QASEM SOLEIMANI: Iran leader planned Benghazi attack, bombings in America, killed 600 US troops

Who WAS Qasem Soleimani? What made him so evil? Is it a good thing President Trump ordered the missile airstrike, ending the general's life? Glenn speaks to expert and author of 'Dark Forces,' Kenneth Timmerman about Soleimani and what made him JUST as bad as the Taliban's Osama Bin or ISIS' Al-Baghdadi. Soleimani didn't have to answer to Iranian elected leaders. His ONLY bosses were the religious zealots serving in the Supreme Council. He did whatever told, including planning and orchestrating several deadly terrorist attacks around the world. With his Quds Force, Soleimani was responsible for the 2012 Benghazi attack, blowing up the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires that killed hundreds of Jews, planning to bomb the Watergate Hotel in D.C., kidnapping and murdering 5 U.S. sailors in Iraq, AND he is responsible for the death of at least 600 more U.S. troops through IED attacks. Despite what some in Hollywood may say, Iranians wanting peace and freedom are celebrating the end of Soleimani.


YOU will be RESPONSIBLE for loss of rights if you riot

A new poster is circulating social media, calling for a record-breaking armed protest to take place across America on Inauguration Day. Here's Glenn's advice for those considering attendance: DON'T GO. No matter who is responsible for the poster or for any possible future chaos that may take place, the far left and the media WILL blame Trump supporters regardless of the facts. And because of that, if you attend and partake in rioting, you WILL be responsible for the loss of our rights that will come as a result. Don't go. But, listen to this clip to find out what Glenn thinks you SHOULD do on Inauguration Day instead…


Parler exec speaks out against ‘unfair’ Big Tech throttle

Big Tech isn't making it easy for organizations outside of the left's coalition to survive. Amy Peikoff is the Chief Policy Officer for Parler — the social media platform now throttled by Amazon, Apple, and Google. She joins Glenn to discuss the recent moves made against Parler and how the company is fighting to move forward: "We're doing everything we can to save civil discourse on the Internet. I promise: We're on it."


Can Frustrated Conservatives Learn from the Tea Party? | Matt Kibbe | Ep 92

The nation was shocked as the "Save America" rally in Washington, D.C., devolved into a siege of the U.S. Capitol. The day after, as heads were still spinning, Glenn sits down with Matt Kibbe, host of BlazeTV's "Kibbe on Liberty," to look at what led to this: Woke authoritarianism is in power, lockdowns are unending, and the Left has finally found out how to weaponize fear. The media is all too happy to watch the country burn, as long as the Left is holding the torch. But Glenn and Matt remember the lessons learned from the Tea Party, Martin Luther King Jr., and other movements that found success through peace. Conservatives and libertarians must find a path forward so we have more 9-12 marches, fewer stormings of the Capitol, and real change from those who believe they rule over us.


Here's how the left used COVID-19 to DESTROY us & our kids

COVID 19 was used to not only destroy businesses, morale, and education but to destroy us and our kids, too. The left is in control of nearly everything now, and they've used that power to make us feel alone. Glenn says he believes a miracle could happen to turn this great nation back towards the principles on which it was founded — BUT, we must turn back towards God first. Life DOES have meaning and tomorrow WILL be better.