RECESSIONS AREN'T ALWAYS BAD: And why Trump's 2020 messaging may need to change

Glenn explains why recessions can actually be GOOD for the economy, and he discusses why President Trump's 2020 messaging may be in danger if it is too closely tied to the economy.



The White House is taking another step in its efforts to control EVERYTHING your kids learn in school. The Biden Administration recently announced plans to change Title IX interpretations, which puts every public school — and the kids attending them — in jeopardy. Because if schools do not comply with the new rulings — like by not allowing biological boys to compete in girls’ sports or by not teaching young children about pronouns — they could lose funding for school lunches. Thankfully, some Republicans are pushing back HARD. Missouri’s Attorney General, Eric Schmidt, joins Glenn to explain why this rule change is unlawful, and he details how his colleagues are doing what they can to prevent it…


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GLENN: Welcome to Eric Schmidt. He is currently the Missouri attorney general, and been on the program several times. He's a friend of the program, because he is not a friend of ESG. And he has been working against, not only that. But an out-of-control federal government. Eric, welcome to the program. How are you?

KENNEDY: I'm great, Glenn. It's great to be back with you.

GLENN: So you wrote a letter to Joe Biden about the -- the lunch money, being held back from states. And from schools, that are not participating in the -- the gender bathrooms and everything else. I can't imagine how this is even legal for them to do. But can you walk us through this?

KENNEDY: Yeah. It's not legal. And I think you -- the intro to this segment. It's very important to get context. The administrative state is antithetical to this country, and what it's all about. The Founders set up a system of self-government. You could send people there. You could send them home. But they were accountable to voters. The deputy undersecretary of the Department of Education is accountable to no one. No one knows who it is. Yet, that person can issue guidance letters, rules, opinions that can affect millions of Americans.

And we need to -- one of the reasons why I'm running for United States Senate is, we need to fundamentally dismantle the administrative state.
From top to bottom, it's grown out of control. This is the most recent example. You have the Biden administration now, tying lunch money to gender identity politics. And what does that mean? Well, if your state doesn't allow or prohibit men competing in women's sports, you you would be ineligible. If you don't have, you know, these gender neutral bathroom rooms, you're ineligible. So the reach is hard to comprehend, because we really don't know what it means. But it's the most cowardly way to do it. Because the way you're supposed to go about effecting things in this country is: The elected representatives pass a law, right? And we all learn about the separation of powers, and there's certain checks there. Administrative agencies often issue rules that go through some scrutiny. And are the basis of a lot of our legal challenges. Because they don't follow the rules. Or they are unconstitutional, or something should be doing. Or in this instance, they just send a letter, Glenn. And they just write a letter, and create this chaos. And say, this is a guidance letter. And say, hey. Oh, by the way. You're taking this federal lunch money. You need to do X, Y, or Z. And so we're pushing back saying, hey. You're not allowed to do it, number one. And number two, it's unlawful. There's nothing in -- you're trying to rewrite federal law with a guidance letter.

And so we're pushing back on it. Because it's really an extreme agenda. And I think they know. They could never get the votes to do these sorts of things, or maybe they could. I don't know. But they haven't tried. They're just letters now.

GLENN: Here's the craziest thing. Is they continue to do these things, which are absolutely illegal. They're illegal. And they know it.

But they do it anyway. And I think that's because there's a lot of states, that will just go along with it. And if they can get those states through this way. That's great. But we are really, truly. This -- what Joe Biden is doing, is enacting Woodrow Wilson's greatest dream. A president who is nothing more than a chief administrator. And all of the laws. Everything else is run through his administration.

So it makes Congress really -- this is why the gun -- the gun bill yesterday is so scary. They didn't even lack at the bill. They didn't have time to read the bill. And thively is always in the details. And, Eric, I know you've seen Obamacare. I know you've read Obamacare. About every other page. Maybe every two pages. It says, the -- the director shall -- what was it exactly? The director shall define these regulations. So nobody had the regulations. It was left up to the director of the department, to just make up the laws.

KENNEDY: Right. And they say, we will promulgate the rules. Or we'll issue a standard. And all these sorts of things, Glenn. And here's the thing: It's not just the administrative state. The Article I branch, Congress deserves a lot of blame here too.

GLENN: Oh, yeah, yeah.

BILL: Because what the Founders thought was that each branch would jealously guard its powers. I mean, read the Federalist papers. That's what they were talking about.

Jealously guard their power. But Congress does this little two-step now. Where they say, I voted for the greatest bill in the world. But I can't believe the EPA did this. And that's why we got -- we got to put that genie back in the bottle. Make Congress vote on these things. Make them actually -- if it's -- you want to issue one rule. You have to pull back ten. President Trump had a good start on the two-for-one rule, that Biden got rid of. If it's over, take the -- take the number. If its economic impact is over, HEP Congress is owed on. I guarantee, a lot of this stuff wouldn't happen. But you need warriors that will go to Congress to actually fight for those things. But you're right. This is what they did, by the way, on the vaccine mandate.

Glenn, I think I was on your show to talk about this. Missouri was the first state to file. We took that all the way to the Supreme Court. But they knew what they were doing.

OSHA was created to make sure HEP when they back up. Not to force a medical procedure on 80 million Americans. But in the meantime, a lot of these companies. A lot of these hospitals, just sort of went along with it. Either because they wanted to. Or they were concerned about the legal ramifications. So this is part and partial to strategy. You're right. The progressive movement, Woodrow Wilson, one of our worst, if not worst president of all time sort of began this movement, of the experts know better than the people. You know, which is completely antithetical to this country. You know, you reject it. I reject it. But here we are now. The American left has all the controls of the levers of power. And they are bulldozing people's constitutional rights. These red flag laws are unconstitutional. They deny due process. And yet, here we are now: Even Republicans saying, well, we got to pass the bill. I mean, that's Nancy Pelosi stuff.

GLENN: I know.

MIKE: So, anyway, the states right now push back, and that's why we've been so aggressive.

GLENN: So, Eric, tonight I'm doing a special on the Department of Education opinion and the labor unions. The teacher's union in particular.

Those -- those two things, or at least the Department of Labor, has got to be -- or, sorry. The Department of Education, has got to be abolished. What happens statewide, if the Department of Ed was abolished? Because people will say, they're not going to get (?) for our schools then.

KENNEDY: Well, the fact of the matter, most of the money (?) however, there's enough that they can do things like this, right? Tie federal lunch programs to this radical he policies. How about just get rid (?) and block (?) that would be one step -- one way to do it. But also the tie here, Glenn, is. You block grant money to the state. One tie here that is very important, in Missouri, we have taken this issue on, of the indoctrination of our schools. This woke, identity politics, of making its way into our schools. Iridology -- we're going after it in a couple of different ways. We issue subpoenas. School districts in Missouri. Around the country. And these marching orders are coming from DC. That's why it's important to get rid of the Department of Education. Because this kind of ideological rigidity (?) stems from the Department of Education's relationship with the teacher's unions. But here's what they're doing in Missouri. Which they're doing in every other state. You just have the guts to stand up to it. We uncovered that there is a diversity, equity, inclusion consulting firms. One of which, by the way, is panorama. Merrick Garland's son-in law. (?) where they ask about kid's sexuality. Parent's income. Parent's political beliefs. This stuff is crazy. At the same time, we issued those subpoenas, to find out about that activity. (?) where parents can send us stuff, that's happening in our school district. Here's what we found. Teachers, administrative staff, are being trained (?) the oppression matrix. Where you divide up students by oppressor and oppressed. The things like (?) colorblindness, this radical (?) not the color of their skin is considered Corvette white supremacy. So are terms like make America great again. This kind of -- the gender unicorn, is being pushed. And I'll tell you, the other thing that we found just a couple of weeks ago. Kids are being forced, in front of their classmates, to do something calls the privilege walk. I mean, this is --

GLENN: Oh, my God.

KENNEDY: These are struggle sessions, Glenn, for kids. With this Marxist ideology. And we have to root it out. We have to be unafraid and root it out. Because this divisive (?) we need to start getting back to math and science. And how about civics? Why don't we start teaching civics again? But it's out of control. And we're pushing back.

GLENN: So, Eric, you're running for Senate. Your race is close between the other guy. The other guy does not look like he's able to win, or it would be close in the election against the Democrat. You beat the Democrat by 14 points.

A, two questions here. A, will you -- will you stand to abolish these -- this administrative state and abolish things like the Department of Education.

KENNEDY: Yes. And one of the things that I talked about. That a lot of candidates don't talk about. Is this, we have to dismantle the administrative state. And those are -- you know, a lot of fights that I've had as an attorney general has been about that. Right?

You see the abuse. You see the overreach. You take it on. And I'm going to take that experience (?) we need it now more than ever. The country is on the line.

GLENN: Now, the -- the next question is: I know somebody else that could run for Senate. And I'm -- I'm cautioning about it. Like, please, do you have a good replacement? Because we can't lose a great AG. We can't have you replaced as an AG. By some mealy mouthed AG. Is there somebody who (?)

KENNEDY: Yeah. There is. There is a long line, Glenn. One of the things I'm most proud of is AG. We've set the standard (?) we've set the temp let for what an aggressive AG does to push back against this overreach. And I think these important fights will roll through the United States Senate, Glenn. (?) I was proud to have Senator Mike Lee's endorsement. We (?) need more fighters. We need fighters. And the guy I'm running against is a quitter. Quit on the state. That's his track record. We need somebody that is unafraid. Stand up to this nonsense. And fight to save America.


I know you are. And if you have Mike Lee and Ted Cruz's endorsement. Those are the two -- the two that are an absolute must-have, I think for anybody that is going to be in the Senate. And I so appreciate how aggressive you've been on ESG, and also on the Department of Education, and what's happening in our schools. Eric Schmidt. What is your web address, if somebody wants to get involved in your campaign?

MIKE: Yeah. Schmidt for Senate. (?) the Twitter machines and Facebook too. They want to get involved. Schmidt for Senate is the website. It's a great movement we've got. Again, we need conservative fighters right now. That will push back. And President Trump showed us what that meantime. And we have to take these folks on.

GLENN: Thank you very much, Eric, I appreciate it. Schmidt for Senate is the web


White House TARGETS ammunition sales with ‘INSIDIOUS’ plan

Thanks to a recent report from The Federalist, we now know of an ‘insidious’ White House plan to significantly alter commercial sales of ammunition. But not only would this plot skyrocket the price of ammunition for everyday consumers, but it could create a national security risk by limiting one factory’s ability to produce for the military under war-time demand as well. Larry Keane, from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, joins Glenn to detail this White House move, and he explains how he knows the government is LYING about it too.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: There was a story, I think it was last week in the Federalist. And we saw it. And we began to do our own homework on it. Because it was very, very disturbing. And it came out of the Federalist. While Democrats claimed to engage in talks on bipartisan gun legislation in good faith, the White House is behind the scenes, trying to shut down nationwide ammunition sales. In northwestern Missouri, major government-owned ammunition plant is now facing closure, as the Biden administration escalates its war on American gun owners. The Lake City ammunition factory is one of the largest manufacturers of -- of 556 and 223 ammunition, which is the most popular caliber for the most targeted firearm in the country, the AR-15. In operation since 1941 to produce ammunition for the U.S. Army. The government contracts with the private firm, Winchester, to run the enterprise. And sell any excess supplies to the open market. So here's what happened: Winchester called them. I'm sorry. The government called Winchester. Apparently, allegedly. And said, you know, you've got a cute little business going on here. And it would be horrible for something to happen to that business. You know what I'm saying? So what I would like you to do is maybe -- maybe stop selling the 30 percent of the ammunition, to the private market. And Winchester said, most likely, well, if we do that, then if there's a war, we can't ramp up to be able to make more ammunition for the war machine. I don't think you heard me. You're going to stop selling that ammunition. Now, celebrity voices are impersonated in this scenario. But I think that's pretty much what happened there. Otherwise, maybe we find somebody else to make our ammunition. You know what I'm saying?
So public/private partnerships always work out so very well. So we started doing our homework. It looks like Susan Rice was involved in this. But, again, nobody is talking because they're all afraid of their legs being broken. One group, that we have spoke to, that knows the situation. Very well. Is the national shooting sports foundation. And we have Larry Keen on with us. Hello, Larry. How are you?
LARRY: Good to be with you, Glenn. How are you?
GLENN: Very good. Very good. So, you know, I know -- I know it wasn't quite as mob-like. Perhaps with Susan Rice involved. Maybe it was more. But can you tell me, is the just of what I just said correct?
LARRY: Basically, yes. Winchester was contacted by the army. That runs or owns the Lake City amnesty facility. That Winchester runs under our contract. And they were told that the army is considering issuing a policy edict, which Winchester would no longer be able to sell into the commercial market. Excess ammunition. Above the needs of the military. To the commercial market. Which it counts for -- between 30 and 40 percent of the market for 556 ammunition. Which is the caliber most commonly chambered for modern sporting rifles, including AR-15.
GLENN: That's crazy.
LARRY: So that's going into effect on the commercial market for gun owners, as well as to harm national security and military preparedness.
GLENN: So there's a couple of things here. First of all, let's talk about the commercial side. The commercial side. You dropped 30 to 40 percent. Your price. I've read your price of ammunition would go up three to four times. Is that true?
LARRY: Obviously, you know, economics being supply and demand. If you cut the supply, there's already strain by 30-plus percent. It's going to have a significant impact on a price in the commercial market. For sure. It's also going to have an impact on what the military pays for ammunition, manufactured at the Lake City facility. Because the cost -- the economics of running that business, for Winchester would change dramatically.
GLENN: So the other -- the other part of this is for the military, not just in cost. But the reason why, if I'm not mistaken. The reason why Winchester has that 30 percent, and they make 30 or 40 percent of the commercial market. Is so they have the staff, in case there's ever a major war. They have the staff. They don't have to ramp up. They can just shift all of that over to the military, immediately. So we have enough adjust to be able to fight a war. Is that true?
LARRY: That's precisely correct. And if they can't sell us to the commercial market, those employees are gone. Our production capacity is gone. In a surgery situation. Let's say hypothetically, we were engaged in a shooting war, with an adversary like Russia or China or something. The ability to Winchester to meet that surge and demand would not exist. You would not be able to meet that need. Whereas, now they can. They can simply shift that production to commercial market, to the priority of meeting the needs of the war fighter. So that ability is gone, and we can't meet surge and demands. And the price that the military pays for the ammunition they get now, even in a non-surge situation, would go up considerably. And the salience of the commercial market, also helps to fund capital expenditures. At the Lake City facility. So it's not just that Winchester sells that ammunition in the commercial market. They -- they also are putting money back into the POD, to -- for capital improvements. Capital expenditures at Lake City. So that it is paid and can meet surge demand for the military.
GLENN: So as this was revealed last week, we had some congressmen start to write some letters to the White House. Some press started to sniff around, at least on the right side. We started to sniff around. And immediately, the gates are closed to the White House. And they say, this is -- and I want to quote them here. The reports on a possible ban are way off. Uh-huh.
Do you believe that?
LARRY: The person making that is either woefully uninformed of the facts, because there was a meeting at the highest levels of the military on Friday. To discuss this very issue. Or, they are not being truthful. But it -- it happened. It is happening. And there is a letter from 50 House members that has gone to the White House yesterday, led by Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, in whose district the Lake City facility is located. And Senator Blunt's office from Missouri has been engaged in this issue as well. So in 2015, the Obama administration tried to ban this ammunition, under this incorrect legal feeling that it was somehow armor-piercing ammunition. It is not by definition, armor-piercing ammunition.
GLENN: Okay. Hold on. Hold on just a second. Because that's really important. Because I just read another story today. That said, this is armor-piercing ammunition. Now, you say by definition, it's not. What does that mean?
LARRY: Go look up the gun control act. Section 921. And you can find the definition for armored-piercing ammunition. And if you look at this M85532 ammunition, it does is not meet the definition of armor-piercing ammunition. It is not by law, armor-piercing ammunition. So the Obama administration's effort in 2015, to somehow declare an armored-piercing ammunition was withdrawn. And when this was a reaction by Congress, and there were over 300,000 comments. Public comments to a notice that ATF had put out. They backed off. Unable to make it illegal. The Biden administration now is trying to make it unavailable. This is all because they can't pass a ban on modern sports rifles. So if you can't -- ban the ammunition.
GLENN: Without burning any bridges here, because I think it's very important that we know the truth. And I certainly don't want to cause any trouble. How do we know your information is accurate? How do we know the White House is lying here?
LARRY: We have had direct conversations with officials at Winchester. And we've had conversations with staff and Senator Blunt and Congresswoman Hartzler's office. So this is, in fact, happening. And they may have decided, they've been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. But for them to say, it was never under consideration. Again, either the person making that statement is woefully uninformed of the true facts, or is misleading the public.
GLENN: Another way of saying that is lying. The White House has been lying about many things they continue to say. Things are conspiracy theories. Or they're -- or inaccurate. And then all of a sudden, what do you know? It turns out to be true. Has this stopped? Do you know? Is the pressure off of -- of Winchester? Is this not going through now that they've been nabbed?
LARRY: We have not been informed, that -- that this -- this definitively has been withdrawn, and is no longer being considered. But this -- you know, this is not the first time we've seen an effort by first Obama. Now Biden. To ban this ammunition. To make it unavailable. So we are going to continue to pursue this issue. To ensure that this is not -- no longer a recurring problem. And that -- that whoever holds the contract, for the Lake City facility, has the right to sell this excess ammunition, into the commercial market. Because, again, it's necessary for military preparedness. It's important for the taxpayer. And it helps to fund capital expenditures, at the facility. And it's important obviously for Second Amendment rights, for the exercise.
GLENN: Exactly right. Exactly right. Larry, is there anything the public can do?
LARRY: They should contact their elected representatives in Washington. Their congressmen. And their representatives. And insist that this issue be fixed once and for all. So we don't have to visit it every couple of years.
GLENN: And how do we fix it once and for all?
LARRY: We make it clear in statute, that whoever holds that contract has the right to sell this excess ammunition in the commercial market for the reasons we've just talked about.
GLENN: Okay. Thank you so much. Larry, I appreciate it.
I appreciate everything that you guys are doing, keeping our second amendment right safe. Thank you. Appreciate it. We'll stay in touch. That's Larry King. He's from the national shooting sports foundation about the Missouri ammunition plant that the Biden administration is trying to curtail, which would cut off a third to 40 percent of the 223 and 556 ammunition, which is the ammunition used by modern sporting rifles.
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And I think it's just the season up here. Anyway, Relief Factor, it works. It works for me. It gave me my life back. I kind of forgot what it was like to live with pain all the time. Call 800-4-Relief. 800-4-Relief.It's Ten-second station ID.(music)Welcome to the program. Stu Burguiere, our executive producer. I find this story that's coming out of Missouri to be really insidious. Again, the president said yesterday, he was talking about gun control. And he said, there's many ways to skin a cat. And believe me, they're going to use every way to skin a cat. Here's the one thing that the Democrats are very good at, that the Republicans suck at. And that is, while they're not in power, they are making plans. And the plans that were being laid before Biden won the White House, and we know because we reported. They were open about it. And we reported on it. They had committees, getting together, to find out, to look at all of the cabinet positions, and to see what instruments they had, or could be construed as having, that they could turn those levels, and change the way of our life, without going to Congress. This is one of them. And, you know, if the White House wants us to believe that they're not doing this. You know, it's -- it's a bridge too far. Because you would have to ask yourself, if you're a progressive, why wouldn't you be doing this? This is what ESG is all about. Why wouldn't you be shutting down the things -- the -- all of the funding, to things that affect global warning, or things that help guns. On the street.
Of course, you would. If that's the way you're operating, through an administrative arm, why wouldn't you be doing it? Of course, they're doing it. Of course, they are. And it's very, very dangerous.
STU: Yeah. There's an interview with Chris Murphy, the guy who is negotiating the bipartisan gun control bill. And it was with the New York Times. So it was arguing -- the Times was basically saying, wait. You're not getting enough here. You're not getting enough here. You need to get more. And his position was, look, what we need to do is pass this even if it's not the best bill in the world. Because the goal of this is not just to save lives. But it's also to convince Republicans that the sky do fall on them politically, if this thing passes.
We just need to show them, that if they go along with some of this. They're not going to get punished, like they think they will. They're always scared of the sky falling. We need to show them that the sky won't fall. So it's really up to us. To make sure if something like this passes, to remind the Republicans that, yes. The sky will fall, if you do something like this. It will. And we need to make sure it does.
GLENN: Besides Cornyn, who is -- because, I mean, the phone should light up at Senator Cornyn's office. If you're in Texas. Can you give me the names of all the people that are involved in this, on the Republican side? Because the sky needs to fall in on them right now right now. It needs to fall in.
STU: Yeah. So four of them I think are retiring. The other six are not up for election this year.
GLENN: What cowards. What cowards.
STU: And, honestly, you would trade -- I would trade nine of these senators for one toasted cheddar Chalupa from -- from Taco Bell. Only one who has been any value in the group of ten is Pat Toomey, who has always been a pretty good senator with one exception, which has been guns. Other than that, he's been pretty good, but the other nine are just, you know, garbage.
GLENN: I think that -- I think that you're asking too much to trade. All of those senators.
STU: One Chalupa?
GLENN: No. I don't think so. I mean, stop being unreasonable. We're negotiating here.


In Joe Biden’s America we IGNORE pro-choice TERRORISM?

The closest the Biden administration has come to calling out Jane’s Revenge — a group of violent, pro-choice activists — came when the Department of Homeland Security published a terror advisory warning of crime on BOTH sides of the Roe v. Wade debate. But when’s the last time you’ve heard of pro-life supporters protesting — or even worse — outside the homes of Supreme Court justices? But there have been SEVERAL violent instances from pro-choice proponents, and the Biden administration remains SILENT in calling them out. So, how FAR must this go before the president does his job?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: What I'm about to talk to you about today, will not be mentioned by the mainstream media. They definitely will not be addressing it in the Biden administration. And I doubt the Department of Justice is doing Jack squat. This is the closest to a mainstream media outlet that anyone will get for Jane's Revenge. Two weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued a terrorism threat advisory bulletin, where they warned. And I quote, individuals who advocate both for and against abortion, have on public forums encouraged violence. So if you are pro-life, apparently you're just as dangerous as some of these insane abortion enthusiasts, that are showing up to the Supreme Court justice's home. Biden's DOJ has equated the current breakout of violent acts surrounding abortion, to both sides of the equation.

How many participants of the march of life, have shown up to a Supreme Court justice's home, you know, to even march, let alone to even kill? The Family Research Council tallied up over the recent violent attacks, and found that there have been over 40 incidents, involving pro-life organizations. And churches, since the leak on the Dobbs decision. And the attacks span the entire country. Washington, DC. Washington State. Georgia, Texas. Maryland. Virginia. Wisconsin. New York. Michigan. It's everywhere. Now, imagine if a wave of terror attacks, spanning the entire country, began breaking out over the cause considered right-wing or conservative. How do you think Biden's DOJ would react? How do you think the media would react to this?

We know the answer. But this is a relatively new phenomena, when it comes to terror. Back in the 1960s, '70s. We knew exactly what the left-wing extremists were all about. We were fighting a war against global communism. And we knew that fear was their weapon. In both the government and the media called them on it. Here's just a short list of some of the left-wing extremist groups. The Weather Underground. The Symbionese Liberation Army. The United Freedom Front. F-L-A-N. And the May 19th Communist organization, that included members of the Black Panthers. Even with an active campaign, to expose them, and catch them, and prosecute them, these left-wing terrorists were responsible for an insane amount of criminal acts and bombings and murders. Imagine if the media of today, were operating back then. Well, we have a little taste. As the Democrats began to turn a blind eye to the left-wing violence in the 1990s. Things began to spiral out of control. Have you ever heard of the Animal Liberation Front, or the Earth Liberation Front? Most haven't.

But between 1996 and 2002, they were responsible for 600 criminal acts that caused over $42 million, in damages. But those guys are rookies. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence in 2020 alone, resulted in multiple deaths, and one to $2 billion in damage. We went from a nation of laws and law enforcement, to a nation of, no, I'm reimagining this violence, as mostly peaceful. It's mostly peaceful firebombs, murders, and chaos.

The problem is that the Democratic Party just stopped caring. They realized that fear is a very powerful weapon. And in 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Patty Hearst to help one radical Marxist group commit armed robberies.

Then he pardoned Weather Underground members, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans. Rosenberg was convicted of possessing 740 pounds of dynamite. And Evans was convicted for helping to bomb the U.S. Capitol. We've seen the pictures recently. It was much, much, much worse than anything that happened on January 6th. So in 2017, Obama then commuted the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera. He helped lead the Marxist group FLAN. That group from 1974 to 1983, as he was leader, they were responsible for more than 130 bombs, four deaths, and dozens wounded.

Are you noticing a pattern here? The people who are getting released by our Democratic presidents, are all terrorists. This is the modern American left. They pardon or commute the sentences for Marxist terrorists. But a nationwide campaign to attack churches and pro-life organization. That goes on now, in silence. Why? Well, I think it's consistent. They've refused to bat an eye. When the son of two Weather Underground members, Chesa -- how do you say his last name? Boudin? Yeah. Chesa Boudin, who runs for district attorney in San Francisco. That is -- that is the son. Then they try and run PR, as he's blamed for massive crime waves, that ultimately ended in his recall.

The Democratic party. They see fear as a weapon. Maxine Waters told her supporters to follow the G.O.P. politicians, everywhere they go. It's why Keith Ellison tweeted a photo of himself, holding a copy of the Antifa handbook. It's why Jen Psaki would never say the Biden administration condemned the abortion protest, outside of Kavanaugh's home. They want you to be afraid. They want you to be subdued. They want you to be broken. Over 40 attacks on pro-life organizations and churches. And it appears, that the Justice Department is ignoring it. Where are they?

Let me show you again, a poster from the night of rage. This is a poster that is on the streets of the District of Columbia today, as we wait for more results from the Supreme Court.

Posters everywhere in New York, DC Call to Action, Night of Rage. The night SCOTUS overturns Roe vs. Wade, hit the streets. You said you would riot. To our oppressors: If abortions aren't safe, neither are you. Jane's Revenge.

Well, where is the DOJ on this? In May, a pro-life organization Madison Wisconsin, attacked with a mazel tov cocktail. Also, vandalized with the words "abortions aren't safe, then neither are you." Hmm. Sound familiar? Now, it wasn't immediately known, who was responsible. But an anonymous, intermediary, reached out to investigate journalist Robert Evans, claiming responsibility. I'm sorry. They reached to an investigative reporter, Robert Evans, claiming responsibility. It was titled the first communiqué. And that first communiqué. Was found on the dark web. You know, where nobody I know, lives. The group calls themselves Jane's Revenge. That comes from a 1970's era group that performed illegal abortions, called the Jane's Collective.

Now, listen to some of their own words, from the first communiqué. Quote, this is not a declaration of war. War has been upon us for decades. This was only a warning. As you continue to bomb clinics and assassinate doctors with impunity. So too, shall we adopt increasing extreme tactics to maintain freedom over our own bodies. We are forced to adopt the minimum military requirement, for a political struggle. Again, this was only a warning. Next time, the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. Medical imperialism will not face a passive enemy. Wisconsin is the first flash point. But we are all over the US. And we will issue no further warnings. And we will not stop. We will not back down. Nor will we hesitate to strike. We are not one group. But many. We are in your city, we are in every city. Jane's Revenge.

Is that not terror? Is that not the very definition of a terrorist group? This warning came out May 8th. On May 30th. Jane's Revenge issued another communiqué, announcing a night of rage, which they are holding secret for the near term, and the near future. We believe, because of the posters that have just been put out, that that is for the night of broken glass, if you will. The riot. The night that Roe vs. Wade may be overturned.

Now, imagine, what would happen if the Weather Underground. Or May 19th Communist organization bombed a government building? Then announced a night of rage in the near future. If they were stalking our Supreme Court justices, the FBI, the DOJ and every other alphabet agency, would have been all hands on deck, in all of government response within to find them, and to take them down. Again, where is the Department of Justice? Where was Joe Biden's address to let the public know, that they condemned this group, and they're actively investigating? The warnings have gone unanswered. And one week later, a pro-life facility operated by compass care, in Buffalo was the next to be firebombed. One week later, Jane's Revenge took credit for the attack. They were also listing other attacks that they were involved with. Quote, you may have seen us in Madison, Wisconsin. Ft. Collins, Colorado. Riser Town, Massachusetts. Olympia, Washington. Des Moines, Iowa. Lynnwood, Washington. Washington, DC. Asheville. Buffalo. Hollywood, Florida. Vancouver, Washington. Frederick, Maryland. Denton, Texas. Gresham, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon. Portland, Oregon. And upon many others.

And we work in countless locations invisibly. Quoting, your 30 days expired yesterday. We offered an honorable way out. You could have away, but now the leash is off. And we will make it as hard as possible for you to campaign and continue your campaign of aggression, oppression. We have demonstrated in the past month, how easy and fun it is to attack. From here forward, any anti-choice group, who closes their doors and stops operating. Will no longer be a target. But until you do, it is open season. And we know where your operations are.

Again, where is the department of justice? They've already claimed responsibility for at least 17 attacks. There are more than 2800 pregnancy clinics in the country. How hard -- how far does this have to go, before Biden does his job? We've been looking into this organization, trying to find its funding. It appears, their structure is specifically designed to be vague. It's also suspiciously exactly the way Antifa operates. We spoke to some pro-life organizations, that voiced suspicion, that Jane's Revenge could, in fact, be members of Antifa. We're still looking into it. But their organization, as well as their graffiti, is very telling. Some of the buildings they've attacked have been tagged with the anarchist A, common with Antifa. They also spray-painted the numbers 1312, which stands for ACAB. ACAB, All Cops Are Bastards. Does that sound like a pro-abortion person talking to you?

For years, we have asked the government to do something about Antifa. President Trump tried to label them as domestic terrorists. But it never went through. That inaction contributed to the Summer of Rage in 2020. And their further inaction has now put pro-life organizations, even at greater risk. And at this point, the only way to get Biden's DOJ to take notice, is if you're a parent who doesn't like CRT. Or sexually explicit material in your kid's schools. Or if you happen to be on Washington, DC's mall on January 6. And that's about it.

If a leftist terrorist group violently attacks a pro-life organization, declares more attacks in the future. No big deal.

If you just follow the trends from the Democrats over the past few decades, this is not surprising. Nor will it be surprising, what happens when the left unleashes war on our streets. For fear is their weapon. And congratulations, who everybody wanted a return to normalcy, with Joe Biden. Welcome to Joe Biden's America.


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