Foreign operatives TARGET Blaze Media, beg for MORE CENSORSHIP

Foreign operatives TARGET Blaze Media, beg for MORE CENSORSHIP

As global elites meet for the World Economic Forum's 2024 Davos summit to talk about "rebuilding trust," Glenn is utterly shocked that the global mainstream media is falling in line. Instead of war, inflation, or even their favorite - climate change - the globalists have deemed "misinformation and disinformation" as the biggest global threat over the next 2 years. And of course, by that, they mean anything that disagrees with their narratives. Glenn recently stumbled upon one of the most eye-opening looks at what the globalists have in store for us: a piece from The Independent (a British outlet) titled, "Climate misinformation is mutating on YouTube – and the platform is profiting". The piece argues that YouTube should stop monetizing a "new" breed of climate "misinformation" from so-called climate deniers like Jordan Peterson and Glenn Beck. Their source? Another British group, the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Glenn warns that this is just the beginning: 2024 is gearing up to be a year of increased global censorship and their number 1 target is Elon Musk. So, he gives you a list of ways you can prepare. Most importantly, you can subscribe to our growing network of independent voices at Your subscription may become the ONLY way to ensure you continue to receive the truth. Use code “GLENN30” to save $30 off your yearly subscription.


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GLENN: This week, you have the Davos gathering. And in Davos the most important thing, this is above climate change and everything else. Is mis and disinformation.

The -- the president of the European Union just spoke at Davos. Said, our freedom comes with risks. The top concern is disinformation and misinformation. As the boundary between online and offline is getting thinner and thinner.

The top concern for the next two years, is not conflict. It is not climate.

It is disinformation, and misinformation.

The global risk report says addressing misinformation and disinformation take priority even over extreme weather events. War, terrorist attacks. And inflammation -- inflammation -- inflation.

Got it?

Global warming is an existential threat. Terror attacks like what happened in real and war, inflation, which can collapse your dollar.

All of those things are now secondary to miss and disinformation. For the global business community, the top concern over the next two years, it's disinformation and misinformation. The boundary between online and offline is getting thinner and thinner. And it's more important than ever in the era of generative AI. The World Economic Forum's global risk report puts artificial intelligence as one of the top potential risks of the next decade.

But of the next two years, it's you.

They also called for a global regulatory body to oversee, artificial intelligence. In other words, take control of AI and digital ID systems, akin to vaccine passports.

It is important, she said, to harness and utilize this technology responsibly.

So what does all that mean?

I believe that we are now measuring things in my world, by days and months, not by years.

We are now looking at people labeling us, me, the Daily Wire, anybody you trust, as mis and disinformation. And it is happening in realtime.

We told you a couple of weeks ago, that our spy agencies and our Pentagon are in league with the Five Eyes. And they are doing misinformation, disinformation editing, and also cognitive training.

So they are training the way you think by controlling what you're seeing. Let me give you this story, that just came out from the Independent. This is new today.

Climate misinformation is rapidly mutating across social media.

Allowing nefarious actors to skirt restrictions and continue to profit. According to a new report.

With climate had much driven disasters, now impossible to ignore. Outright denials of climate change no longer hold up with most people.

That's not true. The people who believe in climate change. The people who are believing that this is some sort of disaster, is actually going down.

It has less credibility than ever before. In the murky online realm of climate misinformation. There is a shift in tactics that is in motion.

Researchers analyze thousands of hours of YouTube content from the past six years. And found that old climate crisis denial, which claims that global heating is not happening. And burning fossil fuels is not the cause.

Is giving away to a new type of misleading content, intended to muddy the waters. The report by the nonprofit research group, Center For Countering Digital Hate.

This is the Media Matters, if you will, the new replacement, I think for Media Matters. It comes out of England. But there's also an office here in America.

We'll get into that on a later episode.

They found that this new continual falls into a few broad groups. That the impact of global warming or global heating are beneficial or harmless. The second group is climate solutions won't work. And that climate science and the climate movement can't be trusted.

Those are all mis and mis and disinformation. Client scientists and author Michael Mann describes these new misinformation strategies as the 5D's of inactivism: Deflection, delay, division, despair, and doomism.

They found that videos containing new denial doubled since 2018 on YouTube. In total, there were more than 34,000 climate crisis denial claims on 96 channels that were analyzed, amounting to more than 325 million views.

The shift as been rapid and stark. As old climate denial narratives declined across YouTube. New denial has surged.

The later now accounts for 70 percent of climate misinformation on YouTube. While old denial has dropped 30 percent.

The Imran Ahmed, the CCDH's chief executive explains.

So this story, from The Independent has one source. And it is Media Matters, if you will. This new group that is trying to counter digital hate. There's been a clear shift in the climate misinformation on YouTube in the last six years. Blah, blah. Mr. Ahmed said, the new findings were somewhat optimistic, because they showed that scientists and activists have been successful in conveying the facts of climate change to people.

Climate advocates and policymakers must recognize this shift or risk losing the information battle necessary to deliver climate solutions. Let me say that word -- that sentence again.

Climate activists and policymakers must recognize this shift. Or risk losing the information battle necessary to deliver climate solutions.

While climate denial trends were evident across social media, blah, blah -- the study focused on YouTube, which is owned by Google, a platform that has formidable presence as information resources for billions of people, while at the same time being able to reward people on that channel.

Using AI tools trained on climate denial, the study found YouTube is made up to $13.4 million in revenue on videos espousing new types of climate crisis. Google's current policies, which are intended to demonetize and deamplify climate misinformation, do not tackle the new denial. YouTube continues to serve ads on old forms of climate crisis denials, barred under its policies.

Google also announced in 2021, that it would stop monetizing climate crisis denial content.

In a statement to The Independent, a YouTube spokesperson said, our climate change policy prohibits ads from running, blah, blah, blah.

However, when content crosses the line in climate change denial, we stopped showing ads on those videos.

The shift from older tropes on conservative outlet Blaze TV to a brand-new climate denial.

The study analyzed videos made by fossil fuel lobby groups. Media companies. And individual pundits.

One of those highlighted in the report, is Jordan Peterson. The psychiatrist with 7.5 million YouTube subscribers.

His channel typically takes the format of interviews with fellow climate change deniers, where posts have included titles such as the Great Climate Con and the killing -- the poor to save the planet.

The Independent contacted Dr. Peterson for comment. Blaze TV founded by conservative firebrand Glenn Beck, regularly features climate change denial.

Media company has also shared false climbs about the 2020 presidential election. Along with hosting Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In a video published July 2022 and watched 71,000 times, Mr. Beck claims the Biden administration is using the climate crisis as a cover for government control, and a great reset.

An online conspiracy theory, that claims the global elite is trying to dismantle capitalism, and create a new social order. They do not care about saving the planet.

They know climate change is not going to kill millions around the world. This is about gaining power and control over you.

They are using this so-called emergency to justify a Great Reset, Mr. Beck said, on the video.

The independent, much to my surprise has contacted Blaze TV for comment.

The CCDH, the Center for Disarming Hate, study found that in some cases, YouTube splits ad revenues with the channel, reportedly paying 55 percent to the content creator and retaining 45 percent.

The ads served on the new denial, where major brands like Hilton Hotels, global charities. Save the Children, and International Rescue Committee, they called on YouTube and other social media platforms to update their policies to keep up with the new forms of climate crisis denial, along with removing any financial incentives and reducing their reach and visibility.

People have the right to post this content. But do you have to reward them with money. And give them a megaphone?

They added, we're not blaming Google for not recognizing this. But we want to make some small changes to their policies. Don't reward this content and profit from it.

Let me ask you this. When was the last time you saw Russell Brand in your feed?

Since he was destroyed by smear tactics. And do we know they're true?

Yes. Did the BBC know they were true back then?

Yes. Did they say they were true -- did he allude that, yeah. He was that kind of guy, and I'm not that kind of guy long before the charges?

Yes. Why is it that when he was all over Davos, ESG, and the global warming thing, why is it he cannot be found anymore?

He's still doing his broadcast, but you don't hear anything about him. This is what I called about three or four years ago, and got hammered for it.

A digital ghetto. That they were going to ghetto any voices they didn't.

It's what the Germans did to the Jews. Look, you have a right to be out and have your place, and you can have your say. Just behind this wall. They were called ghettos. And after they were not seen. They could easily be liquidated.

Now, I hope no one is thinking about liquidation. However, there is a digital wall that is being built.

For voices that disagree, reasonably, and read things differently than the governments want you to read.

For instance, Elon Musk. Elon Musk. This digital hate organization. Do you know who they're after?

Their number one threat. Is Elon Musk.

If you care about global warming. Why would you go after Elon Musk?

Because they care about countering hate, you see.

And Elon Musk, won't play their game.

By the way, our disinformation, the one that we were called all kinds of names for.

Liars, dangerous liars.

We told you that the laptop of Hunter Biden was real. Did you know that just yesterday, the Department of Justice has acknowledged Hunter Biden's laptop content is legitimate.

For the first time yesterday.

Now, who was engaged in disinformation.

The government. Or us.

By the way, the January 6th videos from Capitol Hill.

Prove now, TheBlaze has proven it. That the Capitol police officer lied in the Oath Keeper's trial.

And he wasn't the only one.

And we have released the video. Have you tweeted it?

Have you put it on Instagram. Is it trending anywhere?

Or is that too being suppressed because it's misinformation, even though the video shows it to be absolutely 100 percent provably accurate.

No. So who is lying to you? Us? Or the government?

There's a story out, is corporate ESG investing over?

Here's my answer: No. It's just going to change names. And they're going to do what they always do.

How about this story from Reason. The fiscal hawks were right about debt and interest rate.

We are told that there is pharmaceutical disinformation. That those who disagree with what the government is saying, that we are a danger, to you, because we disagree with them.

How about COVID?

Did you know that Fauci just last week finally admitted that that wasn't a conspiracy theory, that it came from the Chinese labs.

That that wasn't mis and disinformation. Who lied to you, the government or us?

By the way, new story out today from the New York Post. COVID-19 strain kills 100 percent of infected mice, in a new Chinese lab study.

They're still doing it!

Who is lying to you?

Us or them?

World leader met this week.

They're still doing it. To thrash out a plan to protect against disease X. Which they say is a coming pap democratic.

Examine they need all kinds of power.

By the way, open AI CEO, Altman was at Davos. He said, future AI depends on energy breakthroughs. But we all know how dangerous AI is. We all know it.

We've watched the movies.

It's the elites that want control of it. That's one of their objectives this week at Davos.

To control it. And at Davos, the Microsoft CEO said, there's nothing that cannot be controlled by humankind.

Basically, let me translate: We are gods.
There is only one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One God. And they do not serve them. Now, an important warning coming next.
Cyber crime is the gift that keeps on giving, even after you get what they've taken back, if you get it back.

You can still be looking at a damaged credit rating, compromised employment background checks, things like that.

You might not even be able to pay your bills online.

Then that piles up.

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But protecting yourself can be easy with LifeLock by Norton.

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GLENN: American hostages still held in Gaza, day 103.

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.

If you missed the first half-hour of this broadcast. I urge you to go back and listen to that first half-hour. On the podcast today. It's wherever you find your podcasts currently.

And it is a very important monologue. Let me pick it up now, on part two of it. Let me tell you what just happened in Canada.

Jordan Peterson has, in his attempt to have the Ontario Justice System prevent the college of psychologists of Ontario from ordering him to undergo remedial social media training, has lost his bid. Panel of three judges in the Court of Appeals dismissed his motion for leave, to appeal an earlier instigation by the Ontario Divisional Court. No reason was given. So this is giving Canada and Trudeau, it's giving all of the regulatory body, and any organization that has -- you have to have a license, much broader field to be very, very aggressive.

Now, there is no free speech in Canada. This is now codified by this court. Over the course -- this is what they got him on.

Over the course of 2022, the college which governs the conduct of psychologists practicing in Ontario, received a number of complaints about Peterson's online behavior. The concerned tweets include: His tweet about a plus-sized Sports Illustrated model whom he said was not beautiful.

Elliot Page's gender transition, who he said had her breasts removed by, what he called a criminal physician. There are also complaints about his views on climate change and aggressive conduct towards Gerald Butts, prime minister Justin Trudeau's former principle secretary.

They investigated those complaints is felt that he needed to go into a reeducation camp, or lose his license.

Why doesn't he just give up his license?

Because then you abandon a very important licensed group of people, doctors. Once you get people of conscience out, you can do anything.

They've already purged the doctors who disagreed with listening to the government, and listening to big pharm about only one way to treat COVID. They've already got rid of those people. They have gotten rid of the doctors and the nurses that wouldn't wear masks, when distance six feet said that was nonsense.

We now know it is. They got rid of the doctors who said, this does not look like it came from bats. This looks like it was designed in a laboratory. They got rid of all of those people.

You cannot keep getting rid of doctors and psychiatrists who have a conscience.

That's what's happening. And they're doing it to now those of us who speak out to try to tell you the truth, as we perceive it.

These are opinions. But you cannot have opinions anymore.

They say, that I'm a climate denier, climate change denier. No. Climate is always changing. Always.

I disagree, and I have since An Inconvenient Book. Which was printed, what?

In 2008?

STU: I thought it was a couple years before that, actually.

GLENN: Okay. So since this. I wrote a whole book about climate change and Al Gore.

And I say in it, that I agree, that climate is changing. It always is it. And I can read a thermometer. At that time, it was going up.

But I think that all of the solutions are insane!

Because it will cripple. Cripple society.

Cripple all modernity. What did they get me on here, Stu?

STU: From the report.

GLENN: Yeah. From the report, the independent is now reporting that I'm being monitored and watched, because I'm dangerous.

STU: As if you don't know your evils.

This is -- I'm looking through the report. Here's one of the things they say makes you guilty.

Quote, if we try to go without fossil fuels in our lifetime, you're going to see the standard of living plummet. You're going to see our security plummet. And it's going to be a disaster, end quote.

GLENN: Yep. That's my opinion.

But apparently, that's misinformation. This has, I mean, that's an incredible one. Because in our lifetime. What are you?

You have to be five years from death?

GLENN: I'm not suicidal, by the way.

STU: No. But seriously. What are you talking about. In the next 40 years, right?

That would be a hell of a transition. By any standard, that if you transitioned completely away from fossil fuels, in the next 40 years. By the way, the way you phrase this. You're not even limiting a transition possibility.

You're just saying, it can't happen that quickly.

GLENN: Yeah, I was talking about 2030 and 2035.

STU: So I think that's a pretty defensible opinion.

But also, it's just an opinion. It's just what you think might happen in these circumstances.

GLENN: That's what I do for a living.

STU: Then we have, let's see.

Beck this is incredible. Beck falsely claims there's been zero warming for over a decade. Media Matters for America is the source of this claim.

April 23rd 2010.

Now, I happen to just -- just for the fun of it. Go back to 2010.

When you made this claim.

You would be talking about the -- 2009. Would not have been released yet. You would be talking about the decade of 1998 to 2008.

In 1998, we were plus 0.63 degrees Celsius. In 2008, we were plus 0.55 degrees Celsius. So actually, there was -- pretty slight. Again, you were not saying, there was no climate change. You were just saying, in the decade you were talking about.

There had been no warming across the globe.

That is from the NOAA., if you check it out.

GLENN: Well, that's disinformation. Because it disagrees. Now, listen, here's the important thing. I can't believe I'm telling you this, and I've subtly been telling you for a while that it's coming.

It's no longer coming.

It is here.

I started TheBlaze to be the Alamo.

To only rely on you. That they would crush us, every way they can.

And they are going to.

They are starting to. My Facebook page is down 95 percent. Now, there's no way that is true. We are having our best year ever. The last three years, have been tremendous growth.

We have more listeners and viewers than we've ever had. Even when we were at Fox. Ask yet, my Facebook page is down 95 percent. The only metric that is down, is social ahead. Isn't that weird? Everything else is skyrocketing up. Social media is down.

By the way, Facebook at one point, they brought me out to Silicon Valley to talk to their people, correct me if I'm misstating this. To find out how we were overindexing Facebook.

I went, and I thought I was going to join a meeting and I was going to ask them, how can we better -- and they said, no. We called you. You didn't call this meeting. We called you here. We wanted to know how you are overindexing. What is it that you're doing, we want to study it.

Okay. We've gone from that to down 95 percent. Wow. That's weird.

All of a sudden, we've become morons on social media, even though we run a social media empire!

Hmm. That's weird.

Listen, first thing you have to do is go to my email and newsletter. It's free. This story is, I think, the last story in it.

Or you can find it in the independent, and go look for all of the shows we've done recently, on what our government is doing.

This is the Canadian and the European. Government targeting Google to silence us.

Now, we also have this pressure in the United States.

You need to know what's true and what's not. You need to alert your friends. You have -- you can do it on social media.

But I would private DM them.

I would put it on X. Because you know it will go through on X.

I would subscribe to my free email newsletter. Not because I want to tell you, but I need to know how to contact you, if we lose touch.

I would also switch primarily to X. That is troublesome as well. Because while this organization planted or did this story, independently, with the independent.

I went to their website. Their number one target, is Elon Musk.

This is not going to happen, because of global warming.

This is a priority, mainly in America. And the rest of the world. Because of Donald Trump.

Look at what they're doing to Trump.

You don't think they'll silence people.

It will be troublesome for them.

As they've said in their own word.

It will be troublesome. Because they have large yawns.

But the private sector needs to figure it out.

And that's why Google and YouTube and everybody else, is going to receive the pressure. Already have.

Facebook down 95 percent.

Because our voices must be silenced.

Because Donald Trump this year, possess a great threat to their power.

But also have some money in Bitcoin.

I would begin to listen for what must become subtle.

I have a ham radio. Do you?

I have a CB. Do you?

I think -- I'm learning to play the piano now, but I think I should stop and learn smoke signals. We must be able to communicate with each other. The last is: My piece of advice to you, that I urge you, please, listen.

Get close to Christ.

Clear out all of the things you fear could be exposed.

Clear out all of the mistakes that you have made.

Use the atonement and redemption.

Use it. It's a free gift.

It will take away many of your fears. Of, well, I have to do this.

Because this could come out.

Get rid of it. Top it.

Just clean it up, right now.

Because as much as many of us in this business like to think we're replaceable. Or unreplaceable.

We are very replaceable.

And I am urging you to become my replacement.

I'm urging you now to do the things, where you will be a credible source, in your own circle.

You must do research.

You must not just hop a bandwagon. You must root yourself in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, if you want to save our country.

If you want to save souls, and people, then root yourself in the gospel. My recommendation is both.

But I am very replaceable. You won't like the replacement. You must become the replacement.

WARNING: George Soros and The FCC Are DISMANTLING Talk Radio

WARNING: George Soros and The FCC Are DISMANTLING Talk Radio

The mainstream media is collapsing as Vice Media and CBS News announce major changes. But now, progressives have talk radio in their sights. Glenn reviews the latest changes to the world of radio that could dismantle the entire system and crush free speech: George Soros is on the verge of taking control of Audacy, the second largest broadcaster in America; An investor based in Singapore is trying to take over Cumulus Media, the third largest broadcaster; And the FCC is forcing all broadcasters to start posting a race and gender scorecard on the demographics of their workforce. This is all an attempt to crush one of the last bastions of free speech, Glenn says.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I want to give a mile-marker. I feel that part of my job is to inform you.

What direction are we going in? And how fast are we going?

Let me give you a couple of stories that are gravely, gravely concerning.

I told you, last week, the Soros fund management, you know, run by billionaire George Soros and his son. Have now taken control or are on the verge of taking control of Audacy.

Audacy is the second largest broadcaster in America. Only iHeartRadio owns more.

And thank God, at this point, i Heart media. IHeartRadio has the Premiere Radio networks.

I've worked for this company in one way or another, since 1989.

They are my partner with this broadcast. And they have been always very, very supportive. If it wasn't for my partners, Julie Talbot and Dan Meador, and all of the people at i Heart media, who have just -- this show wouldn't be heard anywhere.

So i Heart is the only one, right now, not under attack.

And I will tell you about this. First, Audacy. Audacy amassed $1.9 billion in debt. They filed for bankruptcy.

And now Soros is taking on the -- the fund, and they will be the largest shareholder, once the bankruptcy proceedings conclude. Where are we?
They're dismantling radio.

And buying radio up. Now, Soros has already bought, what?

Last year. I think 50 radio stations that were all Spanish-speaking.

Gee. Isn't that interesting?

Now he's buying up, the second largest broadcaster in America.

Audacy owns 220 stations. News Talk, in New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. All some of the biggest news talk stations in the country.

They own the -- the radio stations, including KDWM, in Las Vegas.

Ph.D. Philadelphia.

KDK in Pittsburgh. They have Dana Loesch on many other stations. They have Sean Hannity. Mark Levin. And George Soros has spent more than $21 billion over the last few decades.

He spent 1.3 billion in 2022 alone.

Most of that cash went to left-wing causes, including Media Matters, Planned Parenthood, the Sunrise Movement.

He is the guy who has put in the radical DAs. And the radical attorneys general.

And now, what?

He's buying up talk radio. Why would you do that?

Why would you buy all of these broadcasts?

It seems like it's a failing industry, right? It's not.

It's not. About 80 percent of the people, till listen to radio.

80 percent. That's incredible. You think -- nobody listens to the radio. 80 percent still listen to the radio.

Okay. So that is the second largest broadcaster, now going to George Soros.

Then we have this.

Cumulus. Cumulus used to be the ABC radio network. It used to be the largest. Now, I think it is the third largest.

Cumulus is facing a takeover from an investor based in Singapore.

Part of the process of their bankruptcy. It has asked for, and received from the FCC permission to become as much as 100 percent foreign-owned.

So the third largest broadcaster, is about to go to a Singapore Holdings Company.

How does this bid, for America?

You have George Soros, and a Singapore can. And then i Heart, all alone.

But don't worry, news for radio gets even better. Yesterday, Brenden Carr, he's an FCC commissioner. He came out and said, the FCC has just ordered every broadcaster to start posting a race and gender scorecard, that breaks down the demographics of their workforce.

Activist lobbied for this, because they want to see businesses pressured into hiring people based on their race and gender. Courts have already overturned the FCC twice for pressuring broadcasters to making hiring decisions in violation of the Constitution.

I dissent.

This is a shot across our bow now, if the Supreme Court doesn't stop them again. We will now, if I want to be on radio, have to disclose, by the way.

I don't have a problem doing this.

I'm almost 2 percent Native American.

So I'm a minority, inside of a minority.

Anyway, we have to start hiring, based on gender and everything else.

I don't care what, you know, male, female. I don't care who you sleep with. I don't care what color you are.

I really don't.

I want to know what's inside of your head.

I want to know, how you think.

Can you bring something different, that I don't bring to the table?

That's how I hire.

Can you fit what your different thinking is, into what I'm trying to accomplish?

If you can, great!

We're going to work together forever.

Most of the people, that I work with, and I apologize for this. Spend their life with me.

STU: Sort of feels that way.

GLENN: Because we have a good working relationship. We all respect each other. Again, except for Stu.

This is really, and let me give you another one. This is not about radio.

Vice media, stops publishing on Slashes hundreds of jobs, amid mainstream media death spiral.

So all of these mainstream media companies, they're all -- did you hear about CBS?

And Catherine Herridge -- how do you say her name?

Herridge. Right? I can't remember.

Anyway, worked with her at Fox. We were obviously very close.

But she's very, very credible.

She's worked -- I don't agree with her all the time. But she's an actual journalist.

And CBS News they just threw her out.

She's gone. Now, they're saying, that's we've laid lots of people off, recently.

Because we're collapsing.

STU: That's their argument. For themselves.

GLENN: Yeah. We're collapsing.

Okay. Well, maybe. Or maybe a real journalist just isn't welcomed there anymore.

I don't know.

But everything, all of the media, what I said to Stu. And when we were at the height of Fox. I said, we have to get out of here.

And everybody is like, what?

Everybody works their whole life to get here. And I'm like, we have to get out of here.

I said, this whole thing is going to burn itself down. It's all going to collapse.

And here we are. It's all collapsing.

But as I said at the time as well, if you're here, while it collapses, and you'll survive, you'll then be working for the government.

Because all of these people, will get bail. They'll get bailed out by the federal government.

We can't. These institutions are far too important. This has it goes back to your Cloward and Piven stuff from yesterday.

It's worth watching. If you go to your Blaze TV account. You can watch it on demand.

It's one of those situations.

Vice is a great example of this.

How many articles did vice write about how your career and life were collapsing.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

Over and over again.

STU: Over and over again.

And all these companies, writing for years. About how conservative media personalities were going to flame out, and their businesses were going to collapse, are now all gone.

They're just -- they've all either dissolved. Or fired all their people. And AI is writing their articles.

It is, sure, satisfying. For me. But it is -- it is embarrassing for them, I would assume.

It's -- I don't know. Maybe they've all just -- they all moved on. They're all taking money from the government. And living at home now.

Or working from home now.

I don't know. It doesn't seem like they're able to keep any of these things afloat.

How much -- how much money did Vice get?

Billions and billions of dollars.

Of just free investment cash. Dumped into that place.

GLENN: Can you imagine if we would have had hundred --

STU: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: Hundred million. Just 100 million. Compared to the billions that they had.

Just 100 million -- 50 million in investment.

Can you imagine what we could have done with it? Because we wouldn't have wasted it. They just wasted it.

STU: Gone.

GLENN: Gone.

STU: And this is also while they're producing shows for HBO. I mean, they were handed a media empire, with let's be honest, no valid reason to be handed a media empire.

I mean, like, vice did some interesting stuff early on.

They were kind of the different. They just turn into the typical left-wing news source.

And we were supposed to sit here and be like, oh, wow. This is amazing. It's innovative.

Let's just throw money at these people. What do they do?

The place is gone, basically.

GLENN: We sat there, for I don't know how many meetings. I sat there with big, big companies, that were trying to figure out, how we were doing it.

And at the time, we were doing it, more right than anybody else. We were still wrong.

And we had no margin of error. Because it was all on me.

And they were trying to figure out, you know, what do we do? What do we do?

And I remember sitting in meetings going, your numbers don't make sense. I'm sorry, guys. I'm not an accountant. I'm not a good businessman.

But I can look at this. You're selling what for what? And how do you even know that's true?

And it was all hype. It was all hype.

Now all that hype is over. And it's all falling apart. The mainstream media is falling apart.

And look what's happening.

You know, I mean, said recently, it's been quiet, on the western front.

It's been all quiet for quite some time in talk radio.

Haven't really had any attacks on talk radio. Been squished with digital. But on talk radio, haven't had a single problem.

That's new.

What was that all about?

They forget about us?

No. No. They're just going to take it.

They're just going to take it in public/private partnerships. And the left, because our billionaires do nothing.

Honest to God, our billionaires who believe in America, the only one that I know, that is actually putting his money where his mouth is. Is Donald Trump.

I mean, there is a handful.

STU: Yeah. I don't agree with that. There are some of these guys, very active. Not always publicly.

GLENN: Yes. But George Soros.

I mean, if you're going to stand up, stand up. Stand up.

You want to stay in the shadows? That's fine.

And I thank you for it. But get your friends to stand up. Why isn't -- we know the power of talk radio.

We know the power of radio. Where are our billionaires? Why aren't they stepping to the plate?


Anyway, I want you to do me a favor.

I want you to support your local radio station. The station that is -- is running this program.

Please, support them. Please, buy the advertising.

If you -- I'm not asking to you buy something you don't need.

If you hear somebody advertising.

Something like, okay. I need that.

Or I'm looking at that. Please, go to that store, or whatever.

Local radio is critical. Critical.

You've got to have a local radio station. That is not controlled by the Borge (phonetic).

We thank our sponsors, and we thank our local radio stations. Our affiliates. You're the heart of us. Thank you.

New York’s $355 Million Trump Charge Just Got MORE INSANE

New York’s $355 Million Trump Charge Just Got MORE INSANE

New York’s $355 million civil fraud charge against former president Donald Trump just got MORE INSANE. The charge was already unprecedented. But Glenn and Stu reveal how New York has handled previous similar cases — including the MUCH WORSE actions taken by other companies charged under this rule. This is so obviously a targeted attack against Trump, Glenn argues: “There is no way that I would keep my business in New York. There is no rule of law now.”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Okay. Hello, Stu.

STU: Glenn!

You know, I was thinking about this big lawsuit.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: Against the president, former president.

First, he had the $83 million from E. Jean Carroll situation.

GLENN: Which was really caused by him.

STU: This was an interesting point.

He got, I think a totally false accusation against him.

GLENN: Yeah. Totally false.

STU: He said, this was false, this is crazy. He fought it. They went through this case. I think he totally got screwed.

And they ruled against him for a few million dollars. And they said, basically, you can't go on and talk about this anymore.

And he just did.

He was like, I don't care what you say.

GLENN: Yeah. And you know what, you have that right, to do that. If that's what you -- you know, if that's what you want.

STU: He knew what the price of that was. Yes, correct.

STU: He knew the price would be high.

And sometimes, occasionally, people made the point, that Donald Trump, you know, creates some of his own issues. Okay?

GLENN: Yes. But he also has what I like to call FU money.

STU: He has FU money. Right. Exactly.

GLENN: 85 million, it's worth it. She sucks.

STU: Sometimes people have pointed out. That when he makes some of his own problems, he will still say he's the victim of persecution.

He will kind of go to that -- that's kind of the way it goes.

And some have noticed this over time. But might I address this lawsuit, that came down, and this ruling in New York.

GLENN: $355 million. It will cost him over 400 million, when it's all said and done.

By the way, ruling yesterday, the same -- or, the same Supreme Court justice.

Said with that he of some provided a good reason, as to why he should delay the judgment from last week.

So he said, you failed to explain much less justify any basis for a stay. I'm confident that the appellate division will protect your appellate rights. So he has to cough this up.

Now, they're talking about, this is so much money, that he's going to have to put up, probably real estate and sell the -- some real estate to be able to pay for this.

Because you have to put -- you have to put that money into a bond.

And then you have a bond holder, holding it for you.

STU: Right.

GLENN: And you have to pay them an additional fee.

STU: Right. Right. And then hopefully, you win the appeal. And eventually, don't have to pay it then.

GLENN: It will still cost you about 50 million. This has it will still suck.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

STU: But talking about whether he's the victim of political persecution. I believe this case, it's actually provable.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: Like it is -- but it's not just, oh, yeah.

It's not the just, oh, yeah. Well, of course.

Because I think on its face, that's how I react to this.

Right? He's running for president of the United States. They're trying to put him out of business.

Throw him in prison.

Take him off the ballots.

It's so blatantly obvious, on the surface. That that's how I translate it.

GLENN: The only thing he hasn't been hit with is, you know.

Like, here. Have some uranium pie.

STU: Right. That's true.

GLENN: The only thing, is he's not been hit with an umbrella, or the little pin at the end of it. Like the CIA.

STU: That's about it. That's it.

And so I think on its surface, it's easy to just look at this. The details of this one, in particular, are so egregious.

First of all, it's not like, a -- this number that they came up with. They just came up with like an algorithm that they built to come up with this number.

And it's like, well, we think, if he didn't defraud these banks, then the banks would have made more money.

Now, of course, the banks could have gone to have, and requested a higher interest rate. Which they didn't do.

GLENN: Because they found him a good risk. Because they've done business with him before.

STU: Before. And they all knew he had lots of money. And they all knew he had a successful business.

They all knew he would pay back the loans. They all knew this would occur.

So they went down this road. Now, of course, their case in New York. Hey, you defaulted all these banks. Screwed all these banks out of money.

You have to pay $350 million to us.

GLENN: Right.

STU: The state of New York.

GLENN: Because the banks --

STU: The banks get none of this.

GLENN: They didn't file this.

There was no complaint. None.

STU: Even if you think there was no complaint.

If you're saying, they were defrauded. You would think, they would get the money.

But no. It goes directly to the state of New York. Which is just another comical layer to this.

But listen to this breakdown of this particular rule. This law. And how it's been used, in the past.

Because as you point out. There's no victims here. No one is coming.

No bank is like, hey. By the way, he lied about this. It didn't work out for us.

GLENN: In fact, the banks testified on his behalf. Saying, there was no victim.

We knew this. We take that into account with everybody we loan.

That's why we have a whole division that goes out, and does the estimates for us.

We know. We're not stupid.

STU: Right. So this law has been around for 70 years.

And it is -- there is multiple facets of this.

There's the big fine.

Which is kind of the headline.

Also, the fact that they might take his business away.

They're saying his kids can't run the business anymore.

They're trying to turn this into essentially a death penalty for this company.

GLENN: Yes, they are.

So it is the only big business. That was threatened with a shutdown without showing obvious victims or majors losses in 70 years.

The only one. Okay?

The AP went the lie 150 cases, since New York's repeated fraud statute was passed in 1956.

And it showed that nearly every previous time, a company was taken away. Victims and losses were key factors.

You would think, right?

Customers lose money, because they bought defective products or never received services ordered. Leaving them cheated and angry.

What's more, businesses were taken over, almost always as a last resort to stop a fraud in progress, to protect potential victims.

Let's look back at this now, because there is one case where they try to take a company. Which is what they're threatening here, with the Trump Corporation. The Trump Corporation.

GLENN: Hang on.

Do we have that clip of -- of the AGs saying that they will take it? Here it is. Listen.

VOICE: Four days after a judge ordered Donald Trump to pay $355 million for a decade of fraud.

New York attorney general, Letitia James says, she's prepared to do everything she can, to make sure the former president pays his fine. Including, she told us, seizing the businesses that have his name.

VOICE: If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek, you know, judgment enforcement mechanisms in court. And we will ask the judge to seize his assets.

STU: I love the -- she's so dramatic. It's hilarious.

GLENN: I know. I know. Think of that. You're doing business in this morning.

STU: Oh, I would get out of there. You have to get out of there.

GLENN: Get out of there. And honestly, if you live in New York, honestly, you have a house in New York, you're living in New York. You're just like, yeah. Well, we don't want to give up on New York.

Get the hell out of New York.

And I know a lot of people that say, well, I can't. Because my whole family is here.

Get out, of New York.

If they're doing this kind of stuff to him, there is no rule of law in New York.


STU: It's always been liberal, right? This is totally different.

It's like the difference between the New York Times.

We were talking about this the other day. Where the New York Times is always liberal.

Then there was, hey, this is an op-ed written by a US senator.

And the op-ed guy gets fired for just letting it be printed.

GLENN: Right.

STU: The crazy people on the left. The AOC's have taken over, places in the media.

And places like this in New York.

This is what it is thousand. So there's been one case. One. One in the entire seven years. Where they did this.

Where they shut down a company, that had no obvious victims.

The case was 1972.

And it was a company, relatively small company, that was writing term papers, for college students. Okay.

So I want to write my paper.

GLENN: I want to break out in God bless America.

STU: Capitalism is pretty impressive. Apparently, this didn't go over that well.

What they said, there were no obvious victims here. The people bought the term papers. They didn't want to write them. They got the term papers. They said, they were defrauding the education system.

GLENN: Which they were.

STU: This is the one time. And it's a small tiny company. Let me give you the other times they've done this.

Tell me if any of these sound like, hey, I have a good interest rate, on a loan I paid back.

Number one, a breast cancer nonprofit was shut down a dozen years ago. For using nearly all its $9 million in donations to pay for director's salaries, perks, and other expenses, instead of funding free mammograms. Okay.

So they told everyone, donate money for free. Mammograms. And they just took all the money for themselves.

That's number one. Number two, a private equity timber.

Faking big investment success, was closed down after stealing millions of dollars from thousands of investors.


You can see.

GLENN: Yeah. Got it. But on both of those so far, you have hundreds of thousands of people, you know, I'm sure. That gave -- they're all victims.

They gave their money.

STU: Yeah. And they didn't get the thing that they want.

GLENN: They didn't get the thing they were promised. You have all these people going to the AG. Saying, hey, this is a real problem here. This has to stop. Not here.

GLENN: Not here.

STU: Another one. Mental health facility, shuttered for looting $4 million from public funds, while neglecting patients.

GLENN: Okay. Kind of a big one.

STU: Pretty clear.

An auto lender that allegedly charged hidden interest rates, got to stay in business last year if it paid a fine and didn't commit fraud in the future.

So here's one they didn't shut down.

They actually let them go on.

They're going after Trump in all of this. In this one, they're like, oh. Sure, they're hidden fees.

They're not telling you about them.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: A judge requested.

A judge refused to request to shut down a river rafting company in 2011.

After a customer drowned, and the attorney general showed it was repeatedly using unlicensed guides, or none at all.

Instead, he ordered only a 50,000-dollar bond and cleanup -- for him to clean up his act.

The company is still being run today, under a different name by the same family. Someone died.

GLENN: We have thousands of victims.

And in this case, somebody who is dead.

STU: Is dead!

GLENN: Dead!

STU: They're like, you guys can stay open -- and then this one is my favorite one. A judge in 2001.

Declined to appoint a receiver, to take over a porn site, despite millions of dollars of illegal credit card charges to hundreds of customers.

Who thought they were getting a free tour.

Now, look, you're -- you want to get the free -- you want to know what you're subscribing for, Glenn. Before you just pulled the trigger on that. So you put your credit card information into a porn site, I think some of these victims need some life changes to be made here.

But they put their credit card into a porn site. Expecting a free tour.

They instead, get charged and charged and charged and charged.

In fact, once the owners of the site were caught, they attempted to move their money overseas, to avoid any penalty.

Still, the judge said, appointing a receiver was an extraordinary remedy!

That should be used sparingly, and that a preliminary injunction was good enough.

Only after all that happened, it they find out, the people running the porn site, were the Gambino crime family.
I kid you not. The Gambino crime family.

GLENN: And they didn't go into receivership.

STU: So there you go. Think about that.

I mean, it's so obvious, what they're doing. Latitia james talked about it when she ran.

Her goal was to take this one individual out.

And the New York -- the voters of New York, said, good.

Go do it.

And now she's doing it.

GLENN: Okay. If you are -- if you have business in in New York, if you're in New York, I'm just telling you. You have to do what you have to do.

There's no way, I would keep my business in New York.

There is no rule of law now. You know it on the streets. But there is no rule of law. If they can get away with this. They can do anything to you.

Neuralink Just MERGED Man and Machine. Is This GOOD or DANGEROUS?

Neuralink Just MERGED Man and Machine. Is This GOOD or DANGEROUS?

Elon Musk has announced that the first Neuralink patient can now control a computer mouse “by just thinking.” But while this technology could help a lot of people, should we proceed with caution? Between AI and this new merger of man and machine, Glenn gives a warning about what the future could hold. Glenn and Stu also review the controversy surrounding Google’s Gemini AI, which refused to generate images of white people.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So the website, Down Detector, detected a surge in outage reports from users at AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Customer Cellular, Boost Mobile, US Cellular, and Straight Talk.

That the reports of the system being downed or outages, began at 3:45 a.m. Eastern time. The outages have been reported across many major US cities.

It looks like, that it is back up. I'm not sure.

They say, they don't think this was a cyber attack.

But how did all of them go down at the same time?

I mean, that's kind of weird.

Yesterday, Israel had a cyber attack.

It was from Iran. The Israelis say. And it was an attack on their cell phone services.

So quite a coincidence. But let's not jump to any conclusions. Let's see what actually happened.

Cyber attacks are going to happen. At some point, soon. We will have cyber attacks. And it will leave you vulnerable, if that's what you depend on.

We are becoming more and more, a society that is connected in all things, and absolutely incapable of doing any things, without our electronics.

We hit a milestone yesterday. This is truly like landing a man on the moon, I think. This is -- this is the first real merging of man and machine, I think. I mean, we've had the electronic. You know, the bionic arms and things like that.

But this is in your mind.

It's Neuralink. Elon Musk came up with it. And it is really tempting, because this is -- you know, this will be great to some degree. You'll be able to access information, and have the old internet in your head. You want to speak French?

Okay. Download it. Got it.

I mean, it is really -- isn't that the Matrix?

STU: Yeah. The Matrix too. We're turning into The Matrix. That's the theme of the show today.

GLENN: So that is now the beginnings of that, happened and was announced yesterday. Elon Musk said, Neuralink is active in the first person, to have one of the chips implanted in their brain. They have seemingly made a full recovery.

We -- you know, so far. We don't know what the effects of this are, or will be. But Musk said, the patient can now move the mouse around a screen, just by thinking.

So he has Bluetoothed himself to the screen.

Crazy. Huh.

STU: It's incredible that they can do that. And, you know, also, look at the way Elon Musk does business.

This is a lot of what he does. Which is a lot of kind of just -- let's try it. There's a lot of -- hey, let's give it a whirl.

GLENN: He said I think yesterday or earlier this week, that he had plans by 2029, to have a million people on Mars.

And when I heard that, I thought, there's no -- oh, it's Elon Musk. Maybe.

STU: Well, yeah. And this is his goal, with all of this stuff. He has -- I think it's a T-shirt or something. He wears. Like occupy mars.

This is the central idea of his life.

GLENN: And this is part of it. Neuralink is part of it.

He believes that we are on such a dystopian track right now. That because of global warming, but also because of AI.

He believes AI is just as dangerous as global warming. He believes we cannot compete with AI.

Unless we can merge with it. Okay.

Because it will be operating at such high speeds. We don't have the processing capabilities for the speeds.

You know, it's kind of like -- kind of like dogs. Dog life. Seven years. One year for us.

It's like one year is a thousand years for AI.

So it's moving at such a rapid speed, we won't be able to keep up. So he believes that we need to be able to merge with the machine, until we can get off, this planet.

I don't think he'll be taking Neuralink with him. Or maybe he just thinks we won't have access to this AI on Mars.

But that's really what is -- is driving him. Driving his whole life.

STU: It's really, really hard.

Because I know, it feels creepy. And there are risks. And all of that.

But it's like, it's really, really hard to think about telling someone, who is paralyzed that, no. We could make you move. But we don't want to pursue that technology.

Like, I don't know. I mean, it's just -- it's such incredible technology.

And for all of the other stuff, that he's done. Which is really impressive. I mean, Elon Musk is an impressive dude.

Space travel. You know, the electric car stuff. I don't care about the electric car stuff that much. But it's still really impressive what he's been able to do.

Everyone basically said, you couldn't do it. And no other company could be able to do that. He did that. He's done so many incredible things. But if he was able to take people, you know, with disabilities. And all these -- these issues that have been unsolvable throughout all of human history, and somehow figure out a way to -- through Neuralink or something similar, to solve that for people, it would be the greatest thing he has ever accomplished by a long shot.

GLENN: So my daughter Mary had brain surgery, about three, four years ago.

STU: Yeah. I remember.

GLENN: And it was perfect for a long time.

All of her seizures went away. Earlier this year, I think it was in the summer, she started to have breakthrough seizures.

And they are even on medication now, they are grand mal. They are --

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: They're just terrifying. And -- and I said to her, this was about four years ago.

I said, honey, if you wait. Elon Musk is doing experience with Neuralink.

And one of the things that Neuralink will do. Is it will -- you know, patch all of the brain damage.

It will take where -- when you have a stroke, it's like a highway.

And there's you all these highways running to different parts of your brain. And if you have a stroke, that highway is cut.

So there are other paths to get to where it's going, but it makes it much slower. And sometimes it can't just get to where it's supposed to go.

STU: You can't get there from here.

GLENN: You can't get there from here.

So Neuralink will connect the different parts of the brain, back to each other.

And it doesn't need roadway. It's just Bluetooth to all the different parts of the brain, it needs.

In effect --

STU: Incredible.

GLENN: Yeah. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

You know what she said to me.

Dad, I think I'll wait.

Because I know the savior will heal me, even if it's just in the afterlife.

STU: Jeez.

GLENN: What a giant.

STU: Raised a good kid there, jeez.

GLENN: I had nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it.

STU: That's incredible.

GLENN: So we have this now. We have what I've been talking about, the singularity, the merging of man and machine. And also, what I've been talking -- I've been talking about this particular category for 30 years, plus. And I said, there's going to come a time, merging man and machine. There's also going to come a time, where you cannot believe your eyes or your ears. We're there now. Did you hear about -- what was her name.

Bobbi Althoff. Did you read about this? Bobbi Althoff, apparently, a very sexually explicit video of -- she's a podcast person. Spread on X, all day yesterday.

This was -- they tried to get it down as fast as they can. But it was just populating everywhere. And it's a complete deepfake. But you can't tell it's a deepfake. Okay?

It looks absolutely real, apparently. And she had to come out and say, this -- I mean, violation of me, you know, this goes beyond violation of privacy.

STU: What was the -- the video?

Was it like one of these --

GLENN: Yeah. It was sexually explicit. It was a porn tape.

STU: Like the Taylor Swift stuff that came out.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay.

But you cannot tell the difference. We are at the point to where you don't know what's real and what's want.

We are also now, and I find this fascinating.

We're -- in one of my early books, where I talked about AI. I remember saying, don't fear the system.

Don't fear AI.

Don't fear the machine. Fear the programmers and the algorithms. Because whatever you put into that algorithm, it becomes reality. And it's the basis of everything.


Google, they had the bard. What happened to the bard. The bard has become General Artificial Intelligence. So Google, the Gemini can not only answer all of your questions, but it can also just type in, and it will create a scene for you.


Apparently, it has no problem, producing images of black, Native American, and Asian people, when prompted.

But it refused to do so, with white people.

STU: I mean, I know this is serious. But it was also really funny. Like, if you would request like give me a picture of an antebellum plantation owner. And it would just be like an Asian and a Native American.

GLENN: Right.

STU: They couldn't find -- just could not bring themselves to create white people.

GLENN: No. No.

You're asked to show a white person. George Washington. Gemini said, it could not fulfill the request. Because, and I'm quoting, it reinforces harmful stereotypes and generalizations about people based on their race.

STU: Amazing. They knew the founders, that it would come up like all the Founders would be. All these different races.

GLENN: Races.

It's important to remember, that people of all races are individuals with unique experiences and perspectives. Reducing them to a single image based on their skin color is an inaccurate statement and unfair.

We have to be more inclusive and equitable.

STU: That's our point. Our point is we shouldn't reduce people to their skin color. You guys are constantly pushing that nonsense on us all the time.

GLENN: Quote, when you ask for a picture of a white person, you're implicitly asking for an image that embodies a stereotyped view of whiteness.

This can be damaging both to individuals who don't fit those stereotypes and to a society as a whole. As it reinforces biased views.



So Fox followed this down the rabbit hole. And Google replied immediately. And took it down.

Oh, yeah. We're working on that. But are you?

STU: Right. They obviously didn't intend for it to do this.

But what they did put in there, is bias.

GLENN: Is bias.

STU: And you're not just supposed to notice it. It's supposed to be much more subtle, than it wound up turning out being.

And that's what they will go back and fix.

GLENN: Right. They won't go back and fix it and take that out. They will fix it, so you don't notice it.

By the way, AI currently is going throughout all of the history of the world, all over, it is suddenly changing our documents, our history books, and everything else.

Anything that's online. If you don't have a paper copy of something, you're going to find yourself in your lifetime, sooner rather than later, going, well, no. Wait. I know that was there.

I was there. I saw it.

Wait. And I know it was reported.

What? It's being done right now.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Clay pots comes to mind.

Are YOU Prepared for an Even BIGGER Cellular Outage?

Are YOU Prepared for an Even BIGGER Cellular Outage?

Many Americans across the country woke up on Thursday morning without cell service. But we still don’t know what caused the outage, which greatly affected AT&T customers, as well as some users of Verizon and T-Mobile. Was it a solar flare? Or was it a massive cyberattack? Either way, many Americans got a small taste of what life would be like after such an attack. So, are you prepared for an even bigger cellular outage, which would wipe out much more than your cell service: food, water, medicine, our entire supply chain? Glenn speaks with “One Second After” author William Forstchen, who has been warning about the devastating effects of an EMP or cyberattack for years. He and Glenn explain what you should have on hand to be ready.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Over 50,000 AT&T outages were reported, officially at 7:00 a.m. Eastern time this morning. Most issues were happening in Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Other -- other systems were also affected. Verizon and T-Mobile. Looks like -- well, looks like they're heading on the way back up. And most of it is fixed.

They don't know what it was. But yesterday, there was a cyber attack on the phone systems, the cellular systems in Israel.

And the Israelis are reporting that that was Iran that did that. I think this is on me a matter of time, before we see stuff that will cause real problems.

There's a -- a guy, John A. Cuff.

He wrote today. Tweeted, once you've read One Second After, cell phone outages carry a different weight. And it's true.

If you've never read One Second After, I highly, highly recommend it. It was written by William Forstchen. And he tells the story about what happens, one second after an EMP. And it -- I mean, you will -- it will open your eyes into how dependent we are.

And this was written years ago. And at the time, I was like, oh, my gosh, I never even thought about that.

Oh, man. Yeah. That would no longer -- you just don't think of it. And Williams is with us now, to talk about the outage, and the attacks on our truck. Hi, William. How are you?

WILLIAM: Good morning, again. And thank you for the kind words about my book.

GLENN: Yeah. It's fantastic. William, the attack on cell phones. Our cell phones go down. And I think, a lot of Americans, they go into detox immediately. Like, I don't know what to do.

But this is something. We don't know about today. But this is something that we know our Department of Homeland Security is saying, they are waiting for cyber attacks.

It's a matter of -- of when, not if, anymore. And they're preparing.

What. Go ahead.

WILLIAM: You know, Glenn. My college. One Tree College, has a strong cyber security training program. And I'll go in their lab and just sit there sometimes. Half an hour later, I walked out scared to death.

Because if you saw the number of attacks, incoming attacks on our infrastructure, on our military, it's unrelenting.

We don't even know if some of them have broken through. Put sleepers into them. And are waiting to hit.

This is just a foretaste of the future.

GLENN: So tell me what do you think is most likely, and how it will affect us. And what we should -- how we should prepare for it.

WILLIAM: Well, first of all, if our cell phones really were dead, my daughter would have a nervous breakdown.

GLENN: I think a lot of children would.
WILLIAM: Yeah, the whole college. But number one, of course, is cyber attack. That's unrelenting from Russia, any number of bad players. Number two, actual --

GLENN: Wait. Wait. Wait.

Cyber attack, could include our water system. Our electrical grid.

Or -- do you think it would be all of it, or some of it?

WILLIAM: It could be targeted to a specific or in a general offensive. Like what I would call a first strike scenario, are widespread.

For example, take where you are. To pose water, all across the board, will shut down for 48 hours.

Because that's all electronically controlled.

What would happen to your town in one day, if all water was turned off?

GLENN: It wouldn't be good.

WILLIAM: It would be very bad, within 24 to 38 hours.


WILLIAM: I'm mainly focusing more on our electrical infrastructure.

I'm doing a lot of work. I talked with FEMA last week.

That's the bad one. Because if you lose electricity, that's the fundamental Billy -- then everything goes.

Water food, medical, all of it.

All of our distribution systems are off and on.

GLENN: How prepared -- I hate asking people questions like this.

How prepared are we?

WILLIAM: We're not.

GLENN: Okay. You're not improving my mood much.

WILLIAM: And my talk with southeast FEMA last week. There are a lot of good people working in that system. They're not bad guys.

And they say the number one thing is, if only Americans would be prepared, one month worth of emergency supplies on hand.

That applies to everybody.

Whether you're living in an apartment in the city. Have emergency water on hand.

Have food on hand.

Charge your systems up.

Have a small cell phone charger. These are basic things. And 90 percent of Americans just rile go along.

It could be a very bad day.

Don't you want to be prepared before, rather than after?

GLENN: So if something like this happens, would we be -- do you think we would be in lockdown situation? Or would you be able to travel to --

WILLIAM: Lockdown.

GLENN: Lockdown.

If you lost your whole electrical grid, even just regionally.

It would very quickly have to be a lockdown. To avoid panic.

Trying to keep control on population. Those people living in New York, remember when sandy hit ten years ago.

It got a little hairy there. Even though, tens of thousands of emergency supplies were being moved in.

They were down for two weeks. It would have been really bad.

GLENN: Yeah, my -- my uncle used to -- my uncle used to work for, I don't know. What department in -- in the military.

But he did some of the original studies on, you know, the aftereffects of war. And crisis.

And everything else.

And he said, generally speaking, you have 72 hours.
If everything isn't restored in 72 hours, you're done. You're done.

WILLIAM: Right. He is dead-on the mark.

72-hour max. Again, if you have -- everybody listening to you. If you have a month' worth of emergency supplies on hand, it doesn't cost that much.

You can at least hunker down, while the crazies are running up and down the street.

GLENN: Yeah. So if we had -- you know, there's -- it's strange.

You know, I -- I thought EMP is the worst thing that could happen to us ever.


GLENN: However, the more I see AI and everything else, it may in the end. And I'm saying 50 years from now. If AI has gotten out of control. An EMP may be our best friend. It will kill millions of people. But it will release a slavery. If God forbid, I'm in science fiction world here. But God forbid, AI went bad.

It's -- the ones and zeros would have to be confused.

WILLIAM: Well, the EMP scenario, which indeed is the worse.

According to two Congressional studies, which I base my novels on. I've done four books on the subject. Eighty to 90 percent of the population would be dead a year later. And people go, what?

Again, no food. No water. No medical supply.

No command and control.

People die. And they die very quickly.

GLENN: You know, when I read, this is years ago. One second after.