Kiss of death: Did Glenn's endorsement claim yet another victim?

It's a running joke whenever Glenn endorses a candidate, it kills their chances. So when Glenn suggested the Democrats run the oldest white man in Congress, did he not only kill his chances in 2020 but his actual life as well?


Nancy Pelosi & her son’s HUSHED deals in Taiwan EXPOSED

So why DID Speaker Pelosi visit Taiwan, despite not only China’s threats, but Democrat leadership — and even President Biden himself — making it clear they did not approve of her trip as well? Maybe Nancy felt really passionately about declaring her support for the Asian nation, BUT there’s likely more to the story. In fact, perhaps Nancy Pelosi's AND her son’s connections to Taiwanese companies have something to do with it all. In this clip, Glenn exposes those business deals and shows how it directly relates to their trip…


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GLENN: Okay. We have so many problems going on. But let me give you one: Nancy Pelosi was asked yesterday, hey. We noticed in a picture, your son seemed to be on-air two, or whatever you call it, when the Speaker of the House is taking it. Flying to Taiwan. Your son doesn't really have a job.

Was your son on the plane, Nancy? Because he wasn't on the man fest with -- that you released. Was he on the plane? Here's what she said.

VOICE: There are some reports that your son was on the --

VOICE: Yes, he was. Yes, he was. His role was to be my escort. Usually, we -- we invited spouses. Not all could come. But I had him come, and I was very proud that he was there. And I was thrilled. It was nice for me. And of course he didn't do any business there.

GLENN: Oh, that's good. It was nice for her. Of course he didn't do any business there. Yes, he did. Yes, he did.

STU: No. He didn't. She just said. She just said.

GLENN: All right. All right.

STU: Of course not.

GLENN: Okay. You know, I just think we should look at Nancy Pelosi. And I just want to say, she's amazing. When she was elected in the late 1700s, her net worth was $3 million. When she came to Congress, her net worth was $3 million. Now, I don't know what happened. But they got very good at investing. By 2008, their wealth went from $3 million to $31 million. Now, that's not bad as a public servant, you know. By the end of -- now, that's 2008. By the end of Obama's term, 2012 -- no. Sixteen. Her wealth, eight years of Democrats ruling the government, her wealth went from $31 million to $61 million.

Now, I don't know about you. But, boy, that economy seems to be roaring for them, huh?

They are really good. Now, that was in 2016. $61 million. Two years later -- two years later, her wealth went from 61 million to $114 million. What investors they are!

I'll tell you more about it, in a second.
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GLENN: All right. So wait a minute. So Nancy Pelosi comes into office, she has $3 million.

Then by the time Obama gets into office, that's ballooned to $31 million. By the day he leaves office, that's ballooned to $61 million. Are you getting the trend here? I mean, just in eight years of --

STU: She's good at this, is what you're saying.

GLENN: She's very good at this.

STU: She knows the markets.

GLENN: Right. And then two years later, her 61 turns into 114 million.

STU: It's incredible. She's great. She's a great businessperson.

GLENN: She should leave office. Can you imagine. I mean, I don't invest in a hedge fund that was doubling their money every two years?

STU: Here's the problem, she's just too interested in public service.

GLENN: Oh, gee. She's got such a heart.

STU: She's obviously got so good at investing, that if she would just leave her post, as Speaker of the House, she could make trillions of dollars.

GLENN: Yeah. Wow.

STU: But she's -- she's sacrificing and staying in there, despite the fact that she was able to double her money every couple of years. It's incredible.

GLENN: Now, she did it again with that $5 million in computer chips, before Congress voted on their semiconductor bill.

I don't even know why I put that last part of the sentence in, because it's completely unrelated. Because she's so good at picking stocks.

STU: She was able to predict this legislation, that affected this industry, in a major way. That's -- I mean, if you were an investor, that would be an incredible skill.

GLENN: Now, here is Nancy Pelosi. Because you say to yourself. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why did Nancy Pelosi go against the Pentagon, go against the president?

What is the driving, behind Nancy Pelosi's just great desire to go to Taiwan? Well, she said. Here it is, listen.

NANCY: When I was a little girl, I was told at the beach, if I dug a hole deep enough, we could reach China. So we've always felt a connection there.

STU: What!

GLENN: You don't --

STU: What the -- what is she?

GLENN: What is your connection to Taiwan? Why do you find it so -- why do you have such a deep connection, that you had to go to Taiwan?

STU: Because she was at the beach as a kid.

GLENN: As a little girl. And she was told, if I could dig my way -- if I dig long enough, I will go to China. And I've always had that connection. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

STU: Oh, my --

GLENN: Now, if you question that, you're such a cynic. Such a cynic. It has -- what are you going to say? It had something to do with the stock trading at the companies that make computer chips. You know, because Taiwan is the largest source for computer chips.

Nancy, sure, she was working on the semiconductor bill, when they bought all of that.

And it has nothing to do with the largest semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC being in Taiwan.

I mean, she went there, to show support. American support, for the country and the people of Taiwan. She didn't take her time out to meet with TSMC officials. She wouldn't be anywhere near Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers. Right?

Oh, gosh. Oh, just up on the screen. It just came up. Wow, what a horrible. That's bad timing. Washington Post. Pelosi to meet with Taiwan's biggest semiconductor manufacturer. TSMC. Well, I mean, stop being such a cynic, okay? So she had a sitdown. You know, one on one.

Mano a mano. You know, maybe with her son. I don't know. You know, they met with the TSMC boss.

But she doesn't own any TSMC stock. She doesn't. So she's not -- well, okay.

She does have, quote, a significant stake in the asset management firm, which is Alliance Bernstein.

Alliance owns 1.46 million shares of TSMC. But she's only making money if Alliance makes money. Not if TM -- TSMC makes money.

I mean, she doesn't care if they make money or don't make money. She's only got $1.46 million shares in the company, that is the asset management firm.

So, I mean, it's like, I don't have any Tesla stock. I only make money, when Elon Musk makes money. What?

Why would I -- I don't have a single share in Tesla, okay?

What is wrong with you? This is what is happening in our government. And Mitch McConnell is not free of connections in China.

These are the people, that are in charge. This is why they don't retire. This is why they don't go away. This is why, their families, their sons, go on trips with them. No. He was just being there as an escort for mommy. That's it. We cuddled. We colored on the plane. You know, and I'm sorry. We didn't colored. We -- we -- we -- is that word okay to say?

STU: I think they read SkyMall magazine quite a bit. There was a lot of orders from SkyMall. They have those pillows that cover your whole face.

GLENN: Wait a minute. The pillow that covers your face. Oh, is that the one that he was holding down over mom's face?

STU: That's a different pillow.

GLENN: Okay. So, anyway, he went, and he met with people. He went separately, on his own business deals. What is his business? Who is he meeting with?

That's exactly like Hunter without the cocaine, the crack, or the hookers. And I can't say that he didn't have cocaine, crack, or hookers. I just know that he met with businesspeople. This is what they do.

And no one is even willing. That will be the last question. That will be the last question to Nancy Pelosi on this. Oh, she said no. He wasn't doing anything.


OF COURSE! THIS MUST be why Trump (allegedly) had NUCLEAR documents at Mar-a-Lago

According to the Washington Post, the FBI was looking for documents including some related to nuclear weapons during its raid of Mar-a-Lago. But if that's the case, Glenn wonders, then why did the DOJ wait 18 months to do anything? And which part of Melania's closet did Trump kept them in? Since the DOJ still hasn't told us much (except through media leaks), Glenn presents a "theory" of his own...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Stu. Stu, Stu, Stu, Stu. Now that you know what they were looking for. And not actually verified. You know, Garland came out yesterday and said he was going to release the information today. But he wanted to leave it up to Donald Trump. And everybody, of course, speculated, no way Donald Trump is going to say, release that. And he said, go ahead. Release it. In fact, I urge you to release it right now. All of it. That was just part of his dastardly plan. The DOJ released it. Well, they didn't really release it. Kind of laundered it, by leaking it to the Washington Post.

STU: Hmm. Yeah. We heard over and over again, that they never comment on these investigations. Yet, every piece we know about this investigation, other than the one press conference was leaked to the media, which is shocking. I am very upset about this.

GLENN: Uh-huh, yeah.

STU: I think -- you know, you say, maybe that's changed my mind. No, that's not changed my mind. I'm very angry about this. I'm angry that the government did not go in earlier, with this dangerous plan by Donald Trump to -- I don't know what.

GLENN: He had nuclear secrets. He had nuclear secrets. They're just going to wait 18 months for nuclear secrets.

STU: How many nuclear weapons has this guy built on the property of Mar-A-Lago? How many has he given to North Korea? He said himself, he's good buddies with Kim Jong-un.

GLENN: Good buddies.

STU: How many times has he FedExed this guy in a suitcase nuke?

GLENN: Well, he's holding out for the highest bidder. That's what he's doing. And as several experts pointed out. That is something we gave the chair to the Isenbergs back in the -- Isenbergs. Rosenbergs. You know, one of the bergs.

STU: All of the bergs. And it's interesting because they did it immediately to that. And any time anyone else says the word "treason," you get an letter from every left-wing source. They say how terrible you are.

GLENN: Yeah. Because that is -- that's defined in the Constitution. It requires death penalty.

STU: And that's why I think it's important to, you know, be careful when you're talking about these things.

GLENN: Sure. Sure.

STU: And yet, every media source on the left, seems to go to Rosenberg, immediately. What happened to that?

GLENN: Well, it's not good enough to put the guy in jail, and smear him. I think electric chair is the way to go.

STU: That's what they're suggesting, which is a fascinating turn of events.

GLENN: Can I tell you something, Stu? I've always known it.

STU: You've known it.

GLENN: Let me tell you the real story here. I have several sources here. Several sources. So let me just tell you. Because the story always starts as it always does, except in Joe Biden's case. It's very important to know, in Joe Biden's case, this doesn't apply. But the story always starts as all stories start. Father and son. Father and son. Father just trying to help out his son, who might be going on the wayward paths. And finds himself in trouble. And the father just says, I want to -- I want to help him out. You know, while the right has been saying, hey, Hunter Biden. You know, his dad is being held hostage, you know, by China and everywhere else because of his son's, you know, hooker and crack problem. That is not even true. That's not even true. That's why NPR said, you know, we -- we're not going to -- we're not even going to run this story. Because it's not even important, even if it was true. And that's why, you know, Brian Stelter for so long said, it's just a hoax. It's a hoax. It's a hoax. And then as soon as management changed, and he realized, oh, crap. I might be first on the chopping block. He immediately came and said, you know what, it's not a hoax anymore. Anyway. It's a story of a father and son drunk on power. Doing everything they can, just to get rich on the backs of the taxpayer, you know. The office of the presidency was nothing more than a banking machine. An ATM machine for them. Well, if it weren't for the press. Thank God for the press.

Can we thank God for the press right now? Or whatever Lord you might serve, you know.

Or they might serve.

Thank him for them. Because the press, the CDC, FBI, DOJ, NSA, LGBT, not the Q, but the I. And the two. But sans the plus. If it wasn't for them.

STU: What about the A?

GLENN: No. I'm still out. I don't have a source on the A.

STU: Oh, wow. Well, see, that's good you're admitting your limitations.

GLENN: Well, we could all be dead by now. We could all be dead by now.

In what insiders tell me, and I mean insiders close to the situation. Advisers and former friends of Trump, and close friends and former coworkers with Melania, who were also retired whistle-blowers. And because they were retired whistle-blowers, even though they don't have any firsthand evidence, they are experts in the field of blowing whistles.

And so we ask them for -- for some comment. And they gave us comment. They wished to remain anonymous for their own safety.

But they did tell me, that they will come forward later, at a later date, once they have the book deals secured. But they have said that we would all be dead by now, probably from something that would have been known, if they hadn't caught it, asthmas suicide, as this former president, and his dastardly plan just to help the Russians and himself and his son. Were encouraging Americans to inject bleach into their arms. And a lot of Americans were under the spell of this -- well, what experts from the Department of Education now believe is nothing more than a greedy 1 percenter. Very, very rich. But not really rich. It's probably all a fraud. But is a genius indict manipulator of people. Who has had a master plan going for a very, very long time. Which is building led, now, according to experts. By him, the Klan, Hitler's long lost Long Island relations.

The spray tan industry. And known Christian white nationalists Clarence and Ginni Thomas. And thank goodness we found out about it yesterday. You know what I mean?

We just needed that one last piece, which, of course, begins with his wife. I should say, air quote. Wife. Melania. Who, as we all know, most likely an illegal immigrant. Which is the first and only time we're supposed to care about that. But she's not actually his wife. That's a beard. She's his handler. You know, she's from the former Soviet Union. And that -- that goes with a long, long, well-documented love that Donald Trump has had for the former Soviet Union. And --

STU: The entire right, really. I mean, it's never been the left that's loved the Soviet Union. It's the right that loves the Soviet Union.

GLENN: No. It's the right. It's the right. You know, fascists. Communists. We just love it.

Anyway, you know, everybody thinks, oh, he loves his wife. Have you seen the pictures? Have you seen the pictures? Really, of Donald Trump. Of who he really loves? Remember that one picture of him with -- with his daughter in the limousine, like 25 years ago, when she was little, sitting right up next to him.

STU: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Did you need any more than that?

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Apparently, he's actually married to his daughter, who were wed in some backwoods white southern chicken and pineapple pizza parlor wedding. Now, this is according to the Clinton State Department experts there.

They now tell us, that these underground rituals, which happen all the time, with home green white domestic terrorists, after they attend their local PTA and teacher meetings. They groom. And, yes, I can say it today. I can use the word groom. In this case, Twitter says, it's totally fine. Use it. Use it as much as you want.

STU: Really?

GLENN: But apparently, these white domestic terrorists cover children with pizza sauces before each ceremony. And that might sound weird to you. But you will understand. It will all come snapping back to you. In just a minute.

STU: Thank God you're here to tell the truth.

GLENN: Well, it's not me. Thank God for the FBI and the USDA. I mean, if I hadn't known I was getting 100 percent grade A beef. I don't know if I would be able to tell you this story today.

STU: No. You wouldn't.

GLENN: So, anyway, they cover these children in pizza sauces, before the sick, twisted marriage ceremony. Which is just nothing, but underage brides, and arranged marriages. Which, by the way, sources at CAIR, say is absolutely okay. Except in this case. Anyway, Media Matters, as well as Chris Cuomo told me earlier today. That this actually -- this ritual began years ago, before the use of electricity.

And as these arranged marriages with underground, you know. And underage white children happen in the basement of these pizza parallel yores. And back in the day, it was too dark for the groom to even recognize his child bride. They had to have a way to do that. So they would poor pizza sauce all over him. So they would recognize the bride by the aroma, and sometimes intoxicating scents of Canadian bacon and fresh pineapple. Now, Christopher Ray can now confirm today, something that we all knew.

But people on the right were like, Joe Biden, what is he doing? He's a child predator. Yeah. Joe Biden, according to Christopher Ray today, is actually a very high-trained expert in the field of these white nationalists. And has been working hard unbeknownst to anybody. He didn't even want credit for this. He's been working hard to arrest children from these arranged marriages, by sniffing the heads of the children and whispering into their ears, I smell you. And I am your Pizzagate to freedom. And, well, anyway, I digress. Can we get back to the president's son, and who has been racking up bills. Betting on the ponies. Oh, yeah. Just betting on the ponies. And he has fallen into arrears if you will, with some of the most notorious Russian bookers you can imagine. Yes. He has a booker and track problem. And I want you to know that right up front. You might not want to believe it. But he does. So this all kind of comes together, with Trump's long held love of Russia. And -- and his desire to build the Trump onion dome hotel, right there in Red Square in Moscow. He just needed a price. What is it going to take? What is it going to take? I just want to take Red Square, and I want to turn it into a giant hotel. What is it going to take?

And he's had meetings to accomplish this. You know, unbeknownst to most people, except for the press. And apparently, his plans include him eventually laying in state, in Lenin's tomb, which would become the new lobby for the Trump Hotel. Which is, I mean, that sounds --

STU: Really?

GLENN: Oh, no. It's supposedly luxurious. And the best two dead people in a lobby hotel ever. Ever built.

STU: There's at least two or three of these details you've read so far, that I've not seen in the Washington Post.

GLENN: Well, they'll be leaked later on today. But his good friend and real boss Vladimir Putin. Told Trump the price. Apparently, according to Pentagon officials who negotiated our exit in Afghanistan, they can now confirm, he didn't even negotiate with the dictator. He was like, I'm in. And he went right to work, under the code name. Now, this is going to sound shocking. But it's true. He uses the code name Boris. That he took from the old rocky and Bullwinkle show. Because all of the Tom Clancy code names for Russian spies were taken by somebody else. And I don't know who. But, anyway, he began his effort to build a nuclear bomb for the Russians. And they only lacked a schematic and some gifts and some other items which could later be kept a box in Mar-a-Lago, or Melania's unmentionable drawer next to her Hanes underpant collection.

STU: Melania wears Hanes?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: Well, according to experts close to the source. There's more, but I don't think we need to get into it.

STU: Well, you have blown the lid off of this thing.

GLENN: And couldn't have done it without the DOJ.

STU: I will say, that telling of the story is much more reserved, and probably closer to the truth than most of the things I've read over the past 24 hours.

GLENN: It's crazy what they want us to believe.


SHOCK: ATF inspector THREATENS gun buyers, calls them 'NUTS'

David Nagel originally recorded video of an ATF inspector taking pictures of his company’s documents to show others what struggles his business was facing. But what Nagel — the owner of Black Metal Firearms LCC — caught on camera has now gone viral. He details to Glenn the threats made by that ATF inspector against his regular customers, the insults she hurled towards all gun owners, and the uphill battle he now faces to restore licensing...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: We have -- we have a guy who I think is very, very brave. He is the owner of Black Metal Firearms, LLC.

His name is David Nagel. Welcome, David, how are you?

DAVID: I'm excited to be on.

GLENN: You -- I bet before you posted that video, you -- it probably was very difficult. And you probably had a little prayer. Or a lot of thought on it, on whether or not that was the best thing to do. Am I right?

DAVID: Well, to be honest, the video sat in my phone since January. And for the longest time, it was just kind of a game of keep your head down. And hope that they leave you alone.

But as we started hearing more and more news coming down through the industry, it became pretty well apparent, that keeping our head down. Was not going to help us. Because unfortunately, everyone prior to us, also kept their head down. And ended up losing their licenses anyway.

So at a certain point, honestly, it was because we had an irate customer that was upset about kind of rulings that the ATF is putting out, regarding some of the stuff that we sell.

And, you know, he was showing a rather irate level of concern for the legal troubles that he could face. And after listening to him blow up at myself and my wife, over something we have no control over. I kind of felt it was necessary to let everyone know. Like, this is what we're actually dealing with on our end.

And -- it was a kind of spur of the moment. Like, you know what, here's what's really going on.

And we posted the video. I didn't expect it would get nearly as much traction, as it did. I was hoping it would get something. But as you've known to this point, yeah. We did reach out to a lot of different entities prior to this, up to and including the state attorney general.

GLENN: Who is your state attorney general? What state are you in?

DAVID: Arizona.

GLENN: And your state attorney general didn't help you?

DAVID: So it was kind of a -- it was kind of a -- an indirect meeting, where we voiced our concerns to another FFL that was meeting with him.

And the -- the impression that we got was, sorry, it's a federal thing. We can't help you.

GLENN: That's bullcrap.

DAVID: Now, to be direct, what was discussed at that point, was more about saving our license, rather than the content of the video.

So the content of the video, was something that we had sat on for a while. Because honestly, it's really difficult to say, yes. This is not okay. When you have a federal agent sitting in front of you, and we did, in fact, confront her about it, when she was, in fact, taking pictures of our records. And we asked her, hey, it looks like you're creating a registry. And they said, hey, that would be illegal. So we did what we thought was the best thing we could do, which was record it.

We had quite a bit of recording. A lot of it, we were not able to share, because there was personal information visible in it. You know, contact numbers. Things of that sort.

So we didn't want to put people on blast like that.

GLENN: So when you said, because if I'm not mistaken, look, a lot of people will have a problem like this. Because it looks like you're doing a registry. And you're taking all this information. And didn't she say something about your customers?

DAVID: She said quite a few things about our customers. But to get to what you're referring to. We said, hey, you know, our customers think this is a little off.

And she said, well, it sounds like your customers are just being paranoid. Maybe I should look into them a little bit more.

Which I thought was really creepy.

GLENN: That's a threat. That's a threat.

DAVID: It is. And I have -- I have a customer, who is of Iranian birth, he's been living in the United States for decades. And his name came up. Because he's purchased firearms from us for several times. You know, she was on his list of interesting people.

You know, and at one point, you know -- when she was discussing with us, about our interesting people. And she said, you have a few gun nuts in there. And I politely corrected her. I prefer gun enthusiast. And she said, no, they're nuts.

GLENN: Jeez.

DAVID: And I felt like that was a kind of backhanded way of describing the average American. Because if we're all nuts, then what are -- what are you governing us for?

GLENN: Right. And what rights do we have in your mind, to be able to have these guns, if -- if I'm a gun collector, which I am, if I'm a gun collector, and I have more guns than somebody in New York City. Does that make me nuts to them?

I think so. But I'm a collector of them. And others who might collect something else. Or might be interested in something else, they might have, you know -- you know, 1,000 Pez dispensers. I might think that's nuts. But that's their passion. And that's what we live with in America. People with different passions.

DAVID: And we're certainly passionate about what we do. A lot of our customers are. I would say, we have some customers that are rather enthusiastic about supporting us.

And we're very happy to see the amount of support that we've gotten. I mean, it has definitely come with its drawbacks. Because a lot of people think it's something that we did wrong. That we are not trustworthy as a business. That we allowed this to occur. But if you were to swap into any of the FFL forums, where this has been discussed. It's extremely prevalent. To the point where, almost every dealer that I've spoken to, in the forums, thinks that I'm out of line for even suggesting that this is wrong. Because it happens everywhere. And I think that --

GLENN: No. But newly happens? Or is this something that's been going on for 20 years?

DAVID: Well, I've only been in business for about eight. And to that end, I've need seen anything like this. We've been audited three prayer times for that.

GLENN: Sure.

Audit is different -- audit is different. If I'm not mistaken. The ATF has a right to come in, and should audit you, if there's any discrepancies. You work on those discrepancies. But they don't have a right to your customer list. Unless it's part of the discrepancy. Correct?

DAVID: That is my understanding, yes.

GLENN: Go ahead.

DAVID: Well, according to their handbook, yeah. They're not supposed to make copies of records, and something of the sort, unless it's particularly pertinent to their investigation. Which that would usually be a particular person, or a clerical error in question.

But, I mean, based on our quotes, out of our audit, I didn't have 4,000 entry errors, to cover all the pages that she covered. So I'm curious what exactly her rationale was for copying everything.

And it clearly wasn't part of my audit.

GLENN: Okay. Do you have an attorney?

DAVID: I actually have one for our -- trying to help us retain our license.

I have another one, that we're starting to work with, more with the side of helping our customers, because of the breach of privacy.

GLENN: You started a GoFundMe. It's just GoFundMe. Help Black Metal Firearms. And you can do your own homework. You can follow them and see the Facebook page, where they posted this.

This woman clearly is not a fan of firearms, or people that carry or want to use firearms.

And you have her on tape, taking photos of all of the records. Which is illegal.

I -- I am going to reach out to your -- to your attorney general. Who is your attorney general? I don't know them.

VIVEK: The attorney general is Mark Bunovich.

GLENN: And Republican or Democrat?

DAVID: He is a Republican. He actually is just running for Senate. He didn't make the primary. But he's -- so I -- I don't know what his rationale was for everything that's gone on to this point. Now, again, the scope of what we're trying to do has changed since we indirectly reached out to him. And I have been told by several other people, that are law enforcement in the area, both federal and state. That his jurisdiction on this matter may actually be revised. Because since she was using an i Phone for this particular action, if her data was saved to an i Cloud storage of some sort. That counts as digital transmission of personal information, that does not belong to her. Which is by itself, a state fell any.

So it is something that I think we should probably explore.

But, I mean -- to be kind of honest, I don't know if I have much hope for the outcome on that.

GLENN: Well, we have to have -- we have to start demanding it from our attorneys general. And you did the right thing.

And you keep being loud and calm. And do everything exactly right. But I personally. You know, I'll have our producers look into this a little bit more. And maybe we'll give an update tomorrow and the next day.

But there's got to be a class-action suit. I mean, this is against the law. Yeah. There has to be a class-action.

DAVID: That is the plan. Because we have a lot of customers that were involved in this. We have been handing out pages that basically have the instructions to file a formal complaint against the ATS website, particularly naming this event. So pretty much every customer we've had for the last few years. Technically, going all the way back to the beginning, from 2014. A lot of them are friends of mine from Facebook. Because they were our garage days. And a lot of them were people that have been in and out of our store, for the last several years. So we've been trying to let everyone know. So they do get documented, as complaining -- filing a formal complaint. Make sure they get the complaint number.

So that way, there is some sort of traceable proof. Because, you know, we don't want documents to go missing.

GLENN: All right. Thank you so much. We're going to check back with you, David.

David is the owner of Black Metal Firearms. If you would like to help them, with their fight to keep their license. And also for attorney help. You can do go to GoFundMe. Help Black Metal Firearms. Help Black Metal Firearms.

Thank you, David. We'll be in touch again. Let us know if there's any update in between, will you?

DAVID: Thank you, Glenn, I will.

GLENN: You bet. Thank you.


Biden is TWISTING job statistics to HIDE our recession

President Biden loves to tell Americans about the ‘amazing’ job growth our economy has seen under his administration — like how in June, apparently, nearly 400 thousand new jobs were created. But that’s a blatant manipulation of the truth. In this clip, Glenn explains exactly how the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks employment and how the Biden Administration is ignoring a REALLY important statistic so they can continue to deny our current recession. In fact, many of the ‘created’ jobs actually reflect Americans working more than one job just to make ends meet..,the Biden Administration just hopes you’re too lazy and stupid to discover the truth.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: We've been tracking now, something over the past couple of months. That strikes really at the heart of the ongoing fraud that the Biden/Harris administration is perpetrating to hide the facts of what is really happening with our economy. Especially ahead of the midterms. One of the most often underappreciated powers that any administration has, is that they control the government's bureaucracy. And, yes, while that means they can choose to do things like stop following the Trump era, remain in Mexico policy, you know, when you have a hit job happening, at your -- your future campaign rival's house. It also -- they also have the things, that they can do, that you don't know, that will have a huge dramatic effect on you.

The power -- the power is in their hands, to control this bureaucracy, and it gives the executive branch, the ability to control all that you see, all that you read.

You'll notice, when the government won't talk about something. And won't answer, for instance, on the warrant. The news on it stops. Because there's no information to report. And it stops. For the last few months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has posted the red hot jobs report. That's what you're hearing. Red hot. Showing June. With a better than expected 375 new jobs, added in June. And another 500,000 plus in July. Both massively have beaten the expectations, have been touted by the Biden administration, has proof positive, that we're not in a recession. Even though technically, as we have told you before, we have two quarters in a row of negative gross domestic product. But their thing is, you can't have this kind of job growth. But remember, the data is -- that is being touted comes from the bureaucrats that work for the administration.

In this case, the BLS. So how are they reporting massive job gains, and yet the economy is shrinking? That doesn't make any sense.

And if we have all of these great jobs that are being created, how come I see help wanted signs everywhere?

I can't get things like steel made. I can't get it. Because people aren't going to work. Why?

Well, people -- we've been looking into this. Turns out, there's two primary ways, that the BLS tracks things like unemployment.

New jobs offered to workers, or job cuts. Layoffs. Et cetera.

The first one is called the establishment survey, which is based on payroll data. Submitted electronically, by thousands of companies across the US, showing actual enrollment, for employees on payroll.

The other way, the BLS tracks employment, is called the household survey. Now, the household survey is based on a weekly phone and online survey process, that heads of households fill out in over 60,000 homes, in the US. You're supposed to compare these two to get the full picture.

So for our purposes, the establishment survey, tracks how many employees are actually on payroll, reported by companies. And the household survey is more ground level, reported by actual people that are going, or not going to work.

In the past few months, there's been something that nobody has explained. Nobody could explain. It's mysterious. They don't know how this is happening.

Because there's a divergence between these two reports. And they should be very, very clear. And should be going in the same direction. On the one hand, the establishment survey is the that's showing robust and strong payroll jobs growth.

Meaning in June and July, it showed nearly 400,000 jobs in June, 500,000 new payroll jobs in July. And with their -- he that controls the bureaucracy, controls the data privilege. The Biden administration, of course, is focused on that data point.

However, the household survey, where they actually speak to normal, regular people, has shown the total number of people actually employed, has gone down in both months.

According to the households in the U.S. more than 200,000 people have lost their jobs in June and July. So how could you say on one hand, there's 400,000 more people getting a paycheck, and in the household, 200,000 people have lost their jobs.

How does that work? Well, it turns out, the answer is in the number of workers, who are taking on more than one job. See, they can say that the economy is really, really good, if you just look at one of the numbers. But if you put the two numbers together, you realize, wait a minute. People are working two jobs now.

Let's say you have a household of four people. Two are employed. Two are not. So maybe a husband and a wife are both employed full-time. But the two teenage keys aren't currently employed. Pretty typical U.S. household. Next month, because somebody has to earn extra money to save for the kids' college funds. The wife takes on the establishment survey from the BLS, which shows that a new job say new payroll job. That's the number, the Biden administration has been citing about March. Company payrolls, have more employees on them. So they report. That's a new job.

However, the household survey still shows, there's only two people in the House employed.

The number of Americans who are now working more than one job, just hit a post-pandemic high. With more than 7.6 million Americans, currently working two or more jobs. That are at least 15 hours a week. Also, according to the household survey, the number of Americans who are working two full-time jobs, at least 30 hours per job, per week, has spiked to an all-time high. With 4.4 million Americans, currently having to work two full-time jobs.

When Biden took office, the number of Americans working two full-time jobs was 2.3 million people. But fast forward through July of this year, and that number has doubled. Even as recently, as February '22, the number of Americans working two full-time jobs was under 3 million people. But just since March, it has been gone from just under 3 million people, to 4.4 million.

So nearly all of the new payroll jobs, gained since March 22, which the Biden administration has claimed is 1.8 million. Were just 1.4 million Americans taking on a full-time second job, just to make ends meet.

Now, is that a robust economy? Is -- are those jobs that are just good, hard-working, good-paying, excellent, pull you out of poverty jobs?

Well, if there's 1.4 million people, that are taking them. Because it will just help them make ends meet. It doesn't sound like that it's all that good.

Beyond that, where are the missing Americans? Where are the people that had these jobs? Where are the people that are looking for these jobs? Because they're nowhere to be found. I'll tell you where they are. They're no longer counted. Because remember, if you control the bureaucracy, you can count what you want, in any way that you want. They don't count people who say, I'm not looking for a job.

Here's the key to the lesson here: By thinking that they aren't lying to you, but in reality, they're committing fraud. Because they think you won't dig. They think you're too lazy to do the homework, and you won't see that at the household level. Total members of the household who are employed. Have been flat here today. Even though they the claim nearly 2 million new payroll jobs are on the books. But when they are think fulfilled by the same people, just working a second job, just to make ends meet, that is not a sign of health in the economy.

And by only citing half of the data they collect each month. And pretending that the household survey, doesn't even exist. The Biden/Harris administration is hiding the truth. And hoping that you are too stupid, or too lazy to figure it out.

Let me tell you now. The time is coming. Boy, this is true. The time is coming, where you won't have people like me, able to tell you these things. The most important thing, you can do, the first thing you must do is know your rights.

Have you asked anyone this week, have you even thought -- when I heard that there was a warrant issued, for Mar-a-Lago. And then I found out that they didn't show the warrant. She had to stay 10 feet away from the warrant. His attorney. And I thought, is that even legal? I thought that they had to hand it to you. They don't give you all the attachments. But they have to show you. And you have to read the judge's signature, and say, okay. All right. That's a legal document. We'll let you in. They didn't do that. Is that legal? Is that close enough? Or not?

Do you know? Do you know if they come with a warrant, they just tell you they have one. And you say, I want to see it. And they say, well, we don't have it here. And if you make us come back, it's only going to get worse for you.

Do you know how to handle that? Do you know what to do? Because all of these things are going to start happening to you.

All of these things with the IRS, with the ATF. Does the IRS, and ATF, can they come to your house and just say, we want to look into things. We need to see your guns? Do you know how to handle that?

You know, we haven't read the Constitution for a long time. Because we think we didn't need it. We thought we knew, I've got rights. That's not going to be good enough soon. Those rights are almost gone. And you better know them. You better know them.

Otherwise, you can make things worse for yourself. You have to know how to act. And then beyond, after that, you better know how to read the fuse. How to decipher things. And find the truth, yourself.

Because believe me, your kids are not being taught that in school