New York KICKS kids out of school for illegal immigrants?!

New York KICKS kids out of school for illegal immigrants?!

It has been a crazy past few days with one of the most insane news cycles Glenn has ever seen. But topping the list is a story out of New York City: A school has forced students to stay at home so it can temporarily house illegal immigrants. This, Glenn believes, is a sign of what's to come for the rest of the country if the Biden administration's border insanity continues. How does he know? Because he's seen it firsthand and documented it in the newest Blaze Originals documentary: "The Real Story of Colony Ridge." Glenn also runs through some other highlights from this crazy news cycle: The SEC has approved Bitcoin EFTs for institutional investing; Chris Christie has dropped out of the race; Bill Belichick has "parted ways" with the New England Patriots; The Red Cross is helping fuel the border invasion; and another shocker for the week: Dr. Fauci has admitted that the 6-foot distancing rule "sort of just appeared" out of nowhere.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me just see if I can run down some of the stories yesterday. Bitcoin was approved for institutional investing.

That came from the SECC. Fifteen institutional investors were given permission to start selling Bitcoin. And including it in their retirement funds, et cetera, et cetera.

That's huge. That's why Bitcoin is going to break 50,000 here, probably in the next few minutes. There was the block of the budget, by 16 Republicans. Chip Roy, one of them. Who are saying, you -- you don't do something about the border, we're never going to pass a budget.


And God bless them for that. We have Mike Lee coming on about that in just a minute.

Chris Christie dropped out.

Gavin Newsom, we find out now, has a budget crisis. He refuses to call it an emergency. But if he will dip into the emergency funds, he then has to call it an emergency where he can't get any of those funds. It's $37 billion.

And yet, he's announced just earlier this week, or was it last week, that he's going to be covering health insurance and sex changes with the California health system? So you have that going for you.
Belichick was fired.

STU: Basically, they parted ways.

GLENN: Parted ways.

STU: I don't think they would fire him after the nine Super Bowls they went to.

They're parting ways. He will probably go coach somewhere else.

I don't know if I thought he would leave there, other than just retiring.

We're talking about probably the greatest NFL coach of all time. Arguably.

GLENN: Isn't Alabama kind of a big deal football?

STU: Arguably the greatest college coach of all time.

Also, Nick Saban leaving, which apparently was a great surprise, and the same day.

I guess it was one day apart, technically. But in the same 24-hour period certainly.

GLENN: Then we had the debate, a town hall.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: We had Fani Willis.

That story broke. You know about that, right?

She was having an affair with some attorney, who then she said, I'm appointing you special counsel.

On the Trump thing. Except, she can't do that. She needs permission to do that. It has to go through a board.

STU: Board, yeah.

GLENN: She never went through the board to do it. So she did not follow roar.

He's making like $650,000 on his special counsel.

They're sleeping together. He's going through a divorce. She's being called as a witness. That's the real ethical woman, Fani Willis, that is going after Donald Trump.

Then you also had Fauci yesterday, come out and say, the lab leak theory is not a conspiracy theory.

Excuse me. What.

The 6-foot distancing, we just made that up.

STU: I still see the posters for that all over the place. They're still just hanging over there, as remnants of that era.

No science on that particular claim.

GLENN: Nope. Nope.

Then you have the kids in New York, getting kicked out of their own school for illegals.

What -- what -- what would you do as a parent?

Wait. My kid has to move? My kid has to go someplace else, because their school has been taken over by illegals?

No. I don't -- no. I don't think so.

Then you had Hunter Biden show up yesterday.

That was bizarre. He shows up in Congress. And just -- and just sits there.

And everybody starts yelling at him. And then -- and then in an even more bizarre move. He gets up and leaves in the million dollars of it.

Then you had a couple of really disturbing things happen.

You have Poland, kind of teetering right where we are, on the constitutional republic line. Listen to this. This is the polish Prime Minister. Announcement he made yesterday.

VOICE: For the first time, since the dark days of totalitarian rule, we have political prisoners in Poland.

They are the former interior minister, Mariusz Kaminski, and his deputy.

Both are democratically elected members of the Polish parliament.

Both fought against companies during their visit to the Polish president at the presidential (inaudible).

They were detained by the police, and then taken into custody. This happened even though both received a presidential pardon, as the prerogative of the president allows under political constitutional law, in 2015.

The entire process, which culminated in the detention of two politicians took place in flagrant violation of the rule of law.


And to make that even better, I don't know if you saw the Canadian Mounties or whoever they are.

The Canadian police arresting the idealist. This is horrifying. Journalist is going and asking, I don't know, the interior secretary or something.

Why Hamas is not on the terrorist list, for Canada.

Listen to this.

VOICE: Why is your government supporting Islamonationalists?

GLENN: Watch this.

VOICE: You're under arrest for assault. You're under arrest for assault. Police.

VOICE: What are you talking about, man.

VOICE: You're under arrest for assault.

VOICE: You bumped into me.

VOICE: You pushed into had he.

VOICE: I have my credentials here. And you just bumped into me.

VOICE: Police, you're under arrest.

VOICE: What is your name.

VOICE: You're under arrest.

VOICE: Why am I under arrest.

He -- he --

GLENN: Okay. Stop. They take him away!

STU: Jeez.

GLENN: Now, this is a journalist that is walking down the street.

The police officer was intentionally standing right where he was walking. He saw him coming. He must move. The guy had the microphone.
And he bumps into him because he's walking backwards.
So he doesn't see him. But he just bumps into him.

And he's arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Holy cow. Meanwhile, as we told you last week, the Red Cross, if you're giving money to the Red Cross, you should stop right now.

In my opinion, you should stop. How could I say that?

Red Cross does a lot of good things. Yeah. They're also passing out fliers on how to get to America. All over South America, and Latin America.

Excuse me. What -- what -- what are you doing?

What are you talking about.

You're organizing?

Well, they're helping. You also have friends of the train. I don't remember what it is in Spanish. They're doing it.

And the United Nations is also aiding and abetting.

And -- and pushing people towards our border. We're going to have 10 million new people, here in America.

Just from the last four years. That's an invasion. Meanwhile, our Congress, and our president will do nothing. Nothing.

There were 15 or 16 Republicans, yesterday, that stood up and said, no.

You don't get a budget, without the border.

You secure the border, we'll talk to you about the budget.

But no. And now, everybody is, oh, my gosh. We're not going to have a budget.

We'll shut down the government. We should shut down the government. What is the government doing to help you.

What is the government doing to protect and defend the Constitution. What is the government doing to protect the borders.

The government is out of control. We shouldn't be giving them another time.

Make them work for it. Make -- force them to do their job.

I'm only asking for the Constitution to be followed. I'm not asking for anything radical.

Follow the Constitution. And execute your job!

And anyone who is not following, or worse, usurping the Constitution fire them. Or try them, if they've committed a crime.

My gosh. What is wrong with us.

Meanwhile, Houston, one of his top five city now.

Isn't it?

It's the fourth or fifth largest city in the country. Massive, massive city. It's growing by leaps and bounds, but it's growing with illegals.

You're going to lose Texas. I will lose Texas as a red state. You will. It's only a matter of time, period. Why do you think they're bringing all these illegals in?

Two things. One, elections. And number two, Cloward and Piven.

Overwhelm the system.

That's what's happening in California.

Gavin Newsom, you think he's going to be put in.

Gavin Newsom, he has a -- he has a budget deficit now of $37 billion.


Because he's doing the same thing they're doing in New York.

Get out of here. We will put some illegals in here.

Can you imagine, if you have your own business. And you can't afford health insurance.

You can barely afford it. You're just at the bottom of the barrel.

And your tax dollars are going to give sex change operations to illegals. I think -- I think I would lose my mind.

I think I would lose my mind. I would definitely lose my house.

I would sell my house, so fast, and get out of that state.

That's -- that's true insanity.

You can't make the budget, and so what is he cutting?

What is he cutting?

Tell me, Stu. How this one makes any sense at all.

What is Gavin Newsom cutting now that he has a deficit of 37. Sorry. $37 billion.

It will be 68 billion, if he does nothing.


So he's taking $13 billion from his rainy day fund. Reserves. Which you're not supposed to touch, unless you declare an emergency.

But he won't declare an emergency. He is taking 8.5 billion, for programs. Deferring some spending to the future.

And spreading it out over more years.

8.5 billion in spending cuts.

Half of those cuts are for housing.

Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Hold on. You're going to cut housing, and yet, millions of people are coming across the border. And you already have a housing crisis in California.
How does that work?

Then the other thing he's doing, is he's cutting on many of the promises, on climate change. Now, if you're Gavin Newsom -- remember, this is the World War II of this generation.

How is he possibly doing that?


What are the things he's cutting?

Well, he said, I won't cut free kindergarten. Because he just added that.

I won't cut health insurance for all low income adults, regardless of their immigration status.

So he's married to those two things.

But he does want to delay a planned minimum wage increase for health care workers.

So wait a minute. I thought that was going to help everybody. Everybody wins in that.

Why would you -- if that only helps people make money, and it doesn't harm the businesses, why would you do that.


Then, he is going to cut 40 million from a program.

That helps local and regional governments fight the impacts of extreme heat.

$23 million for a pilot program, to deploy zero emission trucks that transfer goods from ports.

Six hundred million in spending for programs to help motorists replace gas vehicles with hybrid and zero emission versions.

If you actually believe this is the end of the world, why would you you cut those things?


And this is the guy people say, they're going to run. Okay.

If -- if America is that insane, well, then we deserve what we have coming to us, I guess.

So what does all of this mean? And what is truly the big story of yesterday, and today?

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Ten-second station ID.
So the biggest story today, is this.

I want you to imagine. Play the audio of the mother outside of the New York school.

Where her kids and all the kids have been told to leave. Because school needs to be occupied now by illegal immigrants.

VOICE: How does it feel? You feel good? I hope you feel good!

GLENN: So her kids can't go to school because the school is now occupied by illegal immigrants.

Okay. Imagine yourself in that situation.

Now, if you've ever been to Brazil, I want you to imagine something else.

If you've been to Brazil or Rio, you know, it's wealth. And like, I have no clothing poverty.

Okay. And they live right on the other side of the fence.

It is despicable.


It's poverty like Americans have never seen before.

But that's what we're talking about. If we bring the third world here, without a plan, without ways for them to realize the American dream.

And we just keep giving stuff. Or worse, we let people prey on them.

We're going to be a third world country.

That is your future.

Living where you live, and right on the other side of the fence, is massive poverty.
How do I know?

I've been to Colony Ridge in Houston.

And that is what it is. Across your fence is wild like never before seen poverty. It's not all of Colony Ridge.

But it is -- it is going to be popping up everywhere. Currently, it's in Houston.

But these developments, when unscrupulous people, not doing anything illegal. See the opportunity, to make millions of dollars.

They're going to do this, repeat this, all over America. What is Colony Ridge?

It is the name of a development, just outside of Houston, Texas.

About 30 minutes outside of Texas. So your community distance.

And it is -- in many parts of it, third world feeling. Okay.

Are the people happy? Some of them are. Some of them are really unhappy.

What is the whole story?

Because the New York Post didn't get it right. I don't think The Daily Wire got it right. We tried really hard to get this right.

And you will see the truth of Colony Ridge. And it's be the about the Texas development.

It is about you and your neighborhood.

If you don't stand up. If Congress doesn't stand up and say, no budget. If there's no border security, then this will come to your community. It may already be there.

Watch it, on Blaze TV. Subscribe to Blaze TV. And watch the exclusive Blaze TV subscriber, documentary. Colony Ridge.

Truckers Explain Why They’re BOYCOTTING New York and Standing With Donald Trump

Truckers Explain Why They’re BOYCOTTING New York and Standing With Donald Trump

New York has charged former president Donald Trump $355 million for allegedly inflating the value of his properties in order to defraud banks (despite ZERO banks losing any money). But truckers across the country have decided to protest the ruling by boycotting New York City and even New York state. Glenn spoke with some of the truckers and their message was clear: “Under no circumstances will I cross that bridge again.”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: One of the best things I've heard in a long time. And I would love to talk to truckers. If you're a trucker, and you would love to participate in this.

Not going to ask your name. Just call us up

If you're one of the truckers that are refusing now to drive to New York City after the $355 million fraud ruling on Donald Trump.

A conservative social media influencer, a trucker who goes by Chicago Ray, posted a video clip in which he claims some of his colleagues will stop making deliveries to New York City to protest the ruling.

I've been on the radio, talking to drivers for the past hour. And I've talked to ten drivers. And they are going to start refusing loads to drivers, starting on Monday.

So does that include any drivers that are listening to me now?

Rob, you're a truck driver in Pennsylvania. Do you deliver much to New York City?

CALLER: Well, I delivered -- about a month ago, I delivered eight times to the Five Boroughs.

GLENN: Okay. And are you going to continue to do it?

CALLER: No, sir. I've already told my dispatch that under no circumstances, will I be crossing that bridge again. I won't go into New York State, much less the city.

GLENN: Wow. So what was dispatch's reaction to that?

Did you get any heat?
CALLER: No. I actually got, oh, another one.

It seems like, about -- between 20 and 25 percent of our drivers have refused to go into taking any loads into New York City anymore.

GLENN: Now, will that make a difference? 25 percent?

CALLER: The thing is, I work for a multi-national company. Huge company. And they will resort to using outside drivers and paying more.

Roger in Alabama. Hello, Roger.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, I drove into the city, probably a couple times a week, delivering fresh seafood from the gulf. From Louisiana and Alabama and Mississippi. And for me, to drive into New York City, it's a pain.

But it pays well. But so, I'm not going to do that anymore. And as far as being able to recoup the loss, you know, for -- from what I will be able to find. Going anywhere.

I will book my own freight. Finding loads are easy.

Some of the other drivers I could talk about. Is the -- the drivers that are coming around have no experience, that are willing to drive into the city -- who will have a terrible time. I mean, being in New York City, if a bunch of independent truck drivers start doing this, New York City will pitch a fit real quick. But it really won't hurt the trucking industry you know, at all. Because there's such a demand for drivers. And experienced drivers who are independent who run their own truck and run their own business, they won't have a problem.

GLENN: I have to tell you.

CALLER: If we can survive the fuel problem, a couple years ago, we can survive this.

GLENN: I have to tell you, if you don't know -- if you've never driven in New York City, especially with an 18 wheeler, you are screwed.

I mean, it is really tough to get around. I don't know how you guys do it in New York.

I really don't.

CALLER: Well, some of the new inexperienced guys, they can't. That's just it. They cannot do it. They just can't. They're crashing into bridges and turning up neighborhoods. They just can't do it.

I have known some people that had 5 and 10 years of experience have trouble driving through the city. It's not easy. But it can be done. But it's not going to be done by me anymore. Just like California. I don't take loads to California. And pretty much -- the northeast. Sorry, I ain't doing them.

GLENN: Good for you.

So, Roger, what is the feel on how many will take, to be able to affect New York?

CALLER: I don't know of a number of how many of it will take. But the length of times, will surely take effect. Even if they still get goods into New York City, by some of the drivers, it will cost a lot of money. It will cost a lot of money. First, they will feel a loss of -- because, one, it's not just groceries. It's everything that is sold in a store, that comes into New York City, on a truck.

GLENN: Yeah. I know. Yep. Yep.

All right. Thank you so much, Roger.

Let me go to Scott in Massachusetts. Hey, Scott.

CALLER: Hey, Glenn. First time, long time.

GLENN: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, yeah. I'm not going to New York City. Cost hundred some odd bucks. I think it's $130 across the bridge. And I can look down through the potholes and see traffic on the layer below. And you get in there. The last time I made a delivery there, I got a -- it was in Manhattan. And I -- my truck takes up six parking spaces. And I haul construction materials.

So they will take it up to the top of the building, right? To the roof. Styrofoam insulation.

So they told me, hey. Park on the side of the road, in Manhattan. I had to double park.

So the cops came along, gave me a ticket. 250-dollar ticket for parking. $250 for blocking the bike lane.

I'm like, what the heck? So the same thing happens in DC.

They'll, actually -- I've dealt with the FBI and the police. And they say, just move up somewhere else.

And it's -- you know, it's no problem there. So, yeah. No. I don't need to go to New York. You'll get the scrubs and the dudes that haven't done it, haven't been working a lot of time in there. And let's be honest, that will be even better.

GLENN: Yeah. It will.

CALLER: Because those guys can't turn or back up. So you will have accidents. You are going to have traffic tied up. You have guys who can't back up or can't turn.

You know, this is their first car. Let them have them. You know.

GLENN: Scott, thank you very much.

Yeah. Let me go to Jason. Jason you're in Maine?

CALLER: Yeah. I'm on the way to -- as we speak, I have a load of lumber on. Going over to Byron off 84 right by Fishkill. But I -- ever since day one, since I started driving a truck, I never -- I refused to go to New York City. It's a big pain. But I have been looking at this, and trying to figure out if there's any truth to it. But I couldn't wait for this morning to listen to you, to see.

A lot of times, you'll hear things like this. You don't know how much truth to it is.

But I'm a 100 percent Trump supporter, and I have no shame in admitting it. And I have not bringing this truck. That's a blessing, being owner and operator. I don't have to take any loans, if I don't want to.

GLENN: Good for you.

CALLER: Like the other guys -- the other guys, sometimes they don't have an option. It's their only job.

It will hopefully make an impact. And hopefully will make a statement, that, you know, hey. We're not going to tolerate this. Because something needs to be done, Glenn.

Jay in Ohio. Hello, Jay.

CALLER: Hey, how is it going, Glenn?

GLENN: Good.

CALLER: Yeah. Every Monday, I -- I live in the Corpus area. I head to Manhattan. And that's not happening today.

GLENN: Really? And what did -- what did your bosses say?

CALLER: It's funny, because he's very liberal.

But he -- but pretty much everybody in his company is not.

I already told him.

And he kept justifying it. You know, they're doing the whole thing. Where every vehicle crosses over and gets taxed and everything. So it helps out in the long run.

Okay. Cool.

But I obviously wasn't going to do it anyway.

GLENN: So how many people, around you, or in your company, are doing it?

CALLER: There's two other drivers that go to not exactly Manhattan. But they go to Long Island and stuff.

And they're kind of hem-hawing about it, and stuff.

So it's -- but they were not a big company.

GLENN: Right.

CALLER: But I've been in this company for ten years. So it is what it is. And I'm like, eh, that's fine.

I have no problem.

GLENN: We have Chris in Georgia. Who, you have been delivering goods to New York City for how long?

VOICE: About 15 years.

GLENN: Fifteen years.

Into the city, or all of New York?

CALLER: All of New York.

GLENN: And what are your thoughts on it today?

CALLER: I'll no longer be going to New York. We're non-force dispatch. I can choose where I go, and I'm going to Georgia instead.

GLENN: So are you hearing this from a lot of -- because I've had one truck driver call in today and say, I was excited to listen to the show today, because I wanted to hear if it was just me and just a handful of people, or if this is a big deal.

CALLER: Well, I hadn't heard about the boycott, until you mentioned it.

GLENN: Really?

CALLER: Yeah. I personally made that decision, when I heard the announcement last week.

But, yeah. It's -- it's not right.

GLENN: No. It's not right. It's not right.

And this, I think is the kind of thing that Martin Luther King would have done.

This is a peaceful protest.

It's all of the individual choosing for themselves. I'm not just -- I'm not going to -- I'm not going to support that kind of activity.

Not doing it.

I commend you for it.

And it shouldn't hurt the truck drivers, at least at first.


Because there's a shortage of truck drivers.

You can drive wherever you want, pretty much, isn't it?

CALLER: Yeah. Yes.

Well, there's -- that's a tough one.

GLENN: There might be more to that.

CALLER: Well, it's -- it's hard to put in a short statement.

But there's people that -- who will -- who will go to New York, even if they don't care about the politics.

They have no intentions of staying in this country.

They're here short-term.

And that's a whole other story.
But personally, you know, this will include points beyond New York.

I will no longer be going to Connecticut, Massachusetts, and loads coming back.

Just, I'm not going to partake in any of it.

I prefer to run to western states. I don't go to California, for the same reasons.

GLENN: How about Colorado?

CALLER: Well, that's a tough one. My company is from there.

GLENN: All right. Hey, thank you very much, Chris. I appreciate it. God bless.

CALLER: Thank you, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah, I'm interested to see how this works out. I mean, this is a group of people that can make a huge difference.

And we as a population, they know -- we don't ever do anything.

You know, the minute the state says, no. Boys have to go to boys bathrooms. Girls to girls bathrooms.

Which is completely common sense. They go crazy. They boycott the state. It usually has no effect. Truckers, however, can do that. And it will make a difference. Because it's already hard to move goods. And if you're not. Especially until Manhattan.

This is only ten roads in. Ten. And you're a trucker. You I think it's between I think it's 11:00 p.m. or midnight to 5:00 a.m.

And if you're a trucker and you have not driven in New York City, oh, it's going to be a nightmare. A nightmare.

But sending the message, hey. Return to the rule of law. We don't hunt people. We don't -- we don't find a person, and then find the crime.

If there's a crime, so be it. But we don't do it, based on who you are.

Would Kamala Harris Use the 25th Amendment Against Biden?

Would Kamala Harris Use the 25th Amendment Against Biden?

Recent comments from special counsel Robert Hur have got people talking: Will President Biden be removed from office using the 25th Amendment? Is his mental agility actually deteriorating — and if it is, will Democrats do anything? Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) joins Glenn to discuss the possibility, as well as an often-overlooked fact: Vice President Kamala Harris would have to initiate the 25th Amendment removal procedure and Biden’s Cabinet would have to agree. Sen. Schmitt also discusses the possibility that the Senate will remove DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas from office: “He’s obviously lied before Congress.”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Welcome, Senator Schmidt.

How are you?

ERIC: I'm good, Glenn. How are you?

GLENN: Good. I have a couple things to ask you. One that everyone is asking. And I'm sorry that I have to bring this up.

But is there any relation between you and John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt?

ERIC: Well, his name is my name too.

GLENN: Okay. All right. Good.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Good.

So the -- first of all, let's start with the Mayorkas thing. It's coming now to the Senate. Late February. According to Schumer.

And, I mean, I think there's plenty of reasons for him to be impeached.

One is just -- just lying to the American people, over and over again.

In front of Congress.

Under testimony. Under oath. That the border was secure when it clearly wasn't.

But is this going anywhere in the Senate.

ERIC: We'll see. Schumer issued a statement yesterday, the process when it comes over, the House managers will literally walk it over. It's received by the Senate. What's supposed to happen, all the senators that are immediately sworn in as jurors.

And we act as jurors in the trial. Now, I suppose Schumer can try some sort of -- some trickery to sort of table it or dismiss it, or something.

The way it's supposed to work. We're supposed to hear evidence, and ultimately make a decision. Now it would take a supermajority, not a simple majority, to convict.

GLENN: Right.

ERIC: So we'll see if the Democrats ultimately sort of, you know, rally here. But I do think there's a lot at play.

I mean, one of the things, in this debate, about this border security. So-called border security bill, which is a total disaster. It actually made things worse. And weakens our immigration laws. One of the things on the books right now, is ability for parole, right? You can parole people in the United States. It's supposed to be extraordinary. It's supposed to be individualized. A case-by-case sort of basis. You know, Mayorkas in this administration, have paroled an entire class of people, just because they're from a particular part of the country. That's a clear violation of the law. He obviously lied before Congress. And so we'll see what those articles and impeachment looked like, and then as jurors make a decision make a decision based on the facts and the evidence in, you know, upholding our oath.

GLENN: So there has been so much going on. I mean, I listened to the news this morning.

And it is all about the different cases, against Donald Trump.

We have -- I mean, law fair is the way of the future, it seems.

ERIC: You know, this is -- I wish the Democrats would take their blue jerseys off for a minute. And look at this, in a way of, how does this affect our republic long-term?

We have never, Glenn, never seen anything like this.

I think Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. These people have completely lost their minds. And are willing to do almost anything, to not allow the American people to send Donald Trump back to the White House. Because I think that's exactly what would happen.

And I think he will win in November. I think they know that. And I think that that's why this desperation in DC is playing out. Whether it's kicked him off the ballot. I think that case was argued early last week, before the Supreme Court. I would expect them to rule quickly on that. And hopefully, voice unanimously. There's just no legal basis, for him to be thrown off by the state of Colorado. Or any state.

Which is not. That's one piece of it. And then trying to throw this guy in jail, for the rest of his life. It's totally -- totally insane.

This is the kind of stuff, Glenn. If it were happening somewhere else, you know, our State Department would be warning us about it.

This is banana republic kind of stuff.

GLENN: Yeah. All right.

So let me switch to the 20th Fifth Amendment.

They tried to do this to Donald Trump. And the media brought on experts. And everything else.

How senile Donald Trump was getting, et cetera, et cetera.

Obviously, not true.

This one, you can see.

I mean, this is not a conspiracy at all.

This isn't made up.

This, you can witness firsthand. And it is terrifying, as a citizen, to watch a man, in charge.

But I don't know if he's actually in charge. I don't know who is running the White House.

But normally, no matter who it was, right or left. I would be raising the same alarm saying, this is dangerous.

But we also have a replacement, who Kamala Harris is -- I don't know if she would be any better.

You know, she would at least be alert and there.

But I don't know how good she would be.

But the 25th Amendment has to be invoked by the vice president. Right?

And the cabinet?

GLENN: That's right. The majority of the cabinet. So the president under the 25th Amendment, can do it his or her herself. I mean, that's not going to happen.

Or initiated by the vice president. Voted by a majority of cabinet members, essentially.

And then that goes to the House and the Senate. Now, there's a little back and forth, theoretically, that's played out between the president saying, no.

I am confident. No. You're not confident.

And ultimately, it would go to the House and the Senate for a two-thirds vote, ultimately, to remove or temporarily transfer, powers, to the vice president.

So it's obviously -- it's an extraordinary kind of thing to have happen.

Because you have someone, you know, elected to be president.

So that's why you have that kind of high bar and that high threshold.

However, I don't think, Glenn, we have not seen anything like this. I mean, the president -- you know, in these interviews. As it relates to the document case. Couldn't remember when he was vice president.

Couldn't remember the years, in which he served as vice president of the United States.

People see this playing out every day, as he struggles to get through sentences. Walking from place to place.

You know, falling. All of these sorts of things. In very plain view.

And, by the way, I don't take any pleasure in that. There's no joy in that.

GLENN: No. Sad.

ERIC: You know -- yeah, it's sad.

And that trajectory of age and decline is not the same for everybody. But clearly, you see a precipitous decline now in his capabilities. And that deposition was probably a case in point.

Which is why we need to see a full transfer to that.

Because there are only bits and pieces, in that report that came out.

It's not good. It's a real problem.

To your earlier point, Kamala Harris is a nightmare. And a total ideologue. Who is not all that bright.

But if you're talking about --

GLENN: She's competent.

ERIC: Yeah. She's mentally competent.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. You know, the only time we have seen something like this, it was kept under wraps. And it was Woodrow Wilson.

But they hid it. They hid it from Congress.

But once his own party. I think he was in hiding at the White House for like a year.

And his wife was actually signing all of the things, from the White House.

And once his own party, the democratic party found out, they said, you're done.

You're not running for reelection. Because he -- she was planning on him running for reelection.

You're not running for reelection. Or we expose the whole thing.

And it was -- it was about this time.

That they had come to them.

It was this close, I think to an election. When they finally came to them.

I don't think -- is there anybody -- I mean, do you hear senators talk about this?

On the other side?

And say, this is dangerous?

ERIC: Yeah. I think that they -- they will tell you that this was not the same Joe Biden.

Certainly, that they served with.

Some people that served with him. Or even just a few years ago.

It's just not. It's not. It's obvious. To your point. With Woodrow Wilson. Who I would argue, is probably our worst president in American history.

GLENN: Oh. Give me the Valentine's Day music, will you? This guy shot an arrow through my heart. That was my Valentine's Day gift from you, wasn't it?

ERIC: Yes. Woodrow Wilson is terrible. But, yeah --

GLENN: Yeah.

ERIC: But, yeah. His wife was essentially doing everything at the very end. And it's amazing, that in 20th century America that actually happened.

So, yeah. People get it. People see it.

You know, people who serve with them. People who have been in the Oval Office.

Talking with him.

Right now. It's really a mess.

But I don't know if anybody can go.

There's betting odds of whether he'll end up being the nominee.

He's not willingly giving this up.

He's running. Now, I think the Obama's have a lot to do with what's actually going on in the White House.

And I know there's a theory, that Michelle Obama could be put in place, at the convention.

GLENN: Hang on. Start the music again.

You may be singing music to my ears again. Go ahead. What's going to happen there?

ERIC: Michelle Obama could be playing -- you know, at the last minute here. We'll see. But Joe Biden is not -- is not willingly going softly into that good night.

GLENN: No. No.

So if he doesn't -- I mean, they're trapped. They're really trapped.

Because there's no way that guy will win. I mean, he'll be -- think about how fast he's declined recently to now.

Imagine from now until November. From November to January, I just don't think the guy is going to make it.

ERIC: Yeah. I agree. So there's two things outside of a typical -- like if you're comparing President Trump's record to Joe Biden's record. You would say, hey, look, we have a secure border.

We had wage growth, across all socioeconomic levels. We're energy dominant.

A lot of great things were happening, right? You didn't like them, whatever.

But the truth is, America was doing great then. We had no wars. That's what America was for his presidency.

All that stuff is very different now, under Joe Biden.

So under a typical campaign, people will compare, I think Trump wins, anyway.

You have a couple things happening now that are very different. One I think is this law fair, it's backfired.

We talked about it earlier.

It's really backfired. People see it. They know it's dangerous.

And I think that will be a motivation for people to say, we're not going to allow that to happen in this country.

There's no way, we will be able to descend in this third world banana republic. Where you're eliminating -- disenfranchising millions of people that way. And secondly, there's this competency thing. People see it.

And if you're an independent voter, and you haven't made up your mind.

Compare those two -- you know, the schedule that Donald Trump has.

Because his energy, versus, what you see now. From Joe Biden.

Is a stark contrast. And I think that's why.

Especially in states like Michigan.

You're seeing this polling. I think that's part of it.

GLENN: Senator Eric Schmidt. One of the good guys in Washington, DC.

Thank you for everything that you do and have done, and will continue to do. God bless you. Thank you.

ERIC: God bless you.

THIS DOESN'T ADD UP: Did Putin Dissenter Alexei Navalny REALLY Die 'Accidentally'?

THIS DOESN'T ADD UP: Did Putin Dissenter Alexei Navalny REALLY Die 'Accidentally'?

Putin opposition leader Alexei Navalny has allegedly died in a Russian prison. But Glenn and Stu aren't buying the official narrative. Did Navalny really just love going for walks ... in the Siberian arctic ... in the winter ... and just randomly pass out once he got back inside? Did Putin's guards really do all they could to resuscitate him? Sadly, his death is all too unsurprising.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I know. Navalny, you remember him?

STU: I do.

GLENN: He was probably the most prominent opposition leader of Putin in Russia. And the Russian courts found him guilty of all kinds of things.

There were a lot of charges against Navalny. And they finally got that guy, and put him away. Can you imagine?

STU: Super legitimate legal process that led to that.

GLENN: Imagine what it's like to live in Russia. Aren't you glad you live here?

So we told you a couple weeks ago, he was taken from, I think it was in Moscow. And he was taken in the middle of the night.

Some place. His attorney didn't know where he was, for like two weeks.

Finally, they say, we took him to the Polar Wolf Arctic Penal Colony.

Now, this is a place, it's in the Arctic Circle.

And there is no escape, because you go outside, and you die.

So I didn't think, this was good. For him. You know, I don't think anybody thought, oh, well, he's going to kick back. I think there were some people that thought, he didn't even make it there. You know, somehow or another. Oh, just, he caught a cold. It was breezy in his head. They found a hole in his head.

But he was out walking -- ready?

He was out walking last Friday, in the Polar Wolf Arctic Penal Colony. Apparently, he liked to go outside and walk.

Now, does that sound like something in the wintertime, Stu, that you would recommend?

STU: You know, no. I would not.

And it's -- I'm not a fan of exercise generally. But I think this is the type of exercise you should avoid, for sure.

GLENN: Yeah. It's, again, in the Arctic Circle.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: So he apparently just loved to walk outside, and they let him.

And they said, that, you know, 47 years old.

He's the guy who went after the corruption, and opulence of the crooks and thieves of Russia's elites.

And Putin.

And they said, he just went outside.

Went outside for a walk.

And then he came back in. And he felt unwell.

And then, you know, they brought him back to the cell. And he fell unconscious almost immediately.

And the prison said, quote, all unnecessary, resuscitation measures were carried out. Which did not yield positive results.

STU: You're kidding me.

GLENN: No. And I am sure they strapped electric wires to him. And beat his chest. That's not the way we would put it here.

I'm sorry. But so Putin was told about the death.

And he said, hmm.

STU: All broken up.

GLENN: All broken up.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: I think he might have been a little sad.

He didn't get to throw this guy from a window.

STU: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

You know, it's a huge shocker. That this happened.

I was really surprised.

The most surprising death of all time.

GLENN: Yeah. And I don't think anything else could be said. Except this.

When I first was told the story, I heard them say, yeah. He was on a walk. At the Polar Wolf. And I didn't know that was the name of the prison. And I just -- I misheard them. I thought he said, he was on a walk on the polar roof, arctic penal colony.

STU: And just kept walking? Forgot to take a left-hand turn?

GLENN: Yeah, I thought, that's really not -- in any way, shape, or form, you're in Russia. Don't walk on the roof.

They have a problem. I don't know if they're all slippery or what. But a lot of people fall from the roof.

STU: Imagine the balls of this guy.

In the middle of all this going on.

He has no fear at all, for any repercussions.

As to his actions of just killing people. That oppose him.

Has no -- all of the -- the microscopes that are on every one of his actions right now. Does not care at all.

I mean, it's incredible.

GLENN: Yeah, a little bit. A little bit.

Did Fani Willis Admit TOO MUCH In Her Misconduct Testimony?

Did Fani Willis Admit TOO MUCH In Her Misconduct Testimony?

District Attorney Fani Willis testified in defense of herself on Thursday in a misconduct hearing … and it probably wasn’t a good decision. Willis took the stand to push back against an attempt to disqualify her from heading Georgia’s election interference case against former president Donald Trump. But she may have revealed TOO MUCH about her alleged affair and her practice of keeping large sums of cash at home. Glenn and Stu review the “incredible” testimony.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So I don't know the last time I enjoyed a court case, as much as the one -- as much as the Fani Willis court case yesterday.

Fani Willis, in case you don't know, she's the woman that is going after Donald Trump.

In Atlanta. And she's fantastic. Just love this.

So apparently, she was having an affair, with one of her underlings. And I don't know if he was under let's just leave it at that. Having an affair. And paying all kinds of money. In fact, a lot more than anybody else on her staff. In that -- in that role.

But he was such an expert.

And they found out that, you know, those two were having an affair. And he was cheating on his wife.

And -- and it looks like, there's some ethics problems there.

So now she's in court, because her credibility is shot. And the Trump people have said, she really needs to be removed from this case. Because she's got, you know, ulterior motives. And there's another agenda going on, et cetera, et cetera.

So do you see it yesterday, Stu.

STU: Oh, yes.

Oh. I sure did, Glenn. I watched every second of it, I could ingest. It was incredible.

GLENN: Yeah. It was -- it was -- it was good.

The first thing that I saw, was he gets up on the stand. And he's testifying, that, well, he must lie to the court, during his divorce proceedings.

You know, he just got divorced, when was it?

Last year. No. This year, right?

STU: It was very recent, yeah.

GLENN: Very recent. Maybe it was early. Or late last year.

But he got -- he got a divorce. And all this came up in the divorce court.

That he was having an affair with Fani Willis.

Well, he denied that this court.

And when asked about it, he said, well, it's because his marriage had -- what is it?

STU: Irreconcilable differences?

GLENN: Yeah. And he couldn't -- so his marriage was over. So he considered his marriage over, when he was having an affair.

STU: See, I consider my marriage over, on Friday nights, and Saturday nights.

And then it repicks back up on Sunday.

GLENN: I like that.

STU: Is that a new thing?

You can name when your marriage is over. And it's not cheating.

GLENN: No. Our marriage was over at that point.

STU: I remember Bill Clinton being -- hey, yeah. When she's under the desk, the marriage is over.

And then we flip the switch back on for public appearances.

GLENN: I've never heard that excuse before.

STU: I like that. I like that.

GLENN: Okay. So he did that.

And then apparently, he was reimbursed for all the vacancies and everything else. Play cut three, please.

VOICE: You said in the affidavit that you roughly shared travel, though. Correct?

VOICE: Yes, ma'am.

VOICE: Okay. So this roughly shared travel, you're saying she reimbursed you.

VOICE: She did.

VOICE: And where did you deposit the money she reimbursed you?

VOICE: It was cash. She didn't -- she didn't give me checks.

STU: I think this is so obvious.

VOICE: She gave you cash for her share of all --

VOICE: Mr. Schaffer, you'll step out, if you do that again.

STU: Someone laughed.

VOICE: And so all of the vacations that she took, she paid you cash for?

VOICE: Yes, ma'am.

VOICE: And you purchased all these vacancies on your business credit card, correct?

VOICE: Yes, ma'am.

VOICE: And you included those deductions on your taxes, correct?

VOICE: No, ma'am.

STU: There's so much here. We're deep in it at this point. But just to think about what they're saying here.

Because if you back up a little bit, the reason why this is an issue. And why this was brought up by one of the codefendants, as well as Donald Trump and Giuliani and all the other guys. A smaller reason that nobody ever talked about.

The reason it was brought up. If they're having an affair, he's making hundreds of thousands of dollars from this trial. Fani.

Fani Willis is motivated to continue this trial for as long as possible, because her boyfriend is getting all this cash. So instead of having a pursuit of justice.

You have a pursuit of your own financial benefit. Because the longer this goes on. The more assignments this guy gets, the more money he gets.

And then they go on vacations together, which he's paying for. This is the accusation.

If that's the case, maybe the motivation here is to not get us to justice here for the people of Georgia.

But maybe to make sure she gets to Belize and Aruba and Miami, and all the other vacations they discussed during this.

So that's the reason why this is important, partially.

The other part is that they said, the relationship didn't start to 2022. And if it started before that, they lied to the court.

That's a whole other problem.

GLENN: There's plenty of problems here.

There's plenty of problems.

STU: Their excuse for this.

That we're supposed to believe.

They actually are telling us, we should believe this excuse.

Is that Wade buys expensive vacations to Aruba and a bunch of different places. He puts it on his business credit card. And then they go on the vacancies. They spend all this money. Napa Valley.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on these vacations. And then she shows up, and just hands him $4,000 in cash, which in turn, he never deposits into his bank account.

We are supposed to believe that there's no record of any of this happening. Because, of course, it's all happening. There's no cash. There's no Venmo. No cash app. No checks. Nothing.

It's all cash. They happen he takes the cash. And never deposits any of it into his bank account.

GLENN: He said, he may have given some of it to his children.

STU: Of course. Yeah.

GLENN: May have done that.

STU: Now, of course, it's important to understand how human beings act. And this series of events, has never occurred between two human beings in American history.

There's never been a case ever in history, where a man bought something on his business card for $8,000, and then when he showed up for the vacation, his girlfriend paid him back $4,000 in cash, which he never deposited. This has never occurred in the history of human interaction.

GLENN: Well, are you done can?

STU: No! I can keep going for hours on this. It's fascinating.

GLENN: I mean, you have no idea.

You have no idea what it means to be a black woman.

STU: Apparently not. Apparently not.

GLENN: You have no idea what it means to be a black woman.

STU: This was her excuse, by the way, Glenn. What you're saying here, is not a joke.

This is really what she said.

GLENN: No. This is not a joke, Stu.

I've got it from the Washington Post. She explained, the two split the cost. With Willis paying him back in cash, thousands of dollars in cash.

At the time, many businesses only accepted electronic payments, and many people never carried cash.

Why Willis was handing over wads of untraceable dollars.

He began many sentences with, well, here's the thing. And by the time, he reached to the end of the sentence, there was no thing there.

Now, remember, this is the Washington Post.

But then, then Wade sat in the witness chair, his gray plaid three-piece suit, with his white French cuff shirt. Gold cufflinks. And powder blue pocket square.

He grimaced and smiled, and repeatedly referenced his wife's affair as his cause for filing for divorce in 2021, even though no one had asked him why he split with his wife.

But rather, when he started his relationship with Willis. But the two have said the romance began, after he became a special prosecutor. Afterwards.

He had a hard time with the time line of his relationship. He drank lots of water. Dabbed his face. And sniffed even more vigorously.

Then they talk about how they started, you know, giving all of the -- giving all of the money.

Willis lectured the gathered attorneys. On the philosophy of behind keeping cash on hand.

Her father taught her that cash was king.

And a woman should always be financially self-reliant.

And so, yes, she had stashes of cash, that she had accumulated over time.

And she used it to reimburse wade.

She dipped into it, before a trip, so she could pay taxi drivers, or barter with vendors.

Her description of her father's advice was a compressed version of a very complicated history and modern day habit.

She didn't go into the discomfort that some black people have with financial institutions. Or the way in which banks have made it more difficult for black people to do business with them.

She didn't mention more older people believe in keeping ready cash, that a significant percentage of black and Hispanic Americans use cash for their predominant payment method. She didn't have to.

She simply talked about what her father had told her to do, as a matter of independence and power. I don't need any man to foot my bills, Willis said.


STU: You got. By the way, she kept bringing up the dad.

Like, my dad would be disappointed that I only had $40,000 at my house. Just okay. By the way, the dad, a former Black Panther. In case you were interested, why he was so motivated to have cash.

He was a former Black Panther. A little note, as the -- the possible --

GLENN: Listen to the way you're framing this.

STU: Yeah. I am framing it, as someone with a very extreme group. The history of that.

GLENN: Well, let me play the counter point here.

And point out what the New York Times said.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Willis sat in the witness chair for hours.

Or more precisely, she reclined in the chair.

Woman explaining how men defined relationships. And how they would end them.

She did so, while wearing a fuchsia dress. And a single strand of beads around her neck. Her hair was styled in the soft shoulder length curls, and her eye makeup was precise and intentional.

Shush. This is journalism. She was a singular, bright shot, surrounded by a black-robed judge. And lawyers, mostly in somber suits.

Only Willis and her main inquisitor merchant, who wore a cobalt blue dress under a white blazer, stood out in the room of sobriety.

Willis walked into court, as a woman on the ropes. Some would say, the hearing was a mess of her own making. Others, might believe the whole mess is a extraction for more important matters.

But either way, Willis fought back with gob-smacking fury.

Defiant in power pink. And --

STU: Incredible. By the way, I think that's the same story that ends this way.

The hearing resumes on Friday. Ms. Willis is expected to take the stand for more grilling.

The defense lawyers will likely crowd again on to one side of the packed courtroom. They are, in aggregate, a sea of boxy wool suits and white male faces.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: What the hell kind of coverage?

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: An aggregate sea of white faces.

What the hell is this?

It's like, they just hired Ibram Kendi to cover the trial. What is going on?

It's embarrassing.

GLENN: Well, here's one thing: We will get back to the actual testimony, because it's funny.

Let me just give you something that I found useful to understand what happened yesterday.

Megyn Kelly said yesterday on X. Watching the Fani Willis, Nathan Wade hearing, they are toast. Capitalized "toast."

One, her former close friend testified that the romantic relationship began well prior to when Fani hired her.

By years, which means they lied to the court.

Two, Wade claimed Fani reimbursed him for all the expensive trips, but no record of that. Because it was all in cash. O-M-G.

He definitely got caught lying on his earlier court submissions in divorce court.

And attempted to say the reason he falsely swore he had no receipts.

Was because he had only credit card statements.

Well, I mean, hello, she writes. I have secondhand embarrassment.

Credit card statement. That is a receipt, you dope.

He testified, he had no records of it.

And then yesterday, it was. You don't have credit card statements?

Well, yeah. I have that.

But that's not a receipt.

Or I'm sorry. I didn't know we were talking to a third grader.

STU: Of course. Obviously, I guarantee he submitted credit card statements for purchases. Expense reports at his office.

I guarantee he's done that. As every other person who has ever given an expense report has done.

It's just so bad.

And, Glenn, like you mentioned. The friend who said, this started in 2019.

Which would be basically the whole thing is blown up. If they lied about the starting part of this affair.

That was the second witness who came in, and called by -- by the defense.

To -- to testify to this fact.

The first one that came in, was one of his attorneys.

And he got out of it, with attorney-client privilege.

So they had a second person, who was going to say it. But was able to get out of it on a technicality. They obviously wouldn't call him, if with he was going to say it.

They now have multiple witnesses. Only one on the record. Saying it would happen in 2019.

So it is like, this is a catastrophe for them.

And everything that you're getting from the coverage is, number one, she's a strong black woman. And number two, she was wearing fuchsia.

GLENN: Yes. But it was beautiful. It was just beautiful. And she stood out in the room, as a bright, bright light.