Ken Starr and Bill Clinton: New York Times story actually CLEARS Brett Kavanaugh

John Ziegler explains to Glenn details from the Brett Kavanaugh, New York Times "bombshell" story that actually should CLEAR his name...and it's all related to a man named Max Stier, who ironically was a defense attorney for Bill Clinton...who was accused of the SAME thing they're accusing Kavanaugh for, now.


EXPLAINED: Why THIS solution for our energy crisis WILL FAIL

The United Nations now is demanding that central banks stop their rate hikes to reduce inflation. BUT, they’re also recommending those banks switch to price controls instead. THE EU already has been contemplating price caps for weeks now, thanks Europe's skyrocketing energy costs. But controlling these prices will NOT WORK. In this clip, Glenn explains why this latest solution for the world's energy and economic problems WILL fail…


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GLENN: This is -- wow.

How do you get inflation to come down?

STU: Well, you usually would raise interest rates. And that would address demand, slowing the economy. And hopefully --

GLENN: And what do you do with all those dollars?

STU: Suck them back in.

GLENN: Suck them back in, and burn them up, right?

So the reason why we have higher interest rates is because the Federal Reserve is charging more for the banks, to borrow that money. So they charge you more money. And all of that money goes back to the central bank, and they destroy it. That way, there's -- you know, the definition of inflation is too many dollars, chasing too far good news.

Now, we have an extraordinary problem. Because we have too few goods. Because the supply chain broke down. So that automatically will make things go up.

But we also have a problem -- the world has never had before. Never. We have debt all over the world, that is -- unpayable. It's just unpayable.

Hey, by the way, we're number one. We're number one again.

We just broke $31 trillion in debt. It took us only nine months to go from 30, to 31 trillion.

Which I think is -- I mean, that's a world record. And pretty special. Pretty special.

STU: Really amazing. We did a great job there.

GLENN: Uh-huh. So as the government is spending all of this money, it is increasing inflation. Because the money is just being printed. And you can't print money, without inflation.

So what are they saying? The United Nations is now demanding, that all central banks stop their rate hikes.

Which is the way to stop inflation. Stop rate hikes. And switch, inside, to price controls. Now, here's the problem: They're doing price controls now, in Europe, for gas and oil.

The problem is: The companies can't make enough money. Because it's about shortages. So if you had, you know, a way to make money, to go and drill for some more. You can make the price go down.

That's how it works. You have a high price. You make more. You find more. You ship more. But what is our government doing, and what is Europe doing?

They are limiting the oil and gas. So we caused this problem. Not we. You didn't cause it. I didn't cause it. The Democrat down the street didn't cause it. The global elites have caused this.

And what they've done, is they've shut down, and said, we're getting off of all energy.

We're going to go for this new phantasmic kind of energy, that nobody really knows yet. But it's going to be great. And we're going to stop all production of fossil fuels. By 2035. Okay. All right.

So how do you get the price to go down? The UN is now saying, price controls. You just tell those energy companies, you're not allowed to charge more than X.

Why doesn't that work, Stu?

STU: How long do we have? It never works. It's never worked.

You know --

GLENN: It only makes things much worse.

STU: It makes things much, much, much worse. And over time, destroys an economy. Every time we've attempted it, it's blown up in our face.

GLENN: Yeah. Because it's no longer the free market. So they are now saying, go off the free market. On all prices. All prices.

Now, here's another reason why it won't work. For instance, the energy companies. The energy companies right now, can't make money. They can't make money. They can't even make money, to keep operating.

So what -- what is the European banks doing? The central banks? They are printing money, to give it to the companies, to make up for the shortfall. So this is not reducing inflation. Price controls. Not doing anything.

So that's coming from the UN today. I don't know if that's -- you know, I don't know. Something that maybe is a line for you. But we will watch to see if our fed does, as the UN has directed. Now, they are focused over in Europe, on collecting extra funds for cash-strapped governments, because the governments are cash strapped because they're pumping out billions in emergency aid, to help cushion businesses for things they can't afford anymore.

So they put a price cap, on -- on oil and gas.

Now, the problem is, is the price of gas is up. Because nobody is investing in getting it. And the supply is now at risk.

America could be a big winner here, if we were just willing to open up. But we're not. We're not. Of and so with a price cap in Europe, most likely, that gas will go to China.

Because China doesn't have a price gap. And so if you want the free market to work, well, then, I don't know. They're going to pay me, a dollar more. Instead of $4 a gallon for liquefied natural gas. They're paying me $5 a gallon. I'm going to China. Then the government has to step in. The global government. And has to say, no. You can't sell that to China. That's not going to make China happy.

Oh, one other thing. The UN is also saying, and global experts are also saying, that we need to have, you know, what was that chip bill? Chips for everybody.

STU: Yeah. The chips act.

GLENN: Yeah. The chips act. They're now calling for a ships act, that the United States starts to build all kinds of ships, like we did in World War II.

Because we rely too much on Chinese shipping companies. Which, if I'm not mistaken, one of the big shipping companies is owned by turtle face's wife. Right?

STU: The family. Yeah.

GLENN: Yeah. Isn't that weird. Anyway, we're looking now to -- to build our own ships. However, China is posturing that if we do this, that won't sit well with him.

So we're just making things a little more complicated. And, but I feel good. I feel good that it's experts, that are doing this. You know, because, you know, trust the science.

Also, let me show you a little bit of your future. Outrage bank clients, at least two of them armed, stormed four commercial banks in Lebanon yesterday, over the withdrawal limits, that have been imposed throughout the country.

Because the financing is melting down. What's happening?

The fed or the central bank is saying, we're tightening. We're not going to make all this money free. Because interest rate. I mean, because inflation rate is going through the roof, everywhere in the world. So we have to pull some of this money back.

Well, the banks, who have been on the -- the central bank teat forever, and have made more money than you can ever imagined, they don't have the money. They just don't have it.

Uh-uh. It's all tied up someplace. And so we have to go on to austerity as well. And so in Lebanon, as in China, they're limiting what you can take out of the bank.

Well, bank holdups are now snowballing all across Lebanon, because of the Capitol controls. You can't go take the money out.

And these robbers are not going in and saying, give me all the money. These robbers are going in and saying, I want access to my account.

I need, you know, $10,000. I need $25,000, in my account. One of the accounts, let me get this right, was enormous.

He has, in his account, 700,000 dollars. He went in, because he needed 11,750. So he held up the bank, for 11,750 of his own money, in which he has $700,000 in the bank.

He's in jail today. So is everybody else that did this. They're not allowing you to take out money. One guy -- one guy -- he came in with a pistol. And he said, look, I need 24,000 dollars. And he has it, in his account. The guy has been trying to sell his kidney. But couldn't get a buyer for his kidney. And he's going bankrupt. Everything is falling apart. His family is desperate. So he has the money in the bank, to pay his bills. But they won't be give him the money. So his first thought was, I'll sell a kidney.

That didn't work. So he went in with a gun. And he said, look, I don't want anybody else's money. I just want my money.

By the way, yesterday, Biden announced another $625 million in military aid for Ukraine. As I told you, we also have surpassed now $31 trillion in debt. It took us nine months, to go from 30 to 31. Gee. I wonder what's causing inflation.

STU: Just one thing. Because I think you might be worrying people here. When you say these big numbers. And you just need to understand. That there's not that much of a problem here. Each 1 percent that we -- these rates go up.

It will cost us an additional $2.6 trillion this decade. And $30 trillion over the next 30 years. Which works out to 37 percent of our GDP in new debt.

That's each one percent, the rates go up. So this is going to work out well. And that's what I want people to take, out of this entire monologue.

GLENN: I just remember Ronald Reagan saying, there's going to come a time, where there are no good choices left anymore.

Because the time has passed. The time has passed. So there is a good choice.

It is reconnecting with things that are real. Important. And reconnecting to God. And your family. You -- you have to be involved in politics.

I want to -- I want to tell you, I've always thought it was God, country, family.

In fact, I have a tattoo that says, protao, propatrio, profamilia (phonetic). And I always thought that that was the way it was. I heard a great argument from one of our Founders that is, no. That's not the way it is. You won't have a family, if you don't have a country.

It's for God. It's for country. For family. Your family doesn't survive, unless your country survives.

You -- to protect your family, you've got to protect your country. Stu is looking at me like, that's not --

STU: Isn't that what the tattoo says?

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

It's the reverse. You've got to protect your family --

STU: Okay.

GLENN: Because if your family isn't solid. You will lose the country. Yeah, thank you.

STU: Yeah. The fact that you can say that the opposite way, and it still makes sense, shows that they're all important. But you're right. Family is the focus of the Founders, even above country. When you think of people who actually founded a nation, wouldn't think that way. But they did.

GLENN: And look at our families. Look at the state of our families. The state of our families is horrific right now.

And it's getting worse and worse and worse. California just passed a law. They can take your kids away, in a red state. If you're not, you know, gender affirming. In a red state. California. Just, they can do that now apparently.

Okay. Why is that happening? Because our family is under attack. Our God is under attack. God, family, country.

Get your family together. Get your family solid. And get out and vote.


The UNDENIABLE evidence for a Joe BIden impeachment

The mainstream media fact checkers claim there is ‘no credible evidence’ that Joe BIden played a role in his family’s business activities overseas, but that claim is LUDICROUS, Peter Schweizer tells Glenn. In fact, Schweizer — a Biden family expert and author of ‘Red Handed’ — tells Glenn there is a CLEAR impeachment case against the president because of his involvement. In this clip, Schweizer details to Glenn the undeniable evidence against Joe. Plus, he predicts what could happen to the Republican Party if they take control of Congress next year and STILL fail to hold those involved in the Biden family scandals responsible…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Peter Schweizer is joining us now. He is with the government accountability institute. He's the president. Also, the author of red-handed, and the co-host of the drilldown.

Peter, how are you?

PETER: I'm great, Glenn. Always terrific to be with you. Thanks for having me.

GLENN: You bet. So I don't even know where to begin on this. Can we start with the Tony Bobulinski thing?

PETER: Sure. Absolutely.

GLENN: PolitiFact. We investigated the claims of Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden on Fox News this week. There is no credible evidence that Joe Biden played a role in his family foreign business activities.

PETER: Yeah. It's -- it's pretty remarkable. PolitiFact is saying that. When Hunter Biden has acknowledged that his dad played a role. Joe Biden has acknowledged that he played a role. James Biden, who is Joe Biden's brother, acknowledges that his brother played a role. And, of course, you have in black and white, the communications that Tony Bobulinski, released and turned over to the FBI, that shows Joe Biden's playing a role. So this is another example of these fact-checking organizations, digging their own graves.

They have zero credibility. And they're going to die on this hill. Which let them do it. It just means that people take them less seriously, than they do already.

GLENN: So help me out. Give me some -- of give me some of the hard evidence, that shows that Joe was absolutely involved.

PETER: Well, first of all, you have the communications, and the communications specifically say, that Joe Biden was involved. And so what does that mean?

Well, they would make -- they would have conversations, and Hunter would refer to the big guy.

And Tony Bobulinski has released these messages, would contact the other business partners. Would bring them into deal with the Bidens. And in the communications, he would say, who is the big guy?

And they would say, who is the big guy? And they would say, that's Joe Biden. They're very sensitive about it. So it was acknowledged that way.

You have the communications about the so-called SPC deal. This is the Chinese energy company, with Chairman Yi that Tony was brought into.

You have the 10 percent for the big guy. Well, the big guy is the word that was used in all the other communications, for talking about Joe Biden.

So that's all explicit in Tony Bobulinski's communications. You have communications from Hunter Biden on the laptop, that have been released. There's ones where they wanted to do business deals overseas.

And Hunter Biden texted his business partners and said, I run by my dad. And my dad is going to help.

To me, it's patently ludicrous, to even be arguing and discussing about this anymore. You can have a conversational about how deeply he was involved, and I would argue, it's pretty deep.

You could have a conversation, that says, well, I don't think he was really knowing everything that's going on.

But the notion that Joe Biden was ignorant of all of this. That he didn't know anything about it. That he didn't benefit financially.

That's a big settlement. It's not settled by Peter Schweizer or Tony Bobulinski.

It's settled by the actual communications, where there's Hunter's laptop, or the communications, that Tony Bobulinski had with Hunter and with his business partners.

GLENN: Do you think there's enough evidence that it is a clear, almost open-and-shut case, for impeachment?

PETER: I do, yes. And I do think, on a couple of levels.

First of all, let's remember, this is about corruption. But it's about something, I would argue, that is even more troubling and damaging than that.

And this is, I hope, what will be the point number one, if the Republicans take the house and investigate the subpoena Hunter Biden. Point number one needs to be not just that they got this some $31 million from these Chinese entities. But who were the actual businessmen that sent the money.

Chairman Yi of CEFC has direct ties to Chinese intelligence. Again, it's not debatable. You looked at his bio. You look at who you worked for. He was linked to Chinese intelligence. You look at other money that was transferred.

There was a gentleman who transferred $5 million to Hunter Biden. He was at the exact same time, business partners with the vice minister of the ministry of state security, whose job was recruiting foreigners to spy on China.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

PETER: So to me, Glenn, the question is, corruption, absolutely. The question is, explain to me, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, how your family -- it's not just Hunter. Your family got $31 million from four Chinese businessmen, with links to Chinese intelligence.

You did no discernible service in return. And what did the Chinese get out of the deal? They did not send you $31 million, because they think you're nice guys. That should be issue number one. This is a question of compromise -- kompromat, as they used to say in the Cold War. And that they question foreign intelligence penetration of the First Family of the United States. That's issue number one, as far as I'm concerned.

GLENN: All right. I want to switch topics, and I want to go with what senator -- I mean, what secretary Granholm said. We have to make this happen for our own energy independence and national security. She's talking about getting America off of, quote, Russian nuclear supplies.

I'm going to talk to Peter about that. Give me 60 seconds. We'll be back in the conversation.

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GLENN: Russia's dominance in the global nuclear fuel market, presents a massive challenge for Washington.

Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm said, President Biden is redoubling his efforts to break the U.S. reliance on Russian nuclear fuel.

Indicating domestic uranium enrichment capacity, could be increased with upcoming key legislation. We're going to get congressional support in a bipartisan way for us to make our own fuel supply cycle chain, independent.

Certainly, independent of Russia.

We have to make this happen for our own independence. And for our national security.

Peter, what's the problem with that story?

What -- what is missing in that story?

PETER: Well, what's missing in that story, Glenn. Is one of the big reasons, that we are so dependent on Russian uranium now.

And let's remember, when the Biden administration said, we're not going to take any Russian oil. Because of their invasion of Ukraine, they excluded cutting off the supply of Russian uranium. Because we're so dependent on it. So how did we get this state?

One of the reasons is this deal, we talked about on your program, several years ago. Uranium one.

This was a nuclear uranium company, that was initially controlled by a Canadian, named Frank Giustra, who was a big Bill Clinton donor.

And they went over to Kazakhstan, to meet with President Nasir, the head of that country.

And said, look, we want to buy all these lucrative minds that you have. Producing uranium in your country. Give them to us. I'm a Canadian. This is a former president of the United States.

And we'll take good care of it. Just to adopt those minds. Purchase them. Paid some hundred million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, for Bill showing up.

Here's the problem: Giustra then flipped and sold those mines, as well as minds that he controlled in the United States. To who?

To Rosatom, the Soviet state-owned uranium company, that now dominates the market. So we have a situation, where part of the reason, that we are so dependent on Russian uranium. Part of the reason, they've been able to almost effectively corner the global market. Is because -- is because Bill Clinton helped facilitate this deal, that gave Russia control over uranium minds in the United States.

But even more importantly, some of the most powerful and lucrative, and proficient uranium minds in Kazakhstan.

And that is why we're over a barrel today.

Frank juster made a lot of money in the deal.

Bill Clinton, and Clinton made a lot of money in the deal. The problem is the American people got screwed, because it enhanced our dependence on Russian uranium. And that's where we are today.

GLENN: And if I'm not mistaken, because it's been a while since I've looked at this story.

It was all kind of done hush, hush. Just kind of rushed through the committees. It should have never gone through.

Because it is a -- a national risk, to put everything there.

And Hillary Clinton said, oh. I didn't. I didn't. I wasn't involved in this at all. I don't know.

I just know that the government found that it wouldn't be putting our government at risk. And our nation at risk. So, you know, we're going to go through with it.

Didn't this story happen something like that?

PETER: Yeah. Yeah. So this deal, the sale of uranium one, which was an American uranium company to the Russian state-owned company. Rosatom, required approval by the federal government body and the Obama administration called CFIUS, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

And you would think, this is a pretty big deal, right?

Are we really going to put Putin in charge of all this uranium?

The deal went through quickly.

Hillary Clinton of course has a seat on CFIUS. She claims she doesn't remember anything about it. And you have all these other actors of the Clinton era. And some currently of the Biden administration, that were involved. Involved, Glenn.

So remember John Podesta, who was an adviser to the Clintons. His brother Tony Podesta, was actually a lobbyist, for uranium one. On these kinds of deals.

You had John Podesta himself, that was involved in energy companies, that were backed by Russian-state owned firms.

Joe Biden's current energy envoy, who is negotiating some of these deals involving oil and uranium. This guy named Amos Hawkseen (phonetic), he was a lobbyist for a Russian company called Tenex.

GLENN: Jeez.

PETER: Which is basically a sister company for Uranium One.

If you look at Jake Sullivan. Jake Sullivan, who, of course, is the current national security advisor, signed off on Bill Clinton.

When all these deals were going down, Russian entities are paying Bill Clinton inflated speaking fees. Half a million dollars a pop. Who was approving those deals?

A guy named Jake Sullivan, who now happens to be a national security adviser for Joe Biden.

So this is a problem, where, it's not just something for the past. It's something that involves decision makers in the present too.

GLENN: I have to tell you, it's so frustrating. And I think it is for the average person.

You know, any of this stuff would happen with me or you. We would all be in jail.

The Clinton Foundation is so incredibly transparent on its corruption. You know, it goes away when Trump is in office. Just goes away. No. We're shutting it down.

And then lo and behold. Biden gets in. We're opening it up again. Open for business.

All of the people -- I mean, you're either committed to helping people, or you're committed to making money.

And brokering deals. And it is so transparent. Is this thing ever going to be taken care of?

PETER: It's hard to know. I mean, part of the problem, Glenn, as you know, you study Washington. All this time, as I have.

There's ways to do corrupt things in Washington, that are profoundly corrupt.

If you do them the wrong way, you're going to jail. If you're doing them the right way, you can get away with it. So we're dealing with very smart people, who hire very high priced lawyers, to dance around and create subterfuge for what they're really doing.

To give it an air, or veneer, in my mind, of legality. So that's part of the problem with you have inherently.

I think the ultimate solution here is shame and exposure.

And the hope that that is going to lead to actual criminal investigation.

And I think look, coming up in November. We're going to have these elections. The balance of the House of Representatives, and Senate, is in question. And my point is, you have to have independent bodies that are prepared to bring out, what information we know. To hold Hunter Biden to account. It's very clear, the FBI is not going to hold Hunter Biden to account. They're not going to investigate Uranium One.

So it means we have to have congressional committees, with subpoena power doing it.

That's only going to happen, if the Republicans have the majority in the House and Senate.

So a lot of these matters hang in the balance, as to who will be controlling Congress. After the November elections.

GLENN: I just hope there's enough in there, that are not corrupt. That, you know -- they're not -- they're not being blackmailed, to not get involved, or just are like, I'm sitting on the sidelines. Because I don't want my name being brought up at all.

You know, I fear that could happen easily.

PETER: Yeah. And, Glenn, here's the thing. A lot of people are talking about this right now. If we retake the House. We're going to investigate X, Y, and Z. If they fail to do that, that to me, will be the dagger in the heart, basically. Of the Republican Party. And of conservatives.

Because people are fed up with the lip service being paid to -- we're going to hold them into account.

So that's really, I think where the stakes are. And you're quite right.

Just because somebody says, they're going to do it in Washington, you're going to pay a price.

If you start dredging up. And start talking about Chinese deals, involving the first family of the United States.

A lot of other stuff is going to come to the fore. And there's a lot of people on powerful positions on the Republican side, who don't want that to happen, either.

So that's why we have to hold their feet to the fire. I know you've done that. That's what I'm hoping to do. And let's hope the people listening, are prepared to do that.

And let the elected officials know. This matters to them. And this is of profound importance.

GLENN: I've told many officials in Washington, DC, that are Republicans.

I said, you guys have one more shot. This is it. This is it.

If you win the House, and especially if you win the House and the Senate and you aren't standing up and protecting the American people and the Constitution and putting bad guys on trial, and then, cleaning up the FBI and Justice Department, so they can actually put them in jail, if you're not doing that, you are absolutely done. Just like you said. The last chance.

I'm glad to hear you believe that too.

PETER: Absolutely. Thanks, Glenn. It's always good to be with you.

GLENN: Peter Schweizer. The author of red-handed. And the co-host of the podcast, The Drilldown. Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute.

Wouldn't it be nice, if we had government accountability?

We can bring it back. Vote! Get out and vote.


BEWARE: The DOJ is now an ENFORCEMENT ARM for Democrats

The FBI recently charged multiple participants of a peaceful protest at an abortion facility in Tennessee. The pro-lifers originally were given a misdemeanor by local police…but that drastically escalated when the FBI got a hold of the story. Glenn explains how this story — plus other recent examples — show that the DOJ cannot be trusted. The DOJ has ‘become an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party,’ Glenn says, and there WILL be more arrests. But we must continue to peacefully stand. Because not only are there more people on our side, Glenn says, but even the ‘heavens are engaged' as well.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I just want to tell you, that the FBI has charged multiple people, peaceful protests, at abortion facilities.

They -- this time, it's a bunch of -- basically, senior citizens.

And they were -- they were all in this hallway to an abortion center. And they were just lining it. They were praying. They were singing.

People were coming in. And, you know, the abortion clinic said, hey. We've got trellis passers here. And so they were given a misdemeanor by the police. Somehow or another, the FBI got a hold of this. And they realized, that's a major crime. Could put these people in jail for 11 years. Because they were forming a blockade. Oh, my gosh, I cannot take the hypocrisy here.

So they also were being told, that they also were engaged in misinformation. The FBI isn't even performing the investigations. The DOJ is doing their own investigations, and using the FBI as their arm. Normally, the FBI does the investigation. And if they find someone guilty of federal crimes, they issue warrants.

The DOJ is sending local branches of the FBI with the arrest warrants, to be their strong arm. So the DOJ now, is completely -- you cannot trust him. You cannot trust the DOJ. It has become an enforcement arm, of the Democratic Party or the Marxist party. Or whatever -- whoever is really running this place. It has become a wholly owned subsidiary, of that group.

And you're going to start seeing people go to jail. Do not let this scare you.

There are more on our side, than on the over. The heavens are engaged. Keep standing. And, we should stand for people who are being targeted by the FBI.

We need to stand for them. Because this is happening over and over again. We had the abortion supporter, that confessed to travel from California to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh. Do we know anything about that?

What happened to that guy? What happened to that?

We have the pro-life teenager in Kansas, who reported being assaulted by an abortion supporter, while canvassing for a pro-life amendment in the state Constitution. On September, an 84-year-old Michigan woman, was shot in the back by an abortion supporter.

In September, students for life, they reported that an abortion supporter through a cup of urine at two pro-life students while the group was peacefully displaying information about a pro-life campaign. You are going to be despised.

You are going to be despised. This has not been all been told before.

Mark Hawk, a pro-life Catholic activist and father of seven -- we told you earlier this week, that his home in Pennsylvania -- the FBI charged him with the same thing they're charging this. And I'm not making this up. I can't believe it.

They're charging -- they're charging with the face act. A woman who is --

STU: It's the act that stops you from -- from belonging the entrances to clinics, basically. That's what they keep going to. As if that was occurring. We have no evidence, that this has occurred. And there's apparently video, of some of these incidents, where that show the opposite.

GLENN: Is this the one in the hallway? Yeah. Let's play this video real quick. If you happen to be watching Blaze TV.

GLENN: My gosh. It's almost --

VOICE: Time out. Time out.

GLENN: -- like Antifa. Look at them.

VOICE: We can't do it here. We cannot block up the hallways.

STU: They're not blocking the hallways, by the way.

GLENN: They're not.

VOICE: Outside. We have an understanding, guys. We need to carry it outside. We cannot block up the hallways.

GLENN: You're not blocking the hallways. He's walking through it, telling them that. Easily walking through.

Now, you can get them for trespassing, which is what the local police do, that was a misdemeanor. But they're going after -- the one that came in yesterday, guns a blazing, the FBI guns a blazing at this guy's house. He happened not to be there at the time. He is 73 years old.

Or Eva Ettil, she's 87. Guns a blazing. Got to take her down. Eighty-seven. Yeah, no. She was planning on doing their damage.

STU: Real danger to society. An 87-year-old trying to stop children from being aborted.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Now, listen, there's something else you need to be aware of, and look, you need to -- you need to begin to stand.

I urge you to get the Ten Commandments from Martin Luther King. You -- you have no place in the healing of America, if you want to engage, with fists or anything else.

You have no place, in the healing. You will destroy us. And you're no fan of mine. And I'm no fan of yours.

But you have to begin to stand. We have to stand for these people. Why isn't there a group of prayer activists, in front of the DOJ, every single day? Or your local FBI office. That's probably more important.

Because I think these FBI agents locally, they know this isn't right.

They know this isn't right. The guys in Washington, they're so far lost, I think, that I don't know.

The DOJ, lost. But not our local guys. I hope to -- and I pray. Why aren't there prayer activists in front, right now?

Because they are persecuting people for their religious view, on life. These are religious political prisoners in America.

I want to give you something else that you need to be aware of, that happened, that we found out about, last night, in 60 seconds.

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GLENN: There's newly implemented measures now, that mandate that the FBI pass on the personal information of rejected gun buyers, to local law enforcement.

As part of a sweeping change, federally licensed firearm dealers, FFLs. Are now required to provide the FBI, with the personal addresses, of any individuals, who attempt to purchase, was denied. Well, doesn't the federal government already have that?

Because it is the federal government that denies it! We send in the paperwork, while we're standing there. And you deny it, or you approve it, so you got the paperwork. Not good enough. Now they need the address of anybody who has failed.

And not only those who are denied, but anybody who has delayed approval. And the personal information of the rejected and individuals, they say, it's going to law enforcement. Local law enforcement.

What does that mean? What is the law enforcement going to do? The changes were quietly implemented last week by the FBI's national instant criminal background check system. To comply with the new federal law. Did you even know this was happening?

Also, this should terrify anybody, and not -- this should terrify everybody who just wants to -- oh. I don't know. Have even a surgeon. You know, reach inside of you, and do something.

Maitland Jones Jr. He has been fired for Princeton University, after his course was found to be -- you'll never fill in this blank. You'll never -- try. Try. His course was found to be. You'll never do it.

STU: Racist.

GLENN: No. That's too easy.

STU: Hateful.


STU: Non-gender affirming.

GLENN: No. His organic chemistry course. It's so easy.

STU: Part of the patriarchy?

GLENN: His course at Princeton was deemed too hard. Too hard.
STU: At Princeton?

GLENN: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. This is the guy who wrote the textbook on organic chemistry. Okay? He's in his fifth edition. The textbook. It's too hard now.

He went out of his way. He taped all of his lectures, at his own cost. So everybody could keep up. You can't make it. You want to go back and reflect. You want to really -- nope! Nope!

It was too hard and, quote, that will keep too many students out of medical school.
You can't pass this course, maybe you shouldn't be the doctor. You're not the doctor I'm looking for. I think. Holy cow.


‘I saw it myself’: US vet describes HORROR from Ukraine's front lines

Just how cruel has the Russian military been during its onslaught against Ukraine? Chad Robichaux, a U.S. combat veteran and Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation, tells Glenn the Russians have committed certain horrors during today’s conflict with Ukraine that he hasn’t witnessed in any other war. Recently returned from the front lines, Robichaux describes those horrors that he witnessed firsthand. Plus, he tells Glenn he hasn’t seen proof of any significant American relief there, despite the billions of dollars sent to Ukraine from the U.S. government. So where DID the money go?!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Chad, welcome to the program, sir. How are you?

CHAD: Good. This is Glenn?

GLENN: Yes. How are you, sir?

CHAD: Good. Good. Thanks for having me on, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Where are you now?

CHAD: I am down in the (inaudible).

GLENN: Okay. Good. Good. You're home.

I saw you about four weeks ago, and you had just come from the front lines over in Ukraine.

And I said, what are you seeing? And you said, well, I'm not seeing really any significant American relief.

CHAD: And I'm not, no. And that was the same on this trip, Glenn. And it's really -- it's not only sad and unfortunate.

It needs to be addressed. There is no congressional oversight on this money. This money is going to a black hole. And in any country in the world, it would be --


CHAD: It would be bad. People are people, and governments are corrupt. And it's going to end up where it shouldn't. And the money is not ending up where it's going -- it's U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Millions of dollars. Not only that, it's -- it's -- the extent, because it's needed. It's needed to save lives. And restore humanity. And it's not being used for that. So do you think that's us? Or do you think that's them, or a combination of the two?

CHAD: I think it's a combination of the two.

You know, I've been getting a lot of slack from people, why are you over in Ukraine helping? Ukraine is a corrupt country. I'm like, well, you know what else is corrupt? Washington, DC.

And, you know, governments are corrupt around the world. Certainly, Ukraine has had an issue of corruption.

And it's been a hotbed of money laundering and stuff like that. And so has Washington, DC.

The fact that this money has not been audited or accounted for. Or has any kind of oversight, just leaves room for corruption, both in Ukraine, and in Washington, DC. And I don't think -- I think it would not be difficult at all.

We have the embassy back in Ukraine now. It would not be difficult to have correct congressional oversight over these funds, and make sure they go to the right place, if needed.

I do believe, the money is needed there. I know not everyone agrees with that. I believe we should be supporting these people.

Not in the realm of the with money we are giving them. I think that was too big of a blank check. And a lot can be done with a lot less money. But actually ask where it belongs.

And, you know, I just -- at Mighty Oaks. Mercury One, you guys helped us financially, Glenn. And we just brought $20,000 in medical supplies, to the special operations on the front line. When I say medical supplies, I fax individual first aid kits that go in as troops. Because they don't have them.

And they're like, please, give us anything. So not only did we bring $20,000 worth of facts to give it to the special forces unit.

But we brought (inaudible), who trains Army Special Forces, medics. We brought him with us, to teach them how to use them.

And that's something that we did -- we did that trip. Maybe, it cost us $40,000 to do that trip. And that was -- they were so thankful for that. They were like, that's life-saving training that we were able to give them.

And, meanwhile, billions of dollars in the region. And why can't -- things like that.

GLENN: Yeah. But it's going through governments. And -- and dirty hands, every step of the way. You're also delivering something else, along with the medical care, are you not?

CHAD: That's right. We -- you know, Mighty Oaks. For U.S. service members, we've done over 400,000 active duty U.S. service members with our spiritual program. And in 2016, we decided to bring this to our ally trips around the world. We went to Ukraine before in 2017 and 2018. It's an hour back there, on the front lines. And we go there -- a typical day will be we'll give them some classes, like bailout procedures for the personal safety medical classes. We'll give them resources and supplies. Then we'll give them resources that are spiritual. The audio Bible six to them, and some other resources, to help them work on their mental and physical health.

At the end of the day, once we build their rapport with them all day. We're able to talk to them, veteran to veteran. Combat veteran to combat veteran. Peer to peer. About spiritual resiliency and mental resiliency, that way they can stay in a fight to protect their homes and families and their freedom. And we know, from our experience, as war fighters. And that's two years of war that we just went through.

That there's a lot of things that could happen on a battle field. That nothing is more essential, than having a strong spiritual foundation.

And we're able to share the gospel of Christ, with these guys.

GLENN: Chad, tell me about the -- the war crimes that you witnessed.

CHAD: You know, I've been seeing it since February. Since we've been gone there, Glenn. But nothing worse than the last few trips. Because I'm getting more into the front lines. I just was in a Zoom. I was two hours into the Zoom, which was pretty much Russia. And that was occupied for six months.

And some of the areas we saw, I'll get to the mass graves. But one of the things that's important to know, is every -- I'm not exaggerating when I say this, every home -- every hospital, every school, every structure, the -- it's almost -- it's almost impressive, as someone who has been in combat. They hit every single structure. And these aren't military targets. These are civilians.

GLENN: By the way, we're showing some videos, on Blaze TV right now.

Some of them are graphic. So look away. But I've seen these, earlier. And --

CHAD: They're apartment buildings.

GLENN: Yeah, they're apartment buildings. What you're saying is true. There's really nothing left. Nothing.

It's all rubble. And you say that's different in wars like this.

CHAD: Absolutely.

I mean, even Taliban is -- I mean, the Taliban will attack civilians. Terrorism.

They want to intimidate people. But this is an intimidation. This is -- I mean, you're talking like, those buildings in the video, looked like two buildings.

It's one building. It's a five-story building blown out to the ground. And this is women and children, and civilians living in it.

And this wasn't one that was accidental. It was every apartment building in the area. Had airdropped missiles right into the roof of that apartment building, that blew it to the ground, and killed thousands of civilians.

And this isn't really reported. I'm happy you're allowing to get this news right now. But it's not being reported.

And then, you know, day before so -- this is, again -- this is not a collateral damage. This is not, you know, indiscriminate fire. This is direct fire of civilian complexes, and civilians, which is a war crime.

And, you know, in the international courts, the ICC, the International Criminal Courts from the UN, needs to be stepping in.

Because this is not -- should never be allowed, regardless of Ukraine, Russia, political sides. Like who -- none of that. This should never be allowed in this point of our civilization, to attack civilians this way. And after we spent the day, I spent -- I was with the chief of the dean, who was the chief of the entire law enforcement, for all of Ukraine.

He would be essentially like over the FBI, CIA. Everything.

For all of Ukraine. And he was sent there by the government, to make sure they secured a Zoom, after they recaptured it. We were with him. As I drove to meet him. Myself and my partner, driving in this combat area, to meet him. And two MiG fighters flew over, and they did a gun run. Dropped bombs -- I've been over a lot of war zones. Never had air strike. Air -- enemy air over us. I mean, we always controlled the air.

So that was kind of a crazy scenario for me. We had a Hind helicopter fly by.

We get to the front. We were with them, while they're fighting this. We were getting shelled and rocketed within 100 meters of us. And this small arms fired. You probably seen from the videos -- I probably counted about 60 Russian soldiers. They were like 18, 19, 20 years old. It's sad to know, that many of them probably don't even know why they were there.

And one of the things, it gives the Ukrainians, as we were moving forward. And they were dying, Russian soldiers.

They were rendering aid, and that shows who is the good guys.

These guys were rendering aid. Meanwhile, these Russians had occupied their homes, and killed their family members for six months. And the Ukrainians were still rendering aid. That really stood out to me.

GLENN: I want to play a clip from you, out on the field, where you're talking about mass graves. Here it is.

VOICE: This area is 1,200 people were missing, from this area. They found 1,100 bodies in this area, and they were burned before the -- so you can tell they tried to destroy the evidence of the mass killings. Most of the people were -- their hands were tied. Behind their backs, and executed style. So we're not just talking about ballistic missiles and shelling, which we've seen.

I've seen firsthand, driving through cities. They're just level to rebel, civilian targets, civilian neighborhoods.

But we're talking beyond that, just with indirect fire.

And this is not indiscriminate fire, because we drove through areas. Me and my teammate were driving through -- like, they strategically hit every structure, every house, every building, every school, every hospital. Now, beyond that.

Once they take these areas. They're bringing these civilians out hear, in the woods, tying their hand behind their back. And executing them.

Burning their bodies. To hide the evidence. Putting them in mass graves.

GLENN: You saw these people with their hands tied behind their backs and the -- you saw this yourself?

CHAD: I saw it myself, yeah. And there were two mass graves that we were brought to. One was 474 people.

They counted specifically. It was estimated about 1100 people. And mostly all civilians, mostly because of most of them were women, a lot of children.

And it appeared -- it appeared what they were using the graves for. When I say 1100 people. I don't think they killed 1100 people at one time. I think six months, as they arrested people, they brought them there, probably bound and handcuffed. And then would kill them. Pushed them in, as a place of disposal.

That would be my interpretation from what I saw, it happened. And then as Ukraine came in and tried to -- was retaking that area, it appeared they tried to burn the bodies, to maybe hide the evidence. But, you know, burning bodies is harder than it sounds. You have to use a lot of fuel. So then they tried to bury it.

And then they vacated the area. When I say vacated, they must have left in a hurry, because they left 74 tanks in this area.

GLENN: Chad, so what do we do?

CHAD: You know, this to me, Glenn, this is a -- this only gets worse. It -- Russia is losing, so I think Putin has to show strength.

So I think the only scenarios is that he will escalate and do something radical. Even more radical than this. Or, you know, you have the other scenarios. You have Zelinsky, who can't -- because Zelinsky in the eyes of Ukraine. They're winning. And as they're winning, he's not going to go to the negotiation table.

So it would also require Putin to do something, that would force the negotiation table.

But I think what we can do with the worlds -- and I don't mean as America. But as the world, is NATO needs to accept Ukraine, and NATO.

And/or, the UN and International Criminal Court, needs to recognize these war crimes, and these human rights violations, and hold Putin accountable. And that's what the UN is for. That's what the International Criminal Court is for.

For these exact scenarios. But we're not seeing them take action. So what we could do, you and I, is exactly what we're doing right now, is exposing this.

I believe if I would have not leaked this information to Vox. If I would have reported it, right to the United States government, or it would have been swept away. Because they don't want it to be known. Because if it's known, then they'll have to do something about it. So they have to make sure there's reporting from the front lines. Unfortunately, journalists can't make it through a lot of these areas. Because it's so volatile. And I get that.

But the reporting needs to be -- it needs to be exposed. And, you know, our government gets to be held accountable, for these billions of dollars. So that Ukraine. If our government will decide to get this money, then it needs to go where it belongs. Again, I think you and I both agree that this much money makes the problem worse.

But, you know, if we are going to give it, then give it. And have good oversight. If we're going to have international war systems, then use it for times like this.

The UN. This is what it's for. This is what the UN is for. And I also believe NATO, at this point NATO should accept Ukraine. By the way, just a couple of days ago, President Zelinsky applied again for Ukraine to be accepted in NATO.

GLENN: Chad, thank you so much for doing everything that you do. I know your heart is in the right place. I know who you serve.

And I can't imagine what this does for somebody who went through PTSD. To be over there, again, and seeing these things.

So I appreciate your service. To him and to us. So thank you so much, Chad.

CHAD: Thank you, gang. God bless. Thank you for all your support too. Couldn't have done it without you.

GLENN: You got it. Mighty Oaks foundation. He is the founder and CEO. Cofounder of save our allies. You can follow him at Save Our Allies, or