Why America looks ‘RIDICULOUS’ as Europe's SHORTAGES grow

Sam Brinton wears many hats. Not only is he Biden’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, a self-described ‘nuclear nerd,’ and has top-secret national security clearance, but he cross dresses too! So, Brinton obviously was the perfect person to represent America, alongside Rachel Levine, in France during recent Bastille Day celebrations. So at a time when Europe is having record inflation, food shortages, and is on the brink of a possible war over oil, we send THESE TWO to represent the United States? In this clip, Glenn explores how ‘ridiculous’ America currently looks. Plus, he shares a story from Pat’s cross-dressing days, too…


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GLENN: Can we bring that picture -- oh, in fact. Can we bring that picture up again?

Sam Brinton, he's wearing a blue floral pattern dress. And a sweetheart neckline.

PAT: Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Beautiful? Yeah. I mean, they both look scrumptious, don't they?

They both look scrumptious right there?

GLENN: No. They do. They do.

PAT: Really, truly gorgeous, gorgeous ladies.

GLENN: You know what it reminds me of, Pat. Is our trip, a couple of decades ago, to Ivana Trump's dress store.

PAT: Yeah. Is that what it reminds you of?

GLENN: It's almost three decades ago. Thirty years ago.

PAT: Yes, it was.

GLENN: By the way, Ivanka. No. Ivana. Which is the mom? Ivana, she passed away, this weekend.

PAT: Yeah. Really sad. Apparently, fell down the stairs.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah. Really sad. She apparently -- I think she had some hip problems. Yeah. But that doesn't have anything to do with her dress shop that we frequent.

GLENN: No. It has nothing to do with her dress shop. Should we tell this story, Pat?

PAT: I'm a little hesitant, actually.

GLENN: Are you?

PAT: Yeah. Because it's a completely different world than it was 30 years ago. You can't possibly do this now.

GLENN: I know. Thirty years, I'm going to tell it. Because I don't give a flying crap because it's funny. Pat and I, 30 years ago, I learned something from Penn Jillette. He -- we were backstage one day, and he said, you know where my microphone is? And I said, no. I don't know.

He said, find it. Where is my microphone?

And we were just talking behind the microphone, before the show started. And it was a weird conversation. It went from, like, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist that year, to where is my microphone? So I played Waldo. Where is Waldo for a while with him.

And he said, there's seed microphones. And this is brand-new technology. Seed microphones. And he said, I replaced the screws in my glasses, with microphones.

So wherever I look, the mic is picking it up. And he would run the cord down his back, through his ponytail. And at that time, I had a ponytail.

I was drinking heavily, I was heavily on the sauce.

So I said, this is fantastic. We got back. And I said, Pat, we have to get some seed microphones. So we went to this really shady place. It was in the Empire State Building. And I had them made in the glasses. And then we decided to just do fun things, that, you know, were stupid. Out in the public.

So one of them was --

PAT: And it was something that wasn't -- that wasn't as prevalent then, as it is now.

You know, if two guys went into a -- you know, if two guys went into a shop at Ivana's shop for a dress.

GLENN: Not even.

PAT: Nobody would bat an eyelash for it now.

GLENN: Today.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: You could go to Macy's, and I could try on a dress, and no one is going to say anything. Back then, 30 years ago, you didn't do that. And the reason why we picked Ivana's dress shop, because it was so snotty. Our guess was that two guys could walk in and say, we want to try on dresses, and they would just do it. Because they just wanted to sell -- these were like 25,000-dollar gowns. And so we just thought, they are so greedy. They absolutely won't say anything, and we even said, I'll bet you, she says how good-looking it is. So we went in.

And Pat was the one, trying on the dress. And I'm not sure up until the end. I'm not sure that was the harder part. Because I had to sit with the salesperson, while he was changing. And after he was changing.

And so he picks out this beautiful blue number. And very low cut. Now, I wouldn't say -- yeah. I wouldn't say that Pat is a gorilla.

But he does have a lot of chest hair.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And we were both, what? In our 30s, or late 20s at that point. So it wasn't gray. It was bright, bright red. He has red hair.
And so he tries on this blue. And he comes out of the dressing room. And it is shocking, how bad, he looks as a woman.

I mean, shockingly bad, okay? Especially, well, he -- he gets up on the -- and she says, oh, my gosh, that is stunning. Exactly what I thought she would say. That is stunning.

And Pat said, I don't know. Does it make me look fat?
No, it's so slimming on you!

PAT: And does it clash with my beard?

He's like -- he stands in front of the mirror for a while, and he's got his chest hair just blazing red against this blue. And his white, white skin. And obviously, it doesn't fit at all, in the chest area. And he stands there for a while, with his hand kind of, you know, on his chest. Like thinking deep thoughts. And I can't -- I can't imagine what he's doing. I'm trying everything I can, not to laugh. Because she keeps going, I think this is -- this is wonderful. This is -- and Pat like, are you telling me the truth?

She's like, ask him. Ask him. He looks at me, and I said, oh, I -- yeah. I think that one works. That's really nice. And Pat says, I don't know. Does it clash with my chest and beard hair?

I -- she jumped in immediately, no! Not at all.

I couldn't take it. I had to leave. Pat was there. I could not -- and I think you said that I was -- I had teared up. But was just so -- so emotionally moved by it.

But I left Pat alone, to take the dress. And say, we'll have to think about it, and come back later.

That's something you don't do today. Because it wouldn't be shocking. It wouldn't be shocking.

PAT: Right. Well, we have two, administration officials, who are doing it, at -- at -- at state affairs.

GLENN: And ambassadors.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So okay. So do you remember John Adams, the mini-series John Adams?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay. Do you remember the scene where he went over to France, and he is sitting at the table. And they're all wearing -- and all the guys and everybody was wearing makeup and wigs. And they look ridiculous.

PAT: Yeah. And they have the white face thing, and bizarre.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And they're just ridiculous-looking. And John Adams is sitting there, in normal clothes. Relative poor man. And just, you know, normal.

And they -- and they ask him, have you seen the ballet? And he says, no. No. I haven't had time. My country is atmosphere war. I studied politics and war. So my sons have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy and geography, natural history. Naval architecture. Navigation. Commerce. Agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, painting, poetry and music, and architecture.

So, no. I haven't been to the ballet. They found this shocking. And I remember sitting there thinking, what must have John Adams thought, when he went to that court, seeing how ridiculous these people were? And how out of touch, with reality -- not that they were dressing up and -- it was that they -- this was their world. This was the most important thing, to them.

Is how they looked. How they talked. Who was in court. All of this stuff.

And they looked and acted ridiculous.

And then I wondered, have we ever looked like that? And up until this moment, I think the answer has been no.

I mean, we've made some bad gaffes. We've had -- we've had George Bush throw up on a prime minister. So we've had -- we've had some bad things happen.

But at a time, when Europe is having record inflation. When they are on the eve of possible war, because Russia is cutting off the gas.

Germany is in full fledge panic. There are riots in the streets. There are farmers taking to the streets, in France. In the Netherlands. In Germany. In Spain. Because of the food shortages.

And we send two -- I have to be honest with you. Two guys. Two guys, and they dress up, one looks like, I don't know. An old lady from the 1950s, in an admiral's uniform. And the other, a bald dude, who doesn't claim to be a woman.

He claims neither. And I can just be whoever I want, and wear whatever I want. Yeah. You know, you can, but you represent the United States of America.

What are we doing? How ridiculous do we look? And any conservative, any conservative nation -- and, by the way, France is more conservative than we are.

Macron has come out and said to the people, do not drink any of the poison, that is coming from America now.

They're making fun of us, because we're too crazy. The French, we're too crazy for the French!

By the way, you think it's so extraordinary, that what was it? Mississippi wanted 15 weeks for abortion.

That's still more than France. France has 12 weeks, as their cut-off!

We are -- we're not even studying paintings and poetry and music and tapestry and porcelain. We're not even studying that. We're just gorging ourselves on nonsense, and whatever makes us feel good.

America should be ashamed of itself.

And I think many of us are.

And we're not -- and we're not just ashamed for the mistakes that we've made in the past.

We're ashamed for what we're now pushing and -- and beating our chest on.

We are nuts. We're nuts. And it's time that we start saying that.

By the way, the -- Sam Briton, who is the -- let's see. he's -- he's in charge. I don't know his title. But he's in charge of all of our nuclear waste. That is a top secret position.

Had to have clearance. Do you know how he got his job?

There's -- there's some people, in the Department of Energy, that really spoke out and said, this isn't good. I'll tell you that, coming up, in just a second.

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There are people in China that are starving. But it's true.

We -- we throw words around. And we're -- we're just different as -- as people. And there are wants, not needs.

And one of the need that we have. And something we have to have is true history.

We have to teach our children history. We have to teach them what made this country, that they live in. If there is any hope at all, it lies in the awareness on the part of good, young men and women. Of who we are. And what we're trying to do.

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Ten-second station ID.
All right. So the guy that -- Sam Briton. The guy that went over to the embassy for Bastille day. And celebrated in a snappy low cut number. Wearing a blue dress. And beautiful, blue high heels. He's a guy who has been an LGBT activist for a long time.

He is a drag queen. He does is not consider himself in drag, at this picture.

He believes he's binary. So he can wear whatever he chooses. Whatever he feels like. But he has had a past of being a drag queen. He has also been a defender of underage gay prostitution sites.

This guy is not without controversy, or decency. Let's say.

He's now earning a salary that puts him in the top 1 percent of all government employees. And he has the top secret Q clearance.

That's what the nuclear clearance is. The top is Q. And it is top secret national security information access clearance. Okay?

So he has all the secrets. Now, how did he become the head of our nuclear waste?

I mean, again, drag queen, LGBTQ+ activist. Lectured on kink, at college campuses.
Participated in interviews about fetish role play.

I get that. How did he get this job?

Apparently, he was on a list of must-haves. By the Biden administration. And the Biden administration pushed and pushed and pushed, for his being put on as the head of the nuclear agency. In fact, they have cut so many corners. That people in the energy administration, said, you have to stop. Who is this guy? How is he getting top secret clearance? This is a serious role.

Many people, one in particular, wrote an awful lot about this and talked about how dangerous it is.

I don't know. I just -- I don't care how the guy looks in a dress. Is he qualified for the job? And does he have the common sense and decency to act on behalf of America?


Glenn reacts to FBI raid of Trump home: A ‘MASSIVE MOVE'

If you are NOT for the destruction of America, Glenn says, then you better pay attention to our federal government’s HUGE accumulation of power. The FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago late Monday was a ‘MASSIVE MOVE,’ with implications that stretch far beyond simple dislike for the former president. So what IS the far-left’s endgame? What are they hoping to accomplish, and will they stop at NOTHING to destroy President Trump? In this clip, Glenn reacts to the FBI raid and gives his thoughts on those questions plus more…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Does anybody have any credibility anymore? If you actually -- if you were actually celebrating, what is happening with Donald Trump, you have no idea how much this changes things. If you are not for the destruction of America, you better pay attention quickly. This is a massive move. And who has credibility on it? Nobody is going to believe Donald Trump. But nobody the left. So you're not going to change any minds there. Do you think the right will believe the New York Times? MSNBC? NBC? CBS? You think we're going to believe the New York Times? The people who have been carrying water for the Biden crimes? The Clinton crimes? And I'm not talking about the stupid death list. I'm talking about a server, and having her own State Department people go into a skiff, which is the top secret room. It's completely sealed off. Going in, getting documents. Cutting off top secret. And then emailing them to her, on her private server. And nothing?

And now you're going to try to convince me. This has nothing to do with January 6th. Okay. What does TV to do with? Well, it's a national archives thing. He has papers that should be in the History Department. Excuse me. What?

He has top secret papers. We have pictures. Coincidentally, they came out yesterday, right around the time of the raid, you know, of him flushing stuff down the toilet. We don't know what it was. But somebody who was nameless, took pictures of his toilets when he was traveling. And, you know, he was smart enough to rip him off, so we don't know what they said. But do -- (cut out).

We had somebody with him with a camera on their phone. And they went in right after him, hey, light a match Mr. President, click. Good thing for us, huh? That's ridiculous!

The bank servers, he's pinging a bank. Untrue. Carter Page is a Russian spy. Untrue. Donald Trump is a Russian spy. Does he look like a Russian spy? Untrue. Collusion with Russia. Untrue. Ukraine, the perfect phone call. Not true. Not true. Wasn't a perfect phone call. Was not impeachable. The pee tape dossier. None of that was true. Here's why they can't have him as president of the United States, okay?

They can't have him as president of the United States, because we are headed towards a completely new, all redesigned, non-capitalist, nonconstitutional great reset. And all of the West is involved in it. And New York Times, don't call me a conspiracy theory, because you just wrote a story about me and people like me trying to stop ESG, which you said didn't exist. So you have no credibility.

This is not just about their hatred for Donald Trump. This is about the elites. Now, I've got to tell you, I don't -- I don't like the Secret Service. And I've said this since Bush was in office. I think there's a problem in the Secret Service. I think it's poorly run. I'm a guy who has paid about a million dollars for my family's security every year for the last 15 years. Oh, Glenn Beck must be rolling in the dough. No, not after the security costs. I would rather have my family safe, than any service in the Secret Service because they rely on money. That's it. They'll solve it with money. We'll just get more guys.

Donald Trump should hire his own security. Donald Trump should hire his own security. Because I'm sorry, whether it's through stupidity, or it's part of the government. I don't know. If you're on the Secret Service detail of Donald Trump, God bless you. I watched you guys at CPAC. I watched you more than I watched anything else. I saw your eyes. I watched you. And there are those on his team, that whether you like him or not, are doing your job. And I thank you for that. But if they can't get this guy by hook or by crook, to go in, and be a part of the new jail system. For political opponents, they will kill him.

They cannot have him be president. Because he is America first. Not only that, you do this to this guy, oh, gee. You've gone after my family, you've gone after me. You lied about me. I have the evidence. All I have to do is bring it out. Because it's all on videotape on some dumb son's phone. Do you really think a new Justice Department, that's not even political, but just clear, that hold nothing back, Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Initiative, do you think the Clinton Initiative, that there's no impropriety going on there? Do you really think that Adam Schiff, who's lied -- there's nothing there? Nothing for Hunter? Nothing for Joe Biden, you know, in China. Nothing. No, there's nothing there. BlackRock, the collusion with the banks. Everything that they're doing now, right now, you don't think that a Justice Department, that is hell-bent on cleaning and settling scores could settle scores pretty damn quickly? I hope we don't get there. Because this has to be about reasoned justice. But look at what they've just caused. What is their endgame? What is the endgame? You make him into a martyr? By throwing him into jail or killing him? You make him a martyr. So you make him stronger. That doesn't make sense. Why would you want that? Well, we just want him out of the -- you think Ron DeSantis isn't going to be the immediate front runner, and that Ron DeSantis would be easier to beat in your book? Are you that stupid? Wait. You take out Donald Trump, and then the heir apparent, Ron DeSantis runs, and for some reason, you think that all the Trump supporters wouldn't go, yeah. Hmm. What is your endgame? The only one that makes sense to me, is stop him at any cost. And lunatics will take to the streets, and then we'll have our evidence that they're more dangerous than anyone could possibly imagine. Please, pray for your country. I would -- I would love -- I don't expect to hear from any. But I would love to hear from a Democrat today. Alan Dershowitz has the balls to come on. Wait 'til you hear what he has to say. Is there a single Democrat within the sound of my voice, single one, that doesn't -- that sees this?

Where are the FBI agents? Where are the freaking FBI agents, who don't see what's coming? Stu, look up the things. Eighty-seven thousand IRS agents, coupled with what they already have. That's about 170. That's almost the size of our National Guard. You feel comfortable with that, Democrats? You don't think there's a possibility -- not this guy, because he's so perfect. He's made your life so good. I mean, everything he's done is sunshine and lollipops. Do you really think that there's no possibility, that someone, even Donald Trump might come in at some point and weaponize the IRS? Is there anybody -- is there a single Democrat, call me, I would love to hear from you. 888-727-BECK. Is there one -- because, look, I voted for the guy, but this is too far. This is too much? Anybody, who says, if you would have done that to Hillary Clinton, I would have gone ape? Fascist. I see what you guys have been worried about -- 888-727-BECK


Snickers apologizes to…CHINA?!

GLENN: Mars Wrigley, the company that produces Snickers issued an apology to China on Friday after suggesting Taiwan is an independent country. Stu, you're a Snickers executive. They come in to you and say, Stu, what's your line?

STU: No. We're not apologizing to China.


‘LOOK OUT’: Signs we’re facing a dangerous, NEW America

Texans better ‘wake up,’ Glenn says. Because the state — and many American conservatives outside of it — are NOT moving fast enough to keep up with our rapidly changing America. Glenn explains why believes a new ‘season’ is on the horizon for our nation, and he describes the one thing President Biden could do to ‘polish us off.’ But, it’s not all bad news. In this clip, Glenn also explains why he’s hopeful for a new class of politicians to enter Washington, D.C…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I have Ron DeSantis on this week on Thursday, for the podcast.

STU: Hmm. That should be interesting. And I think he's the only out there, running in the right direction at the right speed. I think -- I think Florida is one of the only ones that may survive.

I mean, everybody else.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Even Texas, which is pretty good, is not nearly moving fast enough.

PAT: It doesn't feel like we're on the same trajectory as Florida right now. It seems like they're protecting their freedoms a lot more passionately than -- than we are in Texas.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: I mean, there's no doubt that Governor Abbott has made some missteps over the last couple of years.

GLENN: He doesn't suck though.

PAT: He doesn't suck. But people are pissed at him.

GLENN: Because they expect Ron DeSantis.

PAT: Yes.

STU: Nothing better for Governor Abbott, than to be potentially running against potential Governor O'Rourke though.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. I know. Seriously, I think Abbott would be a great governor, really in any other state.

STU: Right.

GLENN: But Texas is like, wait a minute. What. Wait.

STU: We don't like to be outdone.

GLENN: We don't like to be outdone. And if he were in any other state, we would count him as one of the best governors in the country. And he is. But if you live in Texas, it doesn't feel that way. And Texans, you better wake up. Because you really do want to go out and vote, otherwise, you get Beto.

PAT: Yeah. Uh-huh.

STU: It's interesting with DeSantis in particular. From a political standpoint, he's -- he's always in the middle of the right issues.

GLENN: With the right thing, taking the right stand.

STU: Right. And, usually, like at the right level too. He's not just saying -- you might -- it might be satisfying to conservative talk radio listeners, if you come out and you attack all these listeners. And you do all these things that are really, really hard-core. But he has a way of balancing, talking to his base. By doing things that are legal. That are sensible.

GLENN: That are going through the House and the Senate.

STU: That are going through the House and they Senate.

GLENN: He's passing laws. He's not just doing it executive fiat.

STU: It's not just big symbolic gestures. It's been a pretty interesting approach. I remember when he kind of emerged as one of the top candidates, as potential presidential nominee in in 2024. It was early. It was like early -- you know, early pandemic. He was one of the first governors to sort of open things up. And at least get a lot of attention for it. Even though, Kristi Noem pointed out, never closed down. But he's been able to maintain that. And continue building on it. Where a bunch of other governors from that era, were sort of the darlings of conservatives for a while and faded. He's been able to stay right there.

GLENN: Right. Because he continues. That's what I mean. He's on the right track, at the right speed. He's taking all of it on. It's like, I really appreciate the states that are taking on ESG. But when of them are taking on just the E. Well, that leaves the -- the people of your state at risk. It's the S and the G, as well. That are problems.

And DeSantis is doing these things. At the top of the hour, I'm going to tell you, what he did. Vanity Fair just came out with a hysterical article, about how authoritarian Rick DeSantis is.

STU: Can you imagine how bad Ron must be? If Rick is bad, imagine how Ron will be? You'll never get that name right.

Okay. It's not like you're President Ronald Trump. You have just DeSantis.

GLENN: I know. Just DeSantis. Just DeSantis. So, anyway, this is hysterical. He just put in a civics requirements. And wait until you hear the way Vanity Fair is talking about it.

I mean, 1619 Project will come to mind, several times. But it's crazy, because they are defending incorrect history. Their defense is, Thomas Jefferson was raping their slaves. Oh, if I hear that one more time.

PAT: Oh, jeez.

GLENN: That's not true. It was not true.

In fact, dig up that information we had on Thomas Jefferson a couple of weeks ago. Just so we can -- just so we can remind people at the top of the hour. But, you know, I -- I felt something, oh, probably. Probably about eight months ago. I felt the seasons change. And that was spiritual advice to me. Almost 15 years ago. And somebody said to me. Glenn, I said -- when am I going to know? And they said, watch the trees. When the seasons change, you will know.

And I -- I didn't know if I would know that. And I had a real feeling about eight months ago, seasons are changing. And we're in it deeper now. And getting closer to real problems.

This summer within the last eight or nine weeks, I felt them change again. And I think, I could be wrong. But I think that is this climate bill. I think this is the beginning of an entirely new kind of America. And when it is all implemented, look out.

The only other thing that I think they could do to make things -- to really polish us off. Is emergency orders. And if he goes for emergency orders, and declares a national emergency with the weather, we're going to be -- we're going to be cooked. But I was at CPAC. And I saw some of the candidates, that are coming up. And if we can get these candidates in, they're serious. They're serious candidates. I don't know about the ones around you. But the nation has a few people that are willing to go to Washington. Lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. And save the republic. And save the Constitution. What are you saving it from? People who are trying to destroy the Constitution. Read it.


How the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ targets FARMERS…and YOU.

The Senate passed a 740 BILLION DOLLAR package over the weekend, with Vice President Kamala Harris giving Democrats the last vote they needed. The bill is called the ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022,’ but Glenn explains why it likely will do the EXACT opposite. And not only could it hurt your wallet, but it may hurt your food, too. Glenn details parts of the bill that target American farmers and the farming industry, all in the name of climate change. The ramifications — many of which are already happening in Europe — could be HUGE: ‘This is really, very dangerous.’


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: If we don't collapse the size of this government soon, it will become an oppressor. Yesterday -- or, over the weekend, the Senate passed the 740 billion-dollar climate or health care reconciliation package. Now, just remember, $700 billion was the size of the -- DARPA, Obama.

STU: Yeah. First Obama stimulus package.

GLENN: Stimulus. And we all had a cow, that it was 700 billion dollars. We thought that was outrageous. This is 740 billion, just on climate and, quote, health care.

But is it? Let me give you some -- let me give you some information on this. It passed, the bill includes $370 billion in green energy. Subsidies. Now, do you remember how well the green energy subsidies happened last time, when Obama was in? Aren't we just making money, hand over fist, with all of those great investments, that we had under Obama?

STU: I'm a billionaire, because of my investment in Solyndra. It's worked out so well.

GLENN: Is that because of inflation? Because I think that went out of business. Now, here's the key to this bill: $80 billion -- now, remember, 370. This is the biggest thing ever. This is -- this has got to be done. Because we're all going to do to die in a fiery flood. 370 billion, and 80 billion is for the IRS. Now, I want you to listen to what they say, and you'll read it over and over again. It's the Internal Revenue Service, for enforcement. Now, enforcement. Do we have that many greedy billionaires that just aren't paying their taxes. I would like to know.

Do we have that many billionaires that don't have enough money for really good attorneys, to read the law. That you're going to need 80,000 new IRS agents. That doesn't seem to compute at all, does it?

Now, by the way, they're saying that it's going to reduce inflation. It's not going to reduce inflation. If it does, and this is the honest-to-God truth, it may reduce inflation. Why?

Because it's going to hurt you so badly, that you won't be able to buy things. Remember, too much money chasing too far goods. So if you can't make the goods, you've got to reduce the money chasing it. That means, they've got to slow you down, at the store. And that is exactly what this bill will do. But because the government is going to be spending so much more money, I don't think it's going to reduce inflation at all. In fact, I think it's going to make inflation worse. But your -- your life is going to become much more tough. Now, I want to give you some more perspective on this. First of all, the American people. Just see how out of touch the American people -- the -- Washington is. Compared to the American people.

Just 12 percent of the new economist poll. Twelve percent of people think this will actually reduce inflation. The other time, three times as many, 6 percent. Believe it will actually increase inflation. Twenty-three percent believe they don't think the bill will move inflation either way.

And only 29 percent say, they are unsure. Now, this bill is climate and inflation reduction. You don't believe that it's actually going to reduce inflation. They don't ask if you think if it would actually help the green movement. And protect the earth. But they did ask this: Do you -- do you believe it will lower inflation? Average respondent? 51 percent, no. But do you support the bill?

31 percent said, they strongly or somewhat oppose the bill. The rest agreed with it. So who is confused here? You don't believe in it, but you support it.

Now, I'm not talking about you personally. But I'm talking about the American people. How is that possible?

That is because we still believe, that our government, somehow or another, there's still enough people believe that our government or your personal guy in Congress or in the Senate is doing the right thing.

I don't know how this is working. It -- well, I do. They didn't ask another question, in that poll. Do you actually know what's in it?

I can guarantee you, most people don't know what's in it. But let me give you a couple of things. And let's start with the big one.

The inflation reduction act, will give the IRS $80 billion, in additional funding. So you know, that's a 600 percent increase of their budget. 600 percent.

They will hire as many as 87,000 additional employees for enforcement. The increase would more than double the size of the IRS work. Which currently has 78,661 full-time staffers. So they have 78,000, they're adding an additional 87,000. To give you some perspective, the Pentagon. You know how many people work at the Pentagon? You know a huge building that goes on and on and on. Pentagon. World's largest military. The Pentagon houses 27,000 employees.


We're talking over 160,000 IRS agents. The State Department employs 77,243. The FBI has 35,000 people. The customs and Border Patrol employs 19,536 Border Patrol agents. This will make the IRS bigger than all of those agencies, combined.

Now are you for this act? It's a little too late. But are you now for this act?

This is going to be staggering. And here's where it really will impact you. In the bill, in fact, I want to -- page -- page 529, of the Inflation Reduction Act. It will pay -- pay farmers to not farm. They want -- they want to restore the soil. So the measures will include plowing your soil less. Implementing climate-friendly crop rotation techniques. And planting cover crops, that do not yield any food.

There's 20 billion dollars available, September 30th now. To diminish the climate impact from farms. They are going to start paying farmers, not to farm. And then you'll be fine. They're also going to now, hmm. I would like to say encourage you. But what they're going to do to the farmers is tell them, exactly how they can farm. They're going to tell them now, just like they are over in Europe, where the farmers are going out of business and on the streets, protesting. They are now going to tell them, that they have to adopt more climate friendly provisions. They are going to regulate what you can feed your cow. They're going to -- they're going to also tell you what you can grow. How you grow it. What you can use as fertilizer. And the fertilizer that we're all used to. You know, the one that grows one-third more than the old fertilizer. You're not going to be able to use that. Now, we're entering a global food crisis.

Farmers all around the world are going in on this nonsense. It's not working. All around the world. And we've just implemented it, and we're hiring 87,000 new IRS agents, to make sure you comply.

Well, this doesn't have anything to do with the taxes. Oh, yeah. It does. Because you will be getting subsidies. Oh, yes. It does. Because you'll have an ESG score, if you're a farmer.

This is going to devastate our farms. Have you ever noticed, that whenever communists take over, the first thing they do, is kill usually everybody who disagrees with them.

They take out anybody who is ever successful at something. Look at the difference between GM and Elon Musk. Look at the difference between what he's building, and what all these other guys had been building. But all these other guys had been building. The guy is building a spaceship to Mars. The guy has transformed the automobile. And yet, he's on the outs. They're coming after him. I can guarantee you, some of those 87,000 IRS agents are just going to work on Elon Musk and his companies. So they first come after anybody who is a capitalist. Anybody who disagrees with them. Anyone who can do anything. They get rid of them, if they can't co-opt them. Then they go after the farmers. And then when there's a problem with the farmers, they then kill the farmers. Or take their land away. And say, you're not doing it right. Well, because farmers have farmed for generations. They know the things that they have to do. It's not like farmers don't know to rest their land. Or to change their crops. Of course, they know that.

They're farmers. Now we have eggheads coming in. And it happens every time communists take control. That's why people end up eating the zoo animals, and then their dogs.

This is really very dangerous. Oh, by the way, in Europe, they're already to the next phase. The first phase was saying, the climate has to be controlled. And we have to control it through the farmers. The farmers then start to collapse. The farmers then start to take to the streets. And say, this is insanity. Well, the next phase is because no one knows where their food comes from. Or how to grow it. The next phase is already happening. The anti-farm sentiment is growing now in Europe. You watch. The farmers are going to get a really bad name. And the farmers are going to be blamed for the food shortages. You watch. I guarantee it. It's already happening in Europe. So now people are taking to the streets, and saying, it's these farmers that are at fault. This story, repeats itself, over and over again, until human beings learn the lesson.

The question is, America: Will we learn the lesson this time?

It's amazing, because on some of these things, we're behind. We have the results from Europe. And we're still doing it.