with the U.S. government to ensure Tucker’s innovations would only be featured in cars on their terms.


Democratic Socialism is 'Diet Communism'

Does 'Democratic Socialism' sound like a fresh new idea and give you Utopian dreams dancing in your head? Does it sound like the compassionate cure to all of societies woes?

Pull up a seat and watch as Glenn tells you what it really means and just how dangerous this "solution" really is.


Abraham Lincoln | Episode 5

Glenn seizes history from textbooks and sterile classrooms and brings it to life in a way you can see and touch. In Hands-On History, Glenn uses artifacts from his personal collection to tell the stories that made America great in hopes of ensuring an even greater tomorrow.