Glenn: Will America be free if it remains in the grips of LIES?

The truth WILL set you free, even if it makes you miserable at first. But, Glenn says, so many in America today refuse to listen to that truth because it doesn't match the AGENDA they're trying to achieve. But it's far better to be a slave to truth than to someone else's agenda. So, Glenn encourages you to join him on Wednesday, November 17th on BlazeTV to discover once and for all the TRUTH behind the COVID pandemic that's changed the world forever...


The INSANE way leftist media just DEFENDED Democrats on gas

It’s now common knowledge that America’s mainstream media will do what it can to help the Democrat Party. But a recent op-ed from The Washington Post just took far-left pandering to a whole new level. The article, titled ‘Here’s what voters will get if they cast their ballots based on gas prices,’ tells Americans Democrats are NOT to blame for our sky-high inflation rates and gas prices: ‘There are relatively few tools that the president and Congress can deploy to help boost oil production or moderate overall inflation.’ HOLY COW, Glenn says. In this clip, he unveils the rest of The Washington Post’s INSANE Democrat defense, and he asks and important question: How do they sleep at night?!


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GLENN: Here we are with the Washington Post. And they have a new very important piece out today. That says, here's what voters will get. If you cast your ballot based on a gas price. Okay? Americans are mad about inflation. They're especially outraged that the gasoline average now is $5 a gallon, nationwide. And history suggests that they may act on that furor. By voting the bums out. But voters should think carefully about what they'll get, if they cast their ballot, base on a gas price. Have you ever -- ever heard this, ever before?

The unexpected inflation tends to cause voters to punish incumbents at the polls. Yeah. Exactly like it's supposed to. The cost of gasoline looms especially large in the public consciousness. If also weighs heavily on presidential approval ratings. But the president doesn't have some super-secret special dial on his desk, that can adjust gas prices. But many voters believe otherwise. Well, let me just give you the rundown on the history of this. Because it seems ironic coming to the press. 1996, the press reported, not Clinton's fault. It's capitalism, and Newt Gingrich's fault. Then 2000. Bush blames Clinton. But it's really Bush's fault. This is typical of an administration that refuses to accept responsibility. Here's another one from CNN. 2001. It's Bush's fault. Then 2004. It's all Bush's fault. Then 2008. It's Bush's and Cheney's fault. Then CNN 2012. Stop blaming Obama. It's not his fault. Then in 2012. Sure, gas prices are high. But it's not as bad as you think. CNN, 2012. America, quit whining about high gas prices. 2018, it's Trump's fault. 2020, now it's Trump's fault. Low oil prices are causing oil company bankruptcies. Then CNN 2021, Biden can't do anything about it. It's not his fault. Okay. All right.

So back to the Washington Post. Republicans hope this widespread confusion will turn the midterms into a referendum on painful economic conditions. And by extension, Democratic leadership. They're counting on voters to protect their homes and dreams. Including their wildest fantasies about cheaper gas. I don't know about you, but I'm not thinking of, you know, the people behind the counter at the gas station all dressed up in something Lacey and revealing. It's not exactly a fantasy for me. You know, gas prices, being low. No. We had that just a year and a half ago. I don't know if anybody else noticed. But when Trump was in, we were for the first time in my lifetime, energy independent. We didn't have to worry about Saudi Arabia, or anybody else. Because we were independent and had cheap gas. For the first time in my life. And who got that done? Oh. Donald Trump.

But wait a minute. He doesn't have any levers to do that, does he? Hmm. There are relatively few tools, said the Washington Post, that the president and Congress can deploy to help boost oil production. What?

Here's an idea. End ESG. End the administration's war on oil. Here's another idea. You really want to get rid of oil? Fine. Get rid of oil. But how about we take a quick break. How about we just break for a minute, slow this down, until we have the other things that are going to replace oil. They also can't control or moderate overall inflation. Isn't that what the Federal Reserve's job is -- that is -- that is their only job. I know they've taken on so much more. That is their job. Their job is to keep inflation under control.

Well, the things that they do have, probably won't make a huge dent in price growth. But they could help a little on the margin. Unfortunately, these are not the things that either party is proposing right now. Democrats are grandstanding about greed, and considering silly stuff such as export bans and price controls. Meanwhile, by the way, those price controls won't seem silly when they happen. Republicans demagogue about President Biden's supposed war on fossil fuels. And socialism. His supposed war on fossil fuels.

That's what he campaigned on. Washington Post says, neither party has a serious plan for dealing with inflation. Overall, or gas prices, specifically. You know what, we don't need the Republican Party. All you need to do is just listen to the people. Are we a republic? Do we have representatives of the people? Because I can tell you, most of the people in America would say, you know what, let's start producing more of our oil. Most of America would say, I want to go green, if we can. That's great. But let's not sacrifice ourself on the God of global warming. I would like the country to continue. I would like my children to be able to eat. Oh. And inflation, here's an idea. Stop spending money. You don't have it. No one is borrowing it. Nobody is giving us the money anymore. We're borrowing it from the fed. Meaning, we're just printing more. Assuming that Russia's war in Ukraine continues to disrupt every energy market, that is such bullcrap, I can't take it. Then voters realistically face a choice, between high gas prices and the rest of Democratic agenda. War, high gas prices, and the rest of the Republican agenda. So what it's worth. Let's consider what the rest of the agenda is, for each party: Biden and fellow Democrats once promised a cradle-to-grave expansion of the safety net. Plus, measures intended to combat climate change.

Love or hate this program, I very much like it. But it's no longer terribly relevant to the choices the voters face this November. Yes, it is. Climate change. That's what's causing all of this. This, and the hostile takeover of the free market, through something called The Great Reset. But Democrat infighting has considerably scaled back their ambitions. Giving constraints laid out by senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Who wield critical votes for getting anything done. Democrats have at best had a shot at more modest packages, focused on climate, prescription drugs, and maybe some tax increases on high earners and corporations. But what do the Republicans stand for? Their national leaders won't say. Yeah. I know.

Keep it secret. You know why? Because our national leaders agree with a lot of this stuff, that is going on with the Democratic Party. They don't represent the people. Anyway, even when asked directly, they keep it secret. Their state level rising stars are mostly focused on fighting with Mickey Mouse and drag queens. Really? Are we? Is that how you put it? When -- when our parents are called terrorists for saying, hey. I don't want this Marxist and sex stuff in school.

You dismiss it by saying, we're fighting with Mickey Mouse in drag queens. But if you look at G.O.P. actions taken over the last several years. Including, when they had unified control of the federal government. You get a sense of what Republicans are likely to prioritize. Republicans mostly seem to care about tax cuts for the wealthy. And corporations.

Don't even start with corporations. Do you think the corporations are the friend of anyone, who is on the right? Anyone who doesn't believe in all of this progressive bullcrap? I mean, check the ad campaigns. But if you look at the G.O.P. actions, they just want to find ways to repeal Obamacare. Or otherwise reduce access to health care. Huh. For example, by slashing Medicaid. I know. As somebody who has voted Republican, and I myself am not a Republican. Because I don't want to be tainted with the -- with the -- with the smell of all of the death. But I am all for cutting back on -- I say, we close hospitals, in poor areas. You know, let's just close them down. Kids' medicine. Please, at any time if they're defective. Oh, wait a minute. That sounds like a progressive agenda. They only care about installing judges, who will roll back reproductive rights. Hey, listen to this. They care about supporting a president, who has used the powers of the state, to further his own political and financial interests. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Let me give you a couple of quick stories here. Just to -- I just -- let me just point them out real quick here. Story number one. Headline. Buttigieg says the fed -- the feds have power to airlines to hire more workers, amid travel delays. Let me see here. I remember the republic -- or, the Democrats were very upset at Ronald Reagan. Because he forced union workers to go back into work, so we could keep the skies open, because none of them would work the control towers. So they had a real problem with that. Buttigieg is saying, he can tell the airlines, you don't have enough workers. Hire them.

Where, in the Constitution can you find that? That's fascism. Oh, here's the other. This one from the Washington Examiner. Biden's bid to expand Obamacare. The Biden administration is unlawfully trying to expand Obamacare. The Internal Revenue Service has published a proposed regulation. That would make an additional 5 million people eligible for premium subsidies. The IRS proposal is unlawful, but the administration will do it anyway. Here's the background. Obamacare statute created premium subsidies for people who buy insurance through exchanges. Congress restricted those subsidies for people with low and moderate incomes. Or at no other source of health insurance. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid recipients, 155 million Americans with job-based coverage are prohibited from claiming the credits.

The law carved out one exception. If a company plan required a full-time employee to contribute more than 9.5 percent of household income for self only coverage. Then the worker and his or her family members are eligible for the subsidies. So this has gone back and forth with Congress. And they won't do it. Because it will add $45 billion to the deficit. Just in the next ten years. It's called the family glitch. The urban institute, estimates the regulation would reduce the number of uninsured, by around 190,000. Because why? At an average cost of $4.5 billion, taxpayers are going to pay 23,000. 684, per newly insured person each year. Which is kind of not so good. So it would never pass Congress. And so now the IRS is going to do it, even though they know it's illegal. So what is it they care about supporting a president who used the powers of the state, to further his own political and financial interests? Financial interests, China. Please.

They care about supporting a president, whose few purported diplomatic achievements. Few? Few? The world was headed towards peace. The Middle East was having peace. Like I've never seen in my lifetime. In retrospect, they largely look like an excuse to meet potential investors who can might fund Trump aides' new private equity. Are you kidding me? This guy who is schlepping his son with him, everywhere he goes. And you're blaming this on Trump?

They care about defending at all costs, a president who cheered on the mob. Seeking to hang his own vice president. Speaking of mobs, how about the people who are threatening to kill our Supreme Court justices? Because that kind of sounds like the same thing to me. And what is the White House saying? Nothing. What are the Democrats doing? Reluctantly voting to give the Supreme Court justices and their family security. And then they have this one. And then they care about undermining the integrity of our election system. And overturning the will of the voters. If and when tallies don't go their own way. Oh, my gosh. I think I'm going to start vomiting blood. I mean, holy cow. Election deniers are already laying the groundwork to overturn the will of the voters in the future. Through legal and administrative changes at the state and federal levels. They're only changing it back to what it was. The special exemption for covid!

Oh. I can't -- I mean, how do they even -- how do they sleep at night? How do they sleep at night? Well, I guess if it's in the winter, they probably sleep well. Because it's very warm in hell.


Why THIS slavery story will NEVER be taught in schools

Juneteenth — a new federal holiday that commemorates news of the Emancipation Proclamation reaching slaves in Texas — is only NOW being recognized by progressives, Glenn says, because they believe they can use it against the Republican Party. And the story Glenn shares in this clip — one that reveals the original colonies’ true feelings about slavery — proves it. Because if the far-left TRULY cared about commemorating the end of slavery and all those who stood against it, then why is THIS story never taught in schools?


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GLENN: The Washington Post writes a story in 1903. A black man walked into an office in a small town in Texas, seeking any news, about whether slavery had ended.In 1903? He's walking. Excuse me? The earnest inquiry from the man, who had been forced to labor without pay came more than 48 years after Major General Gordon Granger landed on Galveston Island, Texas, with more than 2,000 federal soldiers to deliver the belated news of freedom to the enslaved black people in Texas. Word of the -- the end of bondage for more than 250,000 enslaved black people in the state, arrived June 19teenth. 1865. Two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Despite the clear instructions in general order number three, and the announcement that day, by Granger's men that the people in Texas, that in accordance with the proclamation from the executive of the United States, all slaves are free. Now, this is a real -- this was a real problem in Texas. You know, it's a state in rebellion. A state that believes in slavery. And, you know, surprise, surprise, these guys didn't want to tell their slaves, oh, you're free. Because the president we're fighting against just freed you. It's not really surprising, but it's horrible. Enslavers across the state resisted the general's order, hiding the news from the enslaved black people. Many black people were forced to continue the labor, under the oppression. Of ruthless enslavers and unscrupulous plantation owners. Last year, President Biden signed a bill to represent Juneteenth as a holiday. On Thursday, in advance of the holiday, human rights activist installed 150-foot pan African flag garden in the ellipse, south of the White House.

Now, why would -- why would we do this? Now, the South had their own flag. American had Olds this year. America had the Stars and Stripes. They had the stars and bars.

Excuse me? Why would we celebrate this, by flying another flag. Why would we do that? By the way, do we know who the first Republican president of the G.O.P. was? In Texas.

Yeah. He was a black guy. Isn't that weird. Isn't that weird?

This is only being recognized now because the progressives think that they can use it against the Republican Party. Because people are uneducated. People in this -- in this country, are -- and I've got -- I'm sorry.

But my -- I have come to a new conclusion about the American people. Many of them are dumb as a box of rocks. And I don't know if you've ever had a conversation with a box of rocks. But it doesn't go well. And the American people have been dumbed down and dumbed down, and intentionally misled. And great portions of our history. And things that you need to know, just to survive, not being taught in schools. So in honor of Juneteenth. I brought something in from the Mercury vaults. This is the declaration by the representatives of the United States of America, in general Congress assembled. This is the rough draft of the -- of the Declaration of Independence. In Thomas Jefferson's own hand. Oh, my gosh. Glenn Beck. How could you possibly. How could you possibly quote Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence? I mean, Thomas Jefferson, all men are created equal. Yeah. Tom. Except for all those slaves. Right? That's the argument. Where are they in the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson. So this is -- again, the first draft in his own hands writing. It's four pages long. And if you happen to be watching on TheBlaze, you'll see that there are corrections and things marked out and language changed. And you'll see, just like in a Word doc, it will say B. Franklin. Or it will say, it's left pretty much the same. So the first part of it is, you know, when in the course of human events, they're basically saying, you know, look, we're going to break up. And we think, because we tried to be decent people. We think if we're going to break up with somebody, we should tell them why. And they had the other option of going, hey, King George. It's not you. It's us. But, no, no, no. We decided, we should tell him, it is you. It is you.

We really actually -- love you. We want to be with you. But you won't listen to us.

So in this breakup letter, we call the Declaration of Independence, we tell him. Look, we think that just basic decency requires us to tell us -- to tell you what happened. And the first thing we want to tell you, is you don't need us. We're -- we believe in different things. There are things that we hold self-evident that you don't. And we think these are really important. So when we break up from you, we're going to go and we're going to -- we're going to do our own country. But we want to tell you what we're creating. And what it is that we believe that we've been trying to tell you. We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal. And endowed by their creator, certain unalienable rights. And among these, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And this is where it gets sticky. And that to secure these rights, government are his instituted among men. Drawing their just powers from the consent of the governed. Nobody had ever done that before. Nobody had ever thought that before. Completely a new idea.

Can you imagine the king reading this, and going, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You're telling me, that you actually believe that you, a farmer, an underling, you're equal to me, the king? And that God gave you the same rights, he gives to me?

And that government is going to be -- the people in government are going to be voted on, by the people. People like you! And the government is instituted to protect your rights, against people like me? It's an incredible thought. Incredible thought. So he goes on, and he explains what we're going to create. This is our mission statement, as a nation. And like mission statements, usually about it, they're very, very lofty, and hard to obtain. But it's what drives a company. And if you have a company that's been in business for 250 years, you're going to have some problems with that business. And its history. You're going to see, oh, wow. That company really went out of whack here. Walt Disney right now. He's spinning in his grave. You can make chair rails. And chairs. And brutal sticks on his body. He's spinning so fast, he's like a lathe. But they've lost it before. They lost it in the 1980s. Not like this. But they come back. I don't know if Disney is going to be able to survive the comeback this time. But the question is: Are we? So we have this mission statement. And this is what Martin Luther King said in his -- in his great I have a dream speech. He's like, America! It's in your own documents. Just live up to those things. So he spells it all out. And then he says, and we need to tell you, that it's not us. It is you. And these are called usurpations. And it's two and a half pages of just quick, one line. He refused to pass the laws of accommodation for accommodation for large districts of people. Okay? So that's one of them. And he'll just -- they just list all of these. And, again, it's about two and a half pages. And they're all one or two, maybe three lines at most. But in the usurpation section, the last paragraph, and it's half a page, is one usurpation. So we've always wondered, how could Thomas Jefferson -- how could you possibly quote that racist, bigot slave owner, who only cared about money. He would write beautiful things. But then he would do the opposite, he had slaves. And he didn't even point out, that all men are created equal. That includes the slaves that are men. Right? Ask yourself when I read this to you, why you didn't learn this in history. Halfway down the second page, this actually, the third page, second of the usurpations, the last usurpation comes. The last thing that the king did that they could not tolerate, that they had to break up. And it says, and I quote. The king has waged cruel war against nature itself. Violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty. In the persons of a distant people. Who never offended him. Captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere. Or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither. So he's either talking about the slaves here, from Africa, and saying, the king brought him over here. Or he's what? Talking about Willy Wonka and the oompa loompas. He's clearly talking about the slaves, that the king brought to America. This parodical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel, underlined -- infidel powers -- is the warfare of the printed and underlined Christian king of Great Britain. Determined to keep an open market. Where men capitalized. Where men should be bought and sold.

He has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or restrain this horrible commerce. And that this assemblage of horrors, might want no fact of distinguished die. He is now executing -- or no. He's now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us. To purchase that liberty of which, he underline, has deprived them of. By murdering the people on whom he has also offended -- offended.

Thus, paying off former crimes committed against the liberty of one people, with crimes he wages for them to commit, against the lives of another. He goes on, and how many times they've tried to end slavery. And all of the times, he frustrates it. Twists it. Refuses to let it pass.

So an entire paragraph is taking down the king. This is -- it's clear when reading this. At least with Thomas Jefferson, this is the most important reason, we broke away. This had to be unanimous. This declaration. Or the king would weasel his way between the colonies. And break them apart. So every line of this rough draft, had to be voted on. So we are such a horrible, racist, we only cared about money. And oppression. How many of the 13 colonies. Voted against that paragraph. I'll give that to you here, in 60 seconds. First, Tunnel2Towers. It is a great foundation. This is -- the Tunnel2Towers was started right after the World Trade Center collapsed. And they wanted to help the families out of everybody that had a mortgage and lost their lives. They wanted to make sure that they could take care of them. Then they wanted to make sure that they could take care of all the firefighters. And all the police. So Tunnel2Towers was founded. And they wanted to help America's heroes and their families. So if somebody like those guys who ran up the stairs, didn't come back. You know, on their fire fighting job, or their police job. If they had small children, if they were left behind, and the family had a mortgage, Tunnel2Towers would pay off the mortgage to take that off their hands. Then it expanded to the military. And now they're just doing phenomenal things. Phenomenal. Mortgage-free smart homes, for those who are critically injured. And can't live a normal life. And now operation home base. They're giving tiny homes to homeless veterans. These people live what they say, and are meeting their mission expectations, every single day. Our nation's heroes. People who put their lives on the line for us. Need your help. Help today. Can you donate $11 a month, at That's Eleven dollars a month. I know how hard it is, that you're scraping everything together, just to get gas. But this will make a huge difference. And help us become people of merit. It is Join them now. Ten-second station ID.


So how many states actually voted against that paragraph. Out of the 13 colonies, how many? Two. It was South Carolina, and Georgia.

Those two were the only two that voted against. That means, 11 states wanted this horror show of states to stop. But they couldn't. They could not be split on that. If the king could have Georgia and South Carolina, he could break up the whole movement. So they -- they dropped that. But did you know that if New England itself, New York and everything north, New England, if that were a country, and not part of England, it was -- if it was independent, it would have been 50 years, before the British banned slavery. They were so far ahead of their time. This is the first area that banned slavery like that. A massive -- that was the United States of America, for the most part. And they were 50 years ahead of everyone else. How come we don't get credit for that? How come the 11 states that voted against slavery, don't get credit for that? Because of a political agenda.

And in states like Texas and elsewhere, as soon as people got voting rights, the Klan came around and tried to disarm people.

Well, what a surprise, the same party that did that to black people are now trying to disarm the United States of America and all on her citizens. They found a new way to do it. Coerce companies and tell them they have to stop making ammo. The White House denies this. We have the evidence, that it's happening.


Watch: Kamala’s AMAZING wisdom about the internet

KAMALA: Well, the Internet is an essential part of life in the 21st century. Can't get around it. Can't get around without it.


STU: That's fantastic.

GLENN: Such brilliance. It spills right out of her. She can't keep it inside.

STU: It's amazing.


EXPOSED: George Soros is trying to SUPPRESS radio freedom

Glenn has warned about the heavily funded, far-left efforts of George Soros for years. Now, Soros’ latest move is an attempt to suppress free speech on radio. Mike Gonzalez, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, tells Glenn that Soros is trying to help purchase 18 Spanish-language radio stations throughout the country because the ‘humongous inroads’ conservatives are making with Spanish speaking voters is causing the far-left to 'panic.' He details the two women leading this charge, the stations at risk, and why this is a ‘play for the ideological suppression of free speech.’


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GLENN: So we have Mike Gonzalez on. He is the author of BLM. The making of a new Marxist revolution. He is also a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Mike, welcome to the program. Glad you're here.

MIKE: Thanks a lot, Glenn. It's great to be on with you.
GLENN: Thank you. So we've been -- we've been talking internally with you, over the last couple of weeks. On what Soros is doing on Hispanic radio stations. And I think this is really, really important. And I'll explain why in a second. But I would like to hear your telling of what's happening. And what the influence is.
MIKE: Well, it's really very subversive. He's buying -- he's financing a purchase of 18 Spanish language radio stations across the country. That is a third of -- of the -- of the -- the audience, that we call Hispanic, is very varied. But it's even greater. It's an even greater percentage of those who listen to Spanish. Many Mexican Americans. Cuban Americans, just in English.
So it's probably like 50 percent of Spanish speakers who turn to Spanish radio. Spanish radio is very important. And they're panicking. They're panicking because of the humongous inroads that conservatives are making with, for example, Mexican Americans and the Rio Grande Valley. You know that story very well. Texas 34 is the prime example of that with -- with Cuban-Americans in Miami. But not just Cuban-Americans. Columbian Americans and Venezuelan Americans. So this is really purely in play for the ideological suppression of free speech. The two women at the head of this media group, have zero experience in broadcasting, or any type of journalism, Glenn. They would take to own the venture, just because they're heartless. Heartless activists, in sources involved in this. They said, it's crystal clear. Soros has, as you know, finances many hard left causes around the globe. Including the election of rogue prosecutors, who refuse to prosecute criminals. And one of the reasons our cities are so crime infested. Because we had all these prosecutors elected. Now he's financing the purchase of 18 Spanish language stations, to suppress the transmission of conservative views. It is that the...
GLENN: Okay. So are these music stations? Are these talk stations? Are they all?
MIKE: They vary. They vary. Some of them are sports. Some of them are music. They will change, obviously, to left talk radio. By the way, it always fails, as you know, for some reason. Leftist talk radio is never a success.
Two stations in Miami. (inaudible) are -- are talk stations. They -- it's a -- a conservative radio station, that cater to the Cuban American community. This adds a double insult. Because one of the women, who owned this new media group. The media group, by the way, is called the Human Media Network. HMN. Owned now by two women. One is Stephanie Velencia. The other is Jess Morales Rocketto. Rocketto is a long-time associate of Black Lives Matter. You mentioned my book, BLM. In the process of writing that book, I discovered, many people are using their platforms to get their followers. Their social media followers to do BLM's bidding -- in the 2014, Ferguson riots, in the 2020 riots, she urged her followers on social media to take the orders from BLM. She said long-term associate of Alicia Garza, who was one of the cofounders of BLM, who is a fanatical Marxist. And this is what I'm coming to. It is really insulting that these two Miami radio stations. That are now transmitting conservative views, are going to be owned by Rocketto, who is an associate of BLM. Because BLM is a hard -- a strong supporter of the Cuban communist government, under which Cuban Americans have suffered. So this is one of the many ironies involved here.
GLENN: So the new influx of the Hispanics all over. This is the kind of stuff that they're probably used to hearing in their own country. Because I would imagine that in many places in South America, you're not getting a conservative viewpoint. Because the governments are -- many of them failed or near failed, or narco states. I mean, I think Mexico is damn near a failed state. So they won't recognize. They may tune into this. And they will think, our politics are just the same, as to where they came from?
MIKE: Well, you're 100 percent right with regards to the Cuban Americans and the Venezuelans and Columbian Americans, in south Florida. They have fled, in the case of Venezuelans and the Cubans. They have fled communist regimes, that had completely ruined their economies and their countries. And ended up in gulags and all that. In the case of Rio Grande valley, and this is really important. You have some people there, that go back to the 1700s. Whose roots go back to the 1700s. They're now immigrants. They are founding families. And this is the culture. So you know the symbolism of this is. And this is what keeps George Soros awake at night and these women awake at night. Is the idea that the -- and it's really in the RGV, in the Rio Grande Valley, that -- that you see, the most -- the most rapid movement towards conservatives. Those votes -- the county shifted like 30, 40 points between 16 in 2020 in support for Trump.
Trump even won one of them. The district, the Texas 34th just won by Mira Florez, south of San Antonio. So in -- in the -- in the Rio Grande valley. And I think -- and it's no coincidence. That five of these stations are in Texas, and three of them are in the RGV.
GLENN: Boy. They are working overtime. Overtime in Texas. To destroy what Texas has always been.
When does this start? When do these networks go on?
MIKE: Well, the FCC has to approve -- a lot of talk of Marco Rubio, in many -- some representatives like Carlos Humanez have written to the FCC, saying, before you allow this. You should take a look at this. What is going to be done. I'll tell you, the origins of this, Glenn.
This radio was going to buy these stations, and then Soros found out about it. And the left found out about it and complained to the Hispanic caucus, in Congress, in Washington. And then they put a fine. Put together the money. Salem had done $42 million. And then Soros came in. Because this is not -- Soros is not in for the money. He's in for the ideology. And he bid 60 million. For these same stations that Salem was going to buy for 42 million. So they're going to be -- so this is -- this is really the origin of that.
GLENN: So I know a lot of people that are Hispanic talk broadcasters. They are eager to speak Spanish on-air. Some of them are doing English shows. Lots of podcasters. We just had a new Spanish-speaking network move into the mercury studio compound. But what do we do? I mean, the problem is that so many people, you know, like me, I -- I can't get into this Spanish-speaking networks. Because I can't speak the language. So I would not be good at running it. Because they could be saying, oh, yeah. Man, Soros is the best. And I would have no idea. But I would talk to people on the right. And they just -- they just will not part with their money. I'm talking about it is big moneybags. They will not part with their money. Unless you see instant results. And this is a long-term indoctrination from the left. So what do we do?
MIKE: Right. Well, essentially 42 million. You're completely right. What do we do? First, we have to expose this. We have to he cannot pose. You know, they're saying, no, no, no. This is about keeping these radio stations, in Latino hands. First of all, that's BS. That's not what that's really about. It's about indoctrination and suppressing conservative views. And number two, nobody -- nobody in Miami, would care about the last name of the people who own the stations. What they care about is (inaudible). This is just a facade. This is the realest information, by the way. So we exposed this. We exposed the ties to Alicia Garza by (inaudible), which is not getting out. We need to say, look, she's been an associate of Alicia Garza for over a decade. She leads several organizations with Alicia Garza. Alicia Garza is the supporter of the Communist government, which puts people in prison, which is the reason why Cubans have had to flee, is because of the government. Rocketto is an ally. A long-term ally, an associate of this movement. And I tell you, in doing my research from the book on BLM, as I've said, they rely on a vast network of supporters. The reason why they got out so quickly, was because in Rocketto, the woman who is now going to own these stations, is one of the people who support BLM. And yet, it tells her followers. Thrown out to the marches. So I think exposure is a big thing. Other than that, is -- yeah. I think convincing deep pocketed conservatives. That if you don't do this --
GLENN: Yeah.
MIKE: Your children and grandchildren are not going to live in the country you like.
GLENN: Mike Gonzalez, he's the author of BLM. The making of a new Marxist revolution.
The Hispanic audience, they -- we're always told that they would fall more directly in line with conservative thought. And I buy that, same with African-Americans.
When you talk to them, not about politics, but about their values. They're right in line. However, they've been convinced, that the Republicans are whatever. How -- how open do you think Hispanic audiences would be to the conservative talk?
MIKE: I tell you, my own take on this, is that the huge movement that we have seen, to which conservatism has nothing to do with conservatism. So I'm sorry to say that. It's the left. The left has gone so nuts, in calling the boy girl. In saying, that everything is about race. That these voters, are looking around and saying, no. We want any part of this. This is crazy talk.
And there are different reasons, right? The reason why people in RGB, who would be of Mexican background. As I said, many of them have a multi-generational roots in this country.
They -- they really feel the culture. Texas, as you well know, is a fusion of Mexican culture. German culture. People who, you know, fuse and made Texas into the wonderful state culture that it is.
They have a lot of stake if the culture is eroded. If the culture is taken away or altered or transformed. And I think also the border issues really affect the Tejanos, and the RGB. As you know, the vast majority of the border guards are of Mexican origin. Whether they've been here a generation or 17 generations. The issue for the Cubans and the Venezuelans -- yes.
GLENN: No. Go ahead. Finish your sentence, I'm sorry.
MIKE: The issue with the Venezuelans and the Cubans in Miami are different. They suffered trauma, from seeing what socialism did to their country.
Now, one of the -- if you read reporting on this. People say, well, they were spreading this information. These stations.
They were calling Biden a socialista. You know, first of all, Biden himself doesn't know what he is.
But he's implementing -- you know, the action plans. The action plans that the White House issued in April, that were very sweeping. BLM. The main BLM group said they voted with them. They -- these equity action plans.
So they're implementing policy. And these were really extensive. Twenty-five action plans. Cowritten by fanatical Marxists. So he's unable to say this in Spanish, and explain this in Spanish. That is suppressing actual facts.
GLENN: So, Mike, I thank you so much for all the work you've done on BLM, and also following this. Love to have you back. BLM, the making of the new Marxist revolution, talking about George Soros, funding -- buying up an entire -- a very influential radio network, aimed right directly at Hispanics.