FACT CHECK THIS: If you think Big Tech is out of control now, just wait

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We've heard a lot of talk lately about the goals of Big Tech and the mainstream media. The Hunter Biden laptop story is a prime example. The majority of the media refused to report on it, and any outlet that actually reported on it — like the New York Post — was shut down by both Facebook and Twitter.

I am under attack daily. I have employees who have to devote almost their entire workday responding to and appealing efforts by social media to censor our posts. Case in point, Facebook tried to shut down our story that Joe Biden's ancestors were slave owners.

They used a fact-check to insist our story was false based on the actual fact Joe Biden's great grandfather didn't own slaves and that none of his ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Well guess what? We never said any of that!

What we did say was that Biden's great great great grandfather owned slaves and that they were passed down to his great great grandfather. We provided evidence that this was true, including federal and local documents from the time. One of the most respected genealogy firms in the country compiled the report. And we never said any of Biden's family fought for the Confederacy.

It's clear the fact-checkers didn't listen to what I actually said, nor did they read either the article from my website or the genealogy report. Instead, they labeled our story false based on the headline they saw and claims that other websites had made. This is fact-checking?

They eventually lifted their judgement after we pointed this out. They even made the following correction to the fact-check, verifying that our reporting was true:

Update: There are documents supporting the claim that one of Biden's 16 great-great-great-grandfathers, who was born in 1776 on the paternal side of his family tree, owned slaves, and one of those slaves was inherited by a great-great-grandfather when he was a child. Details can be found below.

I'm lucky enough to have staff who can monitor these things and respond as they happen, but how many smaller sites just don't have such resources? How many true stories are getting shut down and censored and nothing is ever being done about it? How much legitimate information out there have we missed due to this flawed fact-checking system?

It's not you're innocent until proven guilty. They've flipped the standard.

The way this game works is the fact-checkers declare guilt, the information is shut down, and the burden is on you to prove your innocence — if you can. It's not you're innocent until proven guilty. They've flipped the standard.

There are multiple "fact-checkers" out there these days, and both Silicon Valley and the mainstream media run to them to be judge, jury and executioner on what they deem "false information." One of them is NewsGuard, which recently listed 40 Facebook pages as "super-spreaders" of election misinformation.

And wouldn't you know, of course I'm on the list. This is the example they provided:

Oct. 10, 2020, post with a link to an article on Beck's website falsely claiming that "members of the Obama Administration and State Department wrote the playbook for Color Revolution in the streets" and that the Democrats' plan to overthrow the government "culminates on November 3rd."

In essence, this is exactly like the Joe Biden ancestor slave holder fact-check. They read a headline, cherry-pick a line or two they don't like — without fully reading nor listening to what was actually said — and then declare the whole thing false.

Literally everything that was said in that show was taken directly from members of the Obama Administration, Democrats and other people on both the left and right — in their own words. I then provided commentary on what all this could mean. Since when is pointing out facts — facts that are clearly sourced — and discussing what it all could mean now out of bounds? How is it "misinformation" to reveal what someone has said or done?

If that's the standard, how is it possible to warn anyone about anything? My job — from the very beginning — has been to point out the warning signs and connect the dots so that we can all be prepared for every possible outcome. My audience knows this. It's how you all knew the 2008 financial crisis was coming. It's how you knew the word "Caliphate" long before ISIS.

Let's look at NewsGuard's little example for a second. Here is their first quote they pulled out as "false":

Members of the Obama Administration and State Department wrote the playbook for Color Revolution in the streets.

Now again, the "fact-checkers" never said how this is false... the burden is on you to prove your innocence. But here's the problem... I've already done that! All you have to do is actually watch the show. This isn't my claim. Obama's Ambassador to Russia — Michael McFaul — literally wrote an academic paper on Color Revolutions and the steps needed to be successful. He called them the 7 Pillars.

In McFaul's own words (he wasn't your typical diplomat), this is what he said his specialty was:

Most of the specialists on Russia are diplomats, specialists in security, arms control. Or Russian culture. I'm neither. I can't quote Pushkin by heart. I'M AN EXPERT ON DEMOCRACY, ANTI-DICTATORIAL MOVEMENTS, REVOLUTIONS.

Kind of an odd thing to admit as an Ambassador in Eastern Europe while Color Revolutions were breaking out all over the world.

Again. All of this is sourced in detail. They wrote and said these things, not me.

In the show, if they would have watched it, they would have seen me go through each of the Color Revolution pillars. I showed you how all of that was happening. In very particular, the pillars reference organized oppositions ready to hit the streets during an election. This goes to the fact-checkers' second "false" claim that all of this "culminates on November 3rd."

All I'm doing is pointing out what they have said, what they have planned for, and the rules that they have played by in the past.

What have they planned for? I've been talking about their little wargame based on the report written by the Transition Integrity Project for weeks. Even the Washington Post has written about this for crying out loud. The wargame specifically mentions using street activists — that they admit will probably turn violent — on November 3rd.

The group that did the event — Fight Back Table — made it clear what would happen:

Occupy sh*t, hold space, and shut things down, not just on Election Day but for weeks.

I did not say these things... they did!

There are multiple left-wing groups organizing for street protests on November 3rd. Obama's Organizing For Action is heavily involved with a group called Indivisible who is right now planning over 200 protests on election day all across the country.

Groups like the Action Network have been helping. They were inspired by Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street was inspired by the Arab Spring. Keep that in mind as the founder of the Action Network recently said this:

In some ways, we've just been road testing everything for two years, building up to this moment.

Again, I sound like a broken record here, but... I did not say these things. THEY DID!

I hope none of this happens, but we need to know these things so we're not caught off guard.

These are the rules they play by. Color Revolution is their specialty. It's their inspiration. Now they're organizing for election day. I said during my show that I hope none of this happens, but we need to know these things so we're not caught off guard if it does. It's the same reason I was warning about Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, the same reason I warned about the financial crisis before 2008, and the same reason I warned about the Caliphate before ISIS. I hoped none of them would happen but I wanted everyone to be prepared if it did.

If Big Tech has its way, if the "fact-checkers" can label things like this as "fake news" or "misleading," if we can't take people's own actions, words and plans at face value, inform about it and provide commentary on what people might need to be prepared for... we're screwed.

I have probably the most transparent show in the country. I provide all documentation for everything I do. I use the source material in every show. It's all right there. All the fact-checkers have to do is simply look at it.

This is what we're up against and it's only going to get worse. If Joe Biden wins on Tuesday, they're going to turn the dial up until we all melt.

POLL: Should the Government control the future of AI?

The Washington Post / Contributor | Getty Images

Earlier this week, tech titans, lawmakers, and union leaders met on Capitol Hill to discuss the future of AI regulation. The three-hour meeting boasted an impressive roster of tech leaders including, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and others, along with more than 60 US Senators.

Tech Titans and Senators gathered in the Kennedy Caucus Room.The Washington Post / Contributor | Getty Images

The meeting was closed to the public, so what was exactly discussed is unknown. However, what we do know is that a majority of the CEOs support AI regulation, the most vocal of which is Elon Musk. During the meeting, Musk called AI "a double-edged sword" and strongly pushed for regulation in the interest of public safety.

A majority of the CEOs support AI regulation.

Many other related issues were discussed, including the disruption AI has caused to the job market. As Glenn has discussed on his program, the potential for AI to alter or destroy jobs is very real, and many have already felt the effects. From taxi drivers to Hollywood actors and writers, AI's presence can be felt everywhere and lawmakers are unsure how to respond.

The potential for AI to alter or destroy jobs is very real.

Ultimately, the meeting's conclusion was less than decisive, with several Senators making comments to the tune of "we need more time before we act." The White House is expected to release an executive order regarding AI regulation by the end of the year. But now it's YOUR turn to tell us what YOU think needs to be done!

Should A.I. be regulated?

Can the government be trusted with the power to regulate A.I.? 

Can Silicon Valley be trusted to regulate AI? 

Should AI development be slowed for safety, despite its potential advantages?

If a job can be done cheaper and better by AI, should it be taken away from a human?

Do you feel that your job is threatened by AI?

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Glenn wrote this essay on September 12, 2001. Are we the same people now?

ED JONES / Contributor | Getty Images

Twenty two years ago today on September 12th, 2001, Glenn wrote an essay called "The Greatest American Generation." These were his visceral thoughts immediately following the 9/11 attacks. This beautiful essay calls upon the American spirit to rise to the occasion to pull us through what was one of the darkest days in our nation's history. He called us to unite around the common vision that unites us as Americans.

Yesterday, Glenn revisited this essay, wondering if we are the same people who could have pulled through that dark hour. Do you still believe the things that he wrote in this essay? Or have we become a people too divided to overcome a tragedy of the magnitude of 9/11? Consider these questions as you read Glenn's essay below, "The Greatest American Generation," published on September 12, 2001.

I've always believed that the greatest American generation is the one that's living, in the here and the now. The question is not if this is the greatest American generation. The question was when were we going to wake up? I remember staying at my grandparents' house in the summer when I was small. Every morning my grandmother would open the attic door and call up, "Kids, time to wake up." For me she'd have to do this a couple of times before I'd lumber out of bed and cross the cold, squeaky wooden floor. But finally, I would. And she'd be there in the kitchen ready with breakfast. My grandfather was already outside in the henhouse because there was work to do. They were hardworking, good and decent people. Seemed to me that they were from not only a different time but a different place. They weren't.

The spirit of our parents and our grandparents isn't from some foreign place. It hasn't died out. It's a flame that flickers in all Americans. It's there and it's ready to blaze to life when we're ready to face the challenges that now lie at our feet. It's what sets us apart. It's what built this country. It's why our borders still teem with the poor and the tired and those yearning to be free, burned with zeal in the hearts of millions of immigrants from every corner of the Earth who came here in search of a better way of life. The flame that Lady Liberty holds is the American spirit which burns deep within all of us, no matter what our race, gender, our religious background. And today the world is watching us. It's really nothing new. It always has.

Since the dawn of man people dreamt of a better life, dreamt of a better way, of freedom. But it was Americans that finally found a way to build it. And out of all that we've built, the powerful machines, the computers, the weapons of mass destruction, hardware and software that we spent millions on every year to protect and keep the plan secret, our biggest seeming secret, the one the world wants most of all, isn't a secret at all. It's something we freely give to the rest of the world. And while it seems self‑evident to us, for some reason it can't be duplicated. Yet it can be passed on from person to person, torch to torch. It's the American spirit.

If you weren't trapped in one of those towers or on a plane or in the Pentagon, then you have great reason to humbly give thanks today, not for our lives but because we're the lucky ones. God hasn't forsaken us. He's awakened us. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, he's gently called out, "Kids, it's time to wake up! We've been given another chance."

Thousands of years ago in Babel, the great civilization in their arrogance built a tower that reached the sky. It crumbled and they were scattered. Our heart and steely symbols of power and wealth may have crumbled, but we have not been scattered. Americans aren't ever going to scatter. Let the world recognize through our actions today that those firefighters in New York are not the exception. They are the rule. Americans don't run from burning buildings. We run into them. It was a beautiful fall morning on the edge of the land created through divine providence. Coffee shops were open. Children were on their buses and people easing into another typical workday when America's greatest generation heard the voice: "Kids, it's time to wake up."

Several times we've ignored the voice. We've drifted back into twilight sleep muttering, "I know, I know, in a minute." But finally we are awake and out of bed, for there is much work to do. The task before us is much more daunting than what our grandparents and parents faced, but we are stronger, a more prepared nation. The torch has been passed. We are the greatest American generation. The American spirit is alive and well. Our flame has not burned out. It had just been dimmed while we were asleep."

Remembering 9/11: A call to unify as Americans

Robert Giroux / Staff | Getty Images

Glenn often harkens back to September 11, 2001, as a pivotal day for the American spirit. When American Airlines Flight 11 hit the South Tower at 8:46 a.m. that sunny September morning in Manhattan, there was no question that September 11 would become one of the most consequential moments in American history. However, in that moment, the outcome of that day was yet to be determined.

How would September 11 be remembered in history textbooks? Would it be the beginning of the end of our Republic? Many thought so and for just reason. Our country was under attack. Planes hijacked by our enemy were headed towards the buildings that represented the institutions that comprise the fabric of our republic. If there was any day that called into question our nation's future, it was September 11.

New York City firefighters and a photojournalist work at Ground Zero after two hijacked planes crashed into the Twin TowersRon Agam / Stringer | Getty Images

But the American spirit had a different narrative in mind. Instead of caving to the narrative that the hijackers attempted to write, the American people rose to the occasion that duty beckoned. As Glenn wrote in an essay the day after the September 11 attacks, "Americans don't run from burning buildings. We run into them." And we did. Many remained there as their final burial place.

The American people rose to the occasion that duty beckoned.

As New York Governor Pataki remarked, "On that terrible day, a nation became neighbors." We weren't Democrats. We weren't Republicans. On that day, we were Americans. We chose to write a different narrative in the history books following 9/11, one of resilience, bravery, brotherhood, and the triumph of the American spirit.

As Glenn so poignantly wrote on September 12th:

The spirit of our parents and our grandparents isn't from some foreign place. It hasn't died out. It's a flame that flickers in all Americans.

And that flickering light turned into a roaring fire on that pivotal day, one that not even the fires in the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, or the empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania could consume.

We chose to write a different narrative in the history books following 9/11, one of resilience, bravery, brotherhood, and the triumph of the American spirit.

But can we say the same about the American people today? Do we still carry the flickering flame of the American spirit that has been passed down to us from generations past? As Glenn reflected today, 22 years after penning those words, he isn't so sure. And I'm not either.

A candlelight vigil for the victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack is held at Union Square in New York City.Evan Agostini / Contributor | Getty Images

The same American spirit that we relied upon to pull us through September 11 seems to be a waning flame in a torch that few are clinging to. We are increasingly losing sight of what it means to be an American. Common principles that we traditionally shared across party lines are now being vehemently contested, both by the ruling class and in the public square. This is not the same America that triumphed over September 11.

We are increasingly losing sight of what it means to be an American.

This raises the troubling question: Could we endure another attack of a similar magnitude? Would the triumph of the American spirit dictate the narrative of that day, or would a foreign enemy steal the pen from liberty's fingers? These are the tough questions we must wrestle with in our pivotal moment as a nation.

But these questions aren't devoid of hope. There is still time to recall those timeless principles that transcended party lines on September 11 and united us as Americans. There is still time to nurse the waning flame for those who are committed to holding liberty's torch. There is still time to view our political opponents as, in the words of Pataki, "neighbors," whose livelihood and future depend on the survival of our great nation.

There is still time to recall those timeless principles that transcended party lines on September 11.

But that window is short. We must strive towards unity now if our nation hopes to, as Lincoln said in his own time of division, "endure."

As Glenn wrote in that essay on September 12, 2001, we must be, "awake and out of bed, for there is much work to do. [...] Our flame has not burned out. It had just been dimmed while we were asleep."

Acouple cary the American flag down a lower-Manhattan street a week after the September 11 attacksRichard Baker / Contributor | Getty Images

Flames cannot flicker forever. If they are not nursed, they will flicker out, leaving darkness in its wake. It's time to wake up. We must be attentive and awake, nursing the remnant of liberty's flame until it is blazing like it did 22 years ago today. We cannot let it die on our watch. Too many people have sacrificed too much for us to drop the torch.