‘This HAS TO STOP’: Why Nikki Haley is SUING New York’s AG

‘Republicans are too nice,’ Nikki Haley, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, tells Glenn. Often they ‘whine and complain’ but refuse to take necessary action to stop corrupt politicians who break the law. That’s why Haley is SUING New York State’s Attorney General, Letitia James, for her alleged involvement in leaking ‘completely confidential’ tax returns that exposed financial donors to Haley’s policy organization, Stand For America. The left is trying to intimidate conservatives, Haley says, but they failed to intimidate her: ‘I went up against China and Russia in the United Nations. It wasn't easy. It wasn't always nice. But you do it, because you know you're fighting for good.


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GLENN: Nikki Haley is with us. She's a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Former (?) for stand for America. And and there was a problem with the attorney general's office in New York. Withstand for America America. They accidentally leaked some documents. Nikki is here to tell us all about it. Nikki, on you are you?

SPEAKER: Hey, Glenn, thanks for having me on.

GLENN: You bet. You bet. So tell me what happened.

SPEAKER: You know, basically we have a policy organization, that we go out, we send out newsletters every day to over 3 million people. We talk about anything from the fact that it's wrong to make someone who goes to college, pay for someone who does go to college. That we need term limits. $30 trillion in debt is a problem, and spending more is not going to help the inflation situation. Why men shouldn't be playing in girl's sports. We talk about all sorts of things. We hit Biden. We hit Pelosi. We hit Gavin Newsom. We (?) observed solutions. So we've had this for about three years. It's called stabbed for America. And all of a sudden, we get contacted by a news organization, saying, we have a copy of your tax returns. Which is supposed to be completely confidential. Just like personal tax returns are. And we're going to release all of your donors off of it. Well, we said, okay. Send us the copy that you say you have. And we look at it, and on the last page, it's stamped by the New York State attorney general's office. The New York State attorney general released this tax return, to try and intimidate conservatives conservatives. And, Glenn, they have done this, I have this for as long as I can remember. Republicans are too nice. They're too nice. When something like this happens, they whine, they complain, and then they turn around, and it happens to someone else. Well, we're not going to do that. We are suing the United States attorneys general. We are calling (?) on Merrick Garland to investigate the New York attorneys general office. It's not going to be cheap. It's not going to be easy. But if we don't do it, at some point, this has to stop. And I hone every conservative listening today, will join us in that fight. And go to stand for And let's (?) when you mess with us, you mess with the wrong person.

GLENN: Are you going to sue Politico, because Politico was the one that released the names, correct?

SPEAKER: Yes. So that's obviously something we're looking at. They said, this is First Amendment rights. But we're also looking at what it takes to sue -- definitely, New York State attorney general. Definitely going after Merrick Garland, to have to answer for this. We are looking at suing documented (?) who is the one that got this from the state attorney general and gave it to Politico. And we're looking at what we're going to do to Politico. We're looking at err actor who responded to this.

GLENN: I mean, they would never, ever, ever publish the dark (?) never.

And they're -- there's so much money running through that dark network. Democracy alliance. They would never seen think about doing this. They're only doing it --

SPEAKER: The ACLU. Planned Parenthood. None of those. None of those have been leaked. Yet, they have gone after president Trump. They have gone after the NRA. They've gone after pro-life groups. Now they're going after us. Anyone that is a thorn in their side. They turn around and think they can intimidate us, just by doing something like this. It takes a lot more than that.

GLENN: So let me ask you, Nikki, do you think the intimidation will work to some degree. I haven't met them yet. But are there people who are saying. You know what, I'm not going to get involved. I don't want my name on a list.

SPEAKER: You know, we have stand for America packages. A political organization. Hundreds of thousands of donors. And we publish all of those. Because political (?) policy organizations, typically donors, they care about policies. They just don't want to get into the political mess. And so this was the way of trying to do that. Everyone -- we contacted every donor before this happened. To let them know. And every one of them said, we support you. We appreciate what you're doing. You go out there and fight. And so, you know, we -- I was very proud of, you know, how donors handled this. And it's not about the donors themselves. It's about the fact they don't want us talking about what's right. They don't want us calling out the truth. And they don't us to expose them for what they really are. Which is running our country in the ground.

STU: Well, I hope you make progress in this -- in this lawsuit. This is so dangerous. It is -- honestly, they have weaponized the government in states where they control. And they've weaponized the federal government. And they think that -- that somehow or another, that's going to help them win. I don't think so.

I think this wakes America up.A, well, and keen in mind, this is a violation of state tax law. And a violation of federal tax law. So if nothing is done to them for this. Where will they go next? I mean, at some point, something has to give. (?) and every conservative out there, who has explained about the Biden administration, complained about these liberal attorneys general, who are getting involved in things. To hurt conservatives. Everyone, don't complain about it. Do something about it. We need you to go to stand for We need your voices to be loud.

And we never to let them know, we are fighting fire with fire. And I think that's something that Republicans have not done well. It is time to turn the corner on that. Because if they can do this to us, they can do this to everyone else. And rule of law matters. It matters.

And the Democrats have decided, they're going to break it any way that fits their narrative. We have to make them be held accountable for this.

GLENN: I have (?) not all of them obviously. But the people like Mitch McConnell. I don't even know what they're running on. I mean, I think they're just running on, we're not those guys. I think that's what Mitch McConnell's plan is.

SPEAKER: Well, you know, and I'll tell you, if you're tired, you need to leave. That's why I'm such a fan of term limits. But if you're going to represent the people, you have to be willing to do the things that are uncomfortable to do. You have to be willing toggle spew the fight, and say, we're going to (?) fight for freedom. We're going to fight for the rule of law. We're going to fight for our country back. And we're not going to (?) guess what. That's politics. You play dirty back right with them. There's a way to do it.

GLENN: A legal -- fight dirty legally. Fight strong.

SPEAKER: Yeah. You know, look, I went up against China and Russia in the United Nations. It wasn't easy. It wasn't always nice. But you do it, because you know you're fighting for good. You're fighting for the right thing. You're fighting for truth. You're fighting for a better way. And that's what this is about. Republicans, their policies lift up everyone opinion.

Not just a (?) small group of people. They lift up everyone. And that's why we fight as hard as we do. Democrats don't like it, because (?) they fight for lining their own pockets. They fight in a way that's corrupt, just to fit their narrative. And we're calling them out on the fact that they're not doing that. Don't tell me that minorities are incapable of getting an ID to vote. They're perfectly capable. Yes, we call them out when they're against voter ID. Don't tell me that parents are incapable of picking the school that their children should go to. We call them out when they're against school choice. Don't tell them they're think unfair, when they're taking students -- people who didn't go to college, and telling them, oh, now you have to pay for those who did go to college. It's wrong. It's criminal. So, yes, we call them out. But we call them out, because that's the truth. And that's what I've always done is fight for the truth. And that's what I will fight for on this. Because we will not be intimidated. We will not be bullied. And every conservative out there, don't complain about it, do something about it. We all need to be united on.

GLENN: Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the UN. And governor. And you were a Tea Party candidate, if I'm not mistaken.

SPEAKER: I was opinion, yes, I was.

GLENN: Do you sense this is a wave election, like it was with the Tea Party?

SPEAKER: I hope so. You know, three months ago, I would I would have told you yes. Four months ago, I would have (?) told you yes. It feels shaky now. I know we're going to win the House. The Senate is going to be iffy. I'm going to try as hard as I can. I'm out there. We've endorsed 50 candidates. We're going to be all over the country, September and October, helping these people get over the finish line. But it's going to take all of us to do this. It's really that important. And what I don't want to see -- what we're seeing, Republicans are -- you hear the media saying, oh, but this isn't a good candidate. Or that isn't a good candidate. Every one of our Republican candidates are better than the Democrat candidates. And we have to fight for them. We have to fight for them. So we'll be there for Herschel Walker. We'll be there for Dr. Oz. We're there for Sarah Palin. We will continue to be there for all of our conservatives. Because honestly, we need their voice. We need their fight. And I'm going to be there to fight with them.

GLENN: Nikki, thank you very much. Nikki Haley. She's the founder of stand for America. You can find more information and join the fight at stand for


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We MUST GET OFF this road before we're FORCED to 'OWN NOTHING'

How do you get the most wealthy nation in history to accept the concept, "you will own nothing and you will be happy"? Glenn heads to the chalkboard to explain where we were, where world leaders are taking us, and how they're using the financial system to force us down the "road to serfdom" where corporations, partnered with the government, will own everything and WE will have to obey...


PROOF people around the WORLD are WAKING UP to the far left

Everybody can feel that something is wrong, Glenn says. And that’s not just in regard to American voters. No, people EVERYWHERE are beginning to wake up and realize that far-left, elite politicians in governments around the WORLD (and their partnerships with large corporations) are a danger to freedom, to democracy, and to our republic. In this video, Glenn proves these feelings aren’t just American. Watch to see Italy’s new Prime Minister speak passionately about the very same sentiment, three years ago, in a POWERFUL speech…


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GLENN: Okay. Everybody knows, everybody can feel it. Something is wrong. Something is wrong.

They are now fearmongering about democracy. Democracy is at stake. Democracy itself is on the ballot, I agree.

However, I don't agree with the Democrats saying that. Because I don't believe I know because we've done our homework. We actually read what they write. We read their plans. And we listen to what they actually say. We also watch what they actually do.

Democracy is at stake. It is on the ballot. But it is not the Democrats that are defending. They're not defending our Constitution, or the republic.

Now, they may want a democracy, but they're not a democracy because democracies always fail. Why did Hillary Clinton say this over the weekend? Cut seven.

VOICE: I remember as a young student, you know, trying to figure out, how did people get basically drawn in by Hitler? How did that happen? And I would watch newsreels. And I would see this guy, standing up there and ranting and raving. And people outing, raising their arms. And I'm like, what happened to these people? Why did they believe that? You saw the rally in Ohio the other night. Trump is there, ranting and raving for more than an hour. And you have these rows of young men, with their you arms raised. I thought, what is going on? So there is a real pressure, and I think it is fair to say, we're in a struggle between democracy and autocracy.

GLENN: Okay. We are. We are, except the ones who are saying that, like Hillary Clinton, are the ones calling half of the country, Nazis. Nazis. Nazis were socialists. They believed in the giant, all-powerful state. They believed in a public/private partnership between business and government. There is only one party that fills that role. And it is not anyone who is a constitutional conservative. We are against those things.

So why is she saying this? Well, let me show you what happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this weekend. This is -- this is a town, with I think more churches than gas stations. Look what happened, just last week in Chattanooga. Legs spread for children at Chattanooga Pride Youth Day. And they had a trans show at Youth Day. All right.

STU: We should point out that the kid in the bathroom is three?

GLENN: Well, that one is in a stroller, and the others are probably three or four years old. Now, you have to ask yourself: What is wrong with us? What is wrong with us?

Nothing is wrong with us. Some of the people who are there, something is wrong with them. I don't know what it is. But they don't seem to think that this is a problem, at all, to have guys dressed in drag, grinding on the floor, for an 8-year-old. Strippers, to be watched by a 12-year-old.

Okay? Incredible damage being done to our country, right now. The good news is, more and more people are waking up. I want to show you two things. First, I want to play a song, from a group I found. This is a California group. Okay?

A group of musicians, I love all of their music. As I've discovered them over the summer, I'm listening to their music, and I'm like, I don't know who these guys are. But they are absolutely right on their lyrics. On some of their lyrics, they're amazing. This one is called Feed the Machine. If Klaus Schwab, had an orchestra, they would play this will song. I'm convinced by Poor Man's Poison.

GLENN: That's Poor Man's Poison. Now, I don't know what their politics are. I don't really care what their politics are. The theme of that song is just feed the machine. Just lie to the people, to feed the machine. Do whatever you have to. They don't mean anything, they're all just slaves. Have you ever noticed that when somebody learns how to fly, for instance, the Wright brothers, there are people all over the world, that claim they invented it, at the same time?

It always happens this way. Somebody learns -- or, figures out how to make a lightbulb. And somebody else does it, at the same time, someplace else. And they're completely disconnected. How is that? I believe there is a God. I believe -- but you don't have to believe that. You could believe in just the universe. And we're all transmitters. We're transmitters. We're beacons. And we're sending out signals. And it's going through the ether. Through the universe.

What we think, we become. What we think, is a beacon. What's happening right now, people all over the world, are saying the same things. You just heard this, from a group from California. Let me play a piece of a speech, of the woman, the left is calling a fascist today. They are literally reporting on MSNBC today, fascism has returned to Italy. Now, I don't know anything about this woman. I know a couple of people, that are Italians, that voted for her. They're not fascist. In fact, they were always center, maybe left. But they've had enough. So what was the winning speech? What was her message, that people were hearing?

Remember, they're all slaves. Just feed the machine. Keep it running. We don't care about them. This is her speech, asking the audience why have we all gathered here? What are we all hearing?

Going to translate. Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There's a single answer to these questions. Because it defines us. Because it's our identity. Because everything that defines us, is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity, and simply be perfect consumer slaves. And so they attack our national identity. They attack our religious identity. They attack our gender identity. And the family identity. I can't define myself as an Italian, Christian, woman, mother, no. I must be a citizen X, gender X, parent one, parent two. I must be a number. Because when I'm only a number, when I'm no longer having an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer. That's the reason why. That's why we inspire so much fear. That's why this event inspires so much fear. Because we don't want to be numbers. We will defend the value of the human being, every single human being. Because each of us has a unique genetic code, that is unrepeatable. And like it or not, that's sacred.

We'll defend it, we'll defend God, country, and family. Those things that disgust people so much, we'll do it to defend our freedom, because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of a financial speculator. This is our mission. This is why I came here today. Chesterton wrote: More than a century ago -- let me see if I can find it.

Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two do make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in the summer. That time has arrived. Thank you.

Same message? Same message. People know this. They feel it all over the world. They know what's going on. Many may not how or why, they just feel it. They may not even know who. The left is being used, by the corporations. And I know this sounds like a leftist message. But the leftists have deserted this message. They were right about the government and corporations. They were correct about that. Too many of us, me included, dismissed the fear of corporations getting in bed with the government. We dismissed it. We didn't see it. They did. And now for some reason, they've just got into bed with them.

Whether they know it or not, they have become everything they claimed to despise. To winner, we must not do the same thing.



Glenn recently experienced life without air conditioning during a trip to Europe, and he has a warning for Americans, especially in hotter states: We DON'T want to be Europe! So, it's easy to imagine how disturbed he was when he returned home to find out that President Biden wants Congress to regulate air conditioners. In this clip, Glenn asks ... can we AT LEAST draw the line at air conditioning?


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Now, here's the big news: Out of all the things that you could think of, that you would say, you know what, you know what would make my life better? A lack of air-conditioning. Well, they're doing it. So thank -- thank God somebody is talking about the real problems in America. Joe Biden has signed a treaty, or an executive order, 140008, tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad. And he was going after hydrofluorocarbons because, you know, of the ozone layer.

Which I don't know what that has to do with global warming. Didn't we heal the ozone layer? Wasn't that a whole --

STU: They've been bragging about it for years. The Montreal protocol, of course.

GLENN: Yeah. I love that protocol. That, and the protocols when they scope you up the butt, both are wonderful. Okay. So now, Congress passed legislation requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to develop regulations to reduce domestic production and use of hydrofluorocarbons. Don't worry, it's just air-conditioning, your refrigerator, things like that.

So it will be -- it will be really great. Now, we have the Kigali Amendment. That he is pushing now. 146 countries have signed on to the Kigali Amendment. And, I mean, we're held to a much harsher standard. You know, in the Kigali Amendment. You know, China and Iran. They don't have to worry about anything. But they sign on, like, absolutely. America reducing its hydrofluorocarbons. And reducing air-conditioning, yeah, they need that. Stu, in a completely unrelated question, don't murder rates in like Chicago always go up when it's really hot in the summer?

STU: It's fascinating, because that's something that people who are pitching global warming restrictions constantly tell us. That when it gets warmer, there's more violence. And therefore, global warming is responsible for all the violence around the country. But now we're going to get rid of the air-conditioning. Which is a fascinating solution to that. You were just in Europe.

GLENN: Yeah. I was.

STU: And they have a lot of buildings without air-conditioning there.

GLENN: Yeah. It was great. Why do stores, they do this a lot in New York, you know, where they really love the planet. Why do stores leave their doors open on really hot days in New York? Ever ask? You never even noticed it. Used to happen a lot. I don't know. I haven't lived in New York for ten years. But used to happen a lot. They would leave the doors open. And the air-conditioning would just be blasting out those doors. What? You grew up in a barn? That's what I always used to think. Close the door! We're not air-conditioning the whole world.

Actually, they do it to invite people in. You walk by that blast. And you're like, it's so hot. I don't know. I think I'm going to stand in the corner of the Victoria secret. And I might need some new panties. So that's why they do it. I was in Europe, last week, or two weeks ago.

Can I tell you, no air-conditioning. None. None.

And it was fabulous. It was really great. I ate at some really good restaurants. If you would have air-conditioning in a bad McDonald's knock-off with fake meat, I would have eaten there, over any restaurant. I sat at this restaurant, with my wife, and I said, this is the best meal, I think I've ever had. And it was just -- it was just noodle and crap. Italian stuff. You can get that at the Olive Garden. So I'm sitting there. And I said to my wife, I think this is the best meal I've ever had. And she said, I think I agree with you. And I said, how do you know? Are you messing with my tongue? Are you using my tongue on weekends? And she said, no, my tongue agrees that it's probably the best meal I've ever had. Then I understood it, the argument was over, and we went on.

I said, however, this restaurant would never make it anywhere in America. She said, I don't know it's really good. I said, you see the sweat -- you sigh the sweat on your brow, the sweat on my brow? There's no air-conditioning here. The windows were wide open. But it was dead still. And boiling hot. Boiling hot.

There's no way, you could take the best restaurant. The best whatever, and put it in a town like Dallas, Texas. And say, you know what, you can have air-conditioning. But only -- you can only bring it down to 85 degrees. Nobody is going there. Nobody is going there.

STU: This is the -- I think one of the most pure examples of the differences between the left and the right. The left says, it's really hot. Therefore, we should change our entire economy.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: And control the global temperature, to bring it down a few degrees. Even though you'll still hit the 90s, you might not hit 95, you'll only hit 92. That way, we can control the climate. So less people die of heat waves.

GLENN: Like. For instance, I believe that the free market should come up with a way to go up to Alaska, and get some giant blower, that Belize all of that cold air down.

STU: You have a doctorate, not in science.

GLENN: You're right. You're right. Not in science.

Well, the doctorate in humanities. That's the science of whatever is working inside. I have something to say about the Stacey Abrams comment, that there's no heartbeat. I'm a doctor, Stacey. I have a few comments for you later on in the program.

STU: But the right, capitalism says, well, let's just come up with a way to bring air-conditioning to everyone, right? So that if it does get hot, everyone is comfortable. They kept saying this about Europe, the past couple of months. Oh, well, they have this heat wave. And thousands will die.

GLENN: Because you're not using anything!

STU: What would happen if this were every year? Well, you mean it would be like Dallas, where we all lived happily and live in every single building is air-conditioning and everyone is comfortable. That's what it would look like.

GLENN: So I asked the person who was our tour guide. They said, oh, man, you should have been here last week. This is great. I'm like, really? Because it's 95, and nothing is air-conditioned. And I said, wow. What was it like when it was 105? I mean, was there anybody on the street? And she said, no. Everyone was on the street. And I realized, oh, yeah. Because at least walked around creates a breeze. Walking around outside, when it's really, really hot, that's what people were doing, because staying in their home is unreasonable because it's even hotter in your house! My gosh.

STU: Yeah. The status we all enjoyed before we had civilization is what they seemed to desire. They want to go back to this idea. Where you don't get any of the improvements, any of the wonderful things that we enjoy on a day-to-day basis, that solve these basic problems. They want them all to go away.

GLENN: I tell you, did you see the show last night? No. You don't watch the show. You don't watch the show.

STU: What show?

GLENN: My show on Blaze TV.

STU: Oh, I was watching Blaze TV.

GLENN: You didn't see my show.

STU: I was watching Whitlock. Checking that out.

GLENN: So, anyway -- that's all right. When you're talking, I'm listening to old Imus shows.

STU: And you're on the show. So you're not listening to my show when you're guesting on my show.

GLENN: I got it. I got it. So, anyway, last night, I was talking about the 14th century. Or, the 15th century. What things were like in the 1400s, over in Europe. And how we are going back to that. And I laid out a really good case. You should watch it on Blaze TV. Or you can find it also on YouTube. It's last night's TV show. But made a really good case. That the fed and the government are taking us back to serfdom. On the Road to Serfdom.

We are -- we are taking away everything that made western society livable. We're taking it all away.

All of it. Hey, let's stop using some of that oil.

Okay. Can we -- with we harpoon a whale to get its oil? I mean, what are we -- what are we going to do?

Let's stop using air-conditioning. Can we all just stand up and say, no? Can we do that?

I think -- I think we might still have some power, to stand up and go, no. Not doing that.

I -- I choose not to live in Cuba. And air-conditioning is not the main reason, but it's a pretty big one. Okay?

So no. But here's more good news for you. Oh, thank goodness, we have finally figured out how to stop all of the toxic chemicals, that are spewing out of the chimney. Well, they're not -- well, there's a chimney, but it's not really a death camp. It's just where we -- where we burn people up. You know. What is that called?

You know, dead people. They burn them up. Yeah, cremation. Yeah.

So the crematoriums apparently are causing real problems. Real, real problems.

California has come up with a way to solve that. I'll tell you about it in 60 seconds. I hear from people all the time, tell me about their journey with pain. What it used to be. What their life used to be like, before the pain set this.

And it was always one thing they couldn't do anymore. The one thing. I remember my dad, he used to tell me all the time, when I was growing up. Some day, I'm going to retire, and just going to play golf. By the time he retired, he couldn't play golf, because he was in so much pain. What is the one thing that you can't do anymore that you really wanted to do before the pain set in?

Relief Factor. Please, try it. 19.95. It's a three-week trial pack. If it's not working for you in three weeks. Probably won't work.

Seventy percent of the people who try the trial pack go on to order more. I'm one of them. 800-4-Relief. 800-4-Relief.

19.95 three-week Quick Start developed just for you. Feel the difference.

Ten-second station ID.
Wow. Stu, you're going -- you're going to be very excited. The governor -- Newsom, who is -- who is absolutely running for president in 2024.

STU: He's already running for president.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Gee, why does he want to debate Ron DeSantis?

STU: He's running ads in Florida. I've never seen a more pathetic attention grab than this.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, he's just signed a bill that will change all of the problems that we're all talking about, when it comes to burning up your relatives after they die, in cremation. So many problems connected to it, right?

You can spend how long talking about those problems, Stu?

STU: An unlimited --

GLENN: Don't bore me about all the details. Because I know you can go on and on. Assembly bill 351 has now been signed in, so you can compost yourself or your loved ones.

It's really great. What they do is they put you in a box, and they drill a whole bunch of holes in it. It's an 8-foot box. They drill a bunch of holes in it. And then they put wood chips in there, with you.

Now, I hope they haven't cut down trees for these wood chips. I hope they're just growing crops of wood chips, to use. God forbid, they are cutting down a forest, or using any of the underbrush, that I love so much. It's part of nature. And when it starts to -- the fires and the glow in the sky, it's magical, California. So, anyway, they put wood chips in with you, and they bury you. And within 60 days, your body, has been composted.

STU: The gracious -- just incredible moment where you go through 60 days of deterioration. It's just awesome.

GLENN: Sixty days. And then the soil is sent to you.

STU: Wow. That sounds great.

GLENN: So you're like, oh, this mushy kind of soil was mom. Good. I'm going to use it to -- in the flower bed? Okay.

So they send you the box of mom dirt, which is so rich with nutrients. You know, because mom had a lot of nutrients in her. And if she was fat, oh, my gosh. Human fat, when it's composted. Oh, the trees just love it. So, anyway, they send you that box, or -- and I like this one. Or, you can donate it to a conservation, you know, plot of land. Which I'm sure, that's going to happen. I mean, don't you think? You know how many -- you know how many funeral homes. They're lake, yeah. Yeah, we cremated your loved one. And we sprinkled their ashes on the moon. And you find out later, that the body has just been like half buried in their basement.

STU: Right.

GLENN: I'm sure this is what they're going to do. Yeah. They're going to take that soil with mushy mom in it.

STU: They'll take your $10,000 and send you a bag of dirt, is what they're going to do. You're going to get a bag of dirt. And this dirt -- you'll be surprised to hear is not going to have any of your loved one in it. It will just be a bag of dirt.

GLENN: Well, it's not. It might be a bag of dirt with someone else's loved one in it. But anyway, $4,000 to $5,500.

STU: Oh, wow. What a bargain.

GLENN: I don't know what the 5500 difference is. Am I in better dirt? Do they have elitist worms that are munching on me?

STU: If you went to Taco Bell every day, there's a little more mass.

GLENN: Oh, so you need a bigger box? So you will need a bigger box of dirt? So if you have like a big flowerbed, thank you, Gavin Newsom. Thank you. Because I'll be working in my garden, myself. I will be doing it. Because it will be too hot in my house, because of Joe Biden getting rid of air-conditioning. What a utopia. Oh, man. And then on the weekends, we can drive to. No, we can't drive. We couldn't drive to the beach. The beaches are probably protected areas.

So it's going to be great. Oh, I -- seriously, it's going to be great. And you will not complain. We will complain for you!