Remembering 9/11: Riaz Patel recalls his experience of that day and the days to follow

9/11 meant something different for everybody yet unified in ways few things could. Riaz Patel grieved just like everyone else, but as a Pakistani-American, the aftermath of that day was isolating and full of a different kind of fear.


FAKE OUTRAGE?: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin condemns Trump’s response to McCain’s death, ‘It’s despicable’

Filling in for Glenn Beck on Tuesday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, and Jeff Fisher discussed the hypocrisy of fake liberal outrage, in particular over President Donald Trump's lack of praise for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) after his death on Saturday.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin, who, according to Pat, is no real fan of McCain, appeared to be incensed that President Trump didn't say "anything" about the late senator. She referred to McCain as a "hero" and a "lion of a man."