TAKE THE POLL: Are we headed toward another financial crisis like 2008?

The Silicon Valley Bank's collapse has sparked fear that we are headed toward another economic crisis like the one we experienced in 2008. Should we be preparing for another crisis, or is the media overhyping the story? Glenn says that we should be "healthily terrified" by SVB's collapse, and he is going to tell you why in TONIGHT's episode of Glenn TV about the SVB collapse.

But first, Glenn wants to hear from YOU. Do YOU feel secure about the current financial climate? Do you think banks are a safe place to keep your money? Let us know below!

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Do you think the Silicon Valley Bank collapse signals another economic crisis like 2008?

Do you think banks are trustworthy overall?

Do you think the government should be able to bail out a bank?

Would you feel more secure with your money in a large bank?

Would you feel more secure with your money in a smaller/local bank?

Do you have money invested in gold/silver?

Do you feel prepared if we were to go through another economic crisis?

The bestselling author and entrepreneur investigates what would happen if a new financial world order took hold, one in which global elites own everything and you own nothing—and yet you are somehow happy.

When Carol Roth first heard that one of the World Economic Forum’s predictions for 2030 was “You will own nothing, and be happy,” she thought it was an outlandish fantasy. Then, she researched it. What she found was that a number of businesses, governments, and global elites share a vision of a future that sounds utopian: Everyone will have everything they need, and no one will own anything.

From declines in home and vehicle ownership to global inflation and government spending, many of the trends of modern life reveal that a new world that is emerging—one in which Western citizens, by choice or by circumstance, increasingly do not own possessions or accumulate wealth. It’s the perfect economic environment for the rich and powerful to solidify their positions and prevent anyone else from getting ahead.

In You Will Own Nothing¸ Roth reveals how the agendas of Wall Street, world governments, international organizations, socialist activists, and multinational corporations like Blackrock all work together to reduce the power of the dollar and prevent millions of Americans from taking control of their wealth. She shows why owning fewer assets makes you poorer and less free. This book is essential guide to protecting your hard-earned wealth for the coming generations.

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On the first Glenn TV episode of 2024, Glenn peeled back the curtains shrouding the globalist plot to eliminate the 1st Amendment— and according to his sources, it will happen this year. Is there even anything we can do to fight back?

Glenn took this opportunity to show off one of the newest pieces in his historical collection, the set from the 70's sitcom, All in the Family, and explained how it changed television forever by bringing real issues to American audiences— right to their living rooms. Archie Bunker and his family brought arguments from all sides of the political spectrum and engaged in actual conversations surrounding serious issues in America. Can you imagine something like that today, when typically only one side is presented and all others are shut down and labeled "misinformation?" And if you think it's bad now, just wait until Glenn shows you what the globalists have in store for us.

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Glenn has often said that his audience is the most generous in the world, and you have continued that legacy in 2023.

From Maui and Afghanistan to Israel and Armenia, this audience has helped countless men, women, and children all over the world. What YOU have done this year through your generosity is, as Glenn says, nothing short of miraculous. Here are ten extraordinary feats made possible by YOU.


Patrick T. Fallon / Contributor | Getty Images

This August, horrific wildfires raged across Maui, destroying the historic town of Lahaina along with thousands of acres of forest and claiming more than 100 lives. In response to this tragedy, which is now confirmed to be the deadliest wildfire in U.S. history, Glenn and Mercury One rallied the troops to support the Maui wildfire victims as they begin to heal and rebuild their lives. Through your support, Glenn's audience raised over $1.2 MILLION!


Long-time listeners of Glenn's show are familiar with PreBorn, a paid sponsor of the program. PreBorn is a pro-life organization that helps mothers in crisis pregnancies choose life by introducing them to their babies through free sonograms. Preborn also helps support mothers throughout their pregnancy up to two years after their baby is born. This year alone, PreBorn has saved over 28,000 babies from abortion.

Following Glenn's 40-day series on Biblical covenants, Glenn was inspired to commemorate his series by funding PreBorn for an entire 40 days. Glenn pledged the first $100,000, funding PreBorn for 20 days, and challenged his audience to raise the additional $100,000 for the following 20 days. This audience more than DOUBLED the $200,000 goal, saving thousands of babies and giving mothers hope.

Digital Historical Library

MPI / Stringer | Getty Images

Glenn is a collector of all things historical, as his long-time listeners know, and over the years he has amassed an incredible collection of artifacts and documents. Mercury One has started the intensive process of taking high-quality 3D scans of these artifacts to make them available to everyone. This includes invaluable pieces of American history such as the third-largest library of American founding documents, and the largest collection of documents from Jamestown, and the Pilgrims in the world. This is not light work, and it is only made possible with the generosity of Glenn's audience.


- / Contributor | Getty Images

On April 30th of this year, Glenn and The Nazarene Fund launched a new mission in Nigeria known as Operation Lego. Operation Lego's primary objective is to collect irrefutable evidence and intelligence to target individuals and rings involved with the illicit trade of organ harvesting, human trafficking, child abduction and exploitation, baby factories, and ritual killings. This work has already led to the arrest of six human traffickers, the rescue and aftercare of 32 children, and the rescue of 15 pregnant women who were continually raped by their captors, who then killed their babies to sell their organs on the black market. This practice is referred to as "baby factories," and YOUR support is rescuing women and children from this evil industry.


Mohsen Karimi / Contributor | Getty Images

Currently, The Nazarene Fund is supporting 125 widows, children, and Christians in hiding within Afghanistan. This monthly support includes food and other necessary supplies. They are also supporting evacuations out of Afghanistan into safehouses in Pakistan, and from there into countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Turkey for permanent resettlement. YOUR support has enabled the rescue and resettlement of these Christian families who are under constant threat from the Taliban.


Eyad Baba / Contributor | Getty Images

After Hamas' October 7th terrorist attacks, The Nazarene Fund chartered a flight from Tel Aviv to Nashville to bring home US citizens trapped in the country while the Biden administration took weeks to bring American citizens home. The Nazarene Fund also provided funding for the relocation of six Israeli families to the U.S.

Iraq and Syria

Sakis Mitrolidis / Contributor | Getty Images

This ongoing outreach is where The Nazarene Fund got its roots. In Syria, the Yazidi people are captured and kept as slaves in a giant prison camp called Al-hol. The Nazarene Fund locates and liberates prisoners from Al-hol and relocates them to Australia and Canada. Just this year alone, 190 people have been rescued from these terrible conditions.


Andrey Borodulin / Contributor | Getty Images

Since the conflict in Azerbaijani forces began targeting Armenians in the historically Christian and highly contested Nagorno-Karabakh region in September, Armenians have attempted to flee their historic homeland in droves, fearing for their lives. Over 100,000 people have fled the battlefield and areas of conflict, creating a desperate situation along the Armenian-Azerbaijan border. The Nazarene Fund is on the ground in Armenia assisting Christian families flee the carnage. So far they have successfully evacuated 127 individuals.


Kevin Frayer / Stringer | Getty Images

In Asia, The Nazarene Fund has Operation Renaissance, which is dedicated to assisting Christian families and other minority groups with food, medicine, and legal assistance across Asia. Operation Renaissance assisted over 1,590 Christian families fight against persecution and discrimination with cases including but not limited to kidnapping, workplace abuse, and sexual assault.

Around the world

Express / Stringer | Getty Images

With the generosity of this audience, The Nazarene Fund has been able to provide aid and support to people all over the world, including the evacuation of 180 Kurdish workers in June, $200,000 of emergency aid for the victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled Turkey, safe houses for at-risk Yazidi women and their children fathered by ISIS fighters, and protection for former ISIS captives who are witnesses against ISIS for crimes against humanity proceedings.

Truth is under attack. The gospel is under attack. We must be aware and equipped if we are going to respond.

Voddie Baucham has a message for Christians in today’s culture—it’s time to take a stand for the truth. In The Ever-Loving Truth, this powerful preacher and teacher addresses the cost of being a twenty-first-century Christian and helps readers apply the unchanging truth of God’s Word to contemporary life issues. The book draws parallels between committed Christians in our society and the New Testament writers, Peter and John, as followers of Christ who proclaimed and stood for truth in their non-Christian environment. You will find this compelling study leads you to evaluate what it means to be a Christian today and how to apply God’s unchanging truth to a variety of circumstances.

This post is a part of an ongoing series called "Glenn's Bookshelf" Have you ever wondered what topics Glenn is reading about on his own time? Follow the "Glenn's Bookshelf" series to get access to all the books that Glenn is reading.