President Trump, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo: Who will win 2020 election amidst coronavirus panic?

Coronavirus panic is sweeping the world, as cases and fatalities continue to grow. But Americans still have a presidential race to consider, too. The 2020 election will be here before we know it, and a new poll from the Washington Post provides insight into an assumed President Trump vs. Joe Biden matchup. Biden's 7 point lead in February is now down to 2, putting the two candidates in a virtual tie. AND, thought only 28 percent of Biden supporters are "very enthusiastic" about him, 55 percent of Trump supporters are "very enthusiastic." 52 percent of Americans say they'd trust President Trump with the economy, and 47 percent say they trust Trump to handle the coronavirus pandemic compared to 43 percent who say they'd trust Biden. And while Stu doesn't think there's a chance NY governor Andrew Cuomo will replace Biden as the Democratic Party nominee, Glenn argues there's a chance. His approval rating is up to 87 percent statewide, and he might just need the "guy's clause" to clinch the spot. But whether it's Biden or Cuomo facing against the president, Trump KNOWS how to build an empire. He's a businessman, and if the economy is in shambles, Glenn predicts that Americans will pick Trump to fix it.


Is California ‘PURPOSEFULLY’ destroying this small business?

It seems like some politicians are purposefully trying to destroy the lives and dreams of certain Americans, specifically small business owners. Dave Foldes spoke to Glenn over six months ago after THIS audience raised thousands of dollars for his restaurant that refused to close: Cronies Sports Grill. Now, despite making progress in his administrative battle against LA, the city of Agoura Hills, California is coming for Cronies instead. And the reasoning is INSANE. But Foldes isn't giving up, and neither are his supporters. It's the ultimate David vs. Goliath showdown.


Trans Activism Will End Your Parental Rights | Abigail Shrier | Ep 110

There's a new "reality" spreading, and the mere act of questioning it is incredibly dangerous. Just ask Wall Street Journal investigative journalist Abigail Shrier. Her book, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters," exposes the radical gender activism that — just like critical race theory — has overtaken our children's schools and culture. But even worse, Shrier argues it could end your parental rights for good. She is by no means "anti-trans," but simply speaking up against the extremes of this new "reality" has made her enemy number one to the activists. Recently, the American Booksellers Association even called sending her book to others "a serious, violent incident." Abigail joins Glenn to lay out just how slippery this slope has proven to be and what we — conservatives and liberals — must do to protect our children.


DEADLY Negligence: Exposing the REAL Origins & Coverup of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Who were the people and groups involved with coronavirus research, and what really went down before and after the pandemic began? On "Glenn TV" this week, Glenn Beck heads to the chalkboard to outline a tale of negligence and then, coverup. The elites of the world - the people calling themselves experts - trusted the Chinese Communist Party with one of the most dangerous weapons we can imagine on this planet--a virus.

Glenn reveals who was involved in a definitive timeline, and argues: If proof of a lab leak does come out, the worlds needs to know EVERYONE that was involved. We must expose the coverup and attempt to control the narrative of the pandemic origins. Everyone from Big Tech, the media, the Chinese and even our own government have been involved. What lies behind the coverup could reveal the dirty secret that, in order to cut corners, the academic elites and government entrusted Communist China with a civilization-killing virus.

Watch the full episode below:

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