WITCH HUNT: The left has TERRIFYING plans for Trump supporters if Biden wins

Imagine sometime next year, getting called before HUWAC – the House Un-Woke Activities Committee.

"Are you or have you ever been a member of the un-woke?"

Something like that is not as far-fetched as you might think.

Last week, Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration, now a UC Berkeley professor, tweeted this:

Since the 1970s, there have been dozens of "Truth Commissions" around the world like the kind Robert Reich wants in America. Most of these have been set up in Africa and Latin America. Usually it happens in countries after a civil war, or where there's been a regime change – a dictator is finally overthrown, and a commission is set up to address atrocities that happened under the dictator. Or, as in the commissions in East Germany and Czechoslovakia, atrocities under communism. Or, in the most famous example, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation commission addressed the decades of apartheid that ravaged that nation.

These commissions usually conclude with an official final report. These commissions and reports have served as a means of governments trying to close a dark chapter of their country's history, or provide emotional catharsis, as a way to generally move on. Sometimes it kind of works for people, most of the time it leaves people clamoring for more justice.

Here's how one professor described truth commissions in an article in The Conversationlast year. He wrote:

The goal of a truth commission… is to hold public hearings to establish the scale and impact of a past injustice, typically involving wide-scale human rights abuses, and make it part of the permanent, unassailable public record. Truth commissions also officially recognize victims and perpetrators in an effort to move beyond the painful past… Some have been used cynically as tools for governments to legitimize themselves by pretending they have dealt with painful history when they have only kicked the can down the road.

See, this is the problem with a lot of "Truth" commissions – they are inherently political. Even if you trust your government and give them all the benefit of the doubt in the world that their Truth commission is trying to do the right thing, it is ALWAYS going to be political. Because these truth commissions are never set up by those who have LOST power in government. They're always established by those who have WON power.

The Deputy Executive Director of the International Center for Transitional Justice says one of the main points in these Truth commissions is that "the victims become protagonists."

A Department of Anti-racism is entirely within the realm of possibility.

So, who are the victims in Robert Reich's America? People like him, members of the far-Left who had to endure the atrocities of four years of a president with different political ideas. What an injustice. I mean, the left's suffering during the Trump administration is almost on the level of apartheid or genocide – so we totally need a Truth commission.

There have been lots of calls for the U.S. to have its own Truth and Reconciliation commission, especially around racial injustice.

This past June, Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California introduced legislation to establish the " United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation."

Ibram X. Kendi – the high priest of anti-racism, and author of Target's current favorite book " Antiracist Baby" – proposes a Constitutional anti-racism amendment. This amendment would:

establish and permanently fund the Department of Anti-racism (DOA) comprised of formally trained experts on racism and no political appointees. The DOA would be responsible for pre-clearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won't yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate private racist policies when racial inequity surfaces, and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas. The DOA would be empowered with disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas.

If you think that is far-fetched, you haven't been paying attention to the Left's growing radicalism. In a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration, a Department of Anti-racism is entirely within the realm of possibility. And of course, such a DOA would never stop at policing government.

We're in a dangerous, precarious moment in our history. Given the events of 2020, should Democrats gain the White House, the Senate, and the House, how many commissions will be in our future? They will suddenly have plenty of political capital to drag the nation through years of commission hearings.

And the Left's form of justice is never satisfied. You think it will stop at a T&R commission on race? MSNBC's Chris Hayes tweeted this month about the need for a commission to deal with Americans who are skeptical about wearing masks:

Or what about a Truth commission on religion? I mean, look at those reckless churches spreading Covid this year. Or this would be a big one – a T&R commission on climate change deniers.

The Left is highly selective when it comes to truth. That's why they are the very last group you want in charge of anything with "Truth and Reconciliation" in the title.

This is one of the most incredibly frustrating things about the Left in America today. The Left insists there is no such thing as absolute truth, while simultaneously insisting there are certain approved truths that are undeniable.

So, you can't question "Science" – even though that's pretty much what every great scientist in history did.

You can't question racism as the explanation for all of existence – because, well, just because.

You can't question third-party "Fact-checkers" – because the powers that be, mainly Big Tech right now, have decided they are the Truth referees and you have to trust what they say because they're using certified external fact-checkers. They just forgot to tell you that they actually fund these third-party fact-checkers. It's like if McDonald's told you to trust third-party health inspectors that they were paying for.

The Left thinks it has a monopoly on Truth. They're the enlightened ones, because they've had the correct instruction, they're privy to the actual facts. It's psychotic arrogance. If you don't buy what they're selling, even if you're just skeptical of it, it's because you either don't have the facts, you willingly deny the facts, or you're simply incapable of grasping the truth because you're blinded by your raging racism problem. It's most likely the racism problem.

The Left never learns from its own preaching. For the past 60-plus years they've decried the House Un-American Activities Committee for trying to root out communists, getting people canceled, ruining Hollywood careers, etcetera. But a HUAC-type committee is precisely what Robert Reich is describing and many on the Left want. It's not enough for Trump to be voted out of office. Americans who helped put him there must be punished. They don't want reconciliation, they want retribution. Because the Left doesn't simply loathe Donald Trump, the Left loathes YOU.

5 organizations that provide MAPS to help illegal immigrants cross our border

Michael M. Santiago / Staff, UCG / Contributor | Getty Images

On last week's Glenn TV special, Glenn dove into exactly how migrants from around the world are ending up on our southern border. The most shocking discovery, which was first published by investigators with Muckraker, was that multiple organizations have been providing maps showing immigrants exactly how to cross Central America and Mexico into the waiting hands of the cartel, who smuggle them across our border.

Just who is encouraging these people to make this perilous journey? You will likely recognize a few. Below are FIVE organizations that facilitate the crisis on our southern border.

Click HERE to get access to all of Glenn's research about what's happening at the southern border from this week's Glenn TV special.

Doctors Without Borders

These maps from the Swiss humanitarian giant, Doctors Without Borders, give detailed routes from Central America to our border. The map also highlights places to find aid, food and shelter along the way.

Red Cross

This map distributed by the Red Cross highlights freight train routes. The back of the map advises migrants how to illegally board and ride freight trains across Mexico.

UN’s International Organization of Migration  

This map of consulates and commissions across Mexico was created and distributed by the International Organization of Migration, a part of the UN, to aid migrants on their journey towards the U.S. border.

Amigos Del Tren ("Friends of the Train")

This map advises immigrants on how to board and ride the "Train of Death," a freight train that runs through Mexico into the U.S. The map also gives travel time estimates and lists places to stay along the route. As the name "Train of Death" suggests, the route is as dangerous as it is illegal.

R4V (Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela)

This map specifically shows migrants from Ecuador how to leave the country and connect to Central America where they then proceed to the U.S. border. The map shows just how far south the migrant train really starts.

RECAP: Top 6 most SHOCKING moments from Davos 2024

Bloomberg / Contributor, FABRICE COFFRINI / Contributor, Getty Images / Staff | Getty Images

Glenn's warnings about the World Economic Forum's globalist agenda continue to be validated with each Davos meeting that passes, and 2024 was no exception. While Davos 2023 introduced startling topics like digital IDs, complete "climate transformations," and more, Davos 2024 hinged on the theme of combatting "mis and disinformation," even if it means sacrificing individual rights and national sovereignty to do so. Here is a recap of the top 6 speakers who set the tone for Davos 2024.

Klaus Schwab, Chairman and Founder of the World Economic Forum

Getty Images / Staff | Getty Images

While attempting to appease fears that the World Economic Forum is not a "decision-making body," WEF founder Klaus Schwab admitted that participants are "trustees" of the world's future and make actionable commitments based on the topics discussed at Davos:

We must rediscover and embrace the narrative that has driven humanity since its inception: acting as trustees for a better future.
The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum is not a collective decision-making body, but its impact stems from the new insights gained through dialogue and interaction, and more importantly, from the commitments made by each participant to contribute more significantly in their respective areas of responsibility to solving our most pressing global issues.

Bill Gates, Founder and Former CEO of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Anadolu / Contributor | Getty Images

Bill Gates made his annual debut at the World Economic Forum, and he never fails to leave a trail of questionable statements, leaving one feeling on the precipice of a bad remake of an Orwellian novel. Since 2020, Gates has been one of the most outspoken proponents of pandemic-era restrictions and COVID-19 vaccine mandates — how convenient that he heads the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world.

Now that the pandemic is over, Gates is positioning himself as a leader for "global equity," and it's as cringy as it sounds. Last week at Davos, Gates posited that the developed world should be compelled to pay a portion of its GDP to the developing world. This is the same jargon the Left always espouses — "The 1% has to pay their fair share" — except on a global scale.

"Those who have the most — whether it's countries, companies, or individuals — should be pushed to be more generous."

A common theme at Davos 2024 is the belief that the developed "global North's" contribution to the global climate crises, has caused mass displacement and migration in the "global South." Surely political and economic corruption in the region have nothing to do with it...

To pay for these "climate crimes," Bill Gates says the developed "global North" is obligated to pay retributions to the global "developing South."

Emmanuel Macron, President of France

LUDOVIC MARIN / Contributor | Getty Images

President Macron echoed Bill Gates with similar globalist language. Macron made the bold claim that he, along with globalist leaders in the EU, have the authority to "circulate" the resources of the 27 member states towards projects and initiatives of their own determination:

Our continent has a lot of savings, but these savings are not circulating towards the right places, towards the right sectors. We can move forward, all 27 of us, we should.

Macron gives no credence to the national sovereignty of each of the 27 nations that comprise the EU. Rather, the EU globalist elites know how to distribute funds and resources better than the people in the nations themselves.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

Ranking at the top of the EU globalist elites is Germany's Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission. During her Davos 2024 address, Von der Leyen pivoted from her typical climate alarmism talking points towards an even more pressing threat: "mis and disinformation."

For the global business community, the top concern for the next two years is not conflict or climate, it is disinformation and misinformation, followed closely by polarization within our societies.
Of course, like in all democracies, our freedom comes with risks. There will always be those who try to exploit our openness, both from inside and out. There will always be attempts to put us off track. For example, with disinformation and misinformation.

Disinformation and misinformation tackling this has been our focus since the very beginning of my mandate. With our Digital Services Act, we defined the responsibility of large internet platforms on the content they promote and propagate.

Apparently, the climate isn't the greatest existential threat facing civilization anymore. You are now the greatest existential threat if you dare speak your mind that's contrary to the globalists' narrative and "approved speech."

John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

John Kerry has become America's poster child for the World Economic Forum. His political wizardry has somehow landed him the title of "Climate Czar" while traveling on a private jet to lecture you and me about the climate.

During Davos 2023, Kerry set a high bar for cringe-worthy statements after calling himself and the other Davos attendees "extraterrestrial" for their endeavors to save the planet. However, at Davos 2024, Kerry crosses the line from cringy to tyrannical.

Kerry completely disregards the electoral system that holds the United States together by claiming that the 2024 election outcome won't reverse the U.S.'s climate goals:

The US won't reverse clean energy transition regardless of election outcome.

Climate policy is determined by an elected official whose power is derived from the consent of the governed. The climate, according to Kerry, is too important to be held up by trivial processes like U.S. Presidential elections.

Javier Milei, President of Argentina

FABRICE COFFRINI / Contributor | Getty Images

Argentina's new President Milei was a beacon of liberty and freedom amid the Davos sea of collectivist, global elites. He did not mince words in his pointed defense of liberty. Milei argued that the collectivism promoted by the World Economic Forum is the single greatest threat to the West and the prosperity we have enjoyed through it. The end of collectivism, Milei argues, is poverty, slavery, and tyranny.

Here are the opening words of his powerful speech:

Today I'm here to tell you that the Western world is in danger. And it is in danger because those who are supposed to have to defend the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inexorably leads to socialism and thereby to poverty.

Unfortunately, in recent decades, the main leaders of the Western world have abandoned the model of freedom for different versions of what we call collectivism. Some have been motivated by well-meaning individuals who are willing to help others, and others have been motivated by the wish to belong to a privileged caste.

We're here to tell you that collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that afflict the citizens of the world. Rather, they are the root cause. Do believe me: no one is in better place than us, Argentines, to testify to these two points.

Top 3 recent scandals proving the government LIES to you

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

We all know the government only wants what's best for us, right? They would never lie to us. That's why we trust them with all our tax dollars...

If you've been a long-time follower of Glenn—or have ever picked up a history textbook—you know that, unfortunately, governments tend to slide toward corruption and self-interest. That's why we have a Constitution that puts limits on the government's power through establishing checks and balances—if only the government would adhere to them. With the growing federal bureaucracy composed of thousands of unelected officials, our government is increasingly unaccountable to the Constitution, which means they can get away with more corruption while lying to the American people.

Our elected officials need to step up and bring these corrupt leaders under the accountability of the Constitution again. Here are the top three recent examples of the government getting away with blatantly lying to the American people to cover up their corruption.

The political establishment lied about COVID's origins

Pool / Pool | Getty Images

Throughout the pandemic, the CDC, NIH, political establishment, and mainstream media cracked down on any speech that didn't fit the approved narrative: that COVID-19 originated naturally from bats, that the NIH was not funding gain-of-function research, and that the draconian COVID mandates were helpful in "curbing the spread" of the virus.

Thousands of people were censored or lost their jobs, being forced to choose between complying with the government mandates and their personal convictions—or even putting food on the table when stimulus checks wouldn't cover their families' basic needs. For two years, we bore witness to how fragile our basic constitutional rights really are in the hands of our unelected, bureaucratic elites.

This past year, the establishment's lies came crumbling down.

In 2023, Congress obtained declassified emails showing the WIV was not only performing gain-of-function research, but it was funded by the Fauci-led NIH. These emails also suggest Fauci’s staff was aware of the potential risks of this research. During closed-door hearings, Fauci admitted to Congress that the COVID lab-leak theory was not a conspiracy theory and that the “6 feet apart” social distancing recommendation promoted by federal health officials during COVID-19 was likely not based on scientific data.

Will the elites whose policies resulted in the censorship and mass firing of thousands of Americans for holding these views be held accountable? Don't count on your government to do so.

The FBI knew their Trump-Russia investigation was a witch hunt.

Chip Somodevilla / Staff | Getty Images

For years, President Trump faced vigorous investigation and scrutiny over alleged collusion with the Russian government. This persecution lasted for years, until May of 2023 when the Durham report was finally completed. The report revealed that the FBI never had any real evidence against Trump and was seemingly prompted into action by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The Truth about the Biden crime family.

Bruce Bennett / Staff | Getty Images

On October 14th, 2020 the New York Post published a bombshell article that exposed the damning evidence that then Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter were involved in illicit business dealings with foreign nations. But, within hours of publication, the article vanished into thin air. For years, we were left wondering what had happened until December 2022 when part seven of the Twitter Files revealed that the FBI had prompted Twitter executives to take down the article the day before the article was published.

With the emergence of the Hunter Biden laptop evidence came a whole new understanding of how crooked the Biden family really is. It has revealed that the family has had business dealings in several foreign countries, including Ukraine and Romania, with their dealings amassing several million dollars.

The Iowa Caucus confirmed what many had predicted: Trump is the GOP frontrunner, and Nikki Haley is the favorite amongst the "never-Trump" wing of the Republican party—to the ire of pro-Trump conservatives.

Glenn says that Nikki Haley has drawn so much criticism from the rest of the Republican party because her campaign stances are "out of step with where conservatives are right now." Conservatives are tired of sending their taxpayer dollars to foreign wars. Haley has taken a strong stance in support of ongoing aid to Ukraine. Conservatives are yearning for leaders who take a strong stance against the establishment. Haley seems to embody the establishment that conservatives want to do away with. These are just a few of many qualms that hardline conservatives have with the former ambassador to the UN.

However, there are supporters of Nikki Haley, and one of them left an anonymous letter on Glenn's desk defending her candidacy. Curious as to what's going on in the mind of a Nikki Haley fan? Here are the "confessions" of an underground Nikki Haley supporter:

I'm writing this from a secure and heavily guarded location. I am under 24/7 monitoring and protection, kind of like Epstein, but I'm actually being cared for. There's a lot of debate within the Conservative Party, but unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party typically opens differing ideas. Unless you're a Nikki Haley supporter, apparently, then it's straight to the gulag with you.

I am writing this anonymously to save my family from embarrassment and ridicule. My name is John Doe, and I am a Nikki Haley Supporter. Let me explain before you dox me.

People say Nikki Haley is a Democrat. Do you know who else was a Democrat up until 5 minutes ago? The right's favorite loudmouth, Vivek Ramaswamy. Donald Trump was notorious around the Democrat circle before switching over to the right. Iconic Republican president RONALD REAGAN was on the left side as well. So, Nikki Haley is in good company.

When it comes to general election electability, I don't think anybody has a better shot than Haley. Trump may very well be thrown into a jail cell. Vivek will probably slap a cop to get himself thrown in a jail cell in some weird show of solidarity, while Ron DeSantis will continue just existing in his lifted cowboy boots. Nikki is soft-spoken—unless your name is Vivek. Then the gloves come off. She likely won't make any memorable tweets like "Covfefe" or "I love Hispanics" to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but I'm willing to sacrifice those.

Being a Nikki Haley supporter is like being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Everybody hates her for every reason imaginable. You get hate from every side. You KNOW what she's capable of, but she won't DO IT. I know what you can be, Nikki, and I want people to see you how I see you. But you don't help yourself when you appear wishy-washy on abortion and transgenderism in children. You have a successful track record, just like Ron DeSantis does. You started this campaign off strong, just like the Cowboys. But you're choking in the playoffs, Nikki. You had a decent showing in the Iowa Caucus. New Hampshire and South Carolina are yours for the taking with DeSantis out, just don't say anything stupid! Please don't disappoint me. I've been disappointed enough this year already.