Why are we IGNORING 'threats' from Great Reset proponents?

It’s time we listen to the actual words coming from proponents of The Great Reset. Those global elite — like Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab — have told us exactly their desired goal: the end of free market capitalism. They’re threatening our way of life, so, why then do some continue to ignore them? Glenn reads quotes straight from the mouths of those in power, because we must understand The Great Reset before we can put a stop to it.

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GLENN: This is the Glenn Beck Program.

I want to talk to you -- I want to just share some words, that come right from the mouths of the people, who are leading this great reset.

And explain to you, why this is so important, that you take seriously.

If someone threatens your life. If there's a neighbor, that says, I'm going to kill you and your family. And they're nuts. I mean, they would have to be.

But they're nuts. Do you do anything to take precautions, just in case that nutty neighbor means it?

Or do you just dismiss it?

STU: I want to take precautions.

If you understand The Great Reset, you know what's happening.

GLENN: Right. Okay. So what would you do?

Maybe call the police. Lodge a complaint.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: See if you can get a restraining order, if you can believe it.

STU: If it escalates a lot, yeah.

GLENN: You tell your family, don't go over to the neighbor's yard. Don't talk to them. Right?

STU: Yeah. Stay away.

GLENN: Correct. You would be a fool not to. When somebody is threatening your very way of life, your business, your money, your education, your children's right to choose where they're going to work. When they're going to fundamentally transform your life and you -- and in their own words, you will own nothing in 2030.

Should you take them seriously?

I would. I would.

Wait a minute. You're saying, I'm not going to own the property that I already own. Could you explain more of that to me?

And how do I -- do I just give up my property? Am I selling it to somebody. What happens to the property that I do have?

Wait. Hold it just a second. The only car company. The only car company, that will be making a combustion engine, by 2030, is maybe Bugatti.

Ferrari, everything else, will be electric.

All cars will be electric, by 2030. They won't be building the combustion engine. All cars.

Now, that may be great. But can we just have a discussion on, you know, where are we plugging these in? And how are you generating the power, because you're getting rid of fossil fuels. How are you generating enough power, to power all these cars?

Can we at least talk about that?

You have to take people, at their word. If they say they're going to do something, you're a fool, not to take them at their word. This is -- this is Schwab. Klaus Schwab, who runs the World Economic Forum. To achieve a better outcome -- he's talking about -- covid is easing. It's easing now. But anxiety about the world's social and economic prospects is only intensifying.

Why is it intensifying right now?

Why are our fears of the future, intensifying?

Because inflation, one.

Do you know what you're going to be making, next year? And if it will be able to make ends meet, if inflation continues to go up, which it will.

Do you have confidence? Or is your anxiety up a little bit?

Okay. It's up. Why?

Why is this happening?

Well, if you understand The Great Reset, you know what's happening.

And why inflation is going up. If you look at your gas pump and you're like, how can I afford to pump gas? Your anxiety goes up, sure.

Why is it going up?

Because of the people that believe in The Great Reset, are trying to get rid of fossil fuels. So they're making it impossible to find new fossil fuels, and to make and refine those fossil fuels here in America.

So they are causing that anxiety. So the people who are causing your anxiety, are the ones saying, yep.

It's going up. So we're going to be in a position here, very soon. To offer a solution.

Now, first question: Why would you give into the solution, that is presented by the people who caused the problem?

Well, because you'll be in a position to where, you won't know what the problem was.

And you'll be at the end of your rope, and they're offering a solution. And I don't know. Okay. Do that.

That's why. That's why you have to know about The Great Reset now. And you have to tell your friends about it. He said, so anxiety is going up. And to achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly, to revamp all aspects of our societies, and our economies.

From education, to social contracts, and working conditions.

Listen carefully.

Every industry, from oil and gas, to tech, must be transformed.

In short, it's a great reset of capitalism. Okay.

So we're going to change all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts. What could possibly about it wrong with that?

And did you you notice, he did say, you must? You must transform?

From Greenpeace. Another leader in the ESG world. We set up a New World Order, after World War II. We're now in a different world, than we were in then. Ask we need to ask, what should we be doing differently?

The World Economic Forum, has a big responsibility in that as well. To be pushing The Great Reset. And to look how we can create well-being for people of all the earth.

We need to design a better world, based on solidarity, and sharing. Solidarity and sharing, deciding how you protect people.

Both within nations and globally, it's crucial. We need to design policies that align with investment and people and the environment.

But above all, the longer term perspective, is about rebalancing economies.

What does that mean? Rebalancing? That's a global shift of wealth.

There are poor countries, and rich countries. We need to get the rich countries, to give money, to the poor countries. And if you think -- if you think the poor people are actually going to get our money, and it's not going to go to enrich, the organizations and the people that are the elites. You're fooling yourself.

They're doing these things through fear. Because they are afraid.

Hear me out on this. I'll do a chalk worried board on this.

Let me see if it makes sense to you, without a chalkboard.

I'll play some audio for you, next hour. YouTube, said, just have the government.

We will enforce the laws. Just tell us what is illegal speech, and what is not.

That's an amazing statement.

Why would they do that? Government, do you think the government fears you?

I think it does. And I think it does because, A, they know what's really going on. They know what's happening in the financial market. They know what the world looks like for America in the future.

And they know -- they've kind of caused a lot of it. And people don't like to be poor and hungry and have their country taken from them.

So they are living in fear. It's like why they're cracking down. It's why they're calling moms and dads terrorists.

They've got to crack down.

Finance. Do you think the banks are afraid?

Well, I think the banks and the fed, they're so cushy, I don't know if they actually are afraid.

But they -- they lower levels, they should be very afraid. Because we're on to them.

And when our money is gone and they are the ones who got bailed out, again and again and again, and they're fine. And they're telling us, what loans we can and cannot have. They are living in fear as well.

Big business, media. Don't think those guys are living in fear?

Of just losing what they have, alone.

So if everybody is living in fear, be does not it make sense, that they would maybe work together. And say, look, we're all in this boat together.

Because the people are going to be angry. And they're going to throw us out of office. They will stop using our products. They already are not watching our TV shows. Tech knows, with AI, what's coming with unemployment.

And they will be blamed for it. Tech. Look how popular they are now. Can you imagine when there's 40 percent unemployment, caused by AI and big tech. They all have reasons to say, we're all in this together.

Let's redesign the world. We'll protect each other.

We'll make sure that our lifeboat makes it to shore.

But we just have to confuse all of the people, that the rest of the people, that are on the Titanic. We just have to confuse them enough, so we get our lifeboat down in the water.

That's what's happening. So now what do we do about it?

This is designed to destroy capitalism. You're not protecting capitalism. By not moving. You are actually helping destroy it.

There are a couple of things. One, you must know what the great reset is. And how it works.

It is the Rosetta Stone for everything that is going on. Two, you have to call your state legislators and get them to sign and to develop a bill -- I'm hoping that Idaho will have the best one. Kansas has a pretty good one. New Hampshire is working with a lot of different states, on their bill. This is spreading because of you.

These legislators. These politicians have no idea, what's going on.

And the biggest pushback is, these are free markets. It's not from the Democrats.

It's from the Republicans. The Republicans are like, are these free markets. We don't have a right to say, what free markets can do.

This is not a free market. This is designed to stop the free market.

This is designed to destroy capitalism. You're not protecting capitalism.

By not moving. You are actually helping destroy it.

And the only answer we have, is at the local and state level. These -- the state can say to the banks, you can do any metric you want. As long as it's related to a person's financial situation. Their financial well-being. You can't use social credit scores, to decide who you're giving a loan to. That stops.

Some of the states are going a step further. And they're going after. And saying, we're pulling all of our pension funds out of BlackRock. That's billions of dollars. If your state doesn't do it -- California and New York are big pension holders.

It's just like the curriculum. If California and New York decide what the curriculum is for their states, most likely the rest of the country will get it. Because they control it.

We have to be in this fight now.

Educate yourself. Educate your friends.

Call your lawmakers, locally. Tell your state reps. And your state senators. You have to work on an anti-ESG bill. And know that you will probably have to educate them.

Because most -- most people don't know what it is. You're way ahead of the curve.

You are critical at this point.


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