EXPLAINED: How far-left AGENTS OF CHAOS are destroying us all

EXPLAINED: How far-left AGENTS OF CHAOS are destroying us all

A recent poll from the State Policy Network Survey shows that Americans are BEYOND worried about nearly everything: Food affordability and shortages, inflation, rising energy prices, and possible nuclear war. But living in this kind of fear is destructive to not only our health, Glenn says, but our country as well. So what’s causing the fear? In this clip, Glenn uses recent stories to show how far-left ‘agents of chaos’ are to blame. They’re only concerned about their own power, he explains, and they’ll shut down anyone who disagrees. So it’s time to call them out. ‘There’s a great evil happening in our country,’ Glenn says. ‘And it’s easy to define. We just have to start saying it out loud.’


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GLENN: Let me give you a couple of stories here that I think are -- say everything that you need to say.

There's a new poll out. The state policy network survey. And they are asking, in this national poll, what are you concerned about. And they found that 68 percent of the people are concerned about, you know, being able to afford their food.

They are concerned about inflation -- inflation. They are concerned about rising energy prices. And job loss.

However, the researchers found that 71 percent say they worry about international conflicts escalating into a nuclear war.

70 percent are worried, that there will be food shortages. 88 percent of respondents say they're concerned about energy shortages.

79 percent say they worry about the collapse of the US government. We are more concerned today about what shoe is going to drop next. This is the reason America has always been successful.

The people have been good. As a nation, we're not making good choices.

So that's faltering. We have always been blessed. Because we have an endless supply of cheap energy. That's going away.

We've had people who wanted to work and innovate. Where is that attitude?

So we are now worried about the things that are causing our instability, but we're doing a lot of the instability-making, you know. If your kids aren't out working, if you're not holding down that moral fort in your own life, and in your own family. Your kids are going to get lost, to riots in the streets, and everything else.

And the collapse of the US government happens, and that's the final straw. People put money into America, over most places in the world. Because we're stable.

But we're unstable now. Now, I want you to listen. Because there is a -- there is somebody that commented on this. Who is with the new state policy network. And -- and he is with the morning consult.

And he said, if fear comes from political issue, like climate change. You can see these symptoms come out. And how people talk about the issues or debate it.

Often debates that are just shouting matches are people trying to find a way to release the anxiety they feel. Mental health issues are another consequence of long-term fear.

Given the rise in mental health conditions, and the way we engage in political discussions in the US, it might be fair to say, we aren't dealing with our fears, particularly well.

And listen to this: And need to find ways to cut off sources, that feed them, for political gain or profit.

What -- what does that mean, exactly? What are you -- huh?

Now, I don't know exactly what he meant by that. But my mind goes immediately to, we have to censor people.

That is the worst thing we can do. The reason why we have conspiracy theories, is, one, nobody is being held accountable. Two, everybody seems to be dirty, because they're not transparent.

Three, when questions -- or answers to questions don't make sense, and no one will show you any kind of transparency. You know, hey, I learned this. You know, in second grade math. Show your work. When they won't show their work, and you don't have trust, and their answers don't make sense. I'm sorry.

There's got to be another answer. And when you ask, is there another reason, this is going on?

They silence you. It's the worst thing that can happen. If you want an open society, to quote George Soros.

So protecting speech from Government Interference Act. This is something the Republicans in the House oversight committee, have tried to pass. They're trying to pass it now.

And it prohibits political activity by federal employees, to prohibit the use of official authority to influence or coerce any interactive computer service. Or to remove or suppress lawful speech. Well, the Democrats are very upset about this.

They say, this is the Putin Protection Act. I am so sick of hearing this.

This will just empower election deniers. COVID deniers. And white supremacists.

Shut up. Shut up.

We seem to have done fine since Woodrow Wilson. We had a little blip in the '50s, where we were putting people like Dalton Trump in jail. For what he believed.

But other than that, we've been pretty good. With freedom of speech.

Let me give you -- let me give you some examples. Nike has the unmitigated gall, to send a letter to the Portland mayor, at the end of the day, wheeler, and city officials, ask community Nike store.

Now, this thing has been closed for months. Why?

Because you don't arrest anybody who is stealing. So people come in, and your private security, cannot touch or stop anyone.

You can only report it to the police. But the police aren't showing up. So they've gone and said, hey. We are so with BLM, and the all things that have destroyed law and order in this country. We are so with you. We will continue to fund that.

But could we fund some police too?

Oh, good. Some private Nike police. Wouldn't that be great?

So they want to directly fund full-time police officers.

Well, the city is saying, no. You can't do that. Because, why?

We have a shortage of police officers. We're already paying them over time, just to do regular stuff. We don't have enough to then put them at the Nike story.

And Nike is saying, well, I can't open a store in your -- I mean, we already have been closed two years. We want to come back, Portland, but it's too dangerous for our employees, and we're hemorrhaging product.

Now, let me ask you. What's the problem there? What's the cause of that problem?

The cause of that problem is all of the ridiculous bullcrap about the police being reimagined.

About -- about defending the perpetrator. Well, I don't know. How did they grow up? What kind of hassles have they had in their life?

Shut up! Breaking the law. Justice is blind. I don't care if you're a leper, that's just been healed by Jesus. And I should really like you. You broke the law, you're going to jail.

No. We know that. We know that our police, are not able to do their job, because the left has turned America against the police.

Did you know that 50 percent of murders in the US are going unsolved now? 50 percent.

If there's somebody you want to off, now would probably be a good time. At least even odds. Okay?

50 percent.

Now, it's called homicide clearance rates, when they clear a murder. You know, the rate at which they're solving them.

It dropped from 71 percent, to an all-time low of 50 percent. Okay. This is according to the FBI.

All right. So what's the problem with that? Well, they would like you to understand between 1919 -- sorry, 2019 and 2020, law enforcement solved 1200 more homicides than the previous year.

Wait a minute. I thought it just dropped. Well, I mean, they're solving more crimes, but homicides increased by 30 percent.

So they're not, they're overwhelmed. And why are they overwhelmed?

Because there's not enough qualified police. Why is that?

BLM. And all that bullcrap, that you knew was bullcrap. And so did your neighbor, who is a Democrat, and voted Democrats.

But wouldn't say it, couldn't say it, because they were all wrapped up in politics.

So we have abandoned common sense. And now, murder rate is up. And you've got even odds. Fifty-50 chance of getting caught, if you kill somebody.

Huh. Huh.

By the way, national clearance rates for rape, were 30 percent.

So you've got a 70 percent chance of getting away with rape. Assault, 47 percent.

Robbery, they catch you about 27 percent of the time.

Burglaries, theft, and arsons. Have the lowest clearance rate, between 14 and 21.

You go ahead. Keep your store open there in Portland. You can't do it!

You can't do it.

So, what is causing this?

It is being caused by all of the lies, that we have been told, and we have told ourselves.

Well, society can go on.

I mean, yes. We shouldn't have allowed that. But we're reimagining things.

No. You don't need to reimagine law and order. We've been working on the law and order thing, for a long time.

What works? Well, not gulags. Not -- not police, that will just beat you on the street corner.

We don't want any of that. We want equal justice. Now, we've not gotten there. Because there's always somebody, that somebody has a problem with.

Well, I don't like them, because of their race.

Okay. Are we solving that? No.

Because what's happening is, more people are being made racist, just against a different race.

I thought the objective here was to stop racism. That's not the objective. You know it, and I know it.

Because this antiracist nonsense states that. But we don't talk about that. You can't, or you'll be silenced.

More in just a second.
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All right. Let me play -- let me play a couple of things here. Let's first hit the -- hmm. Let me go with the woman who has lost her children, to fentanyl because of the border.

VOICE: 100,000 die every year, and nothing is being done. Not enough is being done. Numbers are going up! Not down.

And you talk about children being taken away from their parents! My children have been taken away from me.

GLENN: Stop. This is -- this is a woman testifying yesterday in front of Congress, two of her children were killed by fentanyl. Two.

The -- the problem with fentanyl is just the beginning. We are in a replay of the opioid wars.

That Britain did to China. They're doing it to us. And they're on our border. Shipping of these things to the drug cartels. And it's coming in, like never before.

And our government and our press is telling us, the border is secure.

It's not secure. And you know it, or our children would not be dying from fentanyl overdoses at the rate they are.

The border is not secure. We know it. And I don't care who tells you. The G.O.P. or the DNC. It is an out-and-out lie.

I don't accept it. Children are dying. America is being destroyed from within. Our government is complicit in the trafficking of the drugs. But also the trafficking of humans.

The trafficking -- you know, we know Iran has sent terrorists, that we have by chance caught. That are on the FBI's most wanted list for terrorism.

We haven't even begun to pay for the open border through terrorism. But mark my words, it's coming.

We must stop accepting the lies. And have the courage to say, it's just not true.

I'm sorry. The emperor has no clothes.

More in just a second.

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And I turned down much more than I accept.

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To keep that story alive. But also, help the war heroes, the people who have lost their lives. Lost limbs.

The police officers and the fire department, that are critically injured or die. They take care of those families.

But they also are teaching our -- our elementary school kids and our high school kids and probably many more, what 9/11 really was, discovering heroes. It is a great program.

Please, donate, and help them do their job. Eleven dollars a month is what they're asking at T2T.org. That's T2T.org.

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(OUT AT 9:29 AM)

GLENN: We better make up our minds on war, pretty quickly.

China is now considering arming Russia.

Did you know that Biden quadrupled US troop presence in Taiwan.

Quadrupled it?

Also Biden in talks with Poland to increase our boots on the ground in Poland.

Russian state TV is declaring the United States has declared war over on Russia.

And all of the things I just said to you, have happened in the last seven days.

We are marching towards real trouble.

When will they consult with us? Or Congress?

When? Have you made up your mind, and are you comfortable with the outcome, that it might mean sending your kids overseas?

Tonight, is a time for choosing. Are we willing to risk an all-out war in Ukraine?

I don't want the government to continue this escalation. But I do want to understand their side of it. Tonight, on the Wednesday night special, I'm talking to real lions on both sides.

I have invited Jerry Boykin. The -- what? Two-star general Jerry Boykin to join me. He is for the weapons and what we're doing in Iran -- or, in Ukraine.

And I have Andy Biggs on.

And he disagrees with even the funding of it. I want to hear those two separately.

I want to talk to each of them. Get Jerry's, you know, pros and cons.

And get Biggs' pros and cons. And let you actually decide. Hopefully, this debate will be strong enough, that maybe even I would change my mind. I don't know.

The debate, is it time to stop arming Ukraine tonight?

9:00 p.m. BlazeTV.

Use BlazeTV.com/Glenn, and promo code Glenn, and you will save.

STU: Right.

After a brand-new Stu does America!

I think it's interesting -- I'm interested to hear Jerry Boykin's perspective on this. Because I think to summarize it as, does he agree with what the Biden administration is doing, is probably completely unfair.

GLENN: No. But I believe he believes that we need to show force here. I don't know how far. But he is hawkish on this.

STU: Right. Yeah.

He -- he believes admission is important. And there's something to gain there for the good of the United States.

GLENN: Right.

So I want to know where that -- where does that line end with him?

STU: And what are we doing wrong, right?

GLENN: Correct. Correct.

STU: Even if that mission is correct, what are we screwing up?

GLENN: By the way, the work that we're doing now at Blaze TV is so incredibly critical. You know, we don't ever talk about this.

But as far as people touched -- you know, people that are hearing, watching. Listening. Podcast. Radio. Television. Internet. All of this stuff.

I'm having the best year of my career.

And that is saying something. You know, when we left -- oh, you'll never be. That's not the same. Fame has changed, or -- or exposure has changed.

We're not seeing just these few people on TV. You have a whole host. But we have expanded our reach, dramatically in the last about three years.

And I can't --

STU: And our waistlines.

GLENN: And our waistlines. And I cannot thank you enough, for helping us build this network. We are just starting to do what I think are the work, that this network was born to do.

So join us, please. And, by the way, there's all kinds of extra things that you get. And we're working hard on coming up with some new things. We just started one, a couple of months ago, called off the record. It is a private Q and A, exclusively only for Blaze TV subscribers.

And the reason why we do it, only for Blaze TV subscribers, is because I don't want -- I -- it's not for public consumption.

It's for us. And I want you to feel comfortable, asking any question.

And I want to feel comfortable answering any question. So whatever topic is on your mind. We'll address it.

Today at 4:00 p.m. Eastern, I'm going to be doing this for the Blaze TV subscribers. I hope that's you.

If not, join us. BlazeTV.com/Glenn. Use the promo code Glenn and save.

But all our hosts do this from time to time. Today is my turn to do it.

And I hope to talk to you, today. 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

Only for Blaze TV subscribers.

Okay. I -- I want to -- I want to go back to what we were talking about. You know, the -- the -- the problems, that you are worried about, according to this new survey, are enormous.

And I think reasonable.

We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. People can't live like that.

It's very -- it's destructive to our health, and our country.

We can't live like this. So what is the cause of all of this?

Well, I would say the cause of it, is a lack of trust.

Why? Because we have a lack of faith in the truth of God. The eternal truths. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Don't steal. Love your neighbor. All that stuff is out.

And we are going -- we are worshiping, literally, I believe, doing ancient Moloch rituals in our lives.

Evil thinks it's winning. It's not going to. But thinks it's winning. And it is causing chaos. Now, who are the agents of chaos?

Well, I will tell you, the ones who are the agents of chaos, are fighting to limit speech.

That will only make things worse. Okay.

So some of the problems that we are facing, let's start with medicine. You hear that Amazon is now buying up huge medical company and -- Amazon will have control of your medical records. That doesn't seem like a good thing to me.

Because they always seem to miss all of the bullets. But Amazon, its original investor. One of its original investors was the CIA, only?

They also are the cloud for our Pentagon and everything else.

And where is -- where are our doctors going?

The American College of OB-GYN. Is now banning pro-life doctors.

So, again, this is like banning your free speech. They don't want any diversity. They say this is all about diversity. But not where it counts.

Where it counts is what people think, and who they are!

That's real diversity. Skin color makes no difference. I don't -- I can't believe, we're people who grew up with Martin Luther King, I have to explain this to you.

It's the content of your character. That matters. You care about skin color, you have become the racist.

So now, they're -- imagine where this is going.

Now if you're pro-life, the college of OB-GYN doesn't want you.

What will that lead to, when there's no one in that crew saying, wait a minute, can we -- can we step on the brakes here for a second?

The FBI, medicine. FBI came out, this is Christopher Ray. When was the last time Christopher Ray just got up on the stand and just vomited information?

Well, he did yesterday. He reiterated, FBI has done a lot of stuff. And we think it's really, the most likely that the Chinese lab leak was the one that caused that.

Excuse me?

Excuse me? People were canceled for that. People's lives. Doctors. Their entire careers, destroyed.

Because that is absolutely not true. And how dare you. You racist!

How dare you. Let's just keep going back. How dare you for saying that, because you're a racist. Oh, my gosh.

How -- how dare you say this about abortion. Because it's racist.

How dare you. How dare you say that the border is a mess. You racist!

All of it treks back to the same agents of chaos.

All of it!

When -- when are we going to get this, and all of us, Republican, Democrats, and independents say, to hell with politics. I don't care about politics.

This is a universal lie. So the reason why he -- they're now coming out and saying, yeah. Chinese lab leak, I think, because they're playing a war game with China.

If China wasn't thinking about arming Russia, they would be saying this. They would still be saying.

We don't know. We don't know. We don't know. They're not looking for the truth. Where is the truth with Fauci, and the Wuhan lab?

Where is EcoHealth? And the Wuhan lab. No mention of that. No, no, no, no.

Just the lab in Wuhan. Just the Chinese. Think Chinese. Think Chinese. That's racist.

And Elon Musk came out yesterday and said, yeah. And the Chinese said that he was breaking the pot of China, which is an expression for the Chinese of don't bite the hand that feeds you.

And they want him to stop drawing attention to the origins. Uh-huh. Fauci is still saying, no. We'll never know. We will never know.

Agents of chaos. They have one thing in common. They're all looking for their own power, and they're all trying to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

What is causing the stress in your life?

According to the latest poll everything!

Because you don't know what will happen tomorrow! Well, that's crazy conspiracy.


Because if I told you ten years ago, that they were going to say that men could have babies too, you would have said, how dare you say that. You're just using hyperbolic language. And you're going to get everybody stirred up.

And now?

You're silenced if you say that's not true.

Nine-year-old child taught by Debra Rosenquist, at Terryville Road Elementary School, Long Island, identifies as a girl, but was being called a boy's name and given male pronouns in class. The damning lawsuit now wielded by her parents, claims that the teacher started call the fifth grader Leo, using he/him pronouns in class, October 21, unbeknownst to the girl's parents.

It was only months later, in January 22, when the girl was caught drawing a picture of a suicidal girl with the words, I want to kill myself, that the parents finally went, wait a minute.

What -- over what?

And went to school.

They said that they had heard their child being called Leo by her friends before. But that was in reference to an astrological sign. And they didn't associate it with the male. Oh, my gosh.

It was then that the parents believed something wasn't right. They decided to look into her. They found that this teacher, on the day when the school asked pupils and teachers to wear blue in support of two police officers who were shot and killed, the teacher instead wore a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

Gee, let's trace it back again. Can it be traced back?

Oh, yes. They revealed that Rosenquist had not only gone beyond the curriculum, teaching children about transgender. But actively encouraged the fifth graders to try being gay. Superintendent Jennifer Quinn and the school's principle both admitted to the parents in a meeting, that they knew Rosenquist was peddling this mentality in the classroom.

But because she was -- because she was tender. Tenured, they couldn't do anything about it.

Gee, teacher's unions. Huh.

She was putting books into the classroom, that were not in the curriculum, an LGBTQI2. I'm neither. She read to students also, When Aidan Becomes a Brother, which is about transitioning surgery and hormones.

She was telling the kids, that -- by the way, that book has just been banned in Florida. Oh, the outrage.

She was telling the kids, try -- try being gay. Just try being gay. Just try it out. Who knows, you might like it.

They transferred the girl to another class. But apparently, she was being bullied there, because I -- quote, I would want to kill myself too, if I didn't know if I were a boy or a girl. Literally, what is she?

This is from the kids. Literally, what is she?

Boy, girl. One day her name is Leo. And the next day her name is like, what? What is it? I don't know. What to call it.

They have dehumanized a child and taught that it, is a proper pronoun, for people you don't know the sex of.

It! There's a great evil happening in our country. And it is easy to define. We just have to start saying it, out loud.

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