EXPOSED: New W.H.O. health treaty could END U.S. sovereignty

EXPOSED: New W.H.O. health treaty could END U.S. sovereignty

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The World Health Organization wants to expand its global control, and President Biden is helping them along the way. On Sunday, the World Health Assembly (the governing body of The W.H.O.) will meet to discuss potential changes to its ‘pandemic treaty’ that could END U.S. sovereignty during health emergencies. Daniel Horowitz, writer for TheBlaze, joins Glenn to detail how this treaty could result in the W.H.O. telling Americans how to respond during crises WITHOUT the approval of our elected officials. Plus, it seems President Biden is completely onboard?!


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GLENN: All right. I want to bring in Daniel Horowitz. Because Daniel, you have -- you have done a lot of work on this. And you've -- you've started this years ago.

But you really have boiled this down to what's happening next week.

Daniel Horowitz. Writer for TheBlaze.

And Conservative Review. Daniel, tell me what's happening here.

DANIEL: Well, great to be back with you. And I'll say, it's worse than having our national sovereignty aggregated. It's really our bodily sovereignty, typically these international treaties would affect the sovereignty of our nation. This will affect our bodies. Because the wheel started to churn in the minds of those behind this entire covid regime. The great reset. Over the last year. While the people are really acquiescing to this pretty easily. But they were a little perturbed. That you had Sweden. Florida. You had some areas, doing their own recalling.

So their goal is to create a pandemic treaty, that will synchronize, and consolidate, the control you should these authorities. Where they can basically lock you down. They can force therapeutics on you. You know, you're a public health threat. This is what you need to do. We're going to declare your region, a public health emergency.

And we can do anything we want.

Now, they were working on that for a while. And I was always wondering where the Biden administration was. Because, you know, it was important.

They were awfully quiet. Well, it turns out, that they quietly submitted amendments to the 2005, international health regulation, in January.

No press conference. No press release on the website.

GLENN: We sent them. Our White House sent them.

DANIEL: Yes. They sent them. And you can see the strike-throughs. And basically, the upshot of it is it takes away the determination of the states. The Secretary General shall, instead of may do this.

Take -- took out all the consultations requirements with the states. So we didn't even know about this, until a few weeks ago.

And they're going to submit it, at this conference. And like you said, the reason they're doing this, is because Biden knows, he doesn't have 57 votes for a treaty. So like everything else they do, rather than a treaty, a law, really, everything they did throughout covid. You do it executively. So they'll have a de facto treaty, without calling it that. And that's the way they plan on getting this passed. And look, Biden already claims to have the support of Canada and most of Europe.

GLENN: So this is -- this puts the WHO in charge of really any kind of pandemic. Any kind of traumatic event, anywhere in the world.

They're calling the shots. Not our local or our national people. But the WHO. Correct?

DANIEL: Well, in pain English, China. And I think you can't discuss this WHO effort in a vacuum, without noticing, last week, the Biden administration held this, what he called the global covid summit.

And the summation of everything that was said on that Zoom get-together, was essentially, there is a worse pandemic coming in the fall and winter. Now, how they would know that, is kind of interesting.

But I think we should take them seriously, that they might know something that you and I don't.

And they seem to be indicating. That, you know what, maybe covid wasn't quite that bad. But this will be really bad.

Now, think about how a Wuhan gas lit the world to respond in the way they did. And now you have a whole new level of Shanghai, and then now they're saying, there's going to be an even worse pandemic, that perhaps should engender a need for even more severely lockdowns like we're seeing in Shanghai. That was a --

GLENN: Are they saying that's coming next winter?

DANIEL: This coming fall/winter. Yes.

GLENN: Because the treaty. The changes kick in, in November. You know, they don't kick in right away. You have to wait until next fall. Right around election time, when they kick in.

DANIEL: So the way -- the way I understand it, is that under the current rules, a party could rescind their support. A state actor could rescind their support for the state regulations, within 18 months. So the amendments would truncate that period, to six months. Which, as you know, is designed to basically correlate with the lame duck session of Congress.


DANIEL: Or maybe it will be after the election. But before the new Congress is sworn in.

GLENN: How bad -- on a scale of one to ten. Because everything is on fire right now. It seems like. And, you know, you can only pay attention to so much. Scale of one to ten. Ten being holy cow, Constitution is on fire. We're all going to die. Look, it's a mountain ahead of us. Pull up.

And one being eh. Where is this?

DANIEL: You know, Glenn, I would say, where we're headed is a 15. It's something we've never imagined.

And I'm not saying it's the WHO provisions in a vacuum. It's what they represent. And what they're trying to accomplish.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

DANIEL: A lot of people are under the false impression that it's over with. Covid is over with. The lockdowns are over with. We're never going back to that. If you understand the background behind this, which a lot of this we don't have all the information. But we have our decisions. They ain't done with it. They're not.

And I think if you put yourself in their shoes, they were pretty successful. I mean, they walked in without firing a shot. They did not have much opposition. You even had a lot of the red states. And they fell for a lot of this. To this day, the FDA announced they're approving a third shot. But not just approving. But marketing, distributing a third shot for five to 11-year-olds. Mainly the red states that stood up and said, we're not doing this. I think Florida recommends against it. But I don't see too many Republicans speaking out.

So I don't think we have undone this. We have not immunized ourselves, through state Constitutional amendments, and other efforts, from this happening ever again.

So in the -- the reason why I say the 15th, in a text. It's like, oh, they're going to tax us. They're going to regulate us. They're going to take away our national sovereignty.

This, they quite literally view us as lab rats, in their new global design.


DANIEL: And I think there's no limit on what they plan on doing.

GLENN: It's so frightening. Because they all love, the chief adviser to Klaus Schwab. You all know Harari. And if anybody knows who he is. He is a favorite futurist of everybody on the left. They love this guy.

And he has said, you know, globalist elites will use crisis to bring about global government. But he says it in a good way. He says, look, it's going to be a crisis. And, you know, we can program people. And, you know, he is -- he is terrifying. Terrifying. On the things that he believes. That would be put into our bodies.

And it's not just the WHO. You know, you have the -- what is the other -- the other one that is -- the bio diversity.

The -- yeah. The global treaty auto bio diversity. That is also taking all kinds of -- of powers, from states.

Global bio diversity framework, is what they -- is what they're talking about.

And this one is going to be -- you know, they're going to have a new convention, on this. And this one will all be about land use. It will have huge implications on food production. Farming. Property rights. All of it. All of it.

And I believe it will cause, what Mao saw, in, you know, the 1960s. Late 1950s. You know, just massive starvation.

This is really bad. Because they're putting these things into these global treaties. And who is going to enforce them? Do you think our military will enforce things like this?

Or will -- dare to send troops here.

DANIEL: You know, Glenn, the sky is the limit. And until a couple years ago, I would have laughed this off. I would have laughed off the comments of Klaus Schwab.

Yeah. There are some crazies out there. But they don't have any power. But I think after the past two years, we need to take this very seriously. Because they did succeed. I can't remember the name of the survivor of the Cambodia. The killing -- did an interview on that. At the time, a couple days ago. And he noted, that the way communism took root, is the same guide to these arsonists and the firefighter. And that's what they think to do, they think these catalyzing event with the pandemic. I mean, it clearly was not natural. Who and exactly what did it, we're still finding out. But it wasn't until. It wasn't a one in 100 natural event. So, in other words, there's nothing stopping a new pandemic from coming. And then you have all the supply chain shortages. The sudden issues with the baby formula. Land use issues, as you mentioned. Bill Gates and the Chinese buying up American land. All of this is tightening the noose around us, on the vital things we need to survive. Then you throw into the mix, the maniacal war on treating covid. Which you would think, if you're a big covid hawk, you have to treat that thing.

No. They were against that. And to this day, they were against treating it. That all paints a very concerning picture. And I think, you know, I -- I speak to a lot of Republicans and state legislators, they tell me a lot of their leadership wants to move on from this. But I think you need them to preemptively pass resolutions, that these things are unenforceful. We're not going to do it. We're going to pass state constitutional amendments codifying, you know, rights to life, liberty, and property in a time of public health emergency.

GLENN: You know, the crazy thing is, Daniel, is that you can't get states to really understand ESG, which the banks are now going to states, and saying, your state will fall under ESG rules for loans from us. And they still don't really understand the threat.

When you start talking about, you know, one global government from the WHO.

Everybody is going to laugh that off.

And I honestly believe, that's part of the deal. I mean, they have made conspiracy theory, into, you know, hey. Did you hear that Coke is on sale at the store?

Oh, he's a conspiracy theorist. I mean, he everything is a conspiracy theory right now. Everything.

DANIEL: Exactly. But, you know what, I'm going to take them at their word this time. I didn't pay attention last decades. Retrospectively, we've been going back, and seeing, oh, my gosh, they've been wording with certitude. There's going to be a pandemic under the Trump administration.

It's interesting, how they knew that. Well, this time, how can I take them seriously?

Bill Gates just came out with their new book, on how to defeat the next pandemic. So when you have the arsonists. And the firefighters, we definitely need to pay attention.

We need to get out ahead.

And you mentioned the banks. And I think one of the biggest threats that we need to understand, is that a lot of conservatives have this Reagan era nostalgia about the private sector. Well, the private sector was a bulwark against tyranny, when it was distinguished. And separate from the government.

GLENN: Exactly right.

DANIEL: But now that it's actually become one entity, it's worse than pure traditional communism. Because I can't vote out the heads of Pfizer, and the heads of the bank.


DANIEL: And you can't campaign against them and go to a legislative hearings and expose them. They're all behind the -- the wall.

So, you know, all these red states where sometimes they have these Republicans. Well, we're reluctant to fighting this budding fascism. Because I don't like telling the private sector what to do.

When they're only doing it at the behest of the federal government. You have not -- as a state, to interpose on behalf of the liberty of the people.

GLENN: I want to give you something from the UN biodiversity Framework Council. It's being sold as the next Paris Climate Agreement. Except, it will focus on biodiversity, land use, not climate change. It will have huge implications on food production, farming, property rights. Also carries with it the potential to cause mass starvation and a loss of human life on a scale we have not seen.

Nations and large businesses recently met in Geneva to continue to work on the global biodiversity framework. The hope it will be approved and signed by countries later this year in China. And according to the World Economic Forum, the meeting in Geneva was the first time at the United Nations Convention on biological diversity, meaning that leading businesses turned out in force. According to the World Economic Forum, Unilever, gee. They don't make anything, do they?

Citi. Natura & Company. H&M Group. Walmart. IKEA. Nestle. Also, the International Chamber of Commerce. The World Business Council, on sustainable development. There are more than 1100 companies, with revenues of more than $5 trillion, that have signed on to this.

This is extraordinarily dangerous. You -- you -- Daniel is right. Everything has to happen at the state level. Everything.

Please, please, if you are a state official. Wherever you're hearing my voice. Please do not take my word for it.

Read about it, yourself.

This is a coordinated thing. All being driven to the end of capitalism. The end of sovereignty. Individual sovereignty. Your sovereignty of your body. The American dream is over! Unless these things are fought.

And taken seriously. You can start with my book, The Great Reset. It's available wherever books are found. What was the name of your book? Came out a few years ago, Daniel. That talked about this.

DANIEL: Stolen Sovereignty.

GLENN: Yeah. Stolen Sovereignty. Get that by Daniel Horowitz. Daniel, thank you so much. Obviously, you'll be paying attention next week to the WHO. Just keep us informed of what's going on, will you?

DANIEL: Absolutely. Will be vigilant. And thank you for having me. God bless.

GLENN: God bless.