Tucker Carlson on Jan. 6 video: ‘I know DECEPTION when I see it’

Tucker Carlson tells Glenn that the American people deserve better. It’s CLEAR the U.S. government is lying about something concerning January 6th, 2021, and the video footage Tucker has unveiled during his Fox News show this week proves it. ‘I know deception when I see it,’ he says, ‘[and] they’re ALL lying.’ Tucker explains why these lies aren’t about power or politics, but they’re about dignity and self-respect instead. He details major consequences facing Americans due to these lies, and he reveals whether others in the mainstream media have reached out to him for access to the footage as well…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Hey, Tucker, how are you, man? Tucker.

TUCKER: Hey, Glenn. How are you doing?

GLENN: Good.

TUCKER: Luckily, I'll still cut off.

GLENN: This -- winner talking about this earlier today. I recognize what you're going through right now.

TUCKER: I know you do.

You're one of three people in the world, you understand.

GLENN: It is crazy. It is crazy to watch it from the outside.

So Tucker, first of all, can we just get this out of the way?

Are you saying that this was a peaceful event? Or are you saying this was a --

TUCKER: Well, of course not. Of course not.

I tried to be pretty -- I wrote those scripts myself. So any -- you know, any overstatement or errors of fact, are my fault.

But I tried to keep it specific. We focus odd a couple of individuals. Three. And they're Jacob chancily. The QAnon shaman. Brian Sicknick, the capitol police officer who died after January 6th. And Ray Epps, the mysterious figure on camera, promoting violence, who was for some reason not -- put on the FBI's Most Wanted List, and pulled off, and thanked by Democrats for his service. And we have said each of those stories, in light of the new tape that we reviewed.

And in the first case, I merely made the point, that here's a guy, Jacob Chansley. A Navy veteran. He's doing four years in prison for some species of domestic terrorism. But none of us were ever showed what he did to deserve four years in prison. Now we know.

And there's videotape of him being led around by Capitol Police, into the Senate chamber.

And at one point, they try one door, it's locked. On his behalf, they're trying to get him into the Senate chamber.

And they lead him in. It's on tape.

Then he goes into the Senate chamber and immediately says a prayer out loud of Thanksgiving for the police officers, who let him in.

GLENN: Okay. Wait. Wait. Wait.

He is -- he is being escorted by the police. But the captain of the Capitol police said, just last night, that this was to de-escalate the situation.

TUCKER: And I'm sure there was a lot of deescalation going on. I'm speaking of a very specific case. Where there was not deescalation. This was something else. I can't guess what it was. I merely put the video up. And drew my conclusions. Of course, viewers are welcome to draw their own.

Here you have is a guy, who is walking alone. There are no other protesters in the frame. And there are canine armed Capitol Police officers around him. They don't stop him. They don't try to slow him down. They don't bring him to an exterior exit. They bring him -- they lead him, trying different doors into the Senate chamber. At which point, as I said, he says a prayer, justly, of Thanksgiving for them and their assistance.

Now -- and, again, I can't even guess as to what motive it is, what we're looking at here. But I know what we're not looking at, an act of violent terrorism.

And yet, this guy is doing four years in jail. And I'm trying not to use profanity on your show. But what the heck is that, for real? What is that?

And don't tell me it's something that it's not.

And so the main conclusion that I drew, is that Chuck Schumer and the horrible Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, filthy man.

And Mitt Romney, and Thom Tillis, and Senator Cramer. They're all lying.

They're all lying. And a lot of them are Republicans. Why are they lying about what we can see plainly?

And why didn't they want us to see it?

And again, I can't sort of fill in that blank. I can't answer that question. I know deception when I see it. It's demonstrable. It's proven. And they should, I think, be asked to explain themselves.

Like, it's not enough to say, oh, it's the worst insurrection since Gettysburg or something. Okay. Fine. Stop with the overstatement by hyperbole. And just explain to me, what I'm looking at on the screen and see it, you know.

GLENN: Tucker, because I've been in this situation before. Let me ask you: If I came to you and I gave you some edited footage of something.

And I said, no. Tucker, this is what it is. You're not going to believe this. I mean, I'm going to show you some stuff.

But this is an armed insurrection. This is really bad. Let me show you. And I've edited some tape and given it to you. If that turned out that I edited out the things that you found, would you just kind of go quiet, or would you come out and blast me to smithereens?

CAROL: I would feel deceived.

And, as you know, you worked -- you've worked in television most of your life.

You've worked around pictures. You know their power, and you know their capacity to deceive.

Nothing is more fleeting than pictures. You think you're seeing the whole story, you're not. And all of us who work in this media, know that.

And so I think keeping people above all -- and moving people, anyone who works around pictures is very aware of their power and their capacity for deception.

And so we're suspicious. Okay. You showed me those pictures. You whipped me into a lather.

But is there something you're not he showing me?

Did you edit that? And so from the very first day, I wanted to see all the video.

And I don't understand why other -- why is MSNBC and CNN.

And, you know, NBC News. And CBS. Why is no one else interested? I don't know.

GLENN: It's beyond not interested.

They -- if they were innocent of -- of this. If they were just saying, hey, we're just reporting what we have been told, and what we were given, I would feel very deceived.

And I would be the loudest in the room saying, release all of it to me.

Because what I just saw, doesn't match what you gave me.

Why aren't they standing up and defending their own honor and integrity?

TUCKER: Well, that's it. That's it. Oh, God. I'm so grateful you said that, because that's the core of it. It's not even -- thank you for saying that. It's not even about politics, partisanship, power, it's about dignity. It's about your own self-respect. I'm an adult man, I'm 53. I have four grown children. I pay my taxes. I'm a citizen, lifelong of this country. You can't lie to me. You diminish me if you do that.

If I allow you to lie, I'm no longer a free man. I'm a slave.

And that has to do with me.

It's not even about you.

If I have self-respect, then I cannot allow that to continue without me saying something about it, because I respect myself. I hold myself to higher standards.

You know, I'm not Mahatma Gandhi. I don't want to overstate my virtue. I'm not very virtuous actually. But I do have some standards of self-respect. And they don't. And it's shocking to me.

GLENN: You called the January 6th committee members liars.

Besides suggestions that, you know, Sicknick was murdered.

Not even suggestions. Claiming that.

Do you -- make the case that they're liars.

They didn't just -- you know, fib a bit. And eat around the corners. These are full-fledged liars.

TUCKER: Well, that was the stunning part to me. I've been in Washington my whole life. And my dad worked for the government. So I had a root level trust in government. Or a trust in government.

But the whole thing can't be fraudulent. Because I know the people who work there. My dad is one of them. I'm very much from that world.

So my default setting is they're not lying about anything. I never assumed that. So I was shocked to learn, that they were lying intentionally. And the way we know that, we have a very specific way of knowing that. Which is when January 6th committee researchers looked at video. They bookmarked it. They left an electronic mark on the video they watched. So we know what they watched. And then we watched it.

And so there is video of Chansley, of Ray Epps, and of Brian Sicknick, that we know they watched, that was not included in the report, that was never mentioned in the hearings. A year and a half, a thousand witnesses, 850-page report, and this video, which overturns the story they were telling, proves it was a lie.

They saw -- so I'm always hesitant to go to motive. Who understands people's motives?

You can only really guess about them.

But in this specific case, we know that they lied. And that just blew my mind.

I mean, you know, some of these guys -- if Adam Schiff lies, I think Adam Schiff -- there are spiritual forces surrounding Adam Schiff.

Like, I think he's a force of darkness. And I mean that. But is Benny Thompson evil?

I have trouble believing. I've known Liz Cheney for 25 years. Is Liz Cheney actually a liar? I just always assumed, she disagrees on the issues with me.

No, it turns out Liz Cheney is actually, affirmatively a liar.

She knew information. She withheld it, because it challenged the lie that she was telling to the public.

That just completely -- I mean, call me naive. I guess -- I'm sure everyone listening is like, how stupid are you?

Well, I guess kind of stupid. Because I was blown away by that.

GLENN: So I know you don't want to go into motivation. But this is a pretty large lie. I don't want to use big lie. Because that's what Schumer used. And Hitler used.

But it's a pretty large lie. What is the motivation?

TUCKER: Well, if you -- you know, again, I can only speculate. But I know the effects of the lie. And they're not small.

This -- this is an event, that was a complex event, many facets. And they simplified it immediately, into a good versus evil tale, as they do with everything. Partly because they lack nuance and imagination, but partly because this was a tool they were using for a purpose. It was a cudgel they were using to beat down their opponents and grab more power for themselves

And in effect, what it did, was change the definition of terrorism from something that exists in other countries, and is aimed at us, to Republican voters. Populist voters.

I shouldn't say Republican. Because Bernie Sanders voters. Trump voters.

Anybody who questions the legitimacy of the current power holders, is now redefined not as a political opponent, but as a terrorist.

And that has very specific consequences. It means all of a sudden, you can harness the world's law enforcement organization. The FBI. And the Intel agencies. CIA.

NSA. Defense intelligence. All of them. And you can harness them against your political opponents.

And that's exactly what they did. Not just in the hundreds of people that went to jail. And almost 100 who are still in jail without trial.

Political prisoners. Six months later. But all the other people who are just political activists, who have views. Honestly, people like you, like they can read your text messages.

They did read mine. NSA read my text messages, and then threatened me with them.

And I brought this to members of Congress. They had a hearing on it. NSA admitted they did it, and then nothing happened.

The director of the NSA is still in office. Like, nothing happened. And you realize, wow.

Being the largest organization in human history. Our own government, has been harnessed as a political tool. It's like the one thing you can't allow.

And we have allowed it. And it's happened with the complicity of Republicans. Certainly, with Mitch McConnell's complicit.

And that's just mind-blowing. And then it's like, well, what do I do now. I'm not going to leave America. I'm from here.

I love this country. I have four kids. I'm not going to go anywhere. I'm going to stay here.

But you really start to feel like, I've always thought I was a very patriotic person. Fly the American flag. Believe in the country. And all of a sudden, like the power centers in the country.

The -- the government, which is supposed to be nonpartisan, serving all the citizens, that's turned against me, like I'm some al-Qaeda member from Balukistan, or something? Like, what? It's very bewildering, I will say that.

GLENN: I think part of it is because we forgot what Washington said, which is government is like fire. You control it, it's fine. It controls you, it will burn everything down.

And we confused our love of the principles, of our country, with the love of -- and trust of our government. Trust the principles. Not the government.

Back with Tucker Carlson in 60 seconds.

We're moving into a moment in our country's history that might be remembered as the time when the republic fell.

I hope not. I hope to God not.

But this thing needs to be unplugged, and plugged back in, and restored to factory settings. It has to happen. I don't know how.

But it has to. We in the meantime, need to make sure that we have an alternate economy.

And we're working and supporting people who are supporting us. And working towards the same thing. And that is the restoration of our principles. In this country.

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So, Tucker, what is it that -- what -- if -- because I think you're making points that I understand. But the left intentionally is misunderstanding them. And trying to direct the conversation, into places that you're not -- you're not suggesting. What is the message that you want people to walk away with this week. What's the point of what you're doing?

TUCKER: That you're being lied to, and you deserve better. Your government is not allowed to lie to you. That's against the law. They're not allowed to lie to you.

It's the government. And you should demand better. And I would say specifically. I've alluded to it a couple of times. For people who are not, you know, supporters of President Biden.

Who think the system needs reform.

That it doesn't represent them. Serve their interests.

Those people are Republican voters. Because they have no options. They vote for the Republican Party.

Third party in a meaningful way.

And so, very specifically, they have to demand more from their own representatives, or else democracy isn't real. So representative democracy. That means, your will is expressed through the votes of the people, that you vote for to go to Washington on your behalf.

And that is absolutely not happening.

Their priorities are in a different universe from the priorities of their voters. You don't see that on the left.

Democratic politicians make some effort to represent their own voters. Republican politicians do not.

Mitch McConnell has zero interest in what you think about anything.

And that is -- that is a structural problem with the party.

And I don't know what it -- likable, what to if I cannot it. I think part of the problem is that Republican voters don't like -- the donors don't like Republican voters. They clearly don't.

You know, and the biggest donors to the Republican Party, think Republican voters are disgusting. That's a huge, huge problem. That's not true on the other side.

So I don't know. But, you know, there's kind of nothing you can do about Merrick Garland, if you're your average voter. But if you're a member of Congress, it's like not even bothering to listen to what you care about. You have a way to replace him. It's called a primary. And I don't know why that never happens. I mean, I really don't understand.

Adam Kinzinger would still be serving in the Congress, if he wasn't redistricted out of his seat. What is that?

Were the majority of Republican voters, in his district, on his side?

No. But he would have gotten reelected.

So there's a problem with our system. And I hope that could be better.


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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Mr. Alan Dershowitz. How are you, sir?

ALAN: I am doing great. I wish the country were doing great. I think the impending prosecution of Donald Trump will destroy the rule of law, in America. Which is why I wrote my book, get Trump.

Because that's what they're doing. They're focusing on a person rather than a crime.

You know, the Torah, the Bible one, don't take bribes. That's obvious.

The other is do not recognize faces. Do not do justice based on who the person is. That's a problems in the Bible. That's a prohibition in the constitutionally. it's a prohibition into the rule of law.

And yet, the district attorney of Manhattan, ignoring previous district attorneys. Ignoring the US attorney's office. The Justice Department. Is going after a made-up crime. A crime that does not exist. It's part of the bet Trump.

And if you want to protest get Trump. Michael get Trump.

That will send a message, that will approve of that.

GLENN: Which a few years ago, it would have happened. But I don't think they're going to do it this time. Because we know this federal government. This Justice Department, does not protect the lawful gathering of American citizens to speak their voice.

We also are concerned about, is that an FBI guy, who is trying to get the crowd all whipped up into a frenzy?

I mean, we don't believe our rights are protected as an average citizen anymore. That's a frightening place to be in America.

ALAN: And it's not only the Justice Department. It's the New York City the attorney general of New York ran on the campaign of get Trump. That's where I I got the title of my book from. Her campaign, get Trump. Promise to get Trump no matter what. Constitutionally be damned. The Bill of Rights be damned. get Trump. That's the most important thing, to stop him from realizing. Of course, the irony is constitutionally provides for only, you know, a hand handful for bases for running. You have to be against the North.

And you have to have been been born in America. And he satisfies all of that criteria. So stibbling run.

And this may backfire on Democrats who are abusing the law to get Trump.

And I hope that does. And I hope that maybe the district attorney will listen to reason. And will not indict him.

You know, justice Jackson once said, that any prosecutor can rummage among the hundreds of statutes that you have. And try to find something against anybody. Not just Trump. Not just Hillary Clinton.

But you and me. And your uncle Charlie and grandson. They can find something. And if this prosecution is allowed to go forward, and culminate in the conviction. It will mean that they will start making crimes up against the average person, who they don't like.

GLENN: Can you -- can you take us through this at all, Alan.

Because people will say, okay. I don't think you should be paying hush money. Is that illegal? What charges are they so that we don't

ALAN: Sure. It's never been done before, number one. So they're charging him with a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor six years ago. They are trying to turn the misdemeanor into a felony, by saying that the reason he paid, quote, hush money. It wasn't hush money. But the reason he settled the case was to help his campaign, rather than to avoid embarrassment with his wife and his family. his children, et cetera.

They're not going to be able to a prosecutor can a little grandly Jill to indict a ham sandwich.

And in New York, you can do probably get a petit jury to change sandwich, as long as his name is Trump.

So there is a possibility that he will get indicted and get convicted. I think it will reverse on appeal. in making up crimes. This is making up crime.

So they say that he paid the hush money, in order to help his campaign. And therefore, the payment was a campaign contribution.

It's never been done before. They tried it once before, on candidate Edwards. And it was a much, much stronger case. And, of course, they lost in front of a jury.

But it's never been tried since. And that was a federal crime.

This is a state crime. And it's a shame that a district attorney would abuse justice so greatly. And it endangers justice for all of us.

GLENN: So, Alan, where is anyone?

When we get to a place to where we're taking out our opponents.

I mean, I spoke to Mike Lee about this. With Hillary Clinton. And what was going on with Hillary Clinton. And he said, Glenn, once you start going after an opponent, you become a banana republic, the republican is just over.
because the retribution. The other side will say, oh, we're playing that? once said, well, my friends everything. For my enemies, the law. The law.

And that's what will happen.

And senator Lee is right. Senator Lee's father is a good friend of mine. We clerked technology on the United States Supreme Court. And Lee is a Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton guy. And he's right, we don't want to be a banana republic on either side.

GLENN: So my question to you is: Where are the classical liberals?

Where are the people that don't like Donald Trump? But will stand up and say, this is about principle here?

SPEAKER ONE: Well, you're talking to them. I'm the last standing, oh, I may have a handful of colleagues.

But where are the civil liberties union people?

Where are people who are supposed to care more about our liberty than they do about partisan politics?

They have disappeared. They're not there.

And that's not why I'm the one writing the books now. Get Trump. I'm the one who is trying as a liberal Democrat. As I said over and over again.

I voted for Trump twice. I have a constitutional right to vote and don't stop me from doing that. Don't stop me from making the disquisition run, formal president.

That is banana republic. And we're moving toward that. And it has to stop. And there's no mechanism.

You know, in California, there was a mechanism. You could withdraw and remove the district attorney. And if New York had a Republican attorney, they would be removing the district attorney.

But the democratic and no recall improvements district attorney gets his way. And there will probably be an indictment. I don't know if it will be tomorrow or not. I don't know if they'll do a pepper strengthen Donald Trump's base. People will be so angry with them. I've got call you wills from people. look, we're oops. We were plan oops we were planning to vote for Nikki Haley. But we'll vote for Trump. Because that's the and weaponization of the law.

You know, I have a better form of protest. Buy my book. Then you don't have to vote for Trump.

But it is -- it will backfire. Now, will it backfire in New York?

Probably not. he gets his 15 minutes of fame.

Even if it's reversed on appeal. He'll say, oh, that's not my fault.

I indicted him. I convicted him. Vote for me. We're the only country, did you know this, the only country in the western hemisphere? The only country among Democrats that elect prosecutors. Elect prosecutors. And every other country, they are civil service jobs.

And they are not subject to -- for the whims of political fortunes.

But we have elected prosecutors. And prosecutors prosecute people, based on how much good it will do them in the next election. And there's something very wrong with that.

GLENN: Well, the whole system, I've said, have you tried plugging it back in to factory is that we told them to happen. It is so dirty all the way through.

So -- so, Alan, what should the -- besides biker book, what should the American people be doing right now?

ALAN: Well, we should be protesting. I don't call for people going out on the streets. But I do call for people to write to their senators and congressmen, the New York authorities, evangelizing shows like yours, which have a big impact on national opinion. And making sure that we're not silent about this. We have to speakable out. And your message is as clear as can be. Where are the civilian Libertarians? Where are the people saying, look, I'm in favor of Biden. I will vote for him.

I don't like Trump. But I don't like the way he's

SPEAKER SEVEN: That's the American way. The American way is to protest. for a redress of grievances.

That's in the First Amendment.

And we have to all take advantage of that. We do have a double standard of justice in America today.

I'm representing one of the young men on January 6th. He's a law school student. He was denied the opportunity to graduate. Even though he was a top student.

Because he went to the capital, to and then he was waved into the capital by police. We have videotape showing it.

Yet he's problematical formal a felony.

Whereas, the people who destroyed property and hurt people, in various parts of the country, following the George Floyd murder, weren't being prosecuted.

Were they do ways. sole that means no standards.


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