Glenn: Biden’s SOTU was the most BIZARRE one I've EVER seen

Glenn: Biden’s SOTU was the most BIZARRE one I've EVER seen

No logical person possibly could listen to President Biden’s State of the Union and understand it, Glenn says, because it was completely full of LIES. In this clip, Glenn gives his thoughts on Biden’s SOTU speech, explaining why it was ’one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.’ Plus, Glenn reminds us — and, most importantly, Joe Biden — of one the most important aspects of the presidency: 'Perhaps you need a reminder of that oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.'


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GLENN: Last night was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. I -- our president was laughed at.

Our president was lost and bewildered. I -- I -- there were parts of the speech, I literally could not understand.

I've never seen anything like it. He introduced spending and control. That it's way beyond anything the United States of America has ever done.

No mention of why we've spent $100 billion on Ukraine.

You know, no answer on why we're doing it. What exactly we're doing. Just that we're committed from here until the end.

I don't know what that means.

About half of it, I felt like, he was saying, Trump was right. I mean, all of a sudden, he was America first. It was bizarre.

China our greatest national security adversary, he used to laugh at that.

Police, need more funding, not less.

We have to have that funding, so we can attract the best cops and provide the best training.

Wait. What?

Social media platforms like TikTok are a danger to our children, and anything coming from China, should be banned. Wait?

What? Buy American, and American first, now apparently, correct and moral.

The US debt is too high, and has to be reduced to take the burden off our children.

Now he's also talking about at the same time, the most spending programs in our history. And he then introduces that we're going to tax the rich some more for that.

Because there's tax cheats out there. Uh-huh.

Is that going to pay for all of this?

He also said, now, I want you to really think -- think on this.

He said, that from now on, 100 percent of building materials used in infrastructure and government construction projects, need to come from America.


If that were true, we would have to open an estimated 400 new coal, copper, and iron ore mines.

One hundred new steel mills. One hundred new aluminum refineries.

We would have to cut down almost every tree in America.

By the way, part of our US carbon emissions. The reason why they're 80 percent lower, than they were in 1995, is because we outsourced all of that stuff.

So now you want to bring it here in America, while reducing our carbon emissions to zero.

Not going to happen. Check out the cobalt mines in Africa. The copper mines in South America. We outsourced all of our steel refinement, to China, lumber to Canada and South America.

What would requiring 100 percent of 2 trillion dollars of infrastructure spending, due to our goal of reaching 0 percent carbon by 2050?

There's no answer there. There's no answer. It's delusional thinking.

What would it just do if to -- the prices of stuff at Home Depot.

If the United States of America decided to buy $2 trillion a year, of -- of all American product. You wouldn't have a chance of buying an American product.

You know, I wondered after he was making promos after promise, what the Supreme Court justices thought. You know, there were four of them that didn't show up last night. I mean, just sitting there. And you were at all constitutionally based.

You're like, well, that won't stand up, over and over again.

A wealth tax, and a billionaire's only tax, unconstitutional. Forcing non-profitable corporations to pay 15 percent of income.
Not profits, income. That's unconstitutional.

Setting the price at which items can be sold. No matter the manufacturing, and business costs. No way. Just setting the price. Unconstitutional.

And then he was laughed at.

Look, I understand. I'm not going to shut down all the oil and gas here in America.

And people are saying that.

And that's not true. Because we are going to need oil and gas, I'm quoting, for another ten years.

Another ten years! You just doomed half the world to a slow and painful death, from starvation. This was the most embarrassing moment, I've ever seen in a State of the Union address.

The world is facing massive energy shortages. America is one of the largest energy producers in the world, due to coal, oil, and natural gas.

Russia's oil and gas production, are supposedly off the market, for the next ten to 15 years.

So the developing world, can't get it from Russia. Can't get it from us.

They'll die off without any energy and food production.

So to blind, you know, everybody. He's delusional. He's so incredibly -- I mean, I don't even know how a logical person can even look at that speech, and understand it, other than there's something wrong here.

No notion. No notion.

He says, the radical environmentalism, which he's pursuing. He says, it's an existential threat, that we have to take care of.

No notion of how we're going to produce food and heat for the next, you know, eight balloon people.

What you saw last night was states-sponsored religion. That's what you saw.

He was the high priest. He came to the altar. And expected you to bow down and worship, at that altar. The first ever American state-sponsored religion. Because there's no logic to it. You just have to believe.

I was also a little disappointed by Sarah Huckabee Sander's rebuttal speech. I mean, it's good. She told a story, setting Trump up for 2024.

Giving an impassioned plea for what makes America great, but it was not a rebuttal.

She didn't review anything. Any of the major points or policies in his speech. It was as if she wasn't watching the speech.

And I think that is a huge mistake. You can't pre-write everything.

I mean, I really -- I really like Sarah. I do.

But the stump speech response from Republicans is just not enough. Imagine if we would have just deconstructed. You could have had ChatGPT doing it.

Imagine if we could have deconstructed what Biden actually said. Some of the biggest applause lines. His biggest promises.

Let me just throw a couple of these out at you.

Imagine if she would have said something like, you know, Mr. President, you keep saying, let's finish the job. We would like to know what job it is you're trying to finish.

Because we don't see the benefits happening to the United States of America.

It is almost as if you're trying to finish the job of the fundamental transformation and destruction of America.

But let's take you at your word.

What you're suggesting we do as a nation, via our government, I'm not sure you understand what your job even is.

Based on what you just demanded tonight. That are all the things that our government should do.

That's not your job. Here's what an intelligent person, would have heard, in your speech.

Let's finish the job.

Of violating the Second Amendment, by disarming Americans. Preventing them from being able to defend themselves. Their families, and their homes.

I don't want to finish that job. Let's finish the job, of violating the First Amendment. By continuing to follow our first ever state-sponsored religion of radical environmentalism.

Destroying our energy industry. Ultimately, massively depopulating the planet. Dooming mankind to return, really, to the Middle Ages. Let's finish the job.

Of violating the ninth and tenth amendments. By going on government spending sprees, including free health care for all.

Free in-home disability care.

Free college for all.

A guaranteed job for anyone who wants one.

Which would lead to catastrophic hyperinflation.

Runaway debt. It would destroy everything. By the way, by the way, none of that is in our Constitution.

Every single one of those was in the Soviet Constitution, however.

Let's finish the job. Of what?

Violating the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause by asking the top one percent of tax earners, who already pay more than 40 percent of all taxes to pay even more?

Ensuring only that they're going to migrate out of the US to countries that ask them to actually pay their fair share.

It would destroy our tax base.

Or is that why you were trying to finish the job, overseas, and convince every western nation, that we all had to lock our tax rates together.

Let's finish the job, in, what?


Violating article, you, section eight. Which grants Congress the sole power. That's a quote. To declare war.

Let's continue to fight 100-plus billion dollar per year proxy wars against Russia. In the Middle East.

In Africa.

Let's continue to drum up support for the next war, against, what?


Let's finish the job of lying to our children. That the goal of American life is and must be equity of outcomes.

Instead of teaching them about individual responsibility. Merit-based rewards for hard work or personal achievement. No, no, no. Let's finish the job.

Let's finish the job of further depopulating the planet.

By teaching young children, that abortion is the answer to pregnancy, if that is her or him -- his whims.

According to the equal rights of the unborn child, as if killing a 5-year-old is the answer to the inconvenience of being a parent, or food shortages.

Let's finish the job of, what? Turning Americans into a socialist, Soviet state. I refer you back to the Soviet Constitution.

Where the government sets all the prices, takes over businesses, or you can go to the fascistic look, where it's a public/private partnership. Their words. The fascist words, not mine.

But strangely yours. Where they come in, or they either take over the business, or they partner with the industries, to achieve social goals, demanding they produce drugs or hearing aids or music. And then must sell them at a price, if the government demands or decides is fair.

I don't want to finish that job. Mr. President, I don't think you understand what finishing your job really means.

Because it seems like you don't even know what your job is. And it's weird, because you've taken the oath of office, several times.

And your job, the job of the American government, is to ensure and protect the liberty and freedom of each individual men, every man, woman, and child.

What is it from the Declaration of Independence? Oh.

And government are his instituted among men, to protect these rights.

That's why in America, we even have a government.

When you became a senator and then vice president and now president, you took an oath of office.

There was no mention of jobs for all, free college, free health care, destroying our industries to follow your party's chosen scientist's whim on energy policy.

Perhaps you need a reminder of that oath. To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

By the way, the reason why you have a veto, is because you believe it to be unconstitutional.

Not because you don't like it, but because you believe it is unconstitutional.

But how many presidents even remember that? On both sides of the aisle?

Let me ask you, Mr. President. When you stated your man. And your mission, do you not see it clearly violates the precepts and the texts of the Constitution. And what does that mean to you?

However, to give credit, you know, where credit was due, you were right about one thing. We still do have a job to do.

Except, I think we should finish the job our Founders started. To ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

That, sir, is the job!

That is the job that is still left undone. Because it will never be totally finished ever.

It's through human freedom and liberty, and meritocracy. That we will cure cancer.

We will protect the environment.

Lower health care costs.

Plus, we'll improve the economy, and confront our enemies. As they arise.

Because that's what Americans do, and every time there's a public/private partnership or government gets involved, it destroys the freedom.

You know, it's the people, not higher taxes on a few people.

Not through government controls of energy -- industries or price controls or wage and job guarantees.

That enslave the few for the benefit of the many. That's not capitalism, sir.

Although, you said twice last night, you're a capitalist. I don't think you even know what that means. It's another Z-word, constitutionalist, capitalist. That's socialism.

That's Marx, Mao, Hitler, Putin, Xi. They each believed, well-intended for their people, but the path to hell.

Your job as a public servant. It's singular and simple. To defend and protect the Constitution.

So in the spirit of bipartisanships. Suck it up. Let's all hold hands.

Let's finish that job. That's what should have been said last night.

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THESE are the parts of the government Glenn would LOVE to SHUT DOWN

THESE are the parts of the government Glenn would LOVE to SHUT DOWN

The United States is once again on the verge of a government shutdown, but should Congress cave and pass a continuing resolution to spend a lot more money and save us all ... or do we not need saving? Glenn reviews what would actually happen under a government shutdown and which agencies we should probably shut down anyways. Maybe we need "15 Days to Slow the Spending."


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: All right. So here's what we have to do this weekend, beginning tonight at midnight, if we don't sign the CR, and continuing resolution, which will give just a buttload of money. Just keep spending, exactly like you were spending last year, and no real accountability for any of it.

And we have to add some more for a war.

If we don't sign that by tonight, we have to shut the government down. Pat Gray is joining us.

What will you do as of 12:01, tonight.

PAT: Well, Stu gave me a suggestion. Because I was confused what I would do when I came in. What am I going to do? What was your suggestion that I should do? Now, this is in the eventuality, of a government shutdown.

GLENN: Okay. Are you well read enough, to give a recommendation?

STU: I mean, I would be concerned if I was going to be held to some legal standard.

GLENN: Right. Because you're not not an expert.

STU: I'm not an expert. But I was thinking you could continue living your life exactly the same way.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: Oh. Well, that's weird. What about the catastrophe that is -- what about that?

STU: Yeah. You would -- in this particular scenario. It's a fictional scenario, at some level.

GLENN: Okay. You're not a doctor. I think this is dangerous.

STU: What were the things you were going to do?

PAT: Do those things.

STU: The things you weren't going to do, don't do those.

PAT: It's crazy talk.

GLENN: All right. Hang on a second. Here's what's going to happen. Here's what's going to happen, okay? This is from the O and B. The Office of Management & Budget.

And they have now released the contingency plan.

So here's what's going to happen.

Now, please don't panic.

But economic indicators like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs report could -- could be delayed. This month.

PAT: Don't say that.


The federal mediation and conciliation service, which is charged with promoting labor management cooperation.

PAT: They'll still have that, right?

GLENN: Well, yes. Yes.

PAT: Good.

GLENN: However, they would have to cut back in its -- they won't close. But they'll have to cut back in some of the things they do.

And this all amid the strike with the auto workers.

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: What are the unions and the -- and the -- you know, the plants going to do? Without federal officials. They'll never be able to do anything.

PAT: No, they won't.

STU: And the thing is, we're so a used to high efficiency from the government. That when you lose that -- society --

PAT: It all goes sideways.

GLENN: Time to throw everyone a bone here, so you don't panic. The Federal Reserve activity will be unaffected. So they can still raise the interest rates on November 1st, no matter what happens.

PAT: Good.

STU: Great.

GLENN: The Federal Trade Commission, however, would stop the vast bulk of its competition and consumer protection investigation.

PAT: You can't be serious.

GLENN: I am serious.

They have -- the vast bulk of them, would just stop.

STU: So some of them would continue?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: But the vast bulk of them -- what percentage does that translate to?

GLENN: Don't know. Vast bulk.

This is from the O&B.

The Security and Exchange Commission, will not review or improve registrations from investment advisers, broker dealers, transfer agents, rating organizations. Investment companies. And municipal advisers.

They're not going to be able to -- if you try to register --

PAT: At the SECC.

GLENN: You won't -- you won't be able to do it.

STU: What is that? For a new fund? Or something? New rating. A two-week process probably?

PAT: What about the FDIC? Do you have information on the FDIC?

GLENN: No, they still do not have all of the -- they're scrambling for this information.

STU: They didn't see this coming.

GLENN: Now, again, to give you some good news.

The IRS has not released this plan for the potential shutdown. However, previous plans have said that the IRS would use funds from Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act.

STU: Oh, good.

GLENN: To keep employees paid and working.

PAT: Thank heaven.

GLENN: And the union representing the IRS workers are saying, new plans are being discussed, that would involve some furloughs. However, businesses and individuals, who requested that six-month extension for your tax return in April. You will still be required to file by April 16.

PAT: Well, of course, you would.

STU: Yeah. By what date? October 16th. I was going to say, I thought I had more time.

GLENN: Yeah. Emergency relief is going to be a problem. A shutdown would create increased risk, that FEMA, their relief funds, could be depleted.

So there's a risk, that their funds could be depleted. If large additional catastrophic disasters occur. During the shutdown.

STU: Now, of course, they would very easily pass funding for that almost immediately. But still, we should deny that that would happen.

We will deny that any of these people will get their money afterward.

We all know they will retroactively pay off all of this stuff anyway. It will be a vacation for many people.

PAT: They've already done that. For many people. So, yeah. Sure.

GLENN: For those of you concerned about, hey. What about my energy?

What about the environment?

This is what this Draconian shutdown is going to do.

PAT: Thank you, Republicans.

GLENN: The interior department, which does all of the designing for the Capitol building, and the interiors, and pick out the drapes.

Oh, no. Apparently, it doesn't do that. The department of interior, will retain limited discretion to use permits for energy projects on federal lands and waters, when user fees are attached.

So they'll -- they'll retain just limited discretion, to issue those permits. You know, for drilling, and things like that.

PAT: They don't have full discretion.

GLENN: No. Not during a shutdown.

PAT: During a shutdown. Oh, no.

GLENN: A funding lapse would paralyze -- to develop would require environmental analysis for all energy projects. Highways. And other infrastructure.

The EPA, may be able to continue some IRA-funded activities.

As well as other attempted works such as settlement-funded cleanup at some Superfund sites.

PAT: Let's hope that is the case.

GLENN: Now. The White House is warning, most EPA led inspections at hazardous waste sites, as well as drinking water at chemical facilities, it's got to stop.

PAT: Oh, wow.

GLENN: So your drinking water. Could go completely -- it will stop.

PAT: It will turn to mud this weekend.

GLENN: Well, by Sunday. Maybe Monday.

The Energy Information Administration, which publishes snapshots of the US oil inventory.

It will continue to collect and publish data on schedule. But they say, at least initially.

At least initially. Our nuke sites are going to be maintained. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, however, will stop all licensing of new nuclear facilities.

PAT: Oh, there's so many of those going up too.

Because, I mean, we did the last one in 1978. And bang.

GLENN: This is going to stop.

PAT: Well, there's no new ones.

GLENN: But it will stop.

STU: This was the week. This was the week it would happen.

PAT: And now, thanks to you, MAGA Republicans.

GLENN: Right. Now transportation and travel.

Travelers could face delays as air traffic controllers and transportation security administration officers.

PAT: That will continue.

GLENN: Will be working without pay.

PAT: But without pay.

GLENN: Yeah. So people will --

PAT: I mean, they really are not. They will be paid. Just maybe not time.

GLENN: Right. Which is a hassle.

PAT: It is a hassle. I won't deny that.

GLENN: It is a hassle. However, Amtrak, they will keep transporting those 12 passengers. They will just keep going.

PAT: Is Ange going to continue to tell stories, about how many miles Joe Biden has traveled on the train.

Will he be there? Even in death, as he was when he told the story to Joe Biden?

GLENN: I don't know.

Now, passport and Visas will still be issued.

PAT: I thought those would be delayed. But they're not going to?

GLENN: Efforts to defend the nation and conduct ongoing military operations, will continue.

PAT: Right.

STU: That's good.

GLENN: Burials and tours, at Arlington National Cemetery would continue.

STU: Did anybody doubt, they would stop burying the bodies.

They'll just pile up, until we open up the government.

GLENN: COVID-19, response research including vaccine and therapeutic development by the US government will continue.

PAT: Will continue.

GLENN: The National Institute of Health, might have to postpone clinical trials for diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's, according to the White House. So this may throw him from solving cancer.

We were so close to him coming through with his promise of curing cancer, but it's the damn Republicans.

STU: We can actually check that at any point. If you go to,

GLENN: Can you check that real quick? We're really close.

STU: Has Joe Biden cured cancer?

No. Cancer still exists as of today.

GLENN: Food stamps for low income people. The disabled, and others could be delayed.

There's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for that.

That is just to trot out the downtrodden.

The people that just say, look at what's happening. If the IRS can stay open, food stamps can stay open. Social Security checks will be delivered. Applications for benefits processed. However, people will not be able to verify benefits or replace cards.

Most national parks will be closed. The Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art may close.

PAT: Don't say that.

GLENN: Cemeteries. Monuments. Visitor centers. Worldwide housed under the American Battle Monuments submission, will close.

STU: So are they -- and you said the national parks will close.

That means that many of these open field areas, will -- will not be opened?

GLENN: Yeah. They will -- they will build some fences around those things.

STU: Are they -- we don't seem capable of building fences.

GLENN: They're closed.

But I will tell you, you know they're big on the blue.

They will just be -- I make sure you're out there.

And you enforce that law.

You have somebody coming into the national park.

We don't have bathrooms that are open.

No. What are they going to do, poop in the woods, what kind of animals do you think we are?

PAT: Well, we're animals that poop.

STU: Sometimes -- sometimes that works. At least for many, many centuries.

The Capitol Police will not get paid under this.

PAT: What!

STU: They will -- they will --

PAT: They're under assault again. Just as they were during the insurrection.

STU: By the same people. The extreme MAGA Republicans.

PAT: You're exactly right.

By the same people.

STU: Now they'll get their number later. But for now, they won't get paid.

Except, for them. Unlike thousands and thousands of other federal workers, they actually will still have to do a job.

Most of the federal workers that will get all their money and then not have to do their job for however long this takes.

Which is a terrible, terrible --

GLENN: Just -- I -- I am in. I am in.

I mean, I think we should take a vote, who wants to open it back up?

I think 15 days, to slow the curve of spending. Fifteen days. Let's just do that.

Let's meet again in 15 days. And see if we can open the government up.

STU: We probably --

GLENN: Well, we might. We might.

Fifteen days, to slow the curve of spending.

PAT: And then after that, 30 days are up. After 15, then the 30. We might need another 18 bucks after that.

GLENN: Well, I don't know -- I don't know if the government will survive that.

You know, it may not survive that. Of course, the American people did it for a year.

STU: Yeah, and they don't care about them surviving.

GLENN: No. Nobody really cared about them surviving.

STU: Can I also say too, we talk about these big government cuts that we should do. We think there are things to do, to make the government smaller, and more like it was supposed to be. You know, a limited government.

GLENN: Yeah. We're not talking about any of those, I want you to know.

STU: But maybe we are. You know, haven't they unintentionally identified all the cuts here. Haven't they just said, hey, whatever we're going to just stop doing, the unnecessary parts of the government that can just shut down.

GLENN: You mean those nonessential?

STU: Yeah. The nonessential stuff, we stop doing. And the essential stuff, we stop doing. And we'll go from there. We'll talk about, maybe we need to add this back in. Maybe we can get rid of this other thing.

But isn't that a good starting point? Whatever you say is nonessential, I promise you we should not be doing it.

GLENN: I'm not sure of that. I mean, you know, we're talking about --

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yeah.

We're talking about things like the interior department.

Just having limited discretion to issue permits.

STU: So there will be still issuing permits. But they will have limited vegetation.

Maybe we shouldn't be doing so much permitting. Maybe people should be able to do a lot of the things they want to do.

But if there are certain needs for certain permits. Then the limited permitting might just cover that.

GLENN: Well, you go ahead. While we're all drinking poison by next Wednesday.

Just from our tap, from our homes. While sludge, nuclear waste.

Syringes are pouring out from our kitchen sink.

PAT: So syringes might pour out of our taps?

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

STU: How do they get around the curves?

GLENN: Are you an expert?

STU: No.

GLENN: Are you a doctor?

STU: I'm not a doctor.

GLENN: I am. Let's move on. Very dangerous.

Keep going, Republicans. Keep going.

Do not buckle.